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This book features the first time that Kryon will come forward and speak in the first than my communications energy package) consists of three parts: (1) TONE. KB - The Kryon Writings, Inc Written in , and This is the Kryon book that is published first in all the foreign languages around the world. The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace and millions of other books are available for instant access. Try the Kindle Edition instead and start reading now. Lee Carroll introduces channeled information from the entity known as Kryon.

Kryon Book 1

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Kryon Book 1- The End Times by Lee Carroll, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Lee Carroll is an American channeller, speaker and author. Carroll has authored thirteen books In his early books Kryon is presented as an entity from the " magnetic service", who supposedly is . "What happens with the Jews, that also happens with the world as a whole," Carroll says is one of Kryon's messages. So I hope with the greatest enthusiasm Kryon new information and new publications by Lee Carroll. Barbra Dillenger, Doctor of Philosophy. 1. KNOW KRYON.

Thosesions of all always correspond with the vo- will of the individual. Love is the mind of power, and is of singular. We are all linked. We are the great "I Am", their sacred scriptures llaman God. When I send the message that says: "I am Kryon," there is a communicationtion in the sense that they belong to all, and my signature is Kryon. We are God. You are a part of God, and tiene power to reach so high to his side of the veil as it was before he came Each of you are high in their own right entities that have agreed to be exactly what they are, before they got where they are now inencounter.

Todyou are collective in spirit, even while you on earth, separated from the truth with a veil. Although we are collective, love is unique and is a single source or focus. This may seem confusing, but consider it as a fact of fundamental importance, so that you can understand it's something special for the moment. Before speaking about my work for you, I must stop trying to explain why some of usTedes believe nothing dand what they are reading now.

Previousmind, in another communication, I talked about an analogy in which you, as humans, try to explain the operationtreatment of complex equipment to an animal of the earth. This is very similar to when I try to explain something that is happening on this side, you and others. This is as it should be and that is appropriate. In fact, it has been realizado lot of work to make that case. His capacity for intuition and insight are the only things quand will allowTiran have the option to stop reading this or not,everything else with that mind you biologically is something that prevents you from understanding.

You see, your spiritual side is pure and unaffected, despite of which remains intact without some restrictionna. With a balance of power of his spiritual side, their biological structure biological mind and physical body and not be restricted in their ability to comprehend. Murights of you call "enlightenment" that balance.

I want to give an example of its limitations, but I do to make you feel inferior because it is not! It's like an exercise of reason and logic to be appliedI know what I'm saying. Every human has implantadas numerous limitations and restrictions on their thoughtsconscious growth.

For example, all you have implantshowever affecting the feeling that everything must have a beginning and an end, a beginning and a culmination. If I told you that something is always "was," it would be difficult to understand. If I say that something is always "was" and always "will", you might say he understands Have you implemented this restriction and sees everything conceived as something that has a beginning. Suddenly I can not offer a way to Soslanyar this restriction, but I can ask you question your own perception, telling to consider the following: ima- gine that is now in a big bubbleBuja.

Can you tell me where the bubble starts and ends? Or perhaps how it originated? How can you get a leg inside a sphere? It's D! If now takes a pen and draw a line around the inside of the bubbleBuja, will have taught himself the lesson they convey.

Will be creating for yourself, a starting point and end point where the line begins and where the ends in an environment that in principle will notnian. In fact, you are superimposing their own limitstions on something that has no limitations.

This is what has been done for you. Have you prepared for two-dimensional three-dimensional space, and all his thoughtstion merely reflects that facto. This is also related to another basic constraint is given: you perceive time as linear and constant, with only two dimensions, forward and backward. Since time never stops, you can not never be in the "now. If I told you that time, as you know, do not exist at all, proprobably it would laugh Okay, you start to laugh.

The whole concept, as you understand it, was created for you, to help you learn your lessons, and to providereassembly or linear and consistent platform on which to exist as you learn. The time constant and 'reliable' is an earthly concept. On the side where I stand is a cleartime is very different, and everything is in the "now. As in the bubble, there is no past or future, only now.

Everything is reflected with respect to a central point, which is exactly where you are inside the bubble. Do not have discoveredto even the balance of which I speak, and have not relatedswim science. Spiritual scienceis the universe are logical, predictable and based on numbers and formulas that always work. It is a marriage of the physical and spiritual, and the proper implementation and produces consistent changes can be observed.

This is my service, and I know these things. What you miss is the equilibriumequilibrium within the spiritual part that will allow their science to give a great leap forward in a spectacular way, once you have achieved this balance. As the humanity go ahead for the poorcos and future years, you begin to give the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental and spiritual to attain true science.

Currently, you have no real science, just a science bidimensional, which is the human science, not science universal. The missing part, as the spiritual, has been branded by its scientists in all these hundreds of years as unscientific. It is somewhat ironic since it is precisely in the spiritual where the real power and truthdera understanding. Without that space travel will never achieve sustained. They will not be able to alter or never comturn gravity, and, more importantly, without her nunca achieve the transmutation of matter.

Imagine how manyfact they would like to neutralize all nuclear waste so that even a child could play with them like sand. It is not difficult to do, but for that you needto possess skills that you have not used toDavies, but they now have permission to develop capacity andvelop. They've earned you all these things! From my point of view, the power that still have never used my domain. Gross resource you have power absolutely huge, which exist through understanding and regulated use of the magnetic fields of the planet.

The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace (Kryon, #1)

All the power you could need is there, present, let alone the secret of passive flight medIanto the use of magnetic networks.

But they can not buyDerlo if not balanced with a three-dimensional science. At this point, humans are like molecules diMinutes of a giant magnet, which is able to move things very strongly if you want to useBut humans are only able to see well enough to havecer only tiny holes in the surface and remove tiny pieces of iron to burn and provide heat and power. Are you as concretinggas in a generator, who want to have electricity. They have come to see the forestthat, while concentrating on eating a leaf as any fuel.

Have you noticed the recurring theme to the power of three? Here there is no "magic" one, as you callman, but simply universal logic. The vibration of the numnumber three fired power and energy. It is necessary to achieve the balance of 'three' so they can continue you to enlightenment physical, mental and spiritual.

The knowledent of the science of three is necessary for you to use the real power at their disposal, and open the ressented scientific secrets for use by you. The three also transmuted into "one" when used.

That is hard to explain, but consider mixing three parts asleep to create an active part, and you will understand methe better. Much of Western religion revolves around the three parts of God combined to give one God. This Information is slightly modified from its true meaning, but is still accurate on the concept of the power of three combined to make one.

I have also spoken of the three parts of my name. Together, communicate my 'signature', and no significant separateany market. Three is very important and constant workinstead of the whole universe. This is something meaningful and describe who I am much better for those of you who have an intuitive knowledgevo of the meanings of numbers. That is the reason why I chose that name in their language. How to writebir my name is not provided by the writer. The number 11 will tell you my character.

If you multiply that number by vibration of power that is 3, will result in 33, and that will give you an understanding about my service. We provide an important formula for power: His own insight and intuition will eventually lead to significantfied that, but it is important in the transmutation of energy. My service to you not to train you on all these things. I speak of the fact that I am of magnetic service. Others are here in service to help with the procedures balance, and the details that needsitara know.

All of us are here for love. Before I can tell you exactly why I'm here, I have to explain more about how things work for you.

Then you can understand more about my service and why I'm here. Many who are reading this now, they will in the hope of gaining some valuable light, perhaps something significant, perhaps something sprung from a desire exists in your souls to know the truth about things. That run- sponds to its newly awakened sense of spiritualityDad. You recognize that in life there is something that is much more than feed themselves and protect themselves from perishing one implant.

Always felt that maybe there was something else, but I had no idea what could be. You experience a gradual change of consciousness, which has been won, and is appropriate for their own time. Humans have always looked to God. That's simplemind as a nostalgic homecoming that reflects the absence of its connection to the communication while inyou encounter learning. Basic cell is a desire, and is global. Things start to change, and that is why I am here. The ancient Earth, Middle-earth, and the new earth refer to the three basic levels of conhuman science not to be confused with the calculations of time man-made on the 5 terre timenal from the beginning of the entities' in the process of learningder the lesson "on Earth.

We are now approaching the fourth level, which has tremendous potential and will be the last. This is the era of accountability, of enlightenment. This is where you should be ultimately responsible for everything. There is no reason for their existence on Earth. They are in process toturn the lesson for the propose of raising the vibration of the whole. That's the general reason, and that is something that can not be explained by com- plete to you at this time. Companies start while in the process of learning the lesson growthan energy through its incarnations and subsequent raising of consciousness on Earth.

That energy is valuable to the tomortality and transmutes negativity. The negativity is' aupresence of light "and if left uncheckedar, are foundtraro more wealth and be more, unless those of you who are found throughout the universe is constantly engaged in the lesson.

Accordingly, you are the tools to change something that is very large and complex. I beg you to accept that. There are many more things it has to offer while you are on Earth. This is no global information, but universal information. Closer to home, on a planetary level, the challengeconsisted of starting no lighting and gradually workmind, through multiple lessons and embodiments, to achieve a fully enlightened state.

By the time you are on the right track, and is rapidly approaching the end of the complete cycle. Once again, their activities through this process will create true energy for the rest of us.

As they do so, each century should also provide a general change of spiritual enlightenment, as it has itsgiven so far. Twenty centuries ago, you who are in the "first world", won the gift of having the great teacher who was Jesus. This entity is also in service, and is known for all of us around the world as one of the entities vibrations higher than in service.

The visit was a lot of spiritual activity on earth, and has since had a major impact. The first message I sent to my partner so he explained, and explained the message of Jesus himself much more clearly than now now here see the last part of this book. Other parts of the Earth also received knowledge through other great teachers in service during these times.

DiveRSAs cultures received the "truth" in diverse moments, when they were ready to assumecation, but that was a global effort. The knowledge they imparted all referred to his power as spiritual beingsconceptual, and its relationship with the universe. In those days, toboth of you were invited to carry at all times, the full illumination of "piece of God, and start their own final expressions as bright entities on Earth. During previous centuries, no you could contener full "responsibility" of its own entity, not pudid take it with you.

Only part of it. The centralenergy centers and temples contained the balance of their collective power. One of its transitional cultures was even more have gone on to bring energy to it from one place to another. The importance of temples in the very old storyguide of the Earth was much higher than it is today, as they were in fact true centers spiritual power, and had to prove physical manifestations as well.

Currently, when increasingly embody the Earth plane, there is a short break in what is known and communicated to the whole, and is planned for the next expressure or lesson. His plan is often determined di- directly for what happened during the last expression.

That's what I have called you the karma. It is a contract, or plan about what will be learned and experience to start the next expression. Often you only embodies duduring a short period of time, it dies while a child is, or soon terminates as a result of a diseaseillness or accident.

That may seems somewhat cruel, illogical and thus can not agree, but it is appropriate and correct for the whole. The moment will incarnate again determined by the reading grouption around him, some still on Earth and others. At times, his incarnation is made exclusivamente for the expression of another and is quick. This suggests that some kind of work here predestination. Not so. That is something that has been misunderstood.

All incarnations are like layers with a general purpose cleaner karma and various "doors" of action granted during the course of the cycle plan contract.

Karma can be satisfied or not. If not, singces have another chance through another expression embodiment. An individualor you can open or not any of the doors of action granted by the contract depends on the individual, and the place where it has its own growthtion at that time.

All this is interconnected with all other institutions located around its own expressionsion. As a global group, you have gone through many of the right doors. Collectively have done so iftuated in their own side of the veil, and that has resulted in an elevation of the whole. Again, you have to felicited by it. I can attest that this has not always been the case in the universe. You had several opportunitiesdes to fail, and have a good time for them.

About my work: the magnetic fields are very importantportant to their biology. In addition, magnetic fields can affect and affect your own spiritual awareness. The magnetic field of the planet is necessary for its propia biological health, and is exquisitely tuned to fit into his scheme spiritual. The cammagnetic po was carefully whether your planettuado to ensure their health and learning their lessons- tions. Look around. What other planets are endowedtwo magnetic fields?

There is a force that occurs naturally. Was placed on purpose and with great care. You could not leave her enough dis planetsubstance or for long enough to realize this, but when they do, should bring a field in order to maintain sanity lhealth, and must be correct. That is basic to humans. If Encountertran another planet endowed with a magnetic field will be one of the leading contenders for biological life, or for their arrivalgada in the future, or as "indicator" that life existed there.

Whatever the true biology of the form adlike life, must be polarized to have significantcation spiritual. This is only part of the process, and is one of the signs to look for. Electricity completely surrounds and they are beginning to realize the negative effects they have on their saLud artificially created magnetic fields.

You must protect your body from all artificial magnetic fieldsthem. They have the technology to do so, and mustwould protect himself. Some of thes diseases that are typical of affluent Western society, are a resultDirect Tado numerous artificial magnetic fields around them. Have understood for years that the basic processescos of thought from their minds are electric and, therefore, have magnetic properties. Also purchasegiven that all biology, from the nerves to the musclesthe, has an operating electrochemical.

Every organ of his body is "balanced" magnetically bias and sensible to external fields.

ISBN 13: 9781574531688

Problems with the brain, thyroid, heart, kidneys and adrenal glands are suspected of experiencing disturbances magnetic. Psychics are able to "read" his own personal magnetic field each of you have one. More precisely, they perceive the balance of their field. And their doctors routinely fixed electrical wires to his body to record electromagnetic impulses. Please understand that the best thing to do por is to protect itself.

Allow propertyplanet's magnetic activities do the work for your health. Stay away from large static magnets or electrically powered magnets. It can be electric clock connected to electric power television sets, sound equipment and recording, speakers, heating instrumentstion and electric fans. Do not use a heater filled with water in an area where sleeping.

Something that should be obvious to you was once again protected by their implants. Is a mathematician and has been designed and is also related to the implant system. If you have already noticed this, and if you have given ansubsequently credibility on your planet, now there will be comcaptured many of their diseasesdes, to be asleep.

But you have to balance that magnetically enters your body. What has eluded him so overlooked? Return to polarize and check their manhood. You may feel surprised by what you discover. Taking the foregoing, would you be surprised that now inform him of the importance to you the Earth's magnetic field?

I created the magnetic grid of the planet. Creating your grid system took eons of Earth time in coming. Was balanced and re-balancing to adapt to the vinatural vibrations of your planet to evolve. During TIMEpo in which there was initially, what is now perceivedben as positive and negative polarity of the Earth was altered many times. His knowledge and can prove it; buslayers of soil that displayed multiple "fast moving" north and south polarity of the Earth during thedevelopment.

Earth has not changed, only the polarity. All this happened long before you knew that existingTian. Its writer, I attended and I was at that time magnetic service. Your connection with me is one of the reasonstions for which h nowablo through it. Since then I have been here on two other occasions, to make major global settings.

This is my third set, and my fourth and final visit. The last two times I was here was necessary and appropriate to make a global adjustment to accommodate your growth. In each case, humanity was extinguished for this purpose. Were a po- cas entities in each case, to propagate biology. That may seems hard, but it was correct and made with perfect harmony and love. You all were in agreement- do before it happened, and was a celebration, as representedsat in each case a milestone in the growth of the Earth.

The information was correct, but packets of thought that led to their conclusions were based on a partial understanding does not represent the facts.

Her psychic visions were those of a certain tilt of the Earth. None of this is imminent. Even a very ligtilt of the Earth was at this time would result in a cataclysmic destruction of humanity.

The oceans would overflow the land masses, the Earth's crust violent sagmind, the moon would pull the weakest areas newly 7 exposedTAS and literally shaking up the surface and atmospheric timerich would change dramatically. New active volcanoes arise everywhere and humanity met his end. What do I know all this?

For the first process observedfirst time that happened! Use discernment and intuition is yours only its own cellular level. Your higher consciousness, the "God himself" will serve as an answer: Do you think that humanity has been pushed to the end of this cycle of consciousness s lightinguperior for an entire cycle of Earth's history to be swept by a wave or a rolling stone?

It would be quite a graduation, do not you think? The magnetic north is no longer runweighted by the north polar. Actually, never been runPondo well, but his inclination will be far more significant. So why is this important? My process will take ten to twelve Earth years to complete.

By , you will know exactlymind of what I mean. Governments are run by men of power, not all of which are illuminated.

Their inability to cope with impaired consciousness may become unbalanced, and the result could be chaos. You will note that I said "might". This is where you account with a real opportunity to effect change. The alteration of the grid are free of certain restrictions, and thus be able tocontrolling what they do from here to an extent as they had not known until now. Before proceeding I am constantly interrupted by the writer, who wants to know something about the meaning of the triple six, the number , which has been equated with the anti-God or anti-Christ of the end times.

It also wants to know about the "mark of the beast. In fact, it is something much more basic than that: it is the magnetic equilibrium of its own code biologic cell DNA. Consequently, those who are balanced are also neutral. Those who are not are "marked" for change although that may alterrar at any time. The "beast", as it has been calleddo, is not itself light that exists in every one of you. It was called the "beast" because of the potential actionscial unbalanced leaders over the next realignment times Consequently, the unbalanced with the mark of the beast potential.

It is not surprising that the presentation is difficult, and that looks like a "cosmic joke.

El 9 are hidden in the triple six, in every combination, and represents the energy of their time at the moment. It has to do with a balanced vibrationbrio, power and love. If you add the three six, you get the number 18, which in turn gives added 9. But it is up to you to know. Accept only the responsibility of the healing process. Do not accept the responsibilityresponsibility for what appears to be a cure failed. That'sdepends on God, not you. Take care: The power of love is not limited.

You can create no matter where previously existingaunt, to reconnect the biological pathways, or simply to balance the system and obtain better health. His "milagros "are logical applications of the love of the God Source. Are appropriate and are scientists. When you learn about the transmutation of matter, know what I mean.

His current magic will flow tomorrow. Use poder! Since its awakening in the skillna to lie down at night, you can take this with usted at all times. Imagine what it might mean for you!

The longer he experimented, the easier it will prove to be a clear channel for our in- training, so you can teach, pray and heal. His word love is now appropriate in the context of "feeling". The love of God is not a new feeling to humans. Is exemplified in the Scriptures, Chapter 13 of the first book to the Corinthians. It is the feeling of a loving parent dealing with careder all your needs.

It is the feeling of a friend or a loving companion who loves you unconditionally. It has substance and is thick. Are the loving arms of God. It's something that some incLuso can get to see. It is from a source withoutgular, and is unique in the universe.

It belongs to everyone, and it is our personal power and our gift at the same time. When you experience it, will be felt not only withheat soil and universal peace, but also the love and admiration of collective entities of the universe, togive them know who you are and congratulate him for his perseverance after reading this message and have taken seriously their communication. I am Kryon. What serves you reject the change?

Have you worked in both the change in many years, only to reject your gift? You can no longer continue to do so alone I will support And give you peace that you lack. I just read it isscribed in early December This is important, setting a time frame for you when Kryon speaks of "now.

That differentiates the translation of thought in group- Kryon mediate my own review of the translation. The following section is a continuation of what you just read. Although Kryon spoke of "what is to come" during the last session, did not seem to have more communicationeducation and had the feeling that it had ended with thewriting software.

Now I know that was not well. The book goes on, but had to wait to be referred to a specific energy, corresponding to This next part is more targeted to teachers of all clacountries within the metaphysical belief system, but even if you are a teacher, I beg you to continue, because there will be information for you. These comments have been obviously the writer iscriteria before the pipeline and I preferred to keep it that way, rather than edit them after having receiveddo information.

That way you can share the "liveliness" of this experience with me. You may wonder if the organizational headings have been added later, after the pipeline. The headings- displacement have been provided and arranged in the moment of writing itself, and after that fact has changed very little.

What follows now will be as fresh to his mind as it will for mine. I am Kryon of service magnetic. Each of you is loved dearly! This communication iscial. Everyone who receives this will be doing in the new energy, and I have not ever reported so they can understand it better. I could not even pass this information to my partner so far, due to time implicateded it. As I reported previously, I've been here since I have a own support group that is currently in orbit around the planet Jupiter.

The main support gives me the energy and resources to develop my work. Although I am the magnetic master, could hardly do my work alone. Some of you have already seen occasionally when they arrive and leave important areas have helped to create. Have been here for 11 years to date, and continue another 11 years with me. The temporal duration of my work is important to usTedes, so that they realize exactly what is taking place, and also so they can fully exploit their new opportunities for action.

It has taken three years of preparation for the inaugurationguration of On January 1, , marked as the year of change, progress continues throughout the eleven years until his future completion date of December 31, I will not be here after that momentto. Many have speculated and written about a cycle of 18 to 20 years. That is misinformation. My tarea I do not occupy more than a total of 14 years, three of which have passed, giving them to you a very important and significant time on Earth.

Now I communicate directly with teachers. Murights of you begin to feel uncomfortable now. Somefrom which we have understood what is about to occupyrrir are finally feeling comfortable. What a dichotomy! This section is directed specifically to you, so that they understand what they feel and what to do about it.

Also try to provide opportunities for a totally new power they have I've talked tosome of their human implants to nacer. The largest set of implants are actually "imprints" that are to USTEdes from their s last s embodiment s. These include karma, astrological presets, the lessonstions of life related to karma , patterns of magnetic field auric colors of life , the karma that- lar and much more although I have presented here the strongest.

Each human body also has polarity balances that are characteristic of the individual lessons still you have left to learn. Many of you work with these systems, and have arrived atGado to be very efficient in their use. Over the years they have been provided information that only podido come from my side of the veil for use in these metaphysical techniques. Astrology, for example. This science is verdaderamente that.

I have already offered a glimpse of what it is doing its magnetic field to the strength of his life and spirituality, I have also informed that the granovelty is a part of the equation that is the reason that the status of your Moon affects your emotions. Withsider for a moment the effects they have on the graseriousness of the Earth's other celestial bodies that surround them. Your solar system in particular and its galaxy at large realmind 'express' the magnetic system of the Earth and, consequently, their spirituality.

Everything is related and that is the study of astrology: This is just one example of an imprint. You born in a specific spiritual energy created by the alignment of the magnetic fields that surround it, that since then they have a predictable effect on you. This would be very similar to the case of a tree or woody plant take root and grow in a tropical zone of the Earth.

If you travel, it shall be more happy in the same kind of environment he grew up, but could live almost anywhere. And can USTEd predict that when the parts are hot or humidtwo, the plant will feel happier. With the cold or drought would be less productive. This is simple information, which are predicted aspects of the behavior of a living through the possession of knowledge about their conditiontions for germination, but rarely applies to the positiontion of the planets in relation to humans, except by those who understand that things happen that way.

This, then, would be a workdor systems in astrology. Some of you work with the magnetic field of the body. That could be done in the real work of healingtion, or in the study and teaching of the auric colors and patterns and their meanings for the individual. Also USTEdes systems are workers, since they depend on the imprints of birth and work with predictable factors.

If using cards of some sort, or whether it refers to tables to work, it is also an employee of systems. Even AqueLlosa of you relate to rules used karmic consciousness for those who try to help. If AFRONta a past life regression, birth and rebirthtion, or reading the impressions of the lesson of life, are also using the systems. For all of you will be a tremendous change in relation to their work.

Please do not have any fear. You are loved and honored for their work. In general, savings can continue asra, but there are someSome aspects to be taken into account, and one of them, in particular, is to realize and search explained below.

I can guarantee that all of you templeten uncomfortable now. If you are a worker systemissues and not feel uncomfortable with the current power is because they either know the information I am about to convey, or because he lost his balance and only exists within the system structure, but without exerting consciousness or illuminationnation. Some of you have noticed an alarming but not shared by allway with others , suddenly, their systems are not as accurate as they were in the past.

May have the feeling of losing his power a very uncomfortable feeling! Although this is a momentto positive and powerful for you, not knowing what you are observing affects their personality through fear. This is important to you: No you've lost nothing but their alignment of the system.

And most importantly provides an exceptional opportunity as you read and understand this, to do something that previously could not do himself or any other human since the beginning of its history on Earth. Change my screen is moving all its carTAS. In , those of you who use any kind of reference to the planetary system must accommodate a realignment of 2 to 3 degrees to the right as they are seen during the same year.

Since this is rather vague, for verification and accuracy covertly made itsperposiciones of yourself just be aware and reflect it as well, and compare then with the reality of the process of life around him, especially with regard to people who theal and to help Rat. Anchor any reConference geographical and time of the Earth in the same way he has been doing so far. Change only those aspects not related to the Earth.

At this point I can not give an actual time frame for full shiftstion of three degrees, because you, as humans, now control my work. Respond to their work transappropriate shift mutation, so I am unable to be specific because I do not have the knowledge acerca of how things will go.

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Displacement shall not exceed three degrees in , but it's more than one grade at this time. The difference is that the Earth has changed, whereas only its alreadsellers has changed. An analogy of this would be: It would be much easier to move slightly the head and body to the right to compensate for the rotation of the chair, instead of trying to move the gigantic machine. This applies to the "seers" channelers and readers of all kinds the tarot, the runes, etc.

Where the information received is relevant to the moment and has not been developed from past experience or from a universal information.

The reason that read tarot and runes are non-systems is because they do not relate to each other as groupspo integrated relationship until they meet at the time to form a spiritual image stream. They actually like signposts, with group interactions and interpretations. You, the viewers, should feel good. In fact,Beriah see a positive change for the better when everything Aque- ment around them is in transition. My alignment will agree with you, since it undergoes a magreater vision and readings accurate.

My alignment is correctto for this, and you enjoy greater success in their workjo from now. It also has, however, a greater opportunity to change your life dramatically. Those who are working men and seers systems should take these things seriously. The inner turmoil they experience is false. This is the singular message of love that I convey to you all. This has a tremendous impact on both their personal lives as their work.

First they have to comturn really mean and how they can have it, and keep it. Then you must realize how it will have an impact on their work. Let me be more clear about this new revelation.

This is where I have to trust that my partner is very careful in their translation. They have earned you a new and powerful attribute that is directly related to their performancetion on the earthly plane. My arrival and subsequent workon realignment of the grid is like a "handshake" for its performance and efficiency.

This is not an event that has to fear or have to be wary. Those of you who tune with the cosmos in some way know that this time has been predicted by many names in many cultures My communications on the end of time in section before they stopped just before dand convey importantimportant and good news for those who are balanced.

How would you like to get rid of all the karma that has been working throughout his life? Would you like to be another color of the aura, or feel free to attribute fixed previously?

Are you tired of your astrological sign? Do you feel abuDerrida for having to go through a life lesson? These questions are extremely important. With karma are also health problems, fears unexplained problems, money worries, the functioning of human relations and professional puzzle.

The lessons of life related to karma are superimposed. This is general impressionsGeneral to establish a hidden usually unacknowledged to which you have to work. As described above, your identity astrolog is as imprompt of "seed" that is supposed to help you syncZarse along the road. It is also important for the lugar of the Earth where you are, and people with whom he works, forming part of their group karma system. Something that is not well understood on Earth is your karma star. Not all of you have had expressions on Earth in each of their stocks.

Many of you who come and go from elsewhere in the universe, with different setss learning parameters. This karma star is often very heavy. Would you like to get rid of the imearly? As I said before, there is this duality, a duality that is good and bad, depending on your individual path.

What would it mean to be free? In the previous section I spoke of the healing process. Recorgive you that was related to karma and an im- general prompt. All diseases, dysfunctions and scraphuman imbalances are directly related to the impronta karmic. If you do not have any karmic imprint, not experience any health problems. One reason that the great historical figures of the timesold post seemed to live so long is because it does not reachseen people preserving them any karmic imprint.

Many were here "first", with no karma. Now there are very few of them, because their lessons have experienced a long enough progress to have occurred multiple expressions, has builtdo the "textbook" lessons to be experienced, and produced complex impressions.

Through the new energy of love, mind you now have the ability to assert this new power and effectiveTuaran really a jump on your karma and all arewindows of action, to go directly to a place of neutrality.

This neutrality, avoiding the process of duality, erases the need to learn the lessons, This assumes ayour graduation and provides a powerful instrumentr tremendous.

Make no mistake: Now, however, this status is available to you soon Once you've made the switch to this new status, you will be different. Finally, all changeschanges will be positive but, as with any other changes, will be an adjustment period. After adjustment will still be yourself, but not mark the past, and mark the lens. That will require on your part to sabidom and understanding, tolerance and love.

His personality may remain the same as usted choice. Those parts of life egrciba as best will remain theirs. The parties have always wanted to change, may do so now. This is precisely where power lies. Now has a direct path to the singular source of power that is love, and that can only be achieved through graduation status.

Jesus had his status and more and he talked to her since. He also said that you had the power to achieve that status, to be like it was him John 1: Here it is! And they need usted to contribuir to change the earth. You will also have a much longer life. His will slow aging and disease will not stick to you. Also, can "pass" internally all those elements that might otherwise apply to you.

At this point, items that were included in his body were examined for their karmic imprint through basic genetic code its biological footprint and spiritual imprint found within the same structure.

If your karmic imprintto studyvo up to the overall result of the substance was then accepted or rejected. His routine of "pass or fail" was conducted by good and bad substances, thereby controlling whether you sick if you ate right or wrong, if I had a fast metabolism or slow a thin body, thick , if undergoing acceptance or rejection with respect to medicines, vitamins and health remedies.

Controlled the extension of his life unless he was destined to end in other ways and had an impact on their appearance. It also allowed to have different talents. All talents are possible with a neutral impression. As I mentioned above, the implants- TES not impressions are offered more frequently to restrict their understanding, or abilities. Implant structure change will say more on this below To enable an understanding and expanded talent.

NOT affected by the energies around you. And not absorb negativity, but send positive energy wherever you go, and take an aggressive stance, rather than protective. The foods that previously caused him itching, allergies or simply made to get sick, and will not affect you. Will continue to be challenged by common sense nutrition, but the things that affected him in a more different, and not similarly affected. When you love a certain kind of foodment and "accidentally" discovered that the food is made of something unusual will forever change your thinking about that food.

You can continue eating it and enjoying it, but his knowledge and wisdom about the truth of his origin and not ever leave. His speech, desires, actions and defenses have been shaped by the karma. Someone who spoke with anger provocaba anger in you, being accused provoked a defensive reaction, the "bototions "of his personality were regularly crowded and it was una expected reaction.

These aspects are karmic and are also linked to its mark. Why are some people who feel angry all the time? Why, however, others are always peaceful? These aspects are controlled from its mark. It often happens that his karma is structured to help you through some of these feelings, to learn wisdom and peace avoiding fear.

Fear is allowed to be with you through his mark, but peace is the natural, and politicalsiblemente have to work towards it. Universalmind, it will be for the better, but it will make you look differentent to others. An angry person with you and do not evoke an angry reaction, but at the same time you lose that part of yourself with how it feels verydo.

Peace is something natural, but it can seem boring if your life has been the drama and intensity. You can simply disappear and leave. That is something intuitive for you and the process is clear. Why not? Have at its disposal the power and permission to do so. Why stay and work when you can not do so? The answer is obvious. There will be entered into a contract to stay without imprint, and to use their power to changeBiar planet. His permission to leave is absolute and will not resultor any negative energy.

Is accepteddo and applauded when it comes to us. I've already seen, and graduation status is wonderful. Graduation will be the most glorious. When he finally LLEgue, will have a complete understanding of what has really been doing throughout the universe, and comcome on how their actions have helped us all.

With all this, can you really stay and do the worklow? Get help you talk about this later , but the temptation will be strong That may be the most painful for all of you. Many of his friends, or even comDraper or partner, you leave may leavele. For them, you will have changed to become another. That is a negative and painful event for the human mind. Love single source is perfect, and in this area see things as perfect, just as death is the appropriate and perfect.

But you, not pregnantHowever, will miss the human link. That's part of the adjustment period. Are you able to be alone if necessary? May not have found a spouse who has accepted the same obligation. It would be much better for you continue as is, with love and understanding, do the best with the kind of lighting it now enjoys, rather than making you change the status and leave because he feels lonely. It is even possible that other humans will leave lit because of the karma of the ego.

To some extent, his ego was contained or was triggered by his mark. Even Jesus had some problems with the ego when she Auditorsta of his power at times of his life, and is impatient with those who were not enlightened. The ego is something intrinsically human. Is not a consideration on this side of the veil. I speak of self-importance that a biological mind conceives of itself. The ego is what happens when the biggest thing is around the lower.

That never happens on my side of the veil. Here there is no "lowerprevious. Hecho, you must have an additional implant this is discussed later to block and prevent it affects beyond the point where you can maintain control. Although the imprints affect much, in all this there biological systems- common in every human cos they have to be considered, as the ego, the sexual pleasure or hunger The ego moves to love, and if it is self-centered, is perdera the balance needed to maintain their status.

I have yet to describe the consequences of this. You have to stay balanced. Let me explain. I guarantee you will relate to this, especiallybody for those of you who are enlightened.

In social situations which have to interact with other humans, has it been shown in some way protective of his psyche? Have you taken precautionstions to protect their power and prevent the dilution? Have you ever had the feeling that his energy was templedo violated and, consequently, had to re-raise to a higher vibration in which it was before the violation occurred?

Do you use amplifiers where lives to help keep up the vibration? When playing to strangers, do you think consciously about how it will affect the energy of others? Do you worry about these things? Until now, perhaps it seems necessary to do so to stay in the vibration he wanted, but now tiene to abandon this position. Can it? This is a cammental bio can be very difficult. Think of Jesus as caundermined through the crowd, touching them, healing them and talking with them.

Think of the way as he did the unenlightened and gave them power. Always acted in an aggressive manner, ie, given power, instead of losing, and how it should be you. That is not to be confused with being evangelistic. This is indicated only in relation to their own power and balance with respect to all those around him.

When it touches someone, that person will get to you Since there will be no negative or positive flow relationsswim with their power. Their own balance avoid that situation. You never have to fear that a lower vibration interferes with their own.

Those with lower vibrations camBiar simply by being around you, without even thinking. You no longer need your amplifier although they may still be appropriatemore appropriate for those who come to see or live with you. In his capacity as a teacher perform many activities that continue to benefit from their old instruments of change of energy, but you simply do not needsitara. In addition, you yourself can also change these insments. Talk about this later.

Believe me when I say that this is not a feature bright, but very human. So far, all you see the past as sacred, as part of its mark. They revere the family members who have died. Have fantaMessiah about events in the past, someyou give us store data in order to readily recallthings past you. These attitudes are negative and are not illuminated, and are given to enable them to lift themselves mywe learned over them in their process to be balanced.

When you are balanced, one is more awareI never the time frame of "now. The family members are no longer here will be with you in spirit, or have returnedor some time in the form of another embodiment. Somehow, they are in the "now" with you in your group karma. This realization alone should provide an overview of the present moment better. Humans spend their lives learning to let go of memories and events, you will need to reflect on this.

Concerns about travel in the past is an addiction with negative energies. These memories are used to take him to a place of sorrow, grief, longing and self-indulgence in pity. They are also used to create feelings of anger and retribution unsatisfied; all that is negative!

It is appropriate to honor and celebrate the last term of a member of group karma. Is that the reason for retaining elements of the past? Or does it create that feeling of longing for something else, whatever it is? Pre- Occupation by the inheritance hualso has important manaence, given the truth of the many expressions of each institution.

Karma is only a tool for growth. Keep items for the purpose of honoring the last expression of the entity is honorable. The difference between honoring the past and a retrospective light of the human past is very simple.

Do you experience joy or sadness about this item? Joy is the only appropriate feeling. Be yourself without reflection of the past. That is howchis memory will be intact, but the feelings you expect to have as a human being will not be there.

This is something that will seem strange. Do you love really loved that- ridos lost? In this case, should I feel sorry for the fact that they have gone? When you feel very little trishuman tex they will experience a tendency to questionthione itself. Have you lost your feelings? No, only its imprint.

This may seem a little "heavy" in terms of responsibility. Perceive in fact the "now" almost like I see it myself, and with that experience an intense sense of responsible action. It is not marked 'free and easy "of emotion that may have associated so far with love. It's the kind of love that you saw on the face of Jesus. It is wise love, that comes from a place that recognizes the soul of a person when viewed.

It is the beauty of a dream only imagined, wrapped in gauze and tied with honor aleHungary's new birth. There is no frivolity in- cough new feelings. Sages represent the feelings and truly understand proper placemind death and a life well lived. You will feel yourself as a mature being. Is this really for you? PerMitama things straight in each of these two aspects. I spoke earlier in connection with the implants in human mindmana.

These implants are designed primarily to serve as a constraint. Restrict the true embodiment of his soul, and their understanding of how to act the spiritual with the physical balance to create the full science miracles. Without these implants, there would be evidence and learning. When Jesus was on earth was sent without a stamp and without implants. That made it quite unlike any other human being. He was here as a teacher to teach. Felt emotions, impulses, pain, and fatigue ego, like allmore, but I had a setto implant.

You have no power to change an implant, and is suitable to be the case. An example of when an implant is changed is when a person goes through a action and door furniture- successfully go beyond a karmic imprint.

When that happens you have to offer a new implant to replaceTUIR the original, and also to negate the element of the imkarmic early morning. If this were not so, would have kept you karmic property, despite having developed and passed. That would not be very fair, is not it? In withsequence, the new implant is often granted to set his conscience, and to adjust their mark.

This changia in fact its magnetic balance of the genetic code. This is the mechanics of the transformation and involves those who are on duty and perform these tasks.

Probably you are already aware of who isso service around which are the "guides". Some call them angels, which is also appropriate. His paPower packages are instantly not recognizablewe, as those of us for that service inindividual identity on your way in the lesson.

You are very much like an athlete who is training ground. All around there is a support group, with different hierarchiesservice hierarchies. Those who are closest to you are your guides. The further away you are like my own authority, dealing with mechanics and maintenance isschool. Currently, each of you has two guides. These guidelines do not belong to no one more. These are not entitiesdes accompanying him to judge him, or watch it for testing.

Are servants and spiritual helpers. Some of them are between incarnations and, hence,ence, not always in service phone service. Some are masters of this service and will always be guides. So things are and explaining why he has to wait for his death, because this is not relevant in any way for their journey at this time.

Perhaps many of you have sbeen aware of the guidelines, but receives more than two? Only a few of USTE- des are offered adjustment to be able to discern the differencedifference between the characteristics of the entities on the other side of the veil. Most of the time only conshundreds of figures or shapes. Has only two personal guides, and other peripheral entities often are there for a number of reasons Remember I talked about many other entities that are eEarth No other expressions of learning?

There is a great activity that you are not necessarily conscious, but occasionally it can make visibleble. It is much easier to identify which is yours, before explaining that it is not.

You have two guides who love him and are always there for you. With the change, you will experience a great fit: Will you be the only entities soEarth ber with three teachers guides re-apRecer the three. This guide will help teachers in their task of teaching and performing the transmutation of energynology for the Earth a teacher's guide that is always on duty and never learn a lesson. Even whileAfter convey this message to my partner, through groupstowards thinking, teachers guides are meeting and are ready to be of service to the Earth.

There is a large acproductivity around its solar system. If they had made space travel as far as they wanted, they would be very alarmed The change will accompany the adjustment of the implant, while it occurs. If believed to be a sensitive, just wait. This has been described on other planets as the "Blackness. You will have the feeling of having perDido to his best friend and his only son at the same time.

The item 'guides birth "is deeply felt by the entity of the soul that is inside you. I've talked to your organization's soul. His body the soul is that part of himself that he is fully aware of both sides of the veil, but which is prevented from participating directly on the Earth through their implants.

It is always there, and is the pairyou yourself is absolutely eternal. I know and I know it. Is very familiar with all its expressionssions, and is the part of you that is human spirituality.

It is also the part of you that constantly drives him to seek God. Has no gender. Since you have no codirect communication with his own body the soul, not comturn on these feelings. Not be explained.

When the guides leave the soul entity thatgiven alone. Never without the guides, who have always thisdo in constant contact with her. If you "see" some time to guides, keep in mind that this has been a time of communication with his own soul entity. These things may seem incredible assuming that your dental implants will make it seem , but it's just proceduremechanical procedures for the operation of their school, as teachers come and go and talk with other teachers.

Believe it. There is no greater feeling of emptiness when they leave the guides. Although one of them to stay, this is a period in which there are none. The left has to get away for a while to adjust. These guides are the only contact with the pure energy of love that exists for your soul.

When they leave, you will want to finish. Meditation does not produce any relief. The focus will not work, and prayer will seem as if bounced from the sky. When Jesus was suffering on the cross not dying , is temporarily away from him his three assistants yes, he also had.

That was intended to help by allowing a true mortality during that time. Otherwise, could have inadvertently gone, and the temptation would have been too large. If this sounds confusing, you know, once again, that the prospect of true love, everything is correct. That was a help to him, but during the time of departure he was completely alone.

It would be very disconcerting and uncomfortable for you too. Also you will experience the pain of her own death, to pass into the blackness without a sense of hope.

I told you appear obstacles to their new power, and this is one of them. This is the fire before peace. Is temporary and you will be able to get through it. You are not allowed to leave during this time, and although its guidelines have moved away, some others less close to you will be in the "closeness" to watch.

OwHowever, there are common and you have no awareness of ellyears. Each of you receive it differently. If you are ready, it will be something you expected and therefore papended softer. But its new status will allow it, and you will not have problemGuno with waiting.

Fear not play the role it used to jugar, since you have the power to go as you like ie, be tempted to do so. Bring your own temple. That means that you will be totally self-sufficient, spiritually, physically and mentally.

The support does not swas no problem, the health will not be any problem and you will not be alone. Experience oftoo happy to feel alone. Often their newguides you will be visible to you clearly enough to verify their presence, but not much else. If it stays balanced, be happy and prosperous What if I fail? Is not the first time a planet has entered this class vibration, or lighting, so there is precedent in the projection.

That would mean that many will come to disappearRecer and leave the office after receiving power. This can occur for two reasons:. In the latter case it was involuntary, ie, the entityDad simply vanish if it rather unbalanced. As I mentioned before, there is no negative attribute leave the planet while in the status of degreesduad whatever reason. Even if you can not stay and help, and leaves in an involuntary, not create negative attributes to his death.

His status is absolutelyto, and will be celebrated in a way as high as that of anyra that has run. Perhaps this does not seem fair at all, but like Jesus told the parable of the prodigal son who left and was wasteful, and then returned and was honored by his father to the same extent that the child did not leave, this is the modus operandi of the singular source of love. Jesus taught much about this kind of love, perhaps with the new power available to you in these new times, also be appropriate to have a new perspective on the things that Jesus spoke and offered examplesor.

The new knowledge and understanding can be the result of re-examining the words of this teacher who sent you for lighting. Many of you reading this will not want to follow this new path of power, realizing that they have not come to- Davies time to do so. If that were so, please do not feel "wrong. Individual discernment is very important in this decision to self-evaluation. Those of you with the impression of being preunemployed, may continue and take the next step.

Lee Carroll

You must prepare yourself mentally to get away from your current situation, whatever. Things will change for you and you have to accept this. May terminate or change their earthly career or vocation, one that enabled it to obtain the necessary monetary exchange to provide food and shelter. The next event will happen is an assessmentinstant tion of the appropriateness of the request. I ask thattend to all of you have the power to make this change because of new energy available now.

As I mentioned earlier, have earned that right. The evaluation from this side of the veil is not in any way a trial, but rather an assessment of what is needed in howto a karmic adjustment. If an entity inexperienced formerpressive few expressions of the past and a lot of outstanding karma claims the new power, then you neNeed some of a different kind of servICIO to make the change. No one turned away, but the time change and the difficulty of the passage can be very different for each person.

A teacher requesting the change can receive it immediately, and with very little discomfort. A little experience expressive entity may have to wait longer to start the process, then you may have great difficulty passing through it. As noted above, all pass through it. My alignment shift magnetic of the Earth may delay some of those who wish to make the change. It is possible that is not the right time, and that it would be. Make your request every three months, and especially- re power.

That is appropriate, that is what you get. You end up interacting with them. However, when you receive this new status will have no problems- ma one in knowing how to proceed. For now, however, we will state a few caveats. Jesus came to Earth to deliver a powerful message about a new era of spiritual awareness in humans might fillvar last them all the power illuminated the body of its soul, and which could eventually contain the power of love within themselves.

What a powerful message! Notseabed to be worshiped, and look what happened. His whole purpose in life was to impart the new knowledge and wisdom about how it actually works universal love. Throughout this process, however, there were many who fell to his feet and worshiped him, instead of taking what he said and apply it to themselves. As described in detail in previous communications with my partner, much of the teachings of Jesus interinterpret, reinterpret, translated and reworked up topour Jesus into a deity.

When he was with you, he made it clear that no individual could receive the new source of love unless we act according to their new knowledgement. Instead, information has been transmitted to themnow gives a message that is given instions to worship Jesus to get closer to "God. To learn more about what he has to say about Je Kryonyour, I beg you to read chapter 6. You need from your new power to do the job.

Do not let anyone write your own words and then assigned meanings altered. His work should be more than one person to another. In his work, there is no evangelistic message to convey to the masses. Do not rely on clear vision. I think I want to give ent Kryonender here that the video and film are far from transparent, and are not as cavision peace to contain hidden spiritual energytual one way as good as the interview. A few human beings are given the gift of discerning the spiritual emanations through the distance vision.

Again, personal communication is required. How will "see"? What will your color or pattern of expression aura? Are you accustomed to guidelines that have been predetermined and are consistent. Even mixing and anomalies have been fairly consistent, and there is now a whole new deal. Hand here are some words of advice for you: You will know because no reading can be sufficiently accurate. In fact, there should be no reason for you to read one that has achieved graduate status.

Once in this status, the individual will not be stupid enough to ask for a reading systembut, as the imprint Dejto have importance, and they understand it.

The dates of birth and previous life colors are now neutral, and no longer apply here cyclical biological forces. Their systems read printed information, and there will be no need to read. For those of you who are employees of systemmore, receive the new status as something bright graduate- llantemente white.

Both the auric color as the color of the expression will be a transparent white no color , or neutral moltenis with the cosmos. Those of you who poare a great perception certainly observe the energyogy of the three guides teachers.

Feel the power of the 'three' and 'action' within the confines of the sabi mitigated- dom that exists within individual human beings. It levied a sense of peace around them, and you have a universal understanding.

As I mentioned before, the unusual vibration of love they bring through its new guidelines will also appeal to the seguidores as if it were a magnet. These individuals will mark a new pattern of allow them to feel comfortable with my new alignment. This pattern is unlike anything I've seen you before, and is very characteristic. Look for new patterns of red and red-brown in the aura, and a new dark blue in the emanation of life.

There will be some negative aspectsof the cards you no longer apply to these new, especiallyyou in connection with certain mechanical retrograde smaller planets, which have demanded, usually seen in the past.

These messages have focused on those who wish to accept all the offered honors, and may have the feelingtion that should remain the same, because in casecontrary would not be included here. Not so! Although it is possibleble not be asked to achieve the status of graduate, some of these new powers are there for you also requested.

Be aware that the power process is aggressive rather than defensive you immediately. Aspire to obtain and use it now see previous section "Why do not you want? The old negative energies seem to bounce off her new bubja, instead of penetrating, as before. However, you get what you project, and if you choose not to believe in this message, your bubble will be absent and there is no learningdo nothing to read all this. We also have more healing power than it had before the energy, soto for himself and for others.

It is now appropriate to explain why you're able to be aggressive rather than defensive. So far, alternative energypositive and negative technologies were neutral when combinedban. In his speech so far, you were certainly very aware of the negative, and it was intuitively aware that I had to reject the negative energy balance, since all negative energy and positive move to another could alter if you were very sensitive.

Now, the balance between positive and negative is not neutral. This has been changed by the new power of the singular source of love which now has, And has earned for himself a situation in which the positive win every time. The negative and not supplant or displace the positive. Instead, it ignores the positive, now has a poder had not previously.

As already mentioned, has wondo you have that power through their work so far on this planet, increasing its current level of vibration risesdo. With this new power also comes the change. And, once again, that's why I'm here. Anys of you will also receive new guidelines and somewe are new implants, even when there are no volunteersrivers for change. That's normal for their own growthto during this time.

She suffers from depression that is especially deep for a short period of time, considered to have undergone a change of phone. Although he has not been left alone as in the case of those who have applied for graduate status , the departure of a guide is significant for his soul at any momentto. Since no contact with his body the soul can not tell you why you feel unhappy, despite which you experience the results anyway.

Nor can speak on behalf of digestive organ, despite which knows when to be fed.Everything is interrelated. I've transferred to my partner about how this healing process, but here the elementsbasic elements: Carroll says the channeling converted into words or text should not be taken literally, but rather serve as a help to tune one's subtle perception to the original message which transcends the limits of human perception.

As I reported previously, I've been here since You are at last being given permission to use and understand this power source, and you have earned it!

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