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4 Recipe for a Hot Universe 5 The First Three Minutes 6 A Historical Diversion 7 The First One-hundredth Second 8 Epilogue: the Prospect . The First Three Minutes A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe S Weinberg Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. The First Three Minutes. A Modern View of the Qrigin of the Universe. S. Weinberg. April , У. I was there! Not during the first three minutes of course, but.

First Three Minutes Pdf

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This continued for only about 3 minutes, after which the Universe had expanded and cooled to the point that the process was no longer possible.

Thus, just some 3 minutes after the Big Bang began, the Universe was composed of hydrogen and helium nuclei with a great deal of leftover energy.

However, the important thing to know is that it was during this very short time that the major building blocks for today's Universe were formed -- and have persisted to this day.

On final note may be in order.

Most of the things around us in everyday life are composed of materials other than hydrogen and helium, although obviously there is much hydrogen in ordinary water, and protons hydrogen nuclei are part of all matter. But what about the heavier elements such as carbon, oxygen, silicon, iron and others?

They were not formed in the Big Bang, so where did they come from? After the first 3 minutes of the Big Bang, no further elements were created for millions of years, so the Universe was entirely hydrogen, helium and energy.

However, eventually clouds of hydrogen and helium collected and contracted into stars under the force of gravity. In the cores of these stars nuclear fusion began and hydrogen fused into more helium, helium fused into carbon, and various other elements up to iron.Thus, just some 3 minutes after the Big Bang began, the Universe was composed of hydrogen and helium nuclei with a great deal of leftover energy.

Lamagna, R. Grainge, M. This leads to an equilibrium until the first second, with one neutron for every six protons. Pascale and M.

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