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the Subcommittee on the Design of Substation Structures of the. Committee Substation structure design guide: ASCE manuals and reports on engineering practice no. pdf. General Order (). “State of California Rule for Overhead. MOP ISBN (print): ISBN (PDF): Substation Structure Design Guide provides a comprehensive resource for the. Request PDF on ResearchGate | ASCE Substation Structure Design Guide | The purpose of the substation structure design guide is to provide a comprehensive.

Substation Structure Design Guide Pdf

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SubStation Structure Design - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Combinaciones ASCE Substation Structure Design Guide. Thank you very much for reading asce substation structure design guide. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds times for their chosen. ASCE Substation Structure Design Guide | Request PDF. Substation Structure Design Guide (ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. ).

SubStation Structure Design

The new edition of will use the wind maps from ASCE with a few modifications. Sorry for the long post, Comment back if you have other questions.

Thank you for the response. I was just having a hard time finding clear direction on whether substations fall under the IBC which most states adopt.

I did some online searching of state codes in a couple states we're working in and was able to find that in those states utilities were exempt from the building code. We try to stay away from the building code folks. We have gone to the extent of calling the "Control House" as a Control Enclosure when everyone I know calls it a house because it holds all the electronic stuff I know little or nothing about.

I have heard that some utilities have fought with the building officials to keep from making the control house ADA compliant with ramps and all that goes with it. My personal opinion is the building officials are more interested in collecting the fee from a big rich company for the building permit.

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We do not allow the general public inside the fence where only qualified and trained personnel are allowed. In most jurisdictions, the utilities operate as a regulated monopoly under a franchise agreement and are exempt from following the rules that regulate other businesses.

As a public utility, we have the right of eminent domain although these days it is harder to take property for the good of the public at a fair price and can condemn land for projects.

A little follow up We designed our latest substation located in South Carolina per the ASCE Substation design guide and the owners 3rd party reviewer has come back and said that our approach to seismic connection design and anchorage is philosophically different than their recommendation which is to design all connections and anchorage per ACI , AISC and AISC Seismic Design Manual.

Our analysis consisted of evaluating the structures for both seismic and wind loads per the Substation Design guide and then designing the members, connections and anchorage for the governing case per ACI and AISC.

Since wind governed in all cases we are located in coastal region we didn't follow any seismic connection or anchorage requirements. If we had used ASCE 7 we would have had to determine a seismic design category and we would have been in Cateogry D for this site which according to AISC would have required the consideration of the Seismic Design Manual and using an R greater than 3.

Based on the seismic design manual we used a max R of 2.

I'm assuming the difference in R between the documents and the extra detailing requirements for seismic all goes back to the fact that these are unoccupied spaces. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thankfully, I don't have to deal with seismic because my part of south Texas does not have them. The mph hurricane winds generally control our substation structures. AFA your question, can you directly talk to the 3rd party reviewer and work out the differences?

If they are extremely experienced in Substation Structures, you may lean to their way.

If they are very inexperienced in our structures and have building or bridge experience, then you might be able to reason with them that their assumptions on seismic do not apply in your area because the high wind controls the design.

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No notes for slide. Substation Structure Catalog Pdf 1. B provided. Design Codes and Specifications: Wide Flanges: Erection Bolts: ASTM A provided. Base Plates: ASTM A requirements.

Substation Structure Design Guide

B requirements. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. My own philosophy is, the building and bridge engineers have to consider human life in their design loads and combinations and ASCE 7 reflects this with large overload factors. In our substations, the public or our workers will not be climbing our structures during an ice storm or hurricane or other extreme wind event.

If our structures fall over in an earthquake or hurricane, the chance of loss of life is very small.

It has gone through a peer-review and it is the best effort of some experienced engineers. If the Substation owner is a big company, they may have an idea of what they want the structures designed for or they may have some load combinations and factors that they want followed.

The smaller owners may have to rely on a consultant to give them some guidance. ASCE attempts to give that guidance.


The owner is free to specify that the structures remain standing after a year return period storm if they want a very strong structure and are willing to pass the extra cost to the consumer , but we felt a 50 year MRI like used in ASCE was appropriate for our structures.

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