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This is the original glossary of hip hop slang from the first edition of Talk the Talk: The Slang of . Hip hop slang has a strong vocabulary for referring to extremes. AMERICAN SLANG WORDS AND PHRASES. (To) ace (v.): To pass DC: UMass term for the dining commons. Dead: Empty Hip: cool, popular. Hit the books. List of Slang Used in Hip-hop Music - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File These words can be found with the same spelling in any English dictionary.

Hip Hop Slang Dictionary Pdf

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African-Americans Slang Dictionary - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or A growingly popular dance to the hip hop song "Do the Stanky Leg. vocabulary item if the hip-hop artists they listen to use the word in their song lyrics . . Urban Dictionary (wildlifeprotection.info://www. (PDF). Acknowledgments. Muhammad Abdurrahman, Thomas Lindsay. Glossary of American Slang ace (very good). slang /index. html> . hip-shooter (always talking without thinking). He is such a.

Don't hate. To say don't make fun of, to tell to be nice, something random to get someone's attention. A large, round shaped and very full booty or butt. See "badunkadunk" "Did you see her big o donk? Late 80's verbage, still used in some arenas for something good, excellent or appealing. See also "tight" or "phat. This is usually done on small pieces of paper, but sometimes this is done to food items. When a food item that has been dosed is ingested, the person experiences intense hallucinations referred as an acid trip.

Also the current status or happening. Secret, keep it a secret, not public information. A secretive homosexual relation. Usually between men. I think he on the down low. DSL 1. A degrading term that means full luscious lips; an acronym for Dick Sucking Lips. This term is often used by teens as code so that adults will not know what they are referring to.

She had some serious DSL's. Dude 1. A term to informally address an individual.

An exclamation used when something is astonishing or amazingly cool. A term that is used instead of the word "son. A style of language derived from Queensbridge, NY, in which a word's first letter is replaced with the letter "D. What you been up to Dun? An old Chevy car, usually a Capri or an Impala. A stylish after marketed vintage car that is currently popular. Is the fusion of sports and music inspired by the cultural aesthetics of urban style, fashion, and attitude.

Old, worn or dirty. Term used for the drug "Ecstasy. Good bye. Also see "late" or "peace" "I'll see you later. A person who is quick to have sex or is easily influenced into having sex.

Emo 1.

Someone acting in a suicidal or depressed way. To exhibit the intoxicating effects of a marijuana or alcohol. Family, friend or someone you're closely connected to. Extremely good. Often referring to marijuana and food.

A numerical amount--fifty. Five counts of ten. Term used to imply that the person either has a nickel bag of weed to contribute, or is willing to pitch in 5 dollars toward the purchase of marijuana. Another way of saying that someone is a fool.

To beat someone up or use physical force to hurt them while displaying muscles like a wrestler "Keep on talking about my Momma and I'ma' flex on you! To display your power or skill with intensity. To depart or go away. Often while driving, showing your vehicle, its nice rims, your new jacket, etc. Now I'm just flossin'. A rapper's ability to rap and rhyme both skillfully and competently. He had a sick flow. For Real. For sure "Hey Mike, you gonna be there?

Another term for saying, "for sure my friend. Completely drunk or high, usually enough to barely walk at all. Commonly known as the time to smoke pot. It has come to mean everything from the act of smoking, the stuff that's smoked, and the optimum smoking time.

Also known for the date, April 20th, which is the day to smoke pot all day, "the hippie holiday. To copulate. The act of being fake.

Also known as "golds" or "grillz. Check 'em out. Another reference to jewelry or diamonds. She has some nice earrings. A name when greeting a friend. G - money 1. More than just a "G. See "money. You got no game! Awareness and involvement in activity, usually used in reference to selling drugs.

A gangster. One who acts, dresses and talks like a gang member. You look like a gansta! For something to be nice or cool. Same as "jack" and used the same way. Why you gotta have a gat? To engage in the activity at hand well, with distinction and excellence fighting, partying, dancing, sex.

Get off the gas. To chill out. To have sex with someone. They must be straight gettin' they G on. To get into a rhythm. To achieve a positive momentum.

When playing basketball, if your team does well you can say, "Now we got the swerve on! To get drunk, to drink, or to otherwise become intoxicated from either alcohol or drugs. To look good while driving an expensive vehicle. He getting' his roll on. To 'strut' or show off your style. Getting wild and loud. Generally associated with krump dancing. To take off or leave a place. Receiving more than you could have even wanted from a given situation.

Being joined in a relationship with the person you wanted or starting a relationship with the opposite sex.

Jen is getting the hook up. When someone is in the act of macking see "mack". Something excellent. Like hanging your clothes on the balcony when you have a dryer they can be put in. A police helicopter. Known as the only thing that flies in the ghetto. Now that's Ghetto-fabulous! A generic verb used for an assortment of activities. Usually the form of "to be. A man who is in a continuing sexual relationship with a woman and receives financial support from her.

A request to please applaud for something. When a female gives up her virginity before the right time, usually before marriage. A gun 9 millimeter automatic pistol "Keep lettin' that lip pop and I'ma let my glock stop all yo plots. G-macin 1. When a guy is putting on the moves or trying to get a girl to go out with him.

To show off or display skill with great intensity "Man I can't wait to get back on the court I'm a go hard on all of y'all. Very cool "I like that song from lil wayne; that beat go hard than a mug. She's always trying to get up in your wallet!

A sexual term that describes anything that the opposite sex has that turns you on. This can range from Hugs and kisses to private sexual parts. To eat or graze like a cow. A term referencing money due to its color.

A term referring to marijuana because of its color. A nasty look. A facial expression meant to give off unfriendly vibes. Derived from the term "grill" which refers to one's teeth. Grown up. Gucci 1. An expensive brandname for fashion and accessories; like Prada or Fendi "My baby daddy got me this gucci bag girl, I don't know where you think I got some extra money from.

A ghetto term for something nice. Sam as "cappin" on someone. When you're "gunnin", you are making fun of someone or something. Gwap 1. A wad of money or cash "Tikki just got paid a gwap for picking up the trash in Mrs.

Johnson's yard". To make fun of someone, or to insult, or correct him or her repeatedly. Usually a fun- loving term between friends.

To get hit or fouled in a basketball game. A large bottle of alcohol; usually a half gallon worth. I got that handle left over from the other day. One's email or onling address, name or title. A term that refers to a player's capability to control the ball in a basketball game. To express dislike. A male receiving oral sex.

List of Slang Used in Hip-hop Music

Too-Short; Album: Examples include: Someone who is wealthy and usually drives a nice car and dresses top end. She think she all-o-dat. To aggressively and at times violently approach and ask someone where they are from; to find out if the person s are from any particular gang or crew. To contact someone, usually by phone. A hooker or a hoochie, although sometimes more promiscuous than a hoochie, and therefore undesirable. A term used to describe a guy who keeps more than one girl.

A term used to describe watching someone's back, defending or representing them,or having their back. Asking to barrow money. When you act like you are better than or too good for someone. Old word derived from the Hispanic Americans who used "homes" as a label for others that means friend or companion.

A female who is promiscuous by nature. A female who grants sexual favors easy. More than just a hoochie. A hoochie of hoochies. Someone who excels in all the qualities of hoochidom.

A request for assistance, usually seeking some sort of material or financial gain. Ding Dongs. Often, this can mean purely recreational sexual activity with someone who is just a friend. Anything from gentle touching to intercourse. A Oldsmobile or car of the like. An old beat up car. Mad or angry. Good looking.

A term used to refer to the smoking of marijuana inside a car with all doors and windows closed so that all the smoke is kept inside the car. Usually done with the expectation of getting higher or more intoxicated. Fast or quick. To be very badly beaten at something, whether sports or a fight or a rhyme battle. Curves on a woman breasts and hips.

She packing humps now! It ain't true. See "live. Hyphy 1. Getting Hyperactive. To dance, rap or act wild and hyperactive "Check out Keak Da Sneak up on stage, he about to 'get hyphy wit it'. To shoot someone not necessarily just in the gluteus maximus. I'm out 1. I'm straight 1. A veriation of the drug meth.

Getting tattoo'd "Did you see Camron? He just got inked up last night. A term used to replace SHIT; usually referring to something or a series of events. Something said to express that everything is under control and fine.

Usually rebutting an accusation. It's all good! Originally derived from "car-jack," although, now pertains to stealing anything. Another reference to a telephone. Thoroughly annihilated. Messed up. Billy, what happened?

Your car is jacked! Can also mean very influenced by marijuana. Man, is he jacked!

1. Introduction

A female who is really attractive but under age. In bad shape. Jiggaboo 1. A tern of endearment towards a close friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. See the word "Jigga" and "Boo.

Watch out for that gold diggin' ho Sabrina; she's jockin you! To copy someone. For example, if someone is wearing the same shirt as you, they are "jockin'" you. Old term for a marijuana cigarette; to smoke a joint. A guy's genitals. Just as if to say, "peace. Keep it real.

Very close friend. The word derives from the old show, The Lone Ranger. Kemosabe was the nick name given to the Lone Ranger's side kick Tonto. That's my kemosabe".

List of Slang Used in Hip-hop Music

To relax, usually with ones friends. To merely exist, usually with no work involved. To steal something small. One's business. A form of dancing that originated in the African-American community of South Central Los Angeles, California and is a relatively new form of the "Urban" Black dance movement.

Check out the movie Rize to see what krumpin' is about. Wild and exhilarating. Taking it to the next level of excitement or fun. Another way of calling someone a square or a nerd. A word to describe something or someone that is no good, worthless or that you just don't like.

A term for the Police. Something said when it is time to leave. Let us leave the premises now. See "let's bounce. To fire up or fire shots. To commence. Usually a place - the place to be. It's gonna be live! Latino slang for loco crazy. Often used as a term of endearment like holmes' or fool' or the n word.

To fight. To hit someone hard enough to cause a lump or bruise. A little above mediocre. Usually used in a pick up line. You lookin' good tonight. To steal or take advantage of. I'm going to mack on some of that! To make a pass at someone or try to get sexual favor.

Male flirting. Someone who "macks. See "mad hops" or "mad skills". I'll bust you up! Usually used as a code term to warn friends not to come by and interrupt. Frequently used when talking about beer drinking. I can't drink tonight. It's the man! You're the man! To chill or relax. Not much, just marinating. Anyone identified as an easy target, or "sucke. Mary or Mary Jane 1. Do you know where I can find Mary? To murder or kill another person; usually violently through the use of a gun.

MILF 1. Derrived from Kelis' song 'My milkshake is better than yours'. Also as a reference to vaginal discharge. Mofo 1. Short for mother fucker; often used by kids around their parents or adults who are opposed to vulgar language so that they are not understood while using it. Right on the mark. To be excellent.

He's the money. See "g- money. A word used to refer to money, usually in large quantities. My bad! A Euphemism for nigger. A name you call your close friend. Let's go. A friend or acquaintance.

A revised version of nigga, as per Snoop Dogg. Replaces earlier terms such as homie, etc. Someone who is new to a particular activity, specifically a game, concept or forum.

Generally used by African Americans for a close acquaintance or term of endearment. A nine millimeter semi-automatic pistol.

A word that African Americans use for "my nigga" as in like a friend. Chicano and Hispanic gangs usually from the northern part of California who wear the color red, symbolizing their gang, hood, and the northern region. Over doing it. A way of saying that you did something gangster. See "off the hook. Exceptionally good. A phrase uttered in disbelief or when something bad happens. Look who just walked in here! I forgot my math again! Anything that is old, but not necessarily bad. To be aware.

To be up to par or to meet the standards. A term used to refer to the seriousness of an event or statement; similar to the phrase "Real Talk. A term that encourages unity or oneness.

Primarily used as a phrase of dismissal to say as you are leaving or going away. A DJ's turntable set. Two turntables that are used by a DJ. Ooowee 1. Usually very strong drugs that can cause you to lose control or hallucinate. Usually followed up with man Ooowee man "When everybody ran out o' the mall, I was like, "Ooowee man, who shootin' up in here?

To punish or hurt. As if to say "time to leave! O "Jesse. To master or ace a person or a thing till you control it. An old school term still used in some parts for house. Papers 1. Someone who is on parole or on probation "I don't smoke weed- I'm on papers.

A loyal associate. To be shut down, instead of saying "snap. To say to someone, especially a friend, "good bye. Also used as an acronym, pretty hot and tempting. Usually in admiration of a feat or trick. PHD 1. She just a piece. Very admirable or desirable. Modern Korean Slang Ready to impress your Korean friends? Put them all together, and you get man-person-friend, or a male friend.

Can you guess which words they are made up of? That should save you some typing time on KakaoTalk when you ask somebody if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Use this any time you want to point out that something is very disgusting or revolting, like when you venture into the weird parts of YouTube! However, in this case the words do not literally mean pushing and pulling as in a tug of war or a door. Have you ever played an RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases in level after making certain achievements?

This phrase refers to someone who is a master or something, and their level is so good it is like they have achieved the maximum level in a game! Not good at tennis and want to let your partner know before the match starts? So when you put them together, you get the picture of someone who is laughing explosively! In Korean, this is more often used to express yourself when your mental status is on the fritz!

When you are typing fast, you can easily input characters in the wrong order, and this internet slang rose out of this common misspelling! However, it still retains the same meaning! However, it is now used in Korean to describe a person who has an obsessive interest in almost anything — celebrities, studying, movies, characters — you name it! It has a slightly negative connotation so be careful how you use it!

Just say this word and it reflects their insult back to them like a mirror! It is a slightly childish and cheesy term. For example, you can use this phrase to say you are not amazing at something, but you did average or as much as reasonably can be expected!

You can say this when something looks stupid but funny. Other forms of the word include thizzin'. Deuce Deuce. Number associated with cannabis and cannabis usage. You wanna get buck nigga? To act uppety. Originated from "What the deal. To steal Yo. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Page 1 List of slang used in hip-hop music Hip-hop music uses a variety of slang terms that have changed as hip-hop itself has evolved and changed.

Related Interests Hip Hop Music. Natalie Petitto. Luciana Ursu.

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Brendon Peter. Stirling Gardner.

More From Mr. Popular in Belief. Peteris Skels. Chapter 10 Processing Integrity and Availability Controls3. Arif Sardi. Mark S Mark. Boris Tiosavljevic. Nikhil Mandale. Brian Quintero Arboleda. Babak Nami. Velya Galyani. Surya Rana. Anandha Raman CM.However, in this case the words do not literally mean pushing and pulling as in a tug of war or a door. A beautiful girl. To 'strut' or show off your style. Derived from the term "grill" which refers to one's teeth. Like hanging your clothes on the balcony when you have a dryer they can be put in.

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