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Items 7 - 12 HANDS OF LIGHT A Bantam Book Simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback .. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Barbara Brennan is a practicing healer. Items 7 - 12 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Brennan, Barbara Ann. Hands of light. Bibliography: p. 1. Spiritual healing. 2. Aura. I. Title. Introducing Barbara Brennan's First Book “HANDS OF LIGHT”®. With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with more than 25 years of.

Hands Of Light Barbara Brennan Pdf

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[email protected] [email protected] Brennan Healing Science Practitioner; Hands of Light;. Hands of. With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with fifteen years of professional experience observing clients and students. Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field [Barbara Brennan, Jos. A. Smith] on wildlifeprotection.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Philosophy Alternative Therapies Audiobooks. Paperback —. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Add to Cart. About Hands of Light With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with fifteen years of professional experience observing 5, clients and students, Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health and their full potential.

Also by Barbara Ann Brennan.

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See all books by Barbara Ann Brennan. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. As soon as the clairvoyant actively that proves light is a particle.

A small change in tries to interfere with the sequence of events she this experiment will prove that light is a wave. Thus, we now move into a universe work.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Physicists call Clairvoyant Time. The rules that govern such this complementarity. That is, to describe a phe- movement from one time frame to another are nomenon if we continue to think in such terms not well understood. Most clairvoyants will be as particles and waves , one must use both led to "read" a particular time frame of a per- types of descriptions.

These types are comple- son's life or past life according to the needs of ments of each other rather than opposites, ac- the person. For example, Max Planck discovered that the Einstein's space-time continuum states that energy of heat radiation like the radiator in the apparent linearity of events depends on the your house is not emitted continuously, but ap- observer.

We are all too ready to accept past lives as pears in the form of discrete "energy packets," literal physical lives that have happened in the past called quanta. Einstein postulated that all forms in a physical setting like this one.

Our past lives of electromagnetic radiation can appear not only may be happening right now in a different as waves, but also in the form of these quanta. Many of us have experi- These light quanta, or energy packets, have enced "past lives" and feel their effects as if they been accepted as bona fide particles. At this were a short time ago. But we rarely speak of stage of the game, a particle, which is the closest how our future lives are affecting the one we are definition of a "thing," is an energy packet!

As we live our As we penetrate deeper into matter, nature life NOW, it becomes more likely that we are rewrit- does not show us any isolated "basic building ing our personal history, both past and future.

The Another important consequence of Ein- search for the basic building blocks of matter stein's relativity is the realization that matter had to be abandoned when physicists found so and energy are interchangeable. Mass is nothing many elementary particles that they could but a form of energy.

Matter is simply slowed hardly be called elementary. Through experi- down or crystallized energy. Our bodies are en- ments in the past few decades, physicists found ergy. That is what this whole book is about! I matter to be completely mutable, and on the have introduced the concept of energy bodies in subatomic level, matter does not exist with cer- this book but have not stressed that our physical tainty in definite places, but rather shows "ten- body is energy also.

All particles can be transmuted into other particles. They can be created from energy and can be transmuted into other parti- Paradox cles.

They can be created from energy and can vanish into energy. Where and when this hap- In the s, physics moved into the strange pens we cannot determine exactly, but we do and unexpected reality of the subatomic world. Parallels Between Haw We See Ourselves and Reality and Western Scientific Views 25 On the personal level, as we move more into If the universe is indeed composed of such a the world of modern psychology and spiritual web, there is logically no such thing as a part.

We are a Whole. David Bohm said in hate or love someone. Within us, we find much his book The Implicate Order that primary physi- broader abilities. We can feel both love and hate, cal laws cannot be discovered by a science that and all the emotions in between, for the same attempts to break the world into its parts. He person. We act responsibly. Anything rests. All is com- diate connection, in which their dynamical rela- posed of the same energy.

Thus, one is led and feminine. It contains both, the white light to a new notion of unbroken wholeness which and the velvet black void. Bohm states that the holographic view of other, not "real" opposites.

In this system, the the universe is a jumping-off place to begin to dualism is being used to propel us forward into understand the implicate enfolded and explicate unity. The hologram concept states that every piece is an exact representation of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the entire Beyond Dualism—The Hologram hologram.

In , Dennis Gabor received a Nobel Physicists have found that particles can be Prize for constructing the first hologram. It was waves at the same time because they are not real a lensless photograph in which a wave field of physical waves like sound or water waves, but light scattered by an object was recorded as an rather they are probability waves.

Probability interference pattern on a plate. When the holo- waves do not represent probabilities of things, gram or photograph recording is placed in a la- but rather probabilities of interconnections.

This ser or coherent light beam, the original wave is a tough concept to understand, but essentially pattern is regenerated in a three-dimensional the physicists are saying there is no such thing image. Every piece of the hologram is an exact as a "thing.

Karl Pribram, a renowned brain re- Our old world of solid objects and the deter- searcher, has accumulated evidence over a dec- ministic laws of nature is now dissolved into a ade that the brain's deep structure is essentially world of wave-like patterns of interconnections.

The whole universe appears as a dy- the brain structures sight, hearing, taste, smell namic web of inseparable energy patterns. The and touch holographically. The information is universe is thus defined as a dynamic insepara- distributed throughout the system, so that each ble whole which always includes the observer in fragment can produce the information of the an essential way.

He states that the brain employs a holo- Every observation creates an effect on the ob- graphic process to abstract from a holographic served pattern.

We are not just part of the pat- domain that transcends time and space. Para- tern; we are the pattern. It is us and we are it, psychologists have searched for the energy that only the term "it" now needs to be abandoned might transmit telepathy, psychokinesis and and replaced with some other, more appropriate healing.

From the point of view of the holo- term to release the blocks we experience in our graphic universe, these events emerge from fre- brains when we try to communicate.

They are poten- of interconnections" or "dynamic web of insepa- tially simultaneous and everywhere. Therefore, dimensional space. As in the case studies I have if we become aware of this and allow that inter- already presented, I "saw" the events of Ed's connectedness into our cognitive processes, we puberty when he broke his coccyx because he can be aware of all events independent of all carried that experience with him in his energy time.

But as soon as we say "we," we have fallen field. The "shaft" of the lover can be perceived back into dualism. It is hard to experience this in the present energy field, and the clairvoyant connectedness when our major experience of can apparently go back in time and witness the life is dualistic. Holistic awareness will be outside event as it happened. A great many of the expe- linear time and three-dimensional space and therefore riences related in this book require more than will not be easily recognized.

We must practice ho- three dimensions for explanation; many of them listic experience to be able to recognize it. The ability to see Meditation is one way of transcending the inside the body at any level with a varying reso- limits of the linear mind and allows the connect- lution could imply the use of additional dimen- edness of all things to become an experiential sions.

The ability to perceive events from the reality. This reality is very hard to communicate past by simply asking for that information, or to in words, because we use words in a linear fash- see a probable event and then to change that ion. We need to develop vocabulary by which event by intervening through the healing proc- we can lead each other into these experiences.

The ability to In Japanese Zen meditation, the masters give see an event that will take place in the future students a short phrase to concentrate on. The goes beyond linear time. Here is one of the aura, we will be steeped in dualism; that is, my favorites: We will use terms like "my field" and "her find myself stretching out into the universe on a aura," etc.

This is dualistic. I must apologize for pattern of unheard sound that seems to flow on this and say that frankly, at this point, I am quite forever. From the holographic framework of reality Superluminal Connectedness each piece of the aura not only represents, but also contains, the whole. Bell published a also by invisible organizing fields. These fields mathematical proof called Bell's theorem. Bell's are causative because they serve as blueprints theorem mathematically supports the concept for form and behavior.

These fields have no en- that subatomic "particles" are connected in ergy in the normal sense of the word because some way that transcends space and time, so their effect reaches across the time and space that anything that happens to one particle af- barriers normally applied to energy. That is, fects other particles. This effect is immediate their effect is just as strong at a distance as it is and does not need "time" to be transmitted.

Einstein's relativity theory stated that it is im- According to this hypothesis, whenever one possible for a particle to travel faster than the member of a species learns a new behavior, the speed of light. In Bell's theorem, effects can be causative field for the species is changed, how- "superluminal," or faster than the speed of ever slightly.

If the behavior is repeated for long light. Bell's theorem has now been supported by enough, its "morphic resonance" affects the en- experimentation. We are now talking about a tire species. Sheldrake called this invisible ma- phenomenon that, stands outside Einstein's the- trix a "morphogenetic field," from morph, ory of relativity.

We are trying to go beyond the "form," and genesis, "coming into being. Rather than form tific equipment advances, allowing us to probe being determined by physical laws outside of deeper into matter with more sensitivity, we time, it depends on morphic resonance across find phenomena that cannot be explained by the time.

This means that morphic fields can propa- current theory. When this kind of probing hap- gate across space and time and that past events pened in the late s, the discovery of electric- could influence other events everywhere else.

When it his book, Lifetide: The Biology of Consciousness, in happened again in the s, atomic power rev- which he describes what is now popularly called olutionized the worlds It appears that we are the Hundredth Monkey Principle. Watson now headed into another period of tremendous found that after a group of monkeys learned a change.

If physicists learn how this instantane- new behavior, suddenly other monkeys on other ous connectedness works, we could conceivably islands with no possible "normal" means of learn to be consciously aware of our instantane- communication learned that behavior, too. David Bohm in the journal Revisions This would obviously revolutionize communica- states that the same thing is true for quantum tion.

It would also drastically change how we physics. He says the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen interact with each other. This instantaneous con- experiment showed that there would be nonlo- nection may provide us with the ability to read cal connections, or subtle connections of distant each others' minds whenever we want to. We particles. So there would be a wholeness about could know what is going on in each other and the system such that the formative field could truly understand each other deeply.

We may not be attributed to that particle alone. It could also see more clearly how our thoughts, feelings only be attributed to the whole. Thus something energy fields and actions affect the world happening to distant particles can affect the for- much more than we previously thought. Bohm goes on to state that "the notion of timeless laws that gov- ern the universe doesn't seem to hold up, be- Morphogenetic Fields cause time itself is part of the necessity that developed.

Once we associate are realized, is similar in that sense to the crea- ourselves with energy fields, higher conscious- tive reality which gives rise to new wholes in the ness becomes associated with higher frequency evolutionary process.

The creative process could and greater coherency. There we exist in more than one world. Our higher bodies higher auric frequen- cies are of a higher order and are more con- Multi-Dimensional Reality nected to others7 higher bodies than are our physical bodies. As our awareness progresses Jack Sarfatti, another physicist, suggests in Psy- into higher frequencies and higher bodies, we choenergetic Systems that the way superluminal become more and more connected until we are connectedness can exist is through a higher eventually one with the universe.

Using his con- plane of reality. He suggests that "things" are cept, the meditative experience, then, can be more connected or events more "correlated" on defined as an experience of raising our con- a plane of reality "above" ours, and that sciousness to a higher frequency so that it can "things" in that plane are connected through an then experience the reality of our higher bodies, even higher plane.

Thus by reaching to a higher our higher consciousness and the higher worlds plane we may be able to understand how instan- we exist in. So let us look more now at the energy field phenomena to see what experimental science can tell us. Conclusion Physicists state that there are no basic building blocks of matter, rather that the universe is an inseparable whole; a vast web of interacting in- Chapter 4 Review terweaving probabilities.

Bohms work shows that the manifest universe arises out of this 1. How have scientific views influenced our whole. I suggest that since we are inseparable self-concepts? Why is the view of a fixed physical world im- state of being, become the whole, and tap into practical to us now?

What was so important about Faraday's and neously heal anyone anywhere. Some healers Maxwell's contributions to the ideas about can do this to a certain extent by merging and how the world works?

What is superluminal connectedness and Becoming a healer means to move toward what is its significance in our daily lives? How can the idea of multidimensional reality ence as love by reidentifying self with and be- help describe the HEF? One stepping stone to this wholeness is to let go of our limited self definitions based on our Newto- Food For Thought nian past of separated parts and to identify our- selves with being energy fields. If we can 6. Imagine yourself as a hologram. How does integrate that reality into our lives in a practical that unlimit you?

When the yin and fields or bioplasmic forms, their traditions over yang are balanced, the living system exhibits 5, years in all the parts of the globe are con- physical health; when they are unbalanced, a sistent with the observations scientists have re- diseased state results.

Overly powerful yang cently begun to make. Predomi- nant yin makes for insufficient functioning. Ei- ther imbalance results in physical illness.

The Spiritual Tradition ancient art of acupuncture focuses on balancing the yin and the yang. Adepts of all religions speak of experiencing or Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical theosophy seeing light around people's heads. Through which began around B. Christian reli- prayer, they reach states of expanded conscious- gious paintings portray Jesus and other spiritual ness which open their latent High Sense Percep- figures surrounded by fields of light.

In the Old tion abilities. Testament, there are numerous references to Ancient Indian spiritual tradition, over 5, light around people and lights appearing, but years old, speaks of a universal energy called over the centuries these phenomena lost their Prana. This universal energy is seen as the basic original meaning. For example, Michelangelo's constituent and source of all life.

Prana, the statue of Moses shows karnaeem as two horns on breath of life, moves through all forms and gave his head rather than the two beams of light the them life. Yogis practice manipulating this en- word originally referred to. In Hebrew, this ergy through breathing techniques, meditation word can mean either horn or light. The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium B. All matter, animate and inani- the Native American Medicine People, the Ti- mate, is composed of and pervaded with this betan and Indian Buddhists, the Japanese Zen universal energy.

He also found many properties Energy Field in detail. Recently many with mod- were unique to the odic force. He determined ern scientific training have been able to add ob- that the poles of a magnet exhibit not only mag- servations on a concrete, physical level.

Poles of the Scientific Tradition: Furthermore, he determined ergy pervading all nature has been held by that opposite poles do not attract as in electro- many western scientific minds. This vital en- magnetism. He found that with the odic force ergy, perceived as a luminous body, was first re- like poles attract—or like attracts like.

This is a corded in the western literature by the very important auric phenomenon, as we will Pythagoreans around B. They held that its see later.

He early 12th century saw that humans have an en- found that the greatest concentration of this en- ergy that can cause an interaction between indi- ergy lay within the red and blue-violet ranges of viduals at a distance. They reported that one the solar spectrum. Von Reichenbach stated that person can have a healthful or unhealthful effect opposite charges produced subjective feelings of on another simply by his presence.

The scholar warmth and cold in varying degrees of power Paracelsus in the middle ages called this energy that he was able to relate to the periodic table "Dliaster" and said that "Uliaster" is composed through a series of blind tests.

All electroposi- of both a vital force and a vital matter. The math- tive elements gave the subjects feelings of ematician Helmont in the s visualized a uni- warmth and produced unpleasant sensations; versal fluid that pervades all nature and is not a all electronegative elements fell on the cool, corporeal or a condensable matter, but a pure agreeable side, with the degree of intensity of vital spirit that penetrates all bodies. Leibnitz, sensation paralleling their position in the peri- the mathematician, wrote that the essential ele- odic table.

These sensations varying from warm ments of the universe are centers of force con- to cool corresponded with the spectral colors taining their own wellspring of motion.

Other properties of the universal energy Von Reichenbach found that the odic field phenomena were observed in the s by Hel- could be conducted through a wire, that the ve- mont and Mesmer, who originated Mesmerism, locity of conduction was very slow approxi- which became hypnotism. This cal conductivity of the material. Further, objects suggested that a field, in some ways analogous could be charged with this energy in a way simi- to an electromagnetic field, might exist.

Count Wilhelm Von Reichenbach spent 30 Other experiments demonstrated that part of years during the mids experimenting with this field could be focused like light through a the "field," which he called the "odic" force. He lens, while another part would flow around the found that it exhibited many properties that lens similar to the manner in which a candle were similar to the electromagnetic field that flame flows around objects placed in its path.

He devel- air currents, suggesting the composition is simi- oped Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis lar to a gaseous fluid. These experiments show and healing from a distance, utilizing the hu- the auric field has properties that suggest it to man biological energy field. His most impres- be both particulate in nature like fluid and also sive works are photographs taken using the energetic like light waves.

These photographs Von Reichenbach found that the force in the showed internal formations of diseases in living human body produced a polarity similar to that tissue, such as tumors and cysts within the liver, present in crystals along their major axes. Based tuberculosis of the lungs and malignant brain on this experimental evidence, he described the tumors. Even a live three-month-old fetus was left side of the body as a - pole and the right photographed in utero. This is a concept similar to the Dr.

Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist and col- ancient Chinese yin and yang principles men- league of Freud in the early part of the 20th cen- tioned earlier. Reich developed a psychotherapeutic Medical Doctors modality in which Freudian analytic techniques for uncovering the unconscious are integrated We can see from the preceding paragraphs that with physical techniques for releasing blockages studies up to the 20th century were conducted to the natural flow of orgone energy in the body.

Since many medical doctors have become In the period of the s through the s, interested in the phenomenon as well. Reich experimented with these energies using In , Dr.

William Kilner, a medical doctor, the latest electronic and medical instrumen- reported' on his studies of the Human Energy tation at that time. He observed this energy Field as seen through colored screens and fil- pulsating in the sky and around all organic ters. He described having seen glowing mist and inanimate objects. He observed pulsations around the whole body in three zones: One luminosity with indefinite contours about 6 was the "accumulator," which was capable of inches across.

Kilner found that the appearance concentrating orgone energy and which he used of the "aura" as he called it differs considera- to charge objects with this energy.

He observed bly from subject to subject depending on age, that a vacuum discharge tube would conduct a sex, mental ability and health. Certain diseases current of electricity at a potential considerably showed as patches or irregularities in the aura, lower than its normal discharge potential after which led Kilner to develop a system of diagno- being charged for a long period of time in an sis on the basis of the color, texture, volume and accumulator.

Further, he claimed to increase the general appearance of the envelope. Some dis- nuclear decay rate of a radioisotope by placing it eases he diagnosed in this way were liver infec- in an orgone accumulator.

Lawrence Bendit and Phoebe Bendit psychological disturbances like hysteria. George De La Warr s and related these fields to health, healing and Dr. Ruth Drown built new instruments to and soul development. In physics, this is called of the powerful etheric formative forces which impedance matching or mismatching. Each ad- are the foundations of health and healing in the jacent tissue is 'impedance matched,' which body. Schafica Karagulla has all the tissue. Surgery or illness changes the im- correlated visual observations made by sensi- pedance matching so that the energy is to some tives to physical disorder.

For instance, a clair- degree dissipated rather than transferred " voyant named Dianne was able to observe the Dr.

John Pierrakos has developed a system energy patterns of ill people and to describe of diagnosis and treatment of psychological dis- very accurately what the medical problems orders based on visual and pendulum-derived were—from brain disorders to obstructions in observations of HEF. The information from his the colon. These observations of the etheric observations of the energy bodies is combined body reveal a vital energy body or field which with body psychotherapeutic methods devel- forms a matrix which interpenetrates the dense oped in Bio-Energetics and with conceptual physical body like a sparkling web of light work developed by Eva Pierrakos.

This process, beams. This energetic matrix is the basic pattern called Core Energetics, is a unified process of upon which the physical matter of the tissues is inner healing which concentrates working shaped and anchored. The tissues exist as such through the defenses of the ego and personality only because of this vital field behind them.

Hands of Light: Light Emerging (Barbara Brennan)

Core Energetics Dr. Karagulla also correlated chakra distur- seeks to balance all the bodies physical, etheric, bance with illness. For example, the sensitive emotional, mental and spiritual to effect a har- Dianne described the chakra at the throat of a monious healing of the whole person.

When Dianne looked at the thyroid itself, that light emissions from the human body are it was too spongy and soft in texture. The right closely related to health. I propose that it is very side of the thyroid was not functioning as well important to find a way to quantify these light as the left. This patient was diagnosed through emissions with reliable, standardized light mea- normal medical techniques as having Graves' suring instrumentation to make this information disease, which causes enlarged thyroid, the available to the medical profession for clinical di- right being the larger lobe.

Dora Kunz, President of the American ment. Section of the Theosophical Society, has worked My colleagues and I have conducted a num- for many years with the medical profession and ber of experiments to measure the HEF. In one, in healing. She has observed in The Spiritual As- Dr. Richard Dobrin, Dr. John Pierrakos and I pects of the Healing Arts that, "when the vital measured the light level at a wavelength of field is healthy, there is within it a natural auton- around nanometers in a darkroom before, omous rhythm," and that, "each organ in the during and after individuals were there.

Results body has its corresponding energetic rhythm in show a slight increase of light in the darkroom the etheric field. Between the spheres of the var- when people are in it. In one case, the light level ious organs, the different rhythms interact as if actually decreased; someone who was very ex- a transfer function were occurring; when the hausted and full of despair was in the dark- body is whole and healthy, these rhythms trans- room. In another experiment, done with the fer easily from organ to organ.

However, with United Nations Parapsychology Club, we were pathology, the rhythms as well as the energy able to show part of the auric field on black and levels are changed. For example, the residue of a white television, with the use of a device called surgical appendectomy can be perceived in the a colorizer.

This device enables one to amplify field. The physical tissues that are now adjacent greatly light intensity variations close to the to each other have an altered energy transfer body. In another experiment, conducted at function from the one that was previously mod- Drexel University, with Dr.

Valorie Hunt and with auric energy. All these experiments helped others at UCLA. In a study of the effects of rolf- support the evidence for the existence of the en- ing on the body and psyche "A Study of Struc- ergy fields but were not conclusive. Results tural Neuromuscular Energy Field and were shown nationally on NBC television, but Emotional Approaches" , she recorded the fre- further research was not conducted because of quency of low millivoltage signals from the body lack of funding.

He did Simultaneously, with the recording of the elec- this work in a darkroom, using a low-light-level tronic signals, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Heal- movie camera. Zheng Rongliang, of Lanzhou University the auras of both the rolfer and the person being in the People's Republic of China, measured en- rolfed. Her comments were recorded on the ergy called "Qi" or "Ch'i" radiated from the same tape recorder as the electronic data.

She human body by using a biological detector made gave a running report of the color, size and en- from a leaf vein connected to a photoquantum ergy movements of the chakras and auric clouds device low-light measuring device. He studied involved. Both re- clairvoyant. Results of his studies show that the vealed remarkable results. Consistent wave detection system responds to the radiation in forms and frequencies correlated specifically the form of a pulse.

The pulse emanating from with the colors Rev. Bruyere reported. In other the hand of the Qigong Master is much different words, when Rev. Bruyere observed blue in the than that of the clairvoyant. Hunt repeated the same experiment very low frequency sound wave that appears as with seven other aura readers.

They saw auric a low-frequency fluctuating carrier wave. Popow Orange Hz announced the discovery that living organisms Red Hz emit energy, vibrations at a frequency between Violet , plus ; and 2, nanometers. They called this en- Hz ergy the biofield, or bioplasma. They found that White Hz persons capable of successful bioenergy transfer have a much wider and stronger biofield.

These These frequency bands, except for the extra findings have been confirmed at the Medical bands at blue and violet, are in reverse order Sciences Academy in Moscow, and are sup- of rainbow color sequence. Another ex- as well as the energy being measured. Hunt says, "Throughout the centuries in shoulders that many of us live with. This comes which sensitives have seen and described the from holding fear or anxiety in the shoulders. The fact that the color frequencies discov- ered here do not duplicate those of light or pig- ment does not negate the finding.

When we Conclusion realize that what we see as colors are frequen- cies picked up by the eye, differentiated and al- If we define the Human Energy Field as all lotted a word symbol, then there is nothing to fields or emanations from the human body, we indicate that the eye and the brain processing can see that many well-known components of centers interpret color only in high frequencies.

The ultimate criterion for the experience of color These are the electrostatic, magnetic, electro- is the visual interpretation.

However, with finer magnetic, sonic, thermal and visual components instruments, improved recording and data re- of the HEF.

All these measurements are consis- duction techniques, these data, now primarily tent with normal physiological processes of the up to 1, Hz, may very readily contain much body and go beyond them to provide a vehicle higher frequencies.

Hunt also stated that "chakras frequently Dr. Hunt's measurements show definite fre- carried the colors stated in the metaphysical lit- quencies for definite colors of the aura. These erature, i. Activity in certain laboratory equipment involved.

Bestselling Series

The heart chakra was consistently the HEF to be particulate in nature and to have most active. Subjects had many emotional expe- fluid-like motion, like air or water currents. These find- cording to some investigators. When charged ings give credence to the belief that memory of minute particles move together in clouds they experiences is stored in body tissue. Plas- For example, when someone's legs are being mas follow certain physical laws that lead physi- rolfed, he may very well relive early childhood cists to consider them to be a state between experiences of potty training.

He will not only energy and matter. Many of the properties of remember the experience, but emotionally relive the HEF measured in the laboratory suggest a it. Many times parents try to potty train a child fifth state of matter which some scientists call before the child's body has made the brain- "bioplasma. An additional model the sphincter, he will compensate by squeezing based on the concept of an organizing energy the thigh muscles.

This puts a great deal of field needs to be developed. The model of a stress and strain on the body. Many times this complicated electromagnetic field EMF does strain is held habitually throughout life, or until not completely serve this purpose. Many of the deep bodywork like rolfing or bioenergetics is psychic phenomena associated with the HEF, done.

Here at last is a theory model. Valorie Hunt, the body can tem. How has the HEF been measured? When did human beings first learn about the brain research appears to provide a truly unify- auric phenomenon?

When was the aura first observed in the 19th terpretation of' all biological findings on another century and by whom? Bulletin that "the holistic model has been de- 5. From the point of view of theoretical and ex- scribed as the 'emerging paradigm,' an integral perimental science today, what is a good theory that would catch all the wonderful wild- model to account for the HEF phenomenon?

Now I see that we move through energy fields, I became skeptical and confused. Of formation as the soul forms, grows and moves course, as a scientist I knew about energy fields, toward God. Were they, really there? Did esoteric books written on the subject of the aura they have meaning?

Was I fabricating my experi- and energy fields. The colors correlated; the ences? Was it wishful thinking, or was I experi- movements, shapes and forms correlated. Most encing another dimension of reality that had of what I read, I usually read after making my meaning, was orderly and was very helpful in observations, as if that unseen hand made sure I understanding my present life circumstances first experienced a phenomenon before reading and, in fact, life as a whole?

I now all happened in the past to someone I didn't firmly believe. A lot seemed hearsay and fantasy The which moves through and permeates my entire physicist part of me needed observation and life like a song, ever carrying me on to new ex- control to prove these phenomena "real or un- periences, new lessons, as I grow and develop real.

I believed, with Einstein, that "God doesn't play dice with the Universe. But there was always a little more in the grass on a nice sunny day and gaze at the there, always something left unknown, unex- blue sky. After some time you will be able to see plainable, a mystery. I came to realize how bor- the tiny globules of orgone making squiggly pat- ing life would be without the unknown mystery terns against the blue sky.

They seem to be tiny always dancing before us as we move white balls, sometimes with a black spot, that through. Time and space? When you con- that there are no globules in this haze. But if tinue this observation and expand your vision, you look closer, you will see the globules at the you will begin to see that the whole field pul- edge of the green haze changing their squiggly sates in a synchronized rhythm.

On sunny days pattern and flowing into the aura of the tree, these tiny balls of energy will be bright and where they disappear.

Apparently the tree's move fast. On cloudy days they will be more aura is absorbing the tiny globules. The green translucent, move slowly and be fewer in num- around the tree appears in the leafing stage, ber.

In a smoggy city they are fewer, dark, and during spring and summer. Earlier in the very slow moving. They are undercharged. The spring, the aura of most trees has a pink-reddish most abundant and most brightly charged glob- hue, similar to the color of the reel buds of the tiles I observed were in the Swiss Alps, where trees. Apparently see a similar phenomenon. Put the plant under sunlight charges the globules. Now shift your gaze to the edge of treetops You may see lines of blue-green flashing up the against the blue sky.

You may see a green haze plant along the leaves in the direction of growth. Curiously, you may also notice They will suddenly flash; then the color slowly Figure These lines will react to layered and complicated patterns that can be your hand, or a piece of crystal, if you bring used in healing.

For example, the amethyst has them near the aura of the plant. As you draw a golden aura, with golden rays streaking out the crystal away from the plant, you will see the from its naturally faceted points.

They pull like taffy. See Figure Characteristics of the Universal I once tried to see the phantom leaf effect, Energy Field which is so widely talked about in Kirlian pho- tography. Through the methods of Kirlian pho- As stated in Chapter 5, the UEF has been known tography, people have been able to photograph and observed throughout the ages. It has been an image of an entire leaf after half of it was cut studied as far back in history as we are able to away.

I observed the aura of the leaf. It was a reach. Each culture had a different name for the simple aqua-blue. When I cut the leaf, the aura energy field phenomenon and looked at it from of the entire leaf turned a bloody maroon.

I re- its particular viewpoint. When describing what coiled and apologized to the plant. When the it saw, each culture found similar basic proper- aqua-blue color reestablished itself in a minute ties in the UEF.

As time progressed and the sci- or two, it showed definite signs of the missing entific method was developed, western culture part, but not as clearly as I have seen on the began to investigate the UEF more rigorously.

Kirlian photographs. As the state of the art of our scientific equip- Inanimate objects also have an aura.

Most ment becomes more sophisticated, we are able personal objects become imbued with the en- to measure finier qualities of the UEF. From ergy of the owner and radiate this energy. However, it causes us to reach out with considered matter to be. If we define matter as our minds to understand all of the properties condensed energy, the UEF may exist between that it has.

Thereareno etheric vortexes in the Taoist version, little or no psychological associations, and there are more centers. Moreover,the microcosmic orbit, as it's name indicates, is a a dynamic conception involving the circulation of Ch'i energy.

In the formulation of Barbara Brennan, although front and rear chakras are paired, there is no conception of a circulation of energy in a microcosm orbit that Mantak Chia speaks of, nor is reference made to the Inner line of chakras as represented in tantric yogic iconography. I would suggets here that both are describing the same realities, with the centers often in exactly the same locations, albeit from different points of view.

The circulation of ch'i is a higher movement over the vortex in- and out-take of cosmic energy. One could even bring in Kabbalah here as the macrocosmic equivalent.

My understanding is what are described here are what I have termed the "Secondary chakras" - i. By studying phenomena like chakras, auras, nadis, etc, we understand more of the nature of the subtle body indicated in the illustration below.From this information is developed a Part V deals with the process of spiritual model of the HEF to use for both psychological healing. This energy body - only recently verified by scientists, but long known to healers and mystics - is the starting point of an illness.

I wish also to thank my healing teachers the Rev. I realized that the trees ergy field, which I call the Human Energy Field were larger than they appeared to the visible that exists around each of us. Bulletin that "the holistic model has been de- 5.

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