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Title of document: Feminism in Late 20th Century American Literature: Black Feminism in Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Name of course: Bachelor Thesis. In her award-winning novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker () tells the story of The themes presented in The Color Purple are very advanced, and the. The Color Purple - Free download as Open Office file .odt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Color Purple Celie is abused and raped by.

The Reverend Samuel had also adopted Celies two children from Pa many years back. Nettie, Samuel, and the children plan to return from Africa soon. Celie learns that Pa has died. She also finds out that the house that Pa lived in actually has belonged to Celie and Nettie since their mother passed away. So now Celie owns a home, which she prepares for Netties arrival.

Now an independent woman, Celie remains close friends with Shug, although Shug is not faithful or constant in their romantic relationship.

Celie also gains a new friend. After she left Mr.

The Color Purple

Hes reformed and is now a pretty decent guy. Although Celie isnt remotely romantically interested in him, they now enjoy each others company. After several decades abroad in Africa, Nettie returns with Samuel, who is now her husband, and with Celies two children. The sisters have a blissful reunion, and although theyre now old women, we get the sense that theyve just begun the best years of their lives.

Book Summary Alice Walker's The Color Purple weaves an intricate mosaic of women joined by their love for each other, the men who abuse them, and the children they care for. In the first few letters, Celie tells God that she has been raped by her father and that she is pregnant for the second time with his child. Celie's mother is quite ill and after cursing Celie, dies, leaving Celie alone to face her father.

Celie then turns her attention to protecting her sister, Nettie, from her father's sexual advances. Celie soon marries Mr. Celie becomes fixated on Shug Avery, a glamorous blues singer who is her husband's mistress. Several years later, Celie eagerly accepts the responsibility of nursing Shug back to health, thus beginning a lifetime of friendship and love between the two women.

The oldest of Celie's stepchildren, Harpo, marries an independent young women, Sofia, and soon after, Celie encourages Harpo to beat her into submission, just as all men have beaten Celie. Sofia later confronts Celie about this betrayal, but that confrontation leads to a deep and enduring sisterhood, and Sofia remains an independent, strong woman throughout the novel.

The two women create a "Sister's Choice" quilt togetherthe symbolism of quilts permeates much of the novel. Just as scraps of cloth come together to form a new, strong, useful product, so, too, can black women come together to forge a similar strong and useful bond.

Sofia later punches the town's white mayor, an act that lands her in prison and snatches the independence she so values. By this time, she and Harpo have split up and taken other lovers, so the women in Sofia's life take on the responsibility of releasing her from jail. When trying to help Sofia, Squeak is raped by her uncle, the prison warden, but in telling her friends about the rape, she becomes stronger, insisting that she will no longer be called by her nickname and beginning to compose her own blues music.

Sofia is able to leave prison, but she finds herself caged nonetheless, working as a maid in a white household. Meanwhile, Nettie has become a missionary in Africa and has written countless letters to Celie, all of which Albert has hidden.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Nettie, in spite of her upbringing, is a self-confident, strong, faith-filled woman. When Celie discovers Nettie's letters, she not only catches up on her sister's life, she also discovers that her own two children are alive and living with a missionary couple with whom Nettie works.

They all teach and nurse and Samuel preaches. Because there is such a strong ressemblance between Nettie and the childre, Corrine thinks that she's her mother and so agonizes herself to death. After she dies, Samuel and Nettie decide to get married and Adam marries Tashi, an Olinkan woman and they all return to America.

Meanwhile, Celie leaves Mr. Here they live in Shug's house.

She makes a good living with singing and Celie starts to sew pants, first for Shug, then finally makes a business out of this hobby. But as Celie is away for some time to look after the house she has inheritted from her stepfather, Shug leaves her to have an affair with a 19 year old boy which whom she travels around to the Southwest to visit Shug's grown-up children. Celie stays in her house, forgives and becomes friends with Mr.

Before and when Shug comes back, she is very happy with her friends and her sewing. At the end, the last thing to make her life perfect, her sister and her children, come home to her even if she had received a telegram saying that their ship had been sunk a long time ago. Characters Celie: The main character of the book has a very hard life. She was abused as a child, had to give up her two children and went right from one bad situation to another, suffering through a loveless marriage, the only happiness being Shug Avery, with whom she falls in love and who learns her how to be as strong and woman.

In the beginning, Celie is weak and poor, but after she had lived with Shug, she is beautiful and indepentent adn able to forgive her husband for all the abuse. Nettie: Celie's sister has chosen an easier life, sheltered from the abuse her older sister has lived through. She was always good at school and in learning and teached Celie when her stepfather didn't allow her to go to school anymore because of her pregnancy.

Nettie has lived in Africa as a missionary and brought up her niece and nephew, whom she always saw as her own children. He loved Shug Avery through his whole life and even had children with her, but was so controlled by his father so that he couldn't marry her.

He always hit Celie, for the only reason that she wasn't Shug or like her.

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He has kids, but isn't a very good father. I think Celie calls him Mr.

She doesn't even know his Christian name for a long time. Only in the end, when they become friends, she calls him Albert in her letters.

The in his name is there to represent how Celie doesn't know anything abour him. Shug Avery: Mr.

She is strong enough to stand up against Mr. In the beginning, she treats Celie like a maid, but then they fall in love and she protects her best as she can, she's the first one in her life to take care of her. Sofia: She is the wife of Mr.

The Color Purple

One day, she hits the white major in town because she doesn't want to become his maid and this event changes her life. From then on she is arrested for many years for insulting a white person.

Later, she has to become the white people's maid, but without the right to see her own children and finally she is free to live at home again and returns to her husband.

Shug and Celie The relationship between these two women cuts very deep. Both of them help each other to become what they really want to be because both were oppressed people. Celie was oppressed by her lack of love and self esteem.When the novel ends, we feel that Celie is "solid" an adjective that she once used admiringly to describe Sofia.

Letters These letters are structured with irony. For both their friendship was the first opportunity to open theirselves and to speak about their problems. That confidence soon turns to furyover her rapes, her beatings, and the love and affection the men in her life have kept from her.

Celie is grateful that her baby is far away from Fonso's vicious temper.

We realize also that Fonso still has not told Celie precisely what he did with their first baby. For that reason, then, Harpo tries unconsciously to be big--big and strong and powerful--like Sofia. But the woman acts so passively in this scene because she knows that she has no choice.

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