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49 books based on 65 votes: Kringe in 'n Bos by Dalene Matthee, Fiela se Kind by Dalene Matthee, Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena by. 39 English/Afrikaans books in the epub format (and 9 PDF ebooks), designed to facilitate the learning of Afrikaans for English Speakers. Afrikaanse Boeke om te lees | Dis ek, Anna is 'n gefiksionaliseerde outo- biografiese roman, probleemboek en traumaverhaal geskryf deur Anchien Troskie.

Afrikaanse Boeke Pdf

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Scribd is 'n e-boeke en PDF soekenjins, naamlik eBooks hosting webwerwe. Mense kon enige materiaal hier op te laai. So indien u enige brosjure. Oodles has Free English classics and English audiobooks. Oodles is an easy to use application to read or listen to english classics or hindi books and stories. Boeke | Books. Here is a list of books that I've collected over the years about learning Afrikaans which you might find helpful. Note: I will update the photos once.

It also gives you tips for learning.

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By buying this book, you are indicating your intention of learning a new language. This will be an exciting, but demanding, venture.

The enjoyment and excitement should arise from learning what is the youngest language in the world, Afrikaans, and from learning about the peoples who use it in their everyday lives.

The demands will come from spending half an hour a day acquiring the language through the units in this book. You will acquire the language much more quickly and more thoroughly if you work a little each day, rather than working for a long period one day a week. Think about how you acquired your mother tongue - little by little. The youngest natural language in the world In a sense, Afrikaans can be said to be both a pidgin and a creole language.

Pidgins are a simplified form of language used amongst people who speak different languages and using vocabulary from those languages.

When pidgins are learnt by children as a mother tongue, they become grammatically more complex, and we call them Creoles.

Afrikaans is a creole in that it derives from Dutch and German and English and has borrowed much from the African and M a l a y languages. It is a pidgin in that its grammatical structure is much simplified from the Dutch and has adopted much vocabulary from all the languages with which it has been in contact. It is spoken also by most of the Griqua people who live along the reaches of the Orange River and who acquired the language during their contact with the Afrikaners who trekked into the hinterland to escape British C r o w n rule.

Over time Afrikaans has shown itself to be particularly receptive to borrowings from other languages with which it has been in contact. As such, it has accepted new concepts with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Afrikaans spelling is largely phonetic - spell it as you say it - and much of the vocabulary is, as Anglo-Saxon was, made up of compound nouns which can be literally translated and metaphorically interpreted. For example, a vacuum cleaner is a stofsuier - literally, a 'dust-sucker'.

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Easy isn't it? As the most daunting task i n learning any language is acquiring a vocabulary, a vocabulary of such compounds is a real bonus. Furthermore, the language has three basic tenses not six like English and very few exceptions to any of the rules.

Should you know German or Dutch, or any other Germanic language, you w i l l find it very easy to master the Afrikaans w o r d order. Remember that one theory states that you need acquire only words of a language to communicate in it. Afrikaans speakers As has happened with English in which World Englishes have come to be recognized as equal to Standard British English, purist Afrikaners have had to recognize various other Afrikaanses as equal in status to Standard Afrikaans.

The standard form of Afrikaans, as has also happened in English, is primarily now retained almost exclusively in the written form. A n 'Academy' has existed for many years for the sole purpose of keeping the written form of the language 'pure'.

It has, for many years, brought out a style and spelling handbook at regular intervals. But whereas, earlier, the Academy's task was to prevent language change in terms of 'standard' Afrikaans, known as A B Afrikaans Algemeen Beskaafd Afrikaans literally, 'generally civilized' Afrikaans, i.

White Afrikaans!

The Afrikaans you will be learning in this book will enable you to adopt both a formal and an informal position when you require it.

Please note that accents and pronunciation used on the recording should not be construed as exclusive, elite or a sign of intellectual superiority.

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Only in the early units, i n which the pronunciation is of necessity unnaturally and artificially clear, is an attempt made to pronounce the sounds in a 'standardized' way.

About this book Like other titles in the series, this book is designed to help you acquire an additional language without having any previous knowledge of it.

You may not know a single Afrikaans word except perhaps for the word 'apartheid' - or understand the language at all, but by the end of the course, if you practise and work consistently, you will be able to communicate orally and in writing in simple, but adequate Afrikaans. You will be introduced progressively to the basics of the language and to the language behaviour pragmatics associated with the various cultural groups which use the language.

To ensure your spoken use of Afrikaans is not stilted and is appropriate, preference has been given to idiomatic expression. The focus in the written language has been on getting a message across to a reader. By definition, then, the written forms are more formal and exacting than the spoken.

You will also learn to read non-technical Afrikaans written texts, including newspaper articles, magazines, pamphlets, travel guides, instructions and even, perhaps, works of popular fiction. You should have no trouble following Afrikaans feature films some of which are world class or television shows. The more you practise, the quicker and more you w i l l learn. Nothing helps like finding a mother-tongue speaker on whom to try out your Afrikaans.

The narrative content of the units will enable you, while acquiring the language, to learn about and to understand not only the speakers of Afrikaans but also South Africa itself, its painful past and its hopeful present. You will also come to an understanding of the South African society in all its linguistic and cultural diversity.

This knowledge will facilitate the cross-cultural interactions you are likely to face should you visit South Africa. How is the book structured? There are 17 language-learning units in this book including three test-yourself sections Units 7, 13 and 17 , the answers for which are given in the key to the exercises at the back of the book.

The book is organized thematically around topics which relate to Afrikaans, its speakers and their cultural practices, and to Afrikaans as an instrument of history. The themes vary in approach and in content, but all contain an explanation of particular basic grammar patterns and the vocabulary relevant to the current theme. In hierdie webwerf kan jy skaars, goedkoop, nuut vrygestelde boeke te vind.

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Wondershare Dr. Fone Vir IOS. KOOP Wonder.Sosiale media en e-bemarking is belangrike bemarkingskanale. It is spoken also by most of the Griqua people who live along the reaches of the Orange River and who acquired the language during their contact with the Afrikaners who trekked into the hinterland to escape British C r o w n rule. Don't focus solely on the pronunciation guide on the recording. Furthermore, the language has three basic tenses not six like English and very few exceptions to any of the rules.

Het aantal moedertaalsprekers is zo'n 6 miljoen, ongeveer gelijk verdeeld over de blanken en de zgn. Ignore some of the reviews on Amazon which seem to have been written by people who tried to learn the language just through the CDs.

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