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Maxim India January 2013 Pdf

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The increase was 3.


The increase was mainly due to organic growth in RPO and professional search. Net income also increased at the Los Angeles-headquartered provider of executive search; leadership and talent consulting; and recruitment process outsourcing.

The company attributed the increase to a rise in fee revenue, partially offset by an increase in compensation and benefits primarily due to an increase in average headcount and an increase in general and administrative expenses.

Share price and market capKorn Ferry shares were down Private sector output growth has lost momentum in each month since February. The labor market is also showing signs of weakening. The strong services economy seen earlier in the year has buckled to show barely any expansion in June, recording the second-weakest monthly growth since the global financial crisis.

Employment increased at a moderate pace in June. However, the latest rise in payrolls was the weakest recorded by the survey since April Anecdotal evidence suggested that heightened economic uncertainty had acted as a brake on staff hiring, according to the report. Reflecting this, survey respondents indicated the lowest degree of optimism regarding the business outlook since this index began in July Alaska had the highest unemployment rate in May at 6.

After 10 years in the league, a mascot receives a commemorative patch at All-Star weekend. They talk smack daily, sharing links and screen grabs of their coverage. There are props galore, including a huge wooden bat and a giant pink ice cream cone. Lou even has his own Darth Vader helmet and cape. He never attended clown school.

As a kid Zimei was a redheaded class clown. By Zimei had dropped out of college in Scranton, Pennsylvania, getting by with odd jobs like telemarketing and assembling pool tables. Two weeks later Zimei got the call. He was going to the Show. Forty-four percent of the mascots had experienced chronic lower back pain.

The most common ailment? A mascot costume is basically a fuzzy portable sauna. Thus, the average mascot loses about 3. The Bay Area climate also helps. His plan: Flip into the pool!

Maxim Magazine - March 2013

As soon as he hit the water, he knew he was in trouble. Fans—and managers—also add to the danger. In Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda pummeled the Phillie Phanatic after the mascot abused an effigy in a Lasorda jersey. Extend the list to other pro sports and colleges and the number of incidents and injuries multiplies. A U missed a day of work.

Zimei humours me. I ask him for more ground rules, aside from the no-head-offin-public policy. Zimei breaks it down: 1 Be nice to all kids. To my left is a tricked-out Audi R8 that costs more than my last three cars combined.

Piece of cake—until I put on my head. It weighs 5 kilos. It smells funky.

And I can barely see through the eyeholes. I manage to peg Lou, who falls in just as planned! It feels amazing to hear thousands of people going bananas for me, even if that me is a big-boned lady seal.

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While we await our cue, I wave, blow kisses, bob my head, and pose for photos. After the game Zimei and I sit together on the beat-up couch in his utility closet. I fast-forward to the seventh, hoping the producers cut to the three Seals at least for a second. I pause TiVo, snap a photo with my phone, and text it to Zimei.

Some songs I will never go back to and some I keep going back to after 30 years of mucking around with them.

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After years of keeping quiet about his passion for music, instead dominating the big and small screens, Guy Pearce finally releases his debut album Broken Bones What spurred you on to actually record? Michael Barker was the drummer and he was asking me about the music that I made.

So we headed over to New Zealand to record some of these demos properly. C—t, probably. F—k is up there as well.

My wife and I do swear a lot, so People would probably be surprised by how reluctant you were. There was a big, big level of reluctance. Are they, though? When I was 15 my mother remarried and we went to a Chinese restaurant and I drank a lot of champagne. I remember being very ill and crashing out and not waking up the next day, but the day after that.

And thinking I could never drink champagne again.

Maxim Jan 2013 Magazine Online

I think I have eclectic tastes and I just follow that. But it was such a great script and I was really taken by it. So it was just fun to explore that. A Datsun Sunny, a white wagon. It was pretty full-on, I drove off a foot ravine and rolled the car into a creek bed.

I think the album, Broken Bones, delves into emotional scar tissue. But physical scars? I got a skateboard for Christmas, , and on Boxing Day I had a really bad stack. I drove off a foot ravine and rolled the car into a creek bed.

So now our party trick is to make him do that. I can't tell if he enjoys it, though. Last week we shot a music video in Japan for my song Taste. The director wanted a taxi driver smoking 50 cigarettes all at once. So I took a pic of me with all the cigarettes in my mouth as well. My wife, obviously.

Or maybe one of the dogs might have seen me getting out of the shower. No, I would make sure everyone had a never-ending supply of Cadbury chocolate. He flashes an impish what-the-hell look at his colleague and close friend Damon Wayans Jr. Wayans has 15, Johnson has 16, and the dealer shows a two, with her hole card a mystery.

Wayans looks to Johnson for advice and Johnson shakes his head slightly, telling him to hold, and then holds tight himself. A hush falls over the crowd as the dealer reaches for her hole card and turns up a red queen. The room erupts in wild whoops of joyous celebration.

Wayans trades high fives with the other winners at the table, while Johnson fist-bumps the guy behind him and turns back to sweep up his winnings.

Wayans elbows his friend, grinning.Yes, all of us have done it at one point or another. A new electronic power steering EPS has vastly reduced the strain on your arms. That said, it has the tech indoors to see it through, including heated front seats, voice-command GPS navigation and device integration.

We already thanked them for you. Delicate solution: According to researchers, the amount of brain tissue distinguishes the level of intelligence. The Marshall fridge amp is a fridge-in-disguise that adds a rockin look to your secret stash.

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