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UEFA EURO Full Time table with time in IST, venue info and PDF tournament – only behind the FIFA World Cup – in the UEFA Euro. Match schedule. V. EURO SAS: structure and organisation. . European Nations' Cup was renamed the UEFA European Football Championship in pdf. French broadcasters. 51 matches. 22 matches. 11 matches. slide 1: Final Euro Cup Game Schedule Euro Cup Game schedule has been announced Are you ready to Support your favourite.

Euro Cup 2016 Schedule Pdf

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Euro Schedule Fixtures PDF, Excel and Word all groups nice and beautiful – Download free UEFA European Championship Match Schedule, Live. 15th Edition of Men's Football tournament of UEFA Euro or UEFA European Championship tournament are schedule to take place at. The UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro or simply 25 April ^ "UEFA Euro Match Schedule" (PDF).

Sport events may offer an escape from these routines and provide the extra dose of excitement, arousal and emotionality modern individuals are longing for. Secondly, it seems plausible to assume that success of national athletes at international sporting events is related to symbolic benefits.

Hence, happiness can result from identification with victorious athletes and teams. Hence, leisure pursuits which involve socializing and provide a sense of belonging satisfy social needs and, in turn, foster SWB Sirgy et al.

Hence, it can be claimed with some plausibility that international sporting events can potentially affect the well-being of at least some people in a country and — maybe under specific conditions — of a nation as a whole, too.

2016 UEFA Euro Championship Complete Match Schedule in IST (Indian Standard Time)

However, if any general, nation-wide effect on SWB exists, the large-scale study presented here further allows specifying effects for various sub-groups, i. The panel design, the representativeness of the sample and the exact timing of the data collection over the course of the EURO are unique characteristics of the present study.

These characteristics and procedures allow for more reliable conclusions compared to previous studies regarding the relationship between major sporting events and life satisfaction. Moreover, the inclusion of a third measurement point two months after the EURO allows for assessing the longevity of any sport-related effect on life satisfaction. State of Research One of the main constructs in SWB research is life satisfaction, usually conceived as a cognitive and rather stable judgement of individual life quality Diener et al.

However, prior studies point to the reactivity of life satisfaction ratings to incidental daily occurrences Emmons and McCullough ; Reis et al. Hence, there is an ongoing debate about potential impacts of single events on individual ratings of life quality. Hosting Major Sporting Events and Well-Being These debates are also prevalent in the domain of sport where sociologists and economists have increasingly addressed the relationship between major sport events and life satisfaction.

However, studies have provided mixed and inconclusive results. Some studies have addressed the effects of hosting a major sport event on well-being. It was demonstrated that life satisfaction increases at country level when this country is hosting a major sport event like the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup Kavetsos and Szymanski ; Kavetsos Positive effects of hosting such events are also detectable at the individual level.

Similar results were found in Sydney after the Olympic Games Waitt Smaller gains in subjective well-being were reported for residents of Rio de Janeiro after the FIFA World Cup , but only if they perceived the atmosphere during the event positively Pfitzner and Koenigstorfer However, this effect lasted for less than three months. Finally, Londoners reported increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction during the Olympic Summer Games compared to a baseline measure one year before Dolan et al.

Moreover, the London data are also compared to a control group of residents from Berlin and Paris, whose life satisfaction did not increase considerably during the Olympics. This design lends additional support to the notion that hosting the event has caused the effect. National Athletic Success and Well-Being Although major sport events may have a high potential for increasing well-being in the host country, this is, admittedly, a very rare occasion for many nation states.

Some studies have thus focused on the potential role of athletic success. However, other major sport events e.

Using several waves of the Eurobarometer surveys, Kavetsos showed that nations which reached higher stages in the UEFA EURO reported significantly larger levels of life satisfaction afterwards. However, the assumed feel-good effect of national athletic success finds little support in a recent analysis based on data from the International Social Survey Programme ISSP , were sporting success was not directly linked to well-being Pawlowski et al.

Likewise, Doerrenberg and Siegloch , using data of unemployed people from several waves of the German Socio-Economic Panel SOEP , did not find support for the notion that football tournaments positively impact life satisfaction. Instead, they even find a rather strong negative effect of such tournaments in the case of unemployed men. It is concluded from these findings that national success in sport generates happiness and pride in the population.

However, it is a matter of debate whether or not willingness to pay for victories is a valid measure for happiness. Studies have shown that witnessing sporting success of athletes of the own nation increases patriotic pride Elling et al.

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Moreover, it was demonstrated that identification with athletes and sport teams is associated with reduced feelings of loneliness and alienation Branscombe and Wann ; Wann et al. In the same study, a reduction in negative affect has been demonstrated among Spanish supporters when their national team advanced to the final and won the World Cup.

A study among supporters of Japanese football teams suggests that wins leads to positive emotions among fans whereas a loss foster negative emotions Kerr et al. Further evidence for the emotionality associated with sports comes from a study demonstrating that losses of local football teams are associated with increasing rates of family violence Card and Dahl Hence all these studies lend support to the notion that sport events may impact on SWB by triggering positive or negative emotions in individuals.

Aims of the Present Study The study at hand contributes to the state of research especially because methodological shortcomings of prior studies were avoided. Prior research on the relationship of sporting success with happiness and life satisfaction has mainly applied cross-sectional research designs, which cannot account for causality. Poland — Saint-Denis 9 p. ET slide 3: Friday June 17 Italy vs.

Sweden — Toulouse 3 p. ET Czech Republic vs. Croatia — Saint-Etienne 6 p. ET Spain vs. Turkey — Nice 9 p. ET Saturday June 18 Belgium vs. Republic of Ireland — Bordeaux 3 p.

ET Iceland vs. Hungary — Marseille 6 p. Austria — Paris 9 p. ET Sunday June 19 Romania vs. Albania — Lyon 9 p. ET Switzerland vs. France — Lille 9 p. ET Monday June 20 Russia vs.

UEFA Euro 2016 full PDF guide

Wales — Toulouse 9 p. ET Slovakia vs. England — Saint-Etienne 9 p. ET slide 4: Tuesday June 21 Ukraine vs.

Poland — Marseille 6 p. ET Northern Ireland vs. Germany — Paris 6 p.

Turkey — Lens 9 p. ET Croatia vs. Spain — Bordeaux 9 p. ET Wednesday June 22 Iceland vs.

Austria — Saint-Denis 6 p. ET Hungary vs. Portugal — Lyon 6 p. ET Italy vs. Republic of Ireland — Lille 9 p. ET Sweden vs. Belgium — Nice 9 p.

Runner of Group C Saint-Etienne 3 p. ET Winner of B Group vs.


ET Winner of D Group vs. ET slide 5: Sunday June 26 Winner of A vs. ET Winner of C vs. ET Winner of group F vs. Runner up of Group E Toulouse 9 p. Runner of Group D Saint-Denis 6 p. ET Runner up of group B vs. Runner up of group F Nice 9 p. ET slide 6: W39 Marseille 9 p. ET Friday July 1 W38 vs. W42 Lille 9 p. ET Saturday July 2 W41 vs. W43 Bordeaux 9 p.

ET Sunday July 3 W40 vs. W44 Saint-Denis 9 p. ET slide 7: Winner 46 Lyon 9 p. ET Thursday July 7 W47 vs. W48 Marseille 9 p. ET Final of Euro Cup The day before the tournament, fighting broke out between local youths and England fans in Marseille; police dispersed the local youths with tear gas. In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary.

Sergei Karasev Russia. The following suspensions were served during the tournament: In fact, fans can already create an account on UEFA's Euro ticket portal to register their interest in tickets for the competition. Round of 16 — 1F vs 2E. Retrieved 20 July About Contact Us F.

England — and their fans — were placed in offshore Cagliari. Posting comment

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