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print your guide, in the new and fast pdf format. Now you will have printed the whole document. Fold the sheet exactly in the centre, along an imaginary line. Tourist travel cards the Travel Cards are the most economi- cal solution for people who want to get around Venice and its surroundings on. Actv's land and water. This publication is a product of “NOT BY CHANCE TOURIST” 10 Smart Tourism Guide. The address of the houses and buildings in Venice is as follows.

Venice Travel Guide Pdf

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There is no other city like Venice. It has canals and bridges connecting small islands and magnificent buildings. It is a city rich wit. You may have heard that Venice is an engineering marvel, with marble cathedrals . but by keeping a few tips in mind for sustainable travel (see p21), you can. Arts or Venice Film Festival take place here. It is also a city where notable educational institu- tions have their seat. Venture beyond the main tourist sites like St.

Download the map of Venice art galleries in PDF version, for free. This content is entirely written by the staff editors of Where Venice. If you want to learn more about us, go to the About page.

Where Venice. Pics of Top-in-Town Venues. Venice in Pictures.

The Luxury Collection Danieli 15 Aug, Venice Biennale of Architecture 7 Aug, Photos of Events. River Pool Exhibition, until 6 July 9 Jun, Out-of-Town Events. Toulose Lautrec in Verona, until 3 Sept. New Opening for Damiani 7 Nov, Regata Storica — Historical Regatta 5 Sep, Pics of Out-of-Town Destinations. City of Chioggia 2 Nov, Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza 25 Oct, Vicenza and Nearby Area 18 Sep, The Roman Arena of Verona 9 Sep, Venice from Our Readers 6 Sep, Venetian Artisanry.

Videos of Out-of-Town Destinations. Chioggia 1 Aug, New Openings.

Detailed hi-res maps of Venice for download or print

Learning Venice. How does Venice work? Top-in-town venues. Out-of-town Destinations. Bassano del Grappa: Out-of-town Shopping.

Printable Tourist Map of Venice, Walking Tours Map

Out-of-town Dining. Punta Sabbioni: Al Gatto Nero: Traditional Trattoria in Burano 14 Dec, Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet 6 Sep, Interpreti Veneziani Whether or not you are a fan of classical music, the Interpreti Veneziani is a welcome break from the city's pulsating core.

After its inauguration in , its concerts have been performed all over the world, in countries such as the US, Japan, Canada and across Latin America. Take one evening to enjoy the harmony brought to you by the orchestra.

Mary of the Friars St. Mary Basilica, usually called the Friari, was built in the 13th century and today represents an important landmark.

Holding many masterpieces of Venetian art from the Renaissance period, it is simply a delight for the eye. Titian, the most renowned member of the Venetian school of painting of the 16th century, is buried there.

At the beginning of the 19th century, after the Republic fall, the island became a free port housing Venice's artillery. This is another perfect opportunity to capture a gorgeous panoramic view of Venice. Mark, Venice's patron. Being one of the most ancient manuscript depositories of the city, it is an exquisite place to become more familiar with the history of Venice. Scuola Grande di San Rocco Let yourself be swept away by the beautiful renaissance paintings of this gallery.

The Venetian painter Tintoretto was paid to provide art for the halls of the Scuola and his masterpieces are still there to be admired. Take the audio tour to get a deeper knowledge of the artist and his works.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church Santa Maria dei Miracoli is the most requested church for weddings in Venice, and if you step inside you will easily see why. It is said to be built from the leftovers of St.

Mark's Basilica, even if the latter is evidently bigger. Being one of the best examples of early Venetian Renaissance architecture, its nickname is "the jewel box", due to its striking beauty. Gondola Ride There are several tour operators offering different types of Gondola tours.

You can choose between a more romantic style with serenades sung to you and your beloved partner, or a more classical sightseeing tour with a guide telling you the history of all the beautiful buildings around. There are even tours where you can learn how to row the Gondola yourself. Load more.Continue via Calle Lotto, cross the bridge and follow Fondamenta Toletta to the Sacca della Toletta and the Calle Toletta until you can cross a bridge again.

The shop offers interesting master classes for visitors virtually every day. Download the map of Venice art galleries in PDF version, for free. This was where prominent Venetians once gathered when the city was a major maritime force to discuss trade and politics. Videos of Out-of-Town Destinations.

48 Hours in Venice – Where to Stay, What To Do & Where to Eat!

If you want to learn more about us, go to the About page. Thanks for sharing! This hotel has one of the best locations in Venice and also offers the normal amenities — heaters, flat-screen TV, and much more.

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