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As Amended by Information Technology Amendment Bill passed in Lok Sabha This Act may be called the Information Technology Act, (1) This Act may be called the Information Technology Act, (2) It shall extend to the whole of India and, save as otherwise provided in this. An Act further to amend the Information Technology Act, (1) This Act may be called the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, Short title and.

Information Technology Act 2012 Pdf

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information technology legislation governing e-commerce in India. Content . ; Edappagath, ; ICAI, ; “IT Act”, ; Joseph, ; Rajaraman. Notification under IT(Amendment) Act, IT (Amendment) Act ( KB) This pdf file is non accessible through use of Assistive. Notification under IT(Amendment) Act, IT (Amendment) Act MB IT Act Rules for the Information Technology Act

Section 66A of the Information Technology Act repealed

Information Technology Act, the Act to provide legal recognition for transactions carried out by means of electronic data interchange and other means of electronic communication, commonly referred to as "electronic commerce", which involve the use of alternatives to paper-based methods of communication and storage of information, to nusta editing electronic filing of documents with the Government agencies and further to amend the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act, , the Bankers' Books Evidence Act, and the Reserve Bank of India Act, and favour matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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Government Blocking of Websites

Devendra Fadnavis". The Economic Times.

Why we need a new Section 66A". The following important provisions are laid in the legislation — 1. The registration of the author work is not necessary. Protection was provided not to the idea but the material form in which the work was expressed. The term of copyright protection was fixed as the lifetime of the author and 25 years after death.

The following two concepts were freshly introduced in copyright act a. Creation of copyright office. Setting up of a copyright board This act, also make a provision to issue a license to any library to make or cause to be made one copy of any book in which copyright subsists and which is not available for sale.

The chronologies of different amendments of the act are briefly given below: 3. Issuance of compulsory license for translation reproduction of foreign works. In case of unpublished work copyright Board would grant permission for translation or reproduction and the royalty could be deposited in public account of India. Empowerment of copyright board to decide about disputes related to assignment of copyright to author or publisher.

Later, this Amendment, provided the following changes- 1. Punishment for piracy increased to 3 years with minimum imprisonment of 6 months and a fine of up to 2 lakhs with minimum of 50, in case of infringement. To provide for enhanced punishment in case of continuing convictions. Introduction of new provisions for application of the act to video film and computer programs.

The committee recommended many amendments which was passed by the Parliament in May, These Amendments are: 1.

Protection for performers of visuals or artistic presentation lives. Recognition of copyright societies to collective protection of the rights of the authors, composers and other creative artists. Computer program, cinematography of films and sound recordings, protection. Definition of literary work 2. Meaning of copyright in respect of computer program 3.

Increase of the term of copyright of performers from 25 to 50 years.

Power to restrict of foreign broadcasting organizations and performers. Advancement of technology, and change in the mode of dissemination of information.

Much more protection required for the authors. Extension of function of the copyright board 4.

Section 79 of the Information Technology Act

More disputes regarding copyright infringement 5. Pressure from different sections of people for reflection of their opinion.

New changes introduced in the amendment of act The major changes made in the new act are discussed below under the following sub headings: 4.

A number of new instructions are added to this section Chapter II: copyright board. Functions of the secretary and other officers of the Board are also specified, which was not mentioned in the previous act. In the present changed scenario, the copyright Boards responsibility is not only restricted to mere registration of copyright but extended to other important responsibilities, like, licensing, copyright society registration etc.

Considering all these factors the new act added instructions of copyright Board formation. The author himself also can relinquish his right by giving a public notice through news paper, or through website, or through mentioning the notice on the cover of the work. An amendment in the subsection-II of this chapter is that, the author may forward a copy of the public notice to the registrar, and on receiving such notice the registrar shall post the same in the website of the copyright office for a period of not less than three years.

Any person working for the benefit of disabled persons can apply for license of any copyrighted work, and the board will grant permission as far possible within two months period. Every such license shall specify, the 'time period', 'the medium' and 'the format', 'no. This section provided guidelines that any type of adaptation, reproduction, communication in any format of a copyrighted work can be granted, if it serves for the benefit of the disabled.

The Information Technology Act and Intermediary Liability in India

A person or an organization working for the benefit of the disabled can also avail this right, in a non profit basis. Procedure for adaptation and issuance of licenses are illustrated in this section. Rate of royalty for such licenses shall be fixed by the board.

Imprisonment up to seven years and possible fine. The appropriate Government may, by order in writing, authorise the persons who are authorised to access protected systems. If a person who secures access or attempts to secure access to a protected system, then he is committing an offence.

The company had shut down a website over non-payment of dues. The owner of the site had claimed that he had already paid and complained to the police. The two men had to spend 6 days in Tihar jail waiting for bail.

Bhavin Turakhia, chief executive officer of directi. Ltd, owner of Delhi based Ecommerce Portal www.The bill was finalised by group of officials headed by then Minister of Information Technology Pramod Mahajan.

There are few welcome reforms introduced regarding administration of copyright Board and copyright societies. Overall it can be said that, the changes introduced in act shows a futuristic approach. The subscriber or any person in charge of the computer resource shall, when called upon by any agency which has been directed, must extend all facilities and technical assistance to decrypt the information. The society will share equal amount of royalty among the ' author' and the 'owner of work'.

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