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Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery Cover - Ross Jeffries The Game Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery How to Master the Art and Science of Getting Any. Speed Seduction: Magic or Mechanics - Ross Jeffries The Game. Pages· · Secrets Of Speed Seduction wildlifeprotection.info - wildlifeprotection.info PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery Cover - Ross Jeffries The Game.

Speed Seduction Ross Jeffries Pdf

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Secrets of Speed Seduction®. Mastery. How to Master the Art and. Science of Getting Any Woman into Bed in 20 Minutes. By. Ross Jeffries. Founder of the. I, Ross Jeffries, Ghita Services., Inc, and/or wildlifeprotection.info (or any of our other websites or entities) Dear Speed Seduction® Student, much better than I . Physiology will control your internal representations There is a very thin line between Nlp and psychic ability the difference is with Nlp you can.

No, Here's how people fall in love: First, understand you do NOT fall in love with someone when you are in their presence. You fall in love when you're off by yourself, thinking about them afterwards. This is why it is so hypnotically powerful, because you are doing it to yourself, and people are always their best hypnotists.

Here's how it happens: you go out with someone, maybe even one date. And then you go home, and you're lying there, thinking about them. And, you form an image of them in your mind.

And as you do that, you start to list to yourself all the qualities about them that you like, "She's so , she's so , she's really. Then you get that warm, funny feeling right in your solar plexus, and then, the nail in your coffin, you say her name to yourself 2 or 3 times.

If you're really a geek, maybe you even dance around the house singing it!! Or you possibly go about bring up her name in every conversation. Sound familiar? Now, as you recall the times in your past when you did this, were you then able to stay cool, in control of yourself AND the relationship?

Or were you calling her every day, always wanting to see her, and eager to kiss her ass, to the point where she, of course, dropped you? Here's the point: "love" is a process people do to themselves! It's not a "thing" you trip over or a "hole" you fall into.

And I know, even though I'm not there watching you, that as I describe it here on paper, you recalled and went through that process yourself, and recalled the feelings associated with it. And if I can do it to you, on paper, when I'm not even there, then you can, if you know how, skillfully describe this or any other process to a woman in your presence, link it to yourself, and in a matter of minutes, cause her Think about this for a second.

The dumb process you did to yourself can now be used to make her fawn all over you, repeatably and predictably! Of course, the same thing applies to any other process you want her to run, or state you want her to experience, whether it's forgetting your competitor, We'll show you how to do this later with my infamous "Boyfriend Destroyer Pattern" or anything else you care to name.

If she's done it or experienced it once before, you can get her to do it or experience it with you again!! Let's say there's some juicy, super-hot, incredible babe you've lusted after for a long time. And, to further sweeten the scenario, let's say through prayer, good karma, and the intercession of the Pope, you've managed to get a date with her. Should you be asking yourself questions like, "Where should I take her? How should I dress? If you only ask yourself these totally unimportant questions, then you are a chump.

From now on, you'll ask yourself the question I always get the men in my seminars to ask: If I could create any states of mind I want in this woman, this evening, what states would I want her to experience with me? If you can get a woman to experience these kind of states in your presence and to think about you this way obsessively even when your not around do you think you are going to wind up with just a polite peck on the cheek, a handshake goodnight, and a "let's just be friends", at the end of the evening?

Or is she going to be all over you like flies on a mortician? You see, rather than thinking of how to get her to do all the behaviors you want from her, i. This brings us to a second key point that separates a Speed Seducer from the Average Frustrated Chump.

You see, the AFC talks just to be flapping his lips, trying to be entertaining, or maybe, gulp, trying to get the girl to understand him. The Speed Seducer and any good Master of Persuasion knows that he must You see, some of what I'm going to show you in later chapters may cause you to think, "Will the girl understand what I'm saying to her?

That "result" is to put her in a state of lust, horniness, fascination, etc. He told me the following story: "When I set out to influence a woman, I like to think of myself as a fisherman. Everything I do, every action I take is organized around landing that fish.

Now, I'll dangle the bait in the water, and then I'll watch to see what the fish does.

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And the fish will come up and smell the bait, and put it's mouth around the bait. And I'm watching to see what part of the bait the fish likes. Now, right here is where most people make their mistake. You see, as soon as the fish bites down they start reeling in that line like crazy.

But I never do that, because I consider that I only have a 10 pound fishing line to catch a pound fish. So if the fish feels me pulling on the line, it's going to pull back and that line will S-N-A-P and no fish for me. So what I do is stay right in front of that fish, and what I do is I start reeling myself to the fish.

So as I walk up on that fish the fish doesn't feel any tug or pull on the line so it doesn't resist me. And it just seems natural to it as I get closer and closer to it. I'm willing to make a total ass of myself. My name's ….. I'm sorry to interrupt you here but I really wanted to meet you and I'm willing to make a total fool of myself to do it!

My name is.. Next time you come in??? I was reading a book on angels.

Do you have a boyfriend? Would you like a better one? Answer the second question first! To woman with great legs in any situation! I don't know if you can recognize that with each little giggle. If not.

Can I borrow yours? That's so you know what to scream.. If I told you that you had a beautiful smile.. She'll almost inevitably ask why. My name is. I seem to have lost my phone number. Pardon me.. I'm sorry. Do you believe in love at first site. Then suddenly you find you bump into somebody with an incredibly warm and beautiful smile that just makes you feel wonderful for the rest of the day?

I'm glad you laughed. I'm not good at this sort of thing. I heard you were a lesbian.

Secrets of Speed Seduction Mastery Cover

I just had to thank you for brightening up my day. Excuse me Well you do have a beautiful smile. Are you the sort of person I should get to know better? My name's [your name] Please allow me to present myself. Would you be so kind to hold this up in front of you for a moment? It's my sister's birthday next week and you are about the same size as her and from what I can tell you have the same excellent fashion sense.

You lose. Move into standard mirroring and rapport building techniques as you continue. Think of a number between 1 and Because although you really are breathtaking. How do you know when you have mutual admiration..


Here's how you steer her back to values in the relationship when this occurs: Getting her to visualize 2. And I think maybe it's something based on really enjoying each other's company. I guess. This can be done after you've dropped the topic. Calibrate the girl there are basically 4 doorways into a woman's mind: What's important to you in a relationship? Note here she's gone off track by naming a quality she wants in the man.. And he expresses to me that there are things about me he really admires.

I'm kind of picky What she wants? What she likes? What she thinks she needs? What she thinks she deserves? What she had in the past that she wants to repeat?

What she had in the past that she wants to avoid? What scares her? What makes her happy?

What makes her feel sexy? I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something here.. I agree. I guess when I see things in him I really admire. Asking questions that require her to access deep levels of the mind to answer mirror her physically I mean.. Do you have a lot of guys chasing you? Emotional connections 4. Do you like living here in [whatever-the-place-is-called]? I don't mean to sound strange or anything.

I know that's an important quality for a person to have. Say something like: You know. I guess mutual admiration.. I don't know. Body sensations 3. Questions that touch on her identity as a person. You'll see her go into a profound pleasure state.. It's ok to talk about that stuff. Find out.

And what's really stimulating. Be the one to make her feel that by incorporating that into talk about yourself or making up a pattern about that. So I was wondering what's important to you in a relationship or this class..

If she replies with means values the means of achieving ends values. I find that I get a lot more out of talking about who we are as people on a deep level. Well I like tall guys. Means Value M: Well it makes me feel safe and protected Ends Value aka Desired State. You could of course go "Well. How did it happen?

So if I were to ask you. Then try a series of No. Pace Rapport Use stems like "I have an incredible connection when. Lie Detector Try it out with a series of yes. Find out what she needs A simple value-eliciting scheme from an unknown source: A relationship. I've been thinking that maybe we've really got the start of something beautiful here.

I could see that. To pass lie detector: NLP strategy to accomplish this might be designed thus: The series of innocent yes. She will go into a pleasure state. And I think it's something based on x1. Which would you absolutely have to have? Your questions can't be the kind that can be answered "off the top of the head without thinking" When you have calibrated their body language they don't even have to answer your questions out loud.

How do you know when you have x1?

Step 2 You: Of those three values. And the eyes are not the only thing that responds -- as biofeedback will tell you if you go into that stuff which can be absolutely marvelous as the body responds BEFORE the client can frame a verbal answer!

Of the other two. The eyes DO access somewhere. I am safe. So that if it were to be "I feel absolutely turned on when.

Lead Pace. Her favourite pastimes and hobbies can also be useful. I let her derive who I am by telling her a story based on what she wants to hear in the first place: Lead Lead..

I would never say "I love cats myself too. Lead Recall that the basic pattern for Pacing and Leading is: Do all this [asking questions. Can you imagine that? Fluff talk. Why do you ask? My name is Rick. Again, when you immediately "realize" or "convince What does it mean to "find yourself" doing something?

Trance Word 4 Trance Word 5 suddenly picture. Same effect as instantaneously, immediately. It means Don't picture yourself having mastered these skills!

Picture that the thought comes from another awareness Trance Word 6 Trance Word 7 suppose convince yourself. Suppose you were to master these skills! It means the Don't convince yourself to master these skills! In order to same thing as "imagine". Trance Word 8 Trance Word 9 realize ponder. When will you realize you can master these skills? To To ponder means to "mull it over" or "think about it", usually realize means to have a thought just suddenly pop up in in an altered, day-dream type state.

In other words: Trance Word 10 Trance Word 11 mysterious imagine. For whatever mysterious reason, you might realize It's not important to me that you imagine having mastery of suddenly that you can master these skills! Mysterious has these skills! In other words Trance Word 12 Trance Word 13 remember wonder.

As you remember a time when you were an exquisite To wonder requires a state of inner focus, awareness, learner, you can realize how easily you can master these attention Remember means "go inside" and access internally Trance Word 14 Trance Word 15 allow curious. As you allow yourself to master these skills, won't it feel Have you ever been curious as to why and when things just great after you've accomplished it? To allow something happen?

To be curious is to strongly desire to discover means it will happen without conscious effort; in other what is unknown and making that connection is done in words unconsciously in TRANCE!

Trance Word 16 Trance Word 17 pretend understand. Just pretend you are getting all the messages in these It's only important that you understand what is puzzling cards and that these words are becoming an unconscious only as fast as you master all the speed seduction part of your vocabulary.

To pretend you must go inside techniques.

Ummmmmm, know what I mean. Trance Word 18 Trance Word 19 enchant awaken. Have you ever been enchanted by a person, me, I know its It's as if you awaken feelings long lost to the point where happened. To be enchanted you must go inside and you become totally alive again.

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What does it mean to enhance those images recalled in euphoria. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Always go from least intrusive to most intrusive Always be as low key as possible in application of your Don't start right off moving women's internal pictures! A person can This statement is in effect a command for the person to By talking about a "person's" experience it deflects any imagine the condition or occurrence named or described resistance on the part of your subject since you aren't really after it.

You really shouldn't An example of negation - by saying your command isn't Another negation pattern. Weasel Phrase 14 Trance Word 1 as if instantaneously Connector and enhancer.

Trance Word 2 Trance Word 3 immediately find yourself Again, when you immediately "realize" or "convince What does it mean to "find yourself" doing something?

Trance Word 4 Trance Word 5 suddenly picture Same effect as instantaneously, immediately.In thatstudy, he said that invariably hah I let her derive who I am by telling her a story based on what she wants to hear in the first place: She was studying her textbook, but she was clearly talking to herself inside her head.

I wrote it out long this waybecause I tend to recall more when I'm out sarging, if my patterns were written with a shit-load of details. Did you ever have any BF's like this? Wherever you are..

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