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Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design. Larry Ullman. Peachpit Press. Eighth Street. Berkeley, CA / / (fax). Find us on. Develop and DeSign. it's time for a current, definitive JavascriPt book, and in this comprehensive beginner's guide, bestselling author. Larry Ullman teaches the. Design Larry Ullman Ebook Download, Free Modern Javascript Larry Ullman Download Pdf, Free Pdf Modern Javascript Develop And.

Modern Javascript Develop And Design By Larry Ullman Pdf

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Welcome to the companion Web pages for the book Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design, written by Larry Ullman and published by. Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design [Larry Ullman] on wildlifeprotection.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It's time for a current, definitive JavaScript book. Larry Ullman Download Pdf, Free Pdf Modern Javascript Develop And Design Larry. Ullman Download. Courses Offered - wildlifeprotection.info maulana abul kalam azad .

The JetBrains applications run on Windows. J Internet Explorer. When it comes to the browser as debugging and development software. If everyone accessing a Web site was only using the same version of the same browser with the same screen resolution and roughly the same connection speed. As you know. For each. Your enemy To use the Web.

I normally surf using Safari. I find this arrangement works well for me because Safari does not have all the development tools I want. To develop Web sites.. It has become a challenge to test a site on even a small subset of the potential clients. In this section. As a point of reference.

Your frIend. Chrome users are always running the most current version of the browser. Extensions you ought to consider include: J Web Developer. Firebug lite does not include many of the features that make Firebug so great. One great aspect of Chrome is that the application automatically updates itself. Javascript profiling. Firefox has long been considered the best browser for Web developers. Mozilla FireFox Firefox www. Netscape Navigator. The reason Firefox makes such an excellent developer tool is that it was one of the first browsers to be extensible..

MiCrosoFt internet exPlorer And then.

Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design

In part. On the other hand. Because lots of regular people are using IE. The fact is that. What can I say about IE? The best advice I can give you regarding browsers is this: Get your site working perfectly using another browser. But still… With that diatribe out of the way. Opera has often been at the forefront of supporting emerging technologies. More current versions of Safari include a collection of a developer tools.

But Safari has become an extremely important browser over the past couple of years. Safari www. By being the default browser on the iPhone. Although Safari is available on Windows.

Opera supports a few good extensions. On older versions of Safari. But this is a solvable problem. When also using dreamweaver. To just test the look of an HTML page. You ought to do two things before attempting to test your site in a bevy of browsers: Have the site fully functioning and looking as it should on the browsers you do have on your computer. As you get more comfortable with JavaScript and the other areas of Web development. At some point in the development process.

If you have one computer. These services provide snapshots of how your page rendered in a long list of browsers. This is a challenge. This is great. Spoon is free. One option is to purchase multiple computers. There are other options that require no installation on your computer and no maintenance of multiple operating systems.


In order to be able to perform live testing of your site in multiple browsers. A second option is to use virtualization software on your computer. This is not an unreasonable solution. Manufacturers of most devices or device operating systems also provide emulators for you to use to test your software or Web site.

These are all commercial services. Some of these sites provide virtualization capability. To figure out how to do that. You can certainly create an HTML page and embed JavaScript within it using the script element as explained in the previous chapter.

A couple of these services also offer up mobile virtualization.

Without creating an HTML page. Manipulate the HTML. Use the View check boxes to dictate which panes you want visible. Use the vertical dividers to resize the panes as needed. Load www. JS Bin provides up to three panes: You ought to look at the help and tutorials pages.

You can include many different frameworks in the test. Js Bin is frequently updated with new features. A wonderful tool. How great is that? Enter your JavaScript in the JavaScript panel. Depending upon the specific code.

An alternative to JS Bin is jsFiddle www. Press Escape to close the keyboard shortcuts window. The intent is the same.

If there are problems. Press the Escape key to invoke code completion! But there are definitely tricks to be learned. Syntactical errors can be minimized by using a text editor or IDE that provides syntax highlighting and character balancing. JavaScript can be a challenge to debug.

In Chapter To be completely honest. Javascript is a case-sensitive language! J Object names Object names are. Simple Variable Types. Run-time errors are those that occur while the JavaScript code is being executed. Find a consistent naming scheme to be discussed in the next chapter and stick to it! J Function names Function names are also case-sensitive.. When they do occur. When using. In a word.

What You Will Learn

J Variable names Variable names in JavaScript are case-sensitive. Many browser-specific issues e.. J Treating an object of one type as if it were another type This will mean more in time. The first assigns a value to a variable. J Using a reserved word There are a couple dozen reserved words in JavaScript: But if you use descriptive names for the variables and functions you create.

You cannot use one of those reserved words as the name of your variable or function. J An imbalance of quotation marks.

Using a single equals sign when you should use two leads to logical errors. Using Control Structures. This topic was also discussed earlier in the chapter: One such site is JSLint www.

Just as there are HTML validation services. JSHint serves the same purpose. For better or for worse. J Get a good text editor or IDE.


Not to belabor the point. J Get a good development browser. J Use a JavaScript validator. A more pleasant alternative is JSHint www. J Save the file and refresh the browser! If you fail to save your JavaScript file after making changes. Take a walk. J Try a different browser.

J Write JavaScript in external files. It works like this: Get a rubber duck. Will people think you are crazy? J Use rubber duck debugging! Rubber duck debugging is a great technique with a lovely name. Until you really get comfortable with how the different browsers behave on a JavaScript level.

But this is highly effective. J Take a break! Eat an apple. When all else fails. Isolating the specific browsers that are experiencing the problem can help you more quickly determine the underlying cause.

A simple. In terms of coding. A better alternative is to write those same messages to the JavaScript console. Because the console log is nonintrusive. To do that. More on this in Chapter The Firebug Lite extension is now available for other browsers. This function. J What requests are being made J The data included in the requests J The data included in the response.

Note that Firebug was originally developed for the Firefox Web browser. I want to provide a brief introduction to using Firebug here. Although the Web developer tools now shipping with Safari i. Opera Dragonfly. And you can enter clear. Within a blank Web page. If there are any errors in the page. Clicking the first an inverted chevron minimizes Firebug but keeps it active.

To open Firebug. You can also enter JavaScript into the console to test aspects of the page. In the upper-right corner of the Firebug interface are three circles Figure 3. Within the console. To test larger blocks of JavaScript. Clicking the third an X. Then you can insert larger blocks of code and execute it by clicking Run Figure 3.

You can enter single lines of JavaScript code at the prompt at the bottom of the window. Clicking the second a standard chevron opens Firebug in a separate window.

To apply Firebug to a Web page. When Firebug encounters a breakpoint. A breakpoint is a command to have the code stop executing at a certain point. By default. One of the hardest things about debugging JavaScript is that so much happens. For complicated variable types e. In other words.

At the top of the Script panel. This is useful. This is a huge debugging asset. To set a breakpoint in Firebug. Note that the breakpoint takes effect before that line is executed. My recommendation is to get in the habit of using it. Step Over. This establishes a breakpoint when the window.

Step Into. In the resulting pop-up. There are oodles of tutorials and screencasts online for how to use it. The meanings of these can be a bit confusing for those new to Firebug. When you feel ready to learn more. Watch expressions are most commonly used to set breakpoints based upon the value of a variable.

Getting back to the breakpoints.. Rerun restarts the execution of the code. But much of how JavaScript came to be. J Opera http: Many of the sites specific to a JavaScript framework have other good information on general JavaScript.

These will be discussed in Chapter Beyond those sites. J Brendon Eich http: Ruby www. You can find the pages associated with this book at my Web site. And in the previous chapter.

You should also bookmark the JavaScript sites mentioned earlier in this chapter for executing and debugging JavaScript code: JS Bin. In this chapter you also learned several different ways you can practice using JavaScript code without creating formal scripts and HTML pages.

If you have any questions or problems. The most important debugging step. Maybe you should take a quick break now. All programming comes down to taking some action with some data.

In this chapter. This chapter starts with the basics of variables in JavaScript. The next few pages will look at the four components of this one line in detail: J var. In many languages. By simple. I mean variables that only store a single piece of information at a time. To be completely accurate. Complex Variable Types. Simple variables will be the focus in this chapter. JavaScript does not require you to declare variables. Neither of the above uses of fullName decree that the variable is a string.

You can even declare multiple variables at the same time while simultaneously assigning values: With either of those lines of code. Undeclared variables—those referenced for the first time without using var—will have global scope by default. JavaScript is a weakly typed language. Both lines above used to declare the fullName variable result in a variable with the same scope.

That line would most likely cause a logical or run-time error. As discussed in Chapter 1. If fullName stores a quoted sequence of zero or more characters. The semicolon is used to terminate a statement. Note that each variable is only declared once. Other languages. This can happen if your code has a variable with the same name as a poorly designed library you might also be including in the same page. If a variable does not absolutely need to be global. There are a few reasons to avoid using global variables.

Variables declared outside of any function. They only exist within that function. By comparison.. Variables declared outside of any functions should be declared at the top of the code. As a final note on the var keyword.

This is because variables declared outside of any function. All this being said. J Names are case-sensitive. Both of these are quite important. J You cannot use spaces. J You cannot use a reserved JavaScript word. The rest of the name can contain any combination of letters. As a final note..

In procedural PHP. With an object-oriented language like JavaScript. This last rule is an important one. In JavaScript. The best way to minimize problems is to use a consistent naming scheme. The rules for names in JavaScript are: J J The name must start with a letter. Numeric values are never quoted and may contain digits. You can use single or double quotation marks. J "I've got an idea. That one line not only declares a variable. Here is the declaration of. You do not have to initialize variables when you declare them.

Numeric values do not contain commas. J 'This is a string. A string is any sequence of zero or more quoted characters. This can be condensed into a single line: As JavaScript is a casesensitive language. JavaScript also has Boolean values: Both null and undefined are not only different from each other.

The difference between them is subtle. Two more simple. Note that a string does not need to have any characters in it: Both '' and "" are valid strings. J 'I've got an idea. One has to be careful when applying the modulus operator to negative numbers. JavaScript supports the standard arithmetic operators. JavaScript only has a single number type. TabLe 4. You can rest assured in knowing that numbers in JavaScript can safely represent values up to around 9 quadrillion! I recommend you use parentheses to force.

In Chapter 5. That syntax. Some of the operators in Table 4. The increment operator adds one to the value of the variable. A difference between the postfix and prefix versions is a matter of operator precedence.

The rules of operator precedence dictate the order operations are executed in a multi-operation line. PreCedenCe oPerator note 1. JavaScript will return one of two special values: J NaN.


Each input is given a default value. The final text element will be updated with the results of the calculation. The most relevant HTML is: Creating CalCulators At this point in time. The other types are simply text. J Mortgage and similar loan calculators J Temperature and other unit conversions J Interest or investment calculators For this particular example. Remember that as Chapter 2. Note that in the Chapter 2 example. As mentioned previously. At this point in time. In these four lines of code.

But as Chapter 5 more formally covers the knowledge needed to perform validation. Begin defining the calculate function: It does the actual work. This function will be called when the user clicks the submit button. Get references to the form values: Declare a variable for storing the order total: To create a calculator: Calculate the initial total: There are a couple of ways one can calculate and add in the tax. Factor in the discount: The discount is just being subtracted from the total.

An alternative way to calculate the tax would be to convert it to decimal. The total variable is first assigned the value of the quantity times the price.

You could also make use of precedence and parentheses to perform all these calculations in one line. Display the total in the form: Factor in the tax rate: This code could also be written more formally: The first.

Define the init function: Return false to prevent submission of the form: The value attribute can also be used to assign a value to a text form input. In later chapters. Using this approach. The init function will be called when the window triggers a load event see Step Complete the function: It says that when the window has loaded.

This code was also explained in Chapter 2. To improve the professionalism of the calculator. Play with the numbers. Another problem. That knowledge will be taught in the next chapter. ForMatting nuMBers Although the previous example is perfectly useful. That function references calculate. Save the file as shopping. As an object. To format a number: It takes an argument dictating the total number of significant digits. This method returns a number with a set number of digits to the right of a decimal point: Similar to toFixed is toPrecision.

This one line will take care of formatting the decimal places. After factoring in the discount. Open shopping. Remember that the returned result must be assigned back to the variable in order for it to be represented upon later uses.

A number in JavaScript is not just a number. An even better way of formatting the number would be to add commands indicating thousands. Save the file. In fact, much of this functionality is so expected by users, that not using JavaScript would be a noticeable omission.

Moreover JavaScript J Can improve a sites performance e. Or more simply put: you can use JavaScript without really knowing it. While its true that using JavaScript well requires sound knowledge, using it some is quite easy. Moreover, because JavaScript runs in the Web browser, anyones JavaScript code is readily viewable: When you encounter a feature or an effect on a page that you like, you can just copy the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for your own purposes Im setting aside the moral and legal issues here.

Secondarily, compiled applications make seeing the underlying code anywhere from hard to impossible.

Finally, JavaScript is a Good Thing because someone else has almost certainly already figured out how to accomplish what youre trying to do. This is true for all established languages, of course, but with JavaScript, perhaps because the code will always be public anyway, smart programmers are inclined to share.

Often, smart programmers create a public library or framework out of the snazzy code, too. When programming in JavaScript, however, these facts are less critical than whats possible in what browsers.

Modern browsers is a phrase youll see a lot in this book and elsewhere. In sum, modern browsers are capable of making the most of todays dynamic Web technologies. Note that the loose definition of modern browsers isnt based solely upon JavaScript, but also upon other advances, such as the ability to perform DOM manipulation.

As of August 1, , Google decided to start supporting a more modest list of modern browsers supporting for Web applications; the Google search engine is usable in any browser, of course. Googles criteria is simply the most current release of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari, plus the preceding release of each.

Product details Series: Develop and Design Paperback: Peachpit Press; 1 edition February 27, Language: English ISBN Start reading Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention larry ullman learn javascript modern javascript everything you need need to know web development buy this book code to work javascript beginners book for beginners excellent book great book javascript book javascript code examples chapters html ajax concepts background.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I'm currently working though the final chapter exercise and feel the I've gotten much more that my money's worth. Even though I have a strong technical background, I had zero JavaScript experience when I kindled this book. Warning - the process is not quick - but it is very rewarding if you code your own exercises.

I'm very pleased with the progression of concepts and the exercise samples used to demonstrate these concepts. We start simple with variable assignment and simple calculations.

Then we get introduced to JavaScript control structures decision and iteration. We continue to progress from Objects and Arrays to Functions and Events. At this point, we have a pretty good foundation and are ready to get into the good stuff. So, now I'm working the grand finale exercise. At this point I have completed 35 exercises and feel like I actually know some JavaScript feel free to check them out at my profile site. My approach was to type everything myself from scratch.

I also have to make my own personal changes to things like variable and file names. So, while I downloaded and reviewed the sample code for reference - I purposely avoid using any of that code I'm not trying to learn how to download and get someone else's code to work: I also need my development toolbox - which includes the following YMMV - you'll probably need some working knowledge of similar tools: Firebug and Firebug lite - console commands, break points and watch vars 3.

Netbeans - IDE for PHP breakpoints If exercises and a workbook approach is your idea of fun like it is for me you will enjoy this book.

Excellent resource. Paperback Verified Purchase. Not only is the book well organized, but the writing style is very conversational and easy to understand. Exercises are appropriate and interesting, modeled to test what you learned in each section. Ullman does an excellent job of presenting techniques along with good coding practices. The simply designed cover belies the visually rich treasure trove within. Reviewing texts for potential classroom use can be tedious. I often do it at night right before bed.

I couldn't do that with this book. There were so many new things to try, I kept firing up my laptop to test them out. I can't get enough of it. It's too late in the school year to use for my upcoming class; I wish I had found it earlier.

It's definitely on the list for the future though! I don't know if this book was written before the author came out with his PHP and MySQL for dynamic web sites, but it isn't even close to being as good of a book.

This JavaScript book is difficult to follow. It isn't laid out how I would have liked where the exact code is written out in blocks in the pertaining chapters.

I have been trying to learn JavaScript for several months and have found it to be quite challenging. I found this book to be infuriating.

It is very confusing. I found myself reading chapters over and over and still not understanding. I got half way through chapter 5 and decided I needed to try a new book.

I read this book twice.The book does so using practical examples and emphasizing approaches that represent how the language should truly be used today. You may have heard of the MVC Model. On the one hand, this approach does exclude a decent percentage of Web users and some browsers that would otherwise be deemed modern. Some of the operators in Table 4. In order to be able to perform live testing of your site in multiple browsers.

PreCedenCe oPerator note 1. For one. You can even declare multiple variables at the same time while simultaneously assigning values:

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