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ஜோதிடப் பாடம் - 1 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Tamil Astrology Lessons by my Vaththiyar Shri. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Free download or read online Nadi Jothidam tamil pdf book from the category of Alphabet N. PDF file size of Nadi Jothidam is MB. If you want to read online .

Astrology Book In Tamil Pdf

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When he was asked to explain his views and after hearing his views, everybody totally agreed with him. Pleased with his explanations and his adamancy in sticking to his principles, in the same conference, he was praised that Natarajan has stood like the poet Nakkeerar in his views.

Hence he should be given the title as Nakkeerar and the same was conferred on him in the same conference. He was kind enough to accept our request to translate the Great work of Pulippani Siddhar.

Some of his Tamil books are also under the process of being translated. We pray God that such a great person should live for many more years and guide us in the field of Astrology. Foreword by Publisher Tamil Astrology is a separate form of astrology since it is more ancient than Indian Astrology as some opine. The literature of astrological texts from the state of tamil nadu has not come out in the international world of astrology.

Tamil astrological literature is a different world altogether and many in India know about it, yet none in the younger generation who know English take the effort to translate it in English and give it to our indian or international astrological bretheren. In olden days of Shri B V Raman, one could find some writers from his magazine translate few verses from tamil astrological literature into English, those were the days of Shri Vidwan Lakshman and Shri N Sundara Rajan.

Unfortunately not many in the younger generation know about the greatness of Late Santhanams commentary since they do not have anyone to guide them as to which commentary to read.

Read astrology books online for free.

To think of it, we are studying astrology and predicting through it but the ones who created this science, the Rishis we have not asked the question how they used to predict and this can be found in Saptarishis Nadi which Shri Yenbeeyes and his team did.

Shri Yenbeeyes is also the student of the translator Shri Natarajan who even at the age of 94 translated this very ancient work of Sage Pullipani into English so that worldwide audiences could understand the greatness of Tamil Astrology.

So far there has been no attempt by any person in translating this work and Shri Natarajan is the first one to do this.

The contribution of Shri Yenbeeyes in serving his Guru Shri Natarajan cannot be mentioned in words, without him this work could not have seen the light of the day. Apart from the translation by Shri Natarajan, his notes are a delight for the scholars.

Astrology is described as eyes of the Vedhas. Our ancient Rishis compiled this Divine Science. After about B. They were mostly in Sanskrit language. Bogar was one of them.

His disciple Pulippani Siddhar had great superhuman powers of intuition. He completed the great Astrology in just verses or stanzas.

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He explained all the salient points very clearly and precisely. This book is written in chaste Tamil and in poems or slokas. While the works of Varahamihirar, Parasarar etc. I have with the help of Tamil Pandits made an attempt. Pulippani was born in China. He used to wander in the forests riding a tiger.

So he was called Pulippani. Bogar is one of the eighteen celebrated Siddhar. He was a South Indian and was born in the community of Viswakarma Goldsmith.

He attained siddhi and performed many miracles including flying by floating in air. He visited China to spread Siddha science. It was then Pulippani became an ardent disciple of Mahan Bogar Siddhar. Assisted by his disciple Pulippani returned and settled on the top of Palani Hills. He was a great Muruga Baktha. He made a statue of Lord Dhandapani with Nava Bhashanam i.

Pulippani helped by collecting the required herbs. He installed the statue on the top of the Palani hills where he did his meditation and worshipped.

Description of various yogas including Raja yogas , Viparita Raja yogas , fructification and cancellation of Raja Yogas, Finding benefic and malefic planets, Yogakaraka planets etc. All in all an excellent chapter to study basic astrology principles.

Excellent list of significators of houses, planets.

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Detailed descriptions of Dasha and its significance. Results of various planetary dasha with little known rules.

How to time events using dasha and transit. How to calculate ishta lagna , nashta jataka details, prashna lagna and answering queries of users on lost articles. Nakshatra results, Muhurta for various karmas.

Class XII books yet to be fully distributed in several schools

Details on Karma Kanda, Process to be followed for marriage etc. Significators[ edit ] Uttara Kalamrita stands out as a vedic astrology reference book because of an exhaustive list of significators.

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