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Teens across the U.S. are using controversial new app Burnbook for anonymous cyberbullying in schools. Flag Burnbook. trusted flag. Working well 0. needs licence flag. Needs license 0. fake flag. Fake app 0. virus flag. Virus 0. apkx store avatar. apkx Store k. Product description. Burnbook conveniently connects you with your community. Buy Burnbook.: Read 11 Apps & Games Reviews - wildlifeprotection.info

Burn Book App

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When a social media app is named after the "burn book" in the teen cult movie Mean Girls, better brace yourself for a whole Pandora's box of. Parents need to know that the social-networking app Burnbook allows teens to post anonymously in the school community they select. School. An App with shit about people, what is better Nothing!!! You saw it in mean girls so why not bring it to life!!!.

Burn book history Today's concept of a "burn book" was popularized by the movie Mean Girls , in which a small group of high school students wrote terrible comments about others, and reported rumors and gossip in a physical book.

But digital burn books are nothing new. Students have set up Facebook pages and blogs to create their own versions of burn books in the past, but it could be argued that nothing has reached the same scale of the Burnbook app before.

There are also other popular anonymous apps, such as Whisper and Secret and even similarly location-based Yik Yak , but they don't specifically target school communities the way Burnbook does. You should be over 17 to use it, but iTunes age verification is far from rigorous.

You search for "communities" — schools — near your location, and once you join a community you're free to post anything on any topic. The Burnbook blurb suggests "Jokes, fails, wins, sightings, shout outs, revelations, proclamations and confessions — they all happen on Burnbook.

Together, we can keep a secret. You don't need to sign in, and you don't create a username.

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As a result, Burnbook gives kids the ability to pick a name, and open up anonymous judgment from the community. In even worse scenarios, Burnbook users even narrow it down to a body part.

Other users can comment, like, and up-vote or down-vote content to decide what stays in the app and what gets removed. Reaction Reassuringly, there are plenty of young people out there who find the bullying Burnbook concept repellent. This user on Burnbook agreed: Are parents to blame?

It sounds harsh, but they parents need to know what their kids are doing.

Many believe it's the school's responsibility to educate students about the proper use of social media and digital tools, especially as schools continue to accelerate the integration of technology in the classroom. Some schools are taking action by sending messages to the parents warning them that school and law enforcement charges could result if students post threatening or inappropriate messages.

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But is this too little, too late? Finally, what about the kids?

At what point do kids bear some responsibility for their actions online? While no one group is solely to blame for this problem, each of these groups is responsible for a solution.

Burnbook App

We'll never solve a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head every time a new tool comes along unless we work together. Here's how: By Educating. Burying rules about proper social media behavior deep within the "Terms of Service" of an app doesn't amount to education. We need to bring these rules out from the dark and talk to kids about them so they'll transform from rules into norms that actually guide online behavior.

What is the Burn Book App? Parent & Teacher Guide (Video)

This is called " digital citizenship " or "digital literacy" and it must be part of every child's education. By Getting Involved.

Some brilliant parents at North Pocono High School in Pennsylvania have decided to drown out the bullies by becoming cheerleaders for their kids using Burnbook to post positive messages. Posting messages like, "Hope your day is filled with light and love!

By Killing 'Em With Kindness. The best long-term solution being role modeled above by the positive-posting moms is this simplest one This is the message being promoted and taught by the organization iCANHELP -- that one person has the power to make a difference and delete negativity online.Today's concept of a "burn book" was popularized by the movie Mean Girls , in which a small group of high school students wrote terrible comments about others, and reported rumors and gossip in a physical book.

Some kids have tried to reclaim the app with positive posts, but it hasn't stopped the overall culture of cruelty. Send this to a friend. Tweens and Teens.

But is this too little, too late? Click here to view the March Madness that has led to at least a dozen law enforcement investigations involving high school students. What's it about?

Share your thoughts with other customers. Download Burnbook.

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