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Topics Hal Lindsey, Christian Eschatology, doomsday, Great Tribulation, Mark of the Beast. The impact of The Late Great Planet Earth cannot be overstated. insights into what biblical prophecy says about the times we live in. THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH You know, I used to come to the beach to get away from things. Just the relaxing of the waves pounding the shore. But now. The late great planet earth by Hal Lindsey; 13 editions; First Borrow · DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY).

The Late Great Planet Earth Ebook

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The impact of The Late Great Planet Earth cannot be overstated. The New York Times called it the "no. 1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade." For Christians and . The late great planet earth by Hal Lindsey · The late great planet earth. by Hal Lindsey; Carole C Carlson. Print book. English. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. The impact of The Late Great Planet Earth cannot be overstated. The New York Times called it the 'no. 1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade'. For Christians and.

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Coming face to face with his tormented past and a dark family secret, he fights to stay above the flood of Ezekiel has over predictive verses. This remarkable prophecy by one of the greatest of ancient Hebrew prophets—never before literally fulfilled in history—predicts that a great power to the far north of Read more 6. They had all taken turns to dig.

An adult-sized hole would have taken longer. An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made. Their secrets would be buried, bound in blood …Years later, a headmistress is found brutally strangled, the first in a spate of gruesome murders which shock the Black Read more The Third Target A J.

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Both Gwyn and her remaining sister Linda have since married their boyfriends so either of their husbands could Are you a fan or a follower? Go ahead, think honestly about your relationship with God. In fact, you may want to read this book before you answer at all. Not in United States? This was a prophecy of the Messiah which was unmistak- able because it referred to His eternal pre-existence. They answered him: The prophet Daniel, while in captivity in Babylon, was given a precise timetable and sequence relating to the future events of the people of Israel.

Daniel was told that there would be a certain number of years which would transpire between the time a proclamation was given which allowed the Jewish people to return from their Babylonian captivity back to Israel and the coming of the Messiah.

This proclamation can be established according to Scrip- tural history in Nehemiah 2: Sir Robert Anderson of Scotland Yard spent many years of his life verifying and validating the details of this prophecy. He wrote a comprehensive book of his study called. The Coming Prince. Not only w r as Daniel given specific years, but also a se- quence of major historical events which cannot be denied.

First of all, there was the proclamation given to the Jews to return from captivity and rebuild the Temple, After that, the Messiah would come as the Prince. There was only one person who was taken seriously as the Messiah before a. We have the logical candidate for that role in the carpenter from Nazareth.

To pile proof upon proof, consider the prophecies relating to the deeds Jesus would do upon earth — prophecies about His own ministry. The prophet Isaiah presented a vivid description of the com- ing Messiah when he said: Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you. For waters shall break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert" Isaiah Jesus knew the Old Testament prophets. He quoted this exact prophecy from Isaiah when John the Baptist seemed to have some doubts about Him.

John was the herald who an- nounced the coming of Jesus as the Messiah, and yet even John could not reconcile the two portraits of the Messiah. The fact that Jesus was performing these very miracles were His credentials to substantiate His claim that He was the Messiah.

One of the great passages on His re- jection is Isaiah In Isaiah 52 there is a general look at this One who is called the servant of God. It is obvious here that the prophet is not talking about Israel, which in some passages is called the servant of God, but about one who would save Israel.

In this passage the prophet is saying that He would startle, or astound nations meaning the non-Jews and that they would see things they had never seen.

The Gentiles, in other words, would begin to understand the w'ays of God. Isaiah speaks of His rejection by the Jews, which in itself was remarkable since Isaiah was a Jewish prophet who wrote at least years before Christ was born.

Isaiah predicted that liis people would reject the very one for whom they looked Isaiah Notice an interesting fact. The prophet writes of this event in the past tense, which was a common literary device of the Jewish writers. When they wished to emphasize the certainty of a prophecy they would put it in this tense, which is called the prophetic perfect tense in Hebrew.

In this part of the prediction the credentials of the Messiah as a person who would be a substitute for the iniquity, or wickedness, of man are presented: But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that made us whole, and with his stripes we are healed. Rabbis since the birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth have reinterpreted this passage to say that the third person singular pronoun does not refer to a personal Messiah, but to the nation of Israel.

However, the passage speaks of this person as bearing the consequences of the transgressions of Israel. Israel could not be a substitute for itself, since the pas- sage clearly states that the Lord hath laid on Him the in- iquity of us. Isaiah 53 continues to say that this person would not receive the true justice of the Jewish law. This, of course, was true during the trials of Jesus.

The details of prophecy relating to this portrait of the Messiah are exact. Isaiah says that He will die beside crim- inals. Did it happen? Of course. Joseph was the rich man predicted here. We can picture Isaiah, standing at Calvary, looking at the panoramic view that Jesus saw and experienced on the cross.

However, Isaiah saw this years before Jesus was born! To continue in this remarkable passage, Isaiah speaks of the fact that men could be declared righteous and acceptable to God because He bore their sins.

In his book he gave another specific and minute prediction which could only re- fer to one person. He wrote: So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver. And the Lord said unto me, Cast it unto the potter: Notice the three specific trends in this passage.

Then, these thirty pieces would be cast down in the house of the Lord, which is the Temple. Finally, the money would be given to the potter for the graves of the poor people. He went to the priests and tried to return the money, but the priests insulted him.

Judas became infuriated. He threw the money down in the Temple Matthew The priests took the money and piously said it wasn't proper to return to the treasury the price of the betrayal, so they decided to give it to the potter to buy a potter's field Matthew Notice one very important point.

Jesus had no control over this prophecy. It had to be fulfilled without any inter- ference on His part. This fact explodes the major premise of a book which has gained some popularity, called The Passover Plot. While the writer of this book does a service by accept- ing the historical reality of Jesus, he claims that Jesus delib- erately plotted to fulfill the predictions of the Messiah given in the Old Testament.

David describes events which could not have hap- pened to himself since they were beyond the scope of his own experience. The psalmist gives a detailed and precise predic- tion of a person being crucified. The ligaments stretch and the bones pop out of joint. I may tell all my bones: He was crucified in the nude; this passage speaks of the shame of it. At the foot of the cross the soldiers gambled or cast lots for His robe.

As perfect as this passage is in its prophetic accuracy, it gains additional importance when we realize that crucifixion as a way of punishment w'as not known at the time David wrote this.

The Jews of that time executed by stoning. It w-as not until about b. Guaranteed Accuracy If there is one thing that guarantees the historical accuracy of what the New Testament authors wrote it is the animosity of the Jewish people who crucified Jesus. The message of these prophecy fulfillments was spread by word of mouth all over the Palestinian area starting fifty days after these events happened.

That generation did not take seriously the credentials of the suffering Messiah. Jesus predicted the destruction of those who put Him on the cross. Was this prophecy fulfilled? As previously mentioned, Titus and the Roman legions swept down upon Jerusalem and de- stroyed it in a,d. Will We Learn? Will we repeat history? Will we fail to take the prophets literally and seriously? Will we be indifferent?

Will we al- low those who claim to be religious leaders to explain these things away and not investigate for ourselves? There are many more predictions about the reigning Mes- siah who is yet to come than there were about the suffering Messiah.

Will we fail to weigh these prophecies for our- selves, in spite of what others may say? The remainder of this book will present the prophecies which are related to the specific pattern of world events which are precisely predicted as coming together shortly before the coming of the Messiah the second time — coming in power to rule the earth.

Many of these predictions were in the same paragraphs as those relating to the first coming of the Messiah. Do we dare allegorize away the meaning of these? Will these predictions be fulfilled just as certainly and graphically as those of the first coming?

Most prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled concern events which will develop shortly before the beginning of and during this seven-year countdown. The general time of this seven-year period couldn't begin until the Jewish people re-established their nation in their an- cient homeland of Palestine. Keys to the Prophetic Puzzle A definite international realignment of nations into four spheres of political power had to occur in the same era as this rebirth of Israel Each sphere of power had to be led by a certain predicted nation and allied with certain other na- tions.

The relationships of all these factors to each other is easily determined by the following clues: Third, each one of these spheres of power will be judged and destroyed for invading the new state of Israel, by the per- sonal return of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

It should be obvious that these predicted movements of history are interrelated in their general time of beginning and ending. This is why the prophecies can be pieced together to make a coherent picture, even though the pieces are scat- tered in small bits throughout the Old and New Testaments.

Raised Eyebrows Many Bible students in recent years tried to fit the events of World War I and II to the prophetic signs which would herald the imminent return of Christ. Their failure discredited prophecy. It is because of these unscriptural attempts at calculating dates that some eyebrows rise when we speak of Bible prophecy today.

Dream and Reality The one event which many Bible students in the past over- looked was this paramount prophetic sign: Israel had to be a nation again in the land of its forefathers. Israel a nation — a dream for so many years, made a re- ality on 14 May when David Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of Independence announcing the establishment of a Jewish nation to be known as the State of Israel.

There is more prophecy concern- ing this period than any other era the Bible describes. The apostle John counted out seven years for this period when he spoke of the second half being forty-two months i. The prophet Jeremiah spoke of the time when Cod would return His people of Israel and Judah from a great captivity and dispersion.

In other words, this period will be marked by the greatest devastation that man has ever brought upon himself. Man- kind will be on the brink of self-annihilation when Christ suddenly returns to put an end to the war of wars called Armageddon.

Israel, the Fuse of Armageddon What has happened and what is happening right now to Israel is significant in the entire prophetic picture.

Men who have studied events that were to occur shortly before the great holocaust known as Armageddon are amazed as they see them happening before their eyes. Too few Biblical scholars pay any serious attention to the proven prophetic content of Scripture. William F. Al- bright, eminent archaeologist and professor of Semitic Lan- guages, noted this fact after he had verified many historic fulfillments of Bible prophecy. Even the casual observer is amazed how the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have survived as a distinct race in spite of the most formidable odds.

What other people can trace their continuous unity back nearly 4, years? Twice the Jews have been destroyed as a nation and dragged away as slaves under inhuman circumstances; twice the Jews returned to their ancient homeland and reestablished their na- tion. What other people have preserved a distinct and separate national identity in spite of a total of some years of being scattered — years of dispersion, as it is called? During all these years these men and women without a country have suffered the most insane and unjust persecutions ever endured by any collection of people or nationalities.

Jewish survival is a phenomenon. However, Jewish history, with all of its tragedies and triumphs, has been accurately foretold. Setting the Stage History may be dry bones to some, but the history of how the stage was set for the rebirth of Israel is fascinating.

This history also serves as a standard to test how reliable future prophecy concerning Israel will be. God's Woodshed Some years ago, at a time when the Jewish people were enroll te from Egypt to possess the Promised Land of Palestine, Moses predicted that they would be chastened, or disciplined, twice, as a nation, for not believing their God and rejecting His ways.

Civilians would be massacred and property com- pletely destroyed- The survivors would be taken as slaves. As previously noted, the prophet Isaiah added details to what Moses predicted, about years before it occurred. Isaiah said to a king of Judah, named Hezckiab: The prophet Jeremiah, several years before it happened, predicted how long the Babylonian captivity wmiid last: Those w'ho survived the holocaust were carried off to Baby- lon as slaves where they remained for seventy years II Chronicles At the end of this period of enslavement the Persian king, Cyrus, released some of the Jewish people to return and re- build the Temple in Jerusalem II Chronicles He said that because of continued disbelief and rejection of their God, Israel would be destroyed as a nation a second time.

This time the survivors would be scattered throughout the world in every nation. They would be relentlessly persecuted — - men without a country. Many other prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Amos to name a few, all predicted the great world-wide exile of the Jewish people and the destruction of the Jewish nation. Just before His arrest and crucifixion, Jesus said,. Luke He said.

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Just as predicted by Jesus, less than forty years after His death Titus and the Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem and the nation, slaughtering hundreds of thousands. Those who survived were shipped off to the slave markets in Egypt. Soon the supply exceeded the demand and they were worthless, even as lowly slaves.

For almost years the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have wandered around the earth with no country of their own, in constant fear of persecution and death.

I am sure that they have asked the question millions of times, why all this evil for us? The true Christian has looked on with amazement and compassion, while the Jew has become a phenomenon to the w r orld. Israel Reborn The same prophets who predicted the world-wide exile and persecution of the Jews also predicted their restoration as a nation.

It is surprising that many could not see the ob- vious: This restoration was to come about in the general time of the climactic seven-year countdown and its finale — the personal appearance of the Messiah to deliver the new state from destruction.

The Scoffers For many years prior to some Christian scholars de- nied the possibility of accepting the prophecies concerning the restoration of Israel as a nation in Palestine.

As a matter of fact, many Bible teachers taught that all prophecy relating to Israel's future was fulfilled in Israel's past. Others taught that the promises made to Israel must be applied to the Church since Israel rejected her Messiah. Some theologians of the liberal school still insist that prophecy has no literal meaning for today and that it cannot he taken seriously.

Truth From Dusty Books There has been down through history a group of men who diligently studied the prophetic content of the Bible and took it both seriously and literally. This writer searched through many commentaries on the subject dating back to a. These men held this position in spite of mocking and ridicule on the part of the majority of Christendom. John Cumming in Thumb through his fascinating old book, over a hun- dred years old, and you'll read: The predic- tions of their restoration are in words as definite only not yet fulfilled.

As a nation they were cut off and dispersed, and it is as a nation that they shall be gathered and restored. Their restoration is predicted and demanded. Who will stretch out his hand to move the scene and call forth the actors. The fact that the Jews had to be restored as a nation be- fore Christ could return was seen by James Grant, an English Bible scholar writing in Increase Mather, a famous minister in the early colonies of America, wrote a book published in entitled, The Mys- tery of Israel's Salvation.

He, too, showed that the Jews would return to Palestine and become a nation before their spiritual conversion and the return of the Mes- siah, Jesus Christ.

The great contribution of these men who stood against the prevailing religious opinion of their day is obvious. They prove that these prophetic passages are clear and could be understood if taken literally. A hundred or more years ago the prospect of the nation of Israel seemed impossible.

Their faith in these passages in the Bible has been verified before our eyes! These men used what may be called the golden rule of interpretation which the Biblical record of fulfilled prophecy indicates is correct.

First, the Jewish nation would be reborn in the land of Palestine. Thirdly, they would rebuild their ancient tem- ple of worship upon its historic site. The Nation Born in a Day Some years ago Ezekiel showed that the Jewish na- tion would be reborn after a iong world-wide dispersion, but before the coming of the Messiah to judge a great enemy who would rise up against the new nation.

M Ezekiel Clue one: Kac, a Jew- ish medical doctor and noted Bible scholar, sums it up this way: This restoration is clearly after a long-term des- olation of the land of Israel, Note the following statements in the context: This war is to be ended with such a display of divine intervention that a great many of the surviving Gentiles and Jews put their whole trust in the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, It cannot be emphasized enough. This restoration would take place after a world -wide dispersion and long-term des- olation of the land of Israel.

It was only nat- ural that they wanted to know what signs would indicate His return to set up God's promised Kingdom. One of the great signs He predicted, however, is often over- looked. Another statement of Jesus demands a national existence with even their ancient worship restored. This indicates that the ancient traditions regarding travel on the Sabbath would be in force again, thus hindering a rapid escape from the predicted invasion. Even the Temple has to be rebuilt according to the sign given in Matthew More will be said about this shortly.

Jesus' predictions regarding the nation restored to the land are extremely significant when we recall that He pre- dicted a world-wide dispersion and complete destruction of the nation which would begin with the generation which cru- cified Him Luke Yet when Jesus looks into the future and describes the conditions which would prevail at His coming, He puts the Jews back in the land as a nation.

It is in this context that Jesus predicts an extremely im- portant time clue. He says: But the most important sign in Matthew has to be the restoration of the Jews to the land in the rebirth of Israel. What generation?

Obviously, in context, the generation that would see the signs — chief among them the rebirth of Israel. A generation in the Bible is something like forty years. If this is a correct deduction, then within forty years or so of , all these things could take place.

Many schol- ars who have studied Bible prophecy all their lives believe that this is so. Much of what is to happen to the Jewish people at the return of the Messiah is to occur in the vicinity of the ancient city. Chapters 12 through 14 of Zechariah graphically describe the events in sequence. Here is an outline of these crucial chapters: The siege of Jerusalem by all nations A description of the battle in and around Jerusalem The repentance and faith w r hich occurs at this per- sonal revelation The opening of the fountain of forgiveness to repen- tant Israel The triumphant return of the Messiah Jesus Christ also predicted this situation in His last great public message before His arrest.

The point is this, in order for there to be a Temple, there would have to be a repossession of the Temple site in ancient Jerusalem. In March and April of I was lecturing on this subject at many college campuses on the West coast. I said that if this was the time that I thought it was, then somehow the Jews were going to have to repossess old Jerusalem. Many chuckled about that statement.

The Late Great Planet Earth By Hal Lindsey

Then came the war of June, — the phenomenal Is- raeli six -day blitz. Again, against incredible odds, the Jews had unwit- tingly further set up the stage for their final hour of trial and conversion.

This is to rebuild the ancient Temple of worship upon its old site. There is only one place that this Temple can be built, according to the Law of Moses. This is upon Mount Moriah.

It is there that two previous Temples were built: The second was built by the returning Babylonian exiles years ago. This one was completely refurbished by Herod the Great later on in an effort to win the favor and acceptance of the Jews. The second Temple was totally destroyed by Titus and the Roman Legions in a. There is one major problem barring the construction of a third Temple. That obstacle is the second holiest place of the Moslem faith, the Dome of the Rock.

This is believed to be built squarely in the middle of the old temple site. Obstacle or no obstacle, it is certain that the Temple will be rebuilt. Prophecy demands it. Jesus Christ predicted an event which would trigger a time of unparalleled catastrophe for the Jewish nation shortly be- fore His second coming. Daniel's prediction also indicates that a prince would rise up from among the people who destroyed the second Temple who were the Romans in a.

More about this in a later chapter. Tie It All Together The main points are these: We must conclude that a third Temple will be rebuilt upon its ancient site in old Jerusalem. If this is the time that this writer believes it is, there will soon begin the construction of this Temple. Are there any evidences of such intentions in Israel? In a fascinating article written shortly after the recapture of old Jerusalem, a reporter interviewed a famous Israeli his- torian, Israel El dad.

So will it be with us. Who knows, maybe there will be an earthquake. It is like the key piece of a jigsaw puzzle being found and then having the many adjacent pieces rapidly fall into place. For all those who trust in Jesus Christ, it is a time of elec- trifying excitement. When I was a teenager watching the end of World War II, facing the continued fear of another war, I wondered then how it would all end. That was interesting to me, but he didn t back up his remarks with any definite proof.

Little did I realize at that time how definite the Bible is about who the nations will be that play the major roles in the last drama. There is certainly more revealed than the vague symbols of an eagle and a bear. There are three major prophecies on this northern sphere of political power which are to be found in Ezekiel 38; 39; Daniel It is of paramount impor- tance to identify the time to which these prophecies apply, who the leading nation of the confederacy is, and who the allies are.

Then we shall see what this Northern Confederacy will do and how it will end. What Time Is It? Second, this prediction is found in a context with a def- inite chronological sequence of events. Ezekiel 36 and 37 speak of the final restoration of the Jews to the land of Palestine, a restoration from which they will never be scattered again.

The second distinction is that this restoration is immediately prior to and connected with the period of tribulation. This period brings about a great spiritual rebirth of the nation and the return of Jesus the Messiah to rescue them from their enemies. Ezekiel speaks of the physical restoration of the nation when he says: And again from Ezekiel. A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: And I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes.

The parable of Ezekiel 37 describes these same events in this sequence: The bones coming together and sinews and flesh being put upon them is ex- plained as meaning the regathering of the people into a phys- ical restoration of a national existence in Palestine.

This restoration and spiritual rebirth of the nation is to be the beginning of the everlasting kingdom which the Messiah is promised to bring.

Study Ezekiel 38 and The most significant part of this chain of events is established here. These chapters indi- cate with certainty that after the physical restoration of the nation, but before the spiritual rebirth, the great northern enemy will invade Israel Ezekiel Then God will supematuraliy judge the northern invaders, and this is the very act which will impel the Israeli people to know' and be- lieve in their true Messiah, Jesus Christ Ezekiel Ezekiel speaks in chapters 40 through 48 of a new wor- ship pattern which will be established after the Messiah, Je- sus Christ, comes to reign on earth over the Kingdom of God.

Since the restoration of Israel as a nation in , we have lived in the most significant period of prophetic history. We are living in the times which Ezekiel predicted in chapters 38 and In a scholar named Chamberlain summed up the crux of what has just been said.

Who Is the Northern Commander? This gives the ethnic background of this commander and his people. In other words, the prophet gives the family tree of this northern commander so that we can trace the migrations of these tribes to the modem nation that we know. He is also the prince of the ancient people who were called Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal.

See Gen- esis They are described as the grandsons of Noah through his son Japheth, with the exception of Rosh Gen- esis Magog is the second son; Tubal is the fifth son; and Meshech is the sixth son. You must be all excited about Magog, Meshech, and Tubal by this time! Dead Men Do Tell Tales! It is necessary on the next few pages to establish some documentation from ancient history. If this is your case, you may wish to skim over the high points. For others, it will prove to be rewarding to check carefully the grounds upon which the hi storical case is built.

Herodotus, the fifth century b. Greek philosopher, is quoted as mentioning Meshech and Tubal. He identified them with a people named the Samaritans and Muscovites who lived at that time in the ancient province of Pontus in northern Asia Minor.

Magog is called the Scythians by the Greeks. Any good history book of ancient times traces the Scythians to be a principle part of the people who make up modem Russia.

Wilhelm Gesenius, a great Hebrew scholar of the early nineteenth century, discusses these words in his unsurpassed Hebrew Lexicon. There is one more name to consider in this line of evidence.

Keil, says after a careful gram- matical analysis that it should be translated as a proper name, i. Rosh was a designation for the tribes then north of the Taurus Moun- tains, dwelling in the neighborhood of the Volga.

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In the light of the abundant evidence, it is no wonder that men long before Russia rose to its present state of power foresaw its role in history. Bishop Lowth of England was one of these men. Gumming, and Rev. Chamberlain, were ridiculed by many of their contemporaries.

After all, who could have imagined then what we now see in modem com- munist Russia — a country founded upon atheism? The final evidence for identifying this northern command- er lies in its geographical location from Israel.

Are you he of whom I have spoken in olden times by My servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied in those days for years that I would bring you, Gog, against them? Final Exam Just think for a moment how incredible a thing we are considering here. How could Ezekiel years ago have forecast so accurately the rise of Russia to its current mil- itary might and its direct and obvious designs upon the Mid- dle East, not to mention the fact that it is now an implacable enemy of the new state of Israel?

How could men like Cham- berlain and Cummings, for that matter, one hundred years ago have so clearly seen the future rise of Russia to its pres- ent world- threatening position? The answer is again, it seems to this writer, obvious. In other words, the prophets did not dream up their own interpreta- tion of life and history. Then Peter declares where prophecy did originate,. When a man knows that he is about to die, he usually gets around to saying the things he considers to be most im- portant.

Peter considered the certainty and relevance of the prophetic word to be the most important thing. Who Are the Allies? Ezekiel partially catalogs the ancient names of the peoples and nations who would be confederates of Russia in Persia All authorities agree on who Persia is today.

It is mod- em Iran. This is significant because it is being wooed to join the United Arab Republic in its hostility against Israel. The Russians are at this moment seeking to gain footholds in Iran by various overtures of aid.

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In order to mount the large-scale invasion predicted by Ezekiel, Russia would need Iran as an ally. It would be much more difficult to move a large land army across the Caucasus Mountains that border Turkey, than the Elburz Mountains that border Iran.

Transporta- tion, however, will be needed through both countries. This writer believes that significant things will soon be happening there. Cush was the first son of Ham, one of the sons of Noah. After examining many authorities on the subject, the wri- ter discovered once again why Dr. Gesenius is recognized as one of the great scholars of history. Gesenius summarized all of the evidence as follows: It is certain that the ancient Ethiopians modem Abyssinia are made up of Cushites, but they do not represent all of them, according to history.

The sobering conclusion is this: As we see further developments in this area in the future, we realize that it will become con- verted to Communism. We have the same problem pinpointing these people as with Cush. Put was the third son of Ham Genesis The first settle- ment of Put was called Libya by the ancient historians, Jo- sephus and Pliny. Once again there are current events to show the beginning of this alliance.

The territory of Northern Africa is becoming solidly pro- Soviet. These people make up an extremely important part of the future Russian invasion force. The modem Jews understand it to be Germany, and call that country by this Hebrew name, ,. The modern Jewish T alm ud con- firms the same geographical picture.

The conclusion is that Gomer and its hordes are a part of the vast area of modem Eastern Europe which is totally behind the Iron Curtain. This includes East Germany and the Slovak countries. Bauman traces evidence of some of the sons of Togar- mah to the Turkoman tribes of Central Asia. It is interesting to note that the Cossacks have always loved horses and have been recognized as producing the finest army of cavalry in the world.

Today they are reported to have several divisions of cavalry. It is believed by some military men that cavalry will actually be used in the invasion of the Middle East just as Ezekiel and other prophets literally predicted. During the Korean War the Red Chinese proved that in rugged moun- tainous terrain, horses are still the fastest means of moving a large attacking force into battle zones.

Enough is given, however, to make this writer amazed by the number of people and nations which will be involved.

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Gog, Take Command Ezekiel, prophetically addressing the Russian ruler, com- mands him to,. In other words, the Russian ruler is to equip his confed- erates with arms and to assume command. We have seen that Russia will arm and equip a vast con- federacy.

This powerful group of allies will lead an attack on restored Israel. However, Russia and her confederates will be destroyed completely by an act that Israel will ac- knowledge as being from their God. This act will bring many in Israel to believe in their true Messiah Ezekiel The attack upon the Russian confederacy and the resulting conflict will escalate into the last war of the world, involving all nations.

Then it will happen. Christ will return to prevent the annihilation of all mankind. PSALM In the last chapter some of the confederates of a future Russian invasion force w r ere documented from Biblical proph- ecy. The confederates who are relevant to this chapter are the Arabic nations. Allied with Russia, the King of the North, this formid- able confederacy will rise up against the restored state of Israel.

So where is the coincidence? As we were researching the current status of the leading Arabic nation, Egypt, we discovered that on the campus of a large university, less than ten minutes away, it was Arab Week. Obviously they must have planned it to coincide with our study. With echos of Scheherazade humming in our subcon- scious, we made our way.

On Campus We found an exotic mixture of West and Middle East along the shaded walks of the beautiful university. Some students were wearing head-coverings, Arab-fashion, to indicate where their allegiance was. The vision was not quite like Lawrence of Arabia galloping across endless stretches of white sand, but the effect was striking. Tables were everywhere around the Student Union.

We were deluged with printed materials concerning the right- ness of the Arab cause against Israel and their determination to liberate Palestine. In a short while we were supplied with documents which substantiated the alliance of the Arabs and the Russians, a bond both present and actual, but also a fact which was prophesied approximately years ago!

The Arab student movement has given the revolution their total support. Arab intellectuals, joined by many world-thinkers have given their support. This is another confirmation of prophecy as we have seen from Old Testament prophets. This country is in a stra- tegic spot in the prophetic landscape, which is the reason we should follow the events in the Middle East with great inter- est. The value of this important piece of real estate, which has been established by centuries of fighting will play an impor- tant part in events which we will show in the chapter on World War HI.

Conveniently for Egypt, it has an ideal lo- cation for its role of leadership in the Afro -Arab world. The first of these is the Arab area with Arab unity as the main plot. This has appealed to the common Arab who has been oppressed for centuries.

He envisions himself as the one to lead the nations of Africa, black and Arab, to unity. Somehow the aims, ambitions, and worldly directions of dictators past and present never seem to change.

There has never been a benevolent dictator. It would appear that the only way to remain a pop- ular leader in the Arab world today is to keep the flames of hatred toward the state of Israel fanned to a fever pitch. When- ever an Arab leader senses his popularity waning, he whips up a propaganda program about the need to liberate Pales- tine, according to Middle-East observers. He knew that he could never remain enthroned as the leader of the United Arab Republic if other aggressive Arab leaders railed against Israel in stronger terms.

It is reported that he was caught unprepared when U Thant quickly complied with his order to remove the U. Once this occurred, he had no alternative but to make good his threats.

The Israelites also saw the rapid unification of all Arabic nations into a formidable force surrounding them on three sides. Rather than be com- pletely humiliated in the eyes of the world, Nasser carried the world to the brink of war. It is this kind of fierce pride and smoldering hatred against Israel that will keep the Middle East a dangerous trouble spot.

No Arab leader could hope to remain in power if he were willing to make concessions in negotiating with Israel. Thant went on to say that warfare along the Suez Canal had become so intense he might have to consider withdrawal of U. This is not necessary. In Daniel Daniel gives great detail concerning the battles and move- ment of troops which will take place at the beginning of this war. The war itself will be developed later in Chapter Our interest here is the revelation that Egypt will attack the revived state of Israel, which will then be under the con- trol of a false Messiah.

This man will probably be a Jew who works closely with the world dictator who will come to power in Rome. Notice what Daniel says about this attack on Israel: Speaking of the Rus- sian invader, Daniel prophesies: The state- ment,. This invasion of Cush and Put, along with Egypt, and their fall together is mentioned more specifically by the prophet Ezekiel: For you students of the Bible, we must add that the latter part of the chapter looks at the time when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Egypt and her allies, but its greater fulfillment is future.

Grace Goes to Egypt After viewing such a bleak picture of the future for Egypt and its confederacy of nations it may seem as though God has written them off. The truth of the matter is, however, quite the contrary. Isaiah warns of a terrible judgment which would fall on Egypt in the last days. Somehow the headwaters of the Nile will be diverted and that important river will be a parched piece of real estate. Imagine the terrifying implications of this to an Egyptian! Isaiah warns of a powerful dictator who will invade and take them over: This refers to the Anti- christ of Rome who will possess Egypt after Russia is de- stroyed.

All of these things will happen to the Egyptians until many cry out to the true Savior, Jesus. Then they discover that Jesus Christ has so paid the penalty for their sins that God can offer a totally free gift of forgiveness and accept them into His eternal fam- ily.

A Lesson From Egypt As you read this book you may have reached the point where you recognize your inability to live in a way that would cause God to accept you. Ask Christ to come into your life and make your life pleasing to God by His power. We have found the results to be certain and exciting in our own lives. Putting It Together We have seen how current events are fitting together si- multaneously into the precise pattern of predicted events. Is- rael has returned to Palestine and revived the nation.

Jeru- salem is under Israeli control. Russia has emerged as a great northern power and is the avowed enemy of revived Israel. The Arabs are joining in a concerted effort to liberate Pales- tine under Egyptian leadership. God is putting it all together. And they gathered them together in the place which in Hebrew fs called Har-Magedon. The mention of the Euphrates River brings out another important strategic clue about this Eastern confederacy.

This great river has figured prominently in military history throughout the ages. It was always recognized as the ancient boundary between east and west. In the late nineteenth cen- tury a scholar said of this fact: It runs a distance of miles, and Is scarcely ford- able anywhere or at any time.

It is from three to twelve hun- dred yards wide, and from ten to thirty feet in depth; and most of the time it is still deeper and wider.

The Euphrates has presented a formidable problem for the corps of engineers of many ancient armies of the past. In this future invasion, however, God Himself will see to it that the river is dried up so that a trap is set for triggering the last great war of mankind.

Another important detail involving this Oriental army is unlocked by the clue involving the Euphrates. The apostle John speaks of the release of four vicious, depraved angelic beings which have been kept bound by God at the Euphrates River Revelation 9: The four demonic spirit-beings somehow incite this great army to invade the Middle East and apparently they are the ones who make the river dry up so that the army can quickly cross this ancient barrier of east and west, A terrifying prophecy is made about the destiny of this Asian horde.

They will wipe out a third of the earth's population Revelation 9: The phenomena by which this destruc- tion of life will take place is given: The thought may have occurred to you that this is strikingly sim- ilar to the phenomena associated with thermonuclear war- fare. In fact, many Bible expositors believe that this is an accurate first-century description of a twentieth-century ther- monuclear war.

Another Coincidence? For centuries Asia has had a tradition of backwardness. Though the peoples of Asia have always been numerous in population, they lagged behind the West in education, sci- ence and technology. For hundreds of years Asia chose to remain isolated from the world; then that isolation was broken. Japan was the first Asian nation to push out into the stream of modern science; it was the first Asian nation in centuries to set out on a course of conquest beyond the Orient.

But Japan never truly got outside of the Asian boundaries. A convoy set sail for the Red Sea to enter the African and Palestinian cam- paign and break the Allied resistance there. Nothing could have stopped them. The British navy had only a handful of ships in the In- dian Ocean and they were quickly ordered to flee to Mada- gascar to avert suicide.

It was at this point that a strange thing happened. Ad- miral Yamamoto, for some unexplainable reason, changed the order, and had the task force turn around in the Indian Ocean and head for the West Coast of the United States. We believe this must have been divine providence. The intention of this task force was miraculously discov- ered when some sailors of the U.

Navy intercepted their radio messages and broke the code. The battle that ensued was really the turning point of the war. With a handful of B-I7 bombers and a vastly outnumbered task force, the U. Navy turned back the Japanese at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Japan went on to be defeated and her dreams of world conquest have been put away.

In about an astute student of prophecy, Dr. Robinson, predicted: Cumming in also foresaw the necessity of the Orient entering the industrial age and later becoming a great scourge to the Western civilization. Though the living conditions of the eight hundred million or more people of Red China are still basically like the nineteenth century, they have made remarkable progress in the production of weapons for war.

With or without Soviet help, she will be progressing toward her avowed goal of reaching the industrial level of the other ma- jor powers of the world This giant has apparently been awakened.

Within one year after the take-over of China her Com- munist leaders started the war in Korea. This is an integral part of the Communist doctrine.

Lenin succinctly stated this principle. They went from the testing of a crude atomic bomb to the successful test firing of an H-bomb in two and one half years.

In the same issue of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Michael Yahuda discussed the various options which the Red Chinese have for a delivery system for H-bombs. He expressed the following opinion: At one fell stroke, the Chinese would have ac- quired the most advanced weapon. The American main- land would be within range as indeed would the Urals and European Russia. Current, although incomplete, evidence sug- gests that the Chinese are striving for an ICBM capability.

David Inglis wrote in the February, In such a time the large human and material potential of an upsurging China constitutes a nuclear threat so vast that no effort should be spared to anticipate this threat. The new leaders of Communist China may be more unstable than Mao. We live at a time in history when it is no longer in- credible to think of the Orient with an army of million soldiers.

In their own boast they named the same number as the Biblical prediction. Coinci- dence? They brag about the invincibility of the unbelievable numbers of sol- diers they can expend in a given campaign. China's armed forces are formidable in numbers. Within a decade China alone will have the capacity to destroy one-third of the world's population just as John predicted.

Summing Up We believe that another sphere of political power is form- ing its predicted role in the final stages of history. Along with the revival of Israel and the return of the dispersed Jews, the rise of Russia, the formation of the Arab confederacy, China is helping to shape the Orient into its pattern of proph- ecy. History seems to be headed for its climactic hour.

Certainly many other men have ex- pressed themselves more eloquently.

But there haven't been many men through the centuries who have had the power of Julius Caesar, But Rome fell. And Caesar died as any mortal must. And the mighty Roman empire of the ancient world lost its strength. However, the prophetic Scriptures tell us that the Roman Empire will be revived shortly before the return of Christ to this earth. And yet we are seeing significant movements of nations today which are indications that this is what is happening.

As world events develop, prophecy becomes more and more exciting. In other words, when God is going to undertake some sig- nificant movement of history as far as His program is con- cerned, He will reveal it first. God is opening the book of the prophets to many men.

This is one reason you will find on Christian bookshelves an increasing number of books on the subject of Bible prophecy. All Roads Lead To. Where in prophecy do we find a prediction about the re- vival of Rome? First we shall examine the great prophet, Daniel. Chapter 7 of Daniel w r as written sometime in the early sixth century B.

In the first part of this chapter the prophet Daniel was shown the successive empires which would come on the stage of history and have authority over the whole earth. A vision of these empires was also de- scribed in Daniel 2.

The key to these empires is given in Daniel 2: These kingdoms would conquer everything that was worth conquering on the know-n earth of that time. The Greatest Chapter in the Old Testament The seventh chapter of Daniel, written before the coming of Jesus of Nazareth, w r as known by the scribes as the great- est chapter in the Old Testament.

Jesus and His apostles referred to it directly or indirectly many times. Many of the predictions from Daniel's dream have been clear in their his- toric perspective for centuries. However, certain parts have remained obscure until recent times.

Daniel had a dream, and in this dream he saw r four great beasts come up out of the sea. The second beast was like a bear; the third beast was like a leopard, but had four heads.

Probably you can sympathize with the prophet when he said he was confused and disturbed. But we do not need to be confused by the outward complexity of these descriptions. Daniel had it ex- plained to him by the angels who were the official interpreters of this vision.

The second kingdom, which was like a bear, was the Media- Persian empire Daniel 8: The Babylonian empire was conquered by the Medes and Persians about B. For a time the Media-Persian empire was great. The first two kings became believers in the God of Israel. But Daniel predicted long before the Greeks grew in power, when their future leaders were obscure Macedonian hillbillies, that they would become strong and defeat the Media-Persian empire.

And so they did. In b. Alexander the Great con- quered the Persian empire and took it over. The third em- pire, according to prophecy, became a reality in history. As predicted in Daniel 8, the Greek empire disintegrated when the first king died prematurely. It was also predicted that four powers from within would divide the empire.

And so it happened. Four generals of Alexander the Great took over the empire and divided it into four parts — they lasted until about 68 B. It was then that Rome became the greatest world power to that date. Teachers love to tear the Book of Daniel apart — they especially like to late-date it.What other people have preserved a distinct and separate national identity in spite of a total of some years of being scattered — years of dispersion, as it is called?

However, combined with the other pieces of the prophetic puzzle which we are attempting to develop for you, it takes on immense importance. Hal Lindsey Format: This period brings about a great spiritual rebirth of the nation and the return of Jesus the Messiah to rescue them from their enemies. The late great planet earth , Zondervan Pub. Frenchmen, for instance, spend more than a billion dollars a year on clairvoyants, gypsies, faith healers, seers and prophets.

Both Gwyn and her remaining sister Linda have since married their boyfriends so either of their husbands could Israel O Israel.

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