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Bridge Team Management, 2nd Edition (Reprinted with Home; >; Nautical Books; >; By Publisher; >; Nautical Institute; >; Bridge Team Management, The purpose of bridge team management is to ensure the safe and timely. I bought this book because it is kind of mandatory if you are going to attend the exam for Brazilian Ship Pilots sponsored by Brazilian Navy. I really like this book, . Bridge Team Management: A Practical Guide [Alan J. Swift] on wildlifeprotection.info Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers.

Bridge Team Management Book

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Central to this book on Bridge Team Management is the question 'Is there a need for addition to Bridge Team Management training, ship-handling courses for. Bridge Team Management An industry standard for passage planning, the guide covers practical coastal and estuarial navigation and bridge organisation for. Get this from a library! Bridge team management: a practical guide. [A J Swift; Nautical Institute (Great Britain)].

It is the duty of all officers and crew members to cross check and cross question. Only then effective communication can be achieved. It is also important to maintain a common language on board the vessel so that communication can become easier and quicker.

Teamwork: BRM focuses on team building and team work.

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Working in a team helps to address challenges together faced by crew members on a daily basis. A team approach ensures that all crew members are involved in problem solving and are not just mere spectators. Team discussions are essential for learning and refining BRM. A good team should anticipate dangerous situations and recognise the development of an error chain.

Bridge Team Management, 2nd Edition 2004 (Reprinted 2018 with Amendments)

On the bridge the watch officer and lookout personnel should work as a team to ensure safe navigation. It is important that the bridge team share a common view of the intended passage. If in any doubt the lookout personnel should speak up. Decision making seems to be an individual matter.

We all agree that captain is the final authority on board the ship. However it is quite important for the decision maker to take valuable inputs from officers and crew members.

Before taking any decision it is vital to gather relevant and pertinent information. A wrong decision taken can led to many unwanted situations on-board ships. It is therefore important to conduct regular meetings, interact with officers and crew members and take opinions that can help to produce a final choice from several available options and thus make a more deliberate and thoughtful decision. Due to busy schedule and frequent port calls it is often not possible to gather all the information in little time or to evaluate alternative solutions.

In these cases decision taken is mostly based on past experiences.

Bridge team management : a practical guide

Captain being the most experienced person onboard is therefore regarded as the sole decision maker. Reviewing the consequences of the decision taken is an integral part of decision making. Situational awareness: Every mariner should think and plan well ahead of time.

Officers as well as crew members should be aware of the external and internal conditions that can affect ship safety. Mariners should keep their eyes and ears open and active at all times and be prepared for the unexpected. It is always important to correlate what is going on in the present to what has gone on in the past and what may go on in the future.

Overlooking critical details or being indifferent to what is going on around, both can lower situational awareness. We always need to be alert to avert accidents.

Paying attention to the on-going situation increases the response time to safely handle an unexpected event. It is a common problem of getting preoccupied with minor problems and losing sight of the big picture.

Breakdown of situational awareness can result in incidents and accidents. Officers often tend to sit in front of the radar or stand in one position than strolling from one side of the bridge wing to the other. They are not aware of what exactly is happening outside the bridge windows in a highly frequented sailing area.

Situational awareness is always important when conducting manoeuvres in a restricted area in poor weather where risks ought to be obvious. With awareness, one cannot do wrong and without awareness, one cannot do good. Hence what is required is to keep the thread of awareness running through all our actions. Even though lot of automation has been brought in to reduce the level of manning, the level of automation and level of complexity people have to deal with can be very fatiguing in itself.

Many accident investigating report these days have fatigue as one of the main causes.

A grounding or collision for example caused by lack of attention by fatigued officer. Product Overview Product No: Swift Publisher: October Pages: Paperback Sales Rank: Product Description An industry standard for passage planning, it covers coastal and estuarial navigation and bridge organisation using paper and electronic charts.

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Wishlist Name.Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Swift Pages: On the bridge the watch officer and lookout personnel should work as a team to ensure safe navigation. Actions Shares. Search inside document. Polar Ship Operations: However these sections have been brought up to date with legislation and have been amplified with the feed back from superintendents and sea staff where improvements could be made.

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