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book Khairul kalam ahl e hadeesin PDF format. Download Khairul Kalam by author Molana Hafiz Muhammad Gondalvi Assalaoto Wassalam Ala Khairul wildlifeprotection.info · Dafay e Auhaam Fi Mehfil e Khairul wildlifeprotection.info · Jila Ul Afham Fi Salat O. Mazahib e Alam main Tazkira Khairul wildlifeprotection.info Identifier wildlifeprotection.info Identifier-arkark://t47q09s7q. Khairul Anam Muhammad Pdf 1/3. Khairul Anam Muhammad Pdf 2/3. Best english movie to watch online One Day in Africa by none.

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Documents Similar To Mazahib e Alam main Tazkira Khairul wildlifeprotection.info Kaseeda Burda Sharif by - Amam Muhammad Sharaf-ul-Deen Boseeri. Uploaded by. Dafay e Auhaam Fi Mehfil e Khairul Anam - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) sharha Qaseeda Ghausia by Muhammad abdul Malik wildlifeprotection.info Milad Khairul Anam Baqalam Hujjatul Islam Imam Ghazali - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Milad Khairul Anam Baqalam.

Santos, R. Sousa, M. Bianchi, L. Silva, and E. Shrivastava, Narendra D. Londhe, Rajendra S.

Sonawane, and Jasjit S. Parikh, Trupti P. Premaladha, and K. Hibler, Qiaochu Qi, and Anthony M. Alarcon, C. Longo, and S. Visscher, S.

Burkes, R. Randall Wickett, and K. Yas, A. Zaidan, B. Zaidan, M. Hashim, and C. Novoa, Justin Ko, Susan M. Swetter, Helen M. Fujisawa, Y. Otomo, Y. Ogata, Y. Nakamura, R. Fujita, Y. Ishitsuka, R. Watanabe, N. Hydrogen was one into 4 technologies, which are biophotolysis, dark fermenta- of some resources that can provide clean and friendly tion, photo-fermentation and hybrid systems combining dark energy because hydrogen does not produce any harmful and photo-fermentation.

Among them, photo-fermentation is gases while combustion. E-mail addresses: khairul. All rights reserved. The bacterial consortium was called Sanur variety of substrates including wastewater [9]. Many micro- consortium. The pH of substrates such as glucose [11e13], sucrose [14], organic acids culture medium was adjusted to 7 before autoclaving. Biological Nitrogen gas was sparged trough the medium to provide hydrogen production from photosynthetic bacteria such as anaerobic conditions.

Indonesia is a country which contains the vast biomass 2. Preparation of feedstock resources of agriculture crops and industrial wastes, but still it is rather exploited to various sectors, including energy 2. Bagasse sector though the waste materials having a great potential as Bagasse was collected from a local farmer. It was dried in air an energy producer.

During sugar production, vast amounts and milled. Waste biomass dried in the oven for one night at of bagasse are discharged as waste product. The solution was filtered, neutralized with NaOH and about Since bagasse is produced at the sugar 2.

Soy sauce wastewater production plant, it has the advantage of collecting it at a low Soy sauce wastewater collected from soy sauce food industry expense from arable land or forests unlike other biomass in Jakarta. Soy sauce wastewater was used as substrate in resources. Physically, soy sauce material is composed of cellulose and hemicelluloses that are wastewater has thick solution and dark color.

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Soy sauce had embedded in lignin, it is very difficult to degrade by either pH value 4. Soy sauce contained glucose The resistance to degradation has led to research molybdenum 0.

A method of decomposition consisting of chemical 2. Photofermentation processes has been used for the hydrolysis of lignocelluloses materials [34]. Utilizing wastewater used to produce Serum bottles mL were used for photobiological hydrogen is more efficient and low cost.

Soy sauce waste- hydrogen production. The bottles containing treated medium water contains organic material such as sugar and organic 75 mL were connected to trapping equipment in saturated acid. In the present work, hydrogen production from hydro- solution with one meter hose. Liquid samples for analysis were withdrawn from the bottles through a rubber tube on top of the bottles using a sterile syringe.

Material and methods set up. Microorganisms and culture conditions 2. The 16S After run of electrophoresis, the gel was stained with ethidium bromide.

Computer Aided Diagnostic Support System for Skin Cancer: A Review of Techniques and Algorithms

DGGE bands were excised 3. Photofermentation and sequenced. Bagasse test related organisms. Lignocelluloses biomass and soy sauce wastewater can be utilized to produce hydrogen, a promising alternative energy source for the limited crude oil. There are mainly two 2. Analytical methods processes involved in the conversion lignocelluloses as substrate for hydrogen production.

The two processes are Bacterial growth was determined by measuring the optical hydrolysis of the lignocelluloses biomass from bagasse to density OD at nm using a spectrophotometer Shimadzu produce reducing sugars and photofermentation to convert UV The cultures were harvested once the OD of the reducing sugars into hydrogen. Glucose concentrations were measured with glucose kit Wako.

Organic acid were measured by titration with 0.

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Gas compositions were analyzed by a gas chromatography HP using a thermal conductivity detector TCD with Porapacked column. Pure hydrogen gas was used as standard. Calculations for composition of gases were accomplished using comparison area between samples and standard.

Results and discussion 3.

Microbial characteristic of the bacterial consort The cultures of bacterial consortium were pink to red when they were grown anaerobically under the light conditions.

The DNA sequences most closely related to R. Optimization of various acid solutions can improve the hydrolysis bagasse. The research activities of the possible physical and chemical treatments of lignocelluloses materials for hydrogen production medium were done with several treat- ments.

Although they are powerful agents for cellulose hydrolysis, concentrated acids are toxic, corrosive and hazardous and require pretreatments before photofermentations [36]. Carbon active was added to detoxify the solutions.

Carbon active will absorb the toxic and keep the toxic separated with the solution. Corrosive and hazardous character can be treated by neutralization with sodium hydroxide.

Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Informatics

Untreated hydrolyzed bagasse was used for fermenta- tion, but there was no hydrogen production occurs. There were two assumptions: 1 furfural has been produced by the hydrolysis process, this compound is toxic for microorgan- isms; 2 the concentration of glucose is too low.

The first treatment was addition of carbon active to the hydrolyzed bagasse solution to remove the furfural. After treated with Fig.

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Hydrogen the fermentation process hydrogen gas was still not gener- production with hydrolyzed bagasse without yeast ated. Evaporating of hydrolyzed bagasse was performed extracts addition. Hydrogen production with hydrolyzed 2. To increase the hydrogen by some organic acids as by product of fermentation. Enough sugar or glucose concentration as 3. The bacteria also material addition and nitrogen gas flow as the treatments need enough energy to produce hydrogen.

To make the process efficient, the membrane after chemiosmosis.

Electron donor is produced soy wastewater was treated without sterilization Sample B. This process converted yield up to 1. These results suggested that sterilization offered effect for the hydrogen production by photofermentation Table 1 e Reducing sugar content in hydrolyzed bagasse process.

Elimination of yeast extract and trace basal medium in various acidic solution. In these experiments, hydrogen yield was 1. The minimum treatment conditions were done 1 4. The yield 2 4. The addition of 4 In another study, Zhu et al. The nitrogenase enzyme which 1. Das and Veziroglu [42] re- hydrogen [37].


Fascetti et al. Singh et al. In this step, Rhodopseudomonas sp. Jamil et al. Ike et al. Untreated soy sauce wastewater F was not able 0. The optimum growth pH for tion yield by R.

In this study hydrolyzed bagasse which already threat by The glucose content in the soy sauce wastewater had a role neutralization, detoxification, filtration and concentration as carbon source to maintain their cell, biomass and hydrogen produces 0. These results indicated that glucose is not the only substrate that can be converted into hydrogen but also organic acid which is resultant from fermentation process [38].

The hydrogen product from fermentation was not pure yet. It is related to utility of hydrogen in fuel cell combustion, purer the hydrogen, the fuel cell works will get more efficient. Gases production yield in photo- fermentation, is shown in Fig.

To increase the percentage to get pure hydrogen, the gas production should be filtered to separate the CO2 and hydrogen. Table 3 shows several studies of hydrogen production from different organic source and industrial wastewaters by pho- tofermentation.Table 3 shows several studies of hydrogen production from different organic source and industrial wastewaters by pho- tofermentation. Effect of hydrogen yield by e On the one hand they were deeply impressed that ISIS was able to set up an Islamic state that controlled territory and applied Islamic law.

Muhammadun sayyidul kaunaini wats tsaqaulai Extracorporeal shock wave therapy suppresses the early D student, Feng Chia University, Taiwan for advances in reuse of waste material as substrate to produce improving the quality of the content. Join Facebook to connect with Khairul Anam Dalim and others you may know.

We send experienced analysts with long-es- tablished contacts in the area to the site to meet with all parties, review primary written documentation where available, check secondary sources and produce in-depth reports, with policy recommendations or examples of best practices where appropriate. Wiselin Jiji, and P.

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