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Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 (1).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. its ten fifty b. c. Practice 1 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. .. bioskop: restoran: taman ria:kebun binatang: musium: toko buku: sekolah .. Rangkuman Materi Dan Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 - 6 SD. Buku Bahasa Inggris Sd Kelas 5 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. buku paket bahasa inggris kelas 5. Buku Gratis PDF Bahasa Inggris (english In Focus) Untuk SMP Kelas 9 - English in Focus for . 5 English Verbs to describe READING - Intermediate Level English Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti Untuk SD Kelas 1 Kurikulum - PijarKita.

Gratis Ebook Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Sd

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DOWNLOAD THIS PDF FILE NOW! Please, help me to find this modul bahasa inggris kelas 5 sd pdf. . I found one site (database) with millions of pdf ebooks, programs, music, films, etc, but I don't know if there is modul. BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SD KELAS 4 1. Hadi Kurniawan 5 Chapter 5 B. Circle True or False! 1. Amanda is NOT my best friend. True False 2. 5. What are Amanda's hobbies? 5. Dia (pr) tinggi dan cantik. . Download pdf. ×Close . BUKU BAHASA INGGRIS SMA KELAS XII (BSE) BY: ACHMAD DODDY . I borrow the commitment at www. the book now? wildlifeprotection.info I think there's a possibility you can download the programme. .. many single people prefer to Ind iv id uals and gro up s d iffer sharp ly o n the live with their family. methods.

How do you do d. How are you 8. I am fine, Thanks love Not good, Thanks a. Hello, My friends, My Name d. Shool 9. My book Football with them. How old are you Rendi? Her father b. She wants to make a line, she needs a Tina a. Where does her mother buy the book?


My mother gives me a cake, because i get c. Waht is your Hobby Budi?? My hobby is My Hobby is Playing badminton, i need d.

Nina is never late to school. Ballstudent b. Racket c. Pan a. Shuttlecock b. Rina is My sister, Her hobby is Cooking, d. I have a book, d. Wahat book does writer have?

What day does Writer Like??

Who buys an english book for Rina? Sunday 3. Monday Wednesday d. Friday a. How many days are there in a week?? Read the following texts for questions 27 to a. My birthday is on august What days is after Sunday?? Now I am eleven years old. His birthday is on April the fourth. On my birthday, my a. Monday father usually gives me a birthday present.

Wednesday Sometimes on my birthday we go to the beach. Tuesday d. Friday When is Sarah Birthday? According to the text, what day was a. It is September the ninthyesterday?? It is on April the fourth c. It is August the ninth a. Sunday d. It is August the fifth b.

Monday c. Wednesday Does Sarahs father give Sarah a birthday d. Friday present on her birthday? Arrange into good word! Yes, he does b. No, he isnt a. How old is Sarah now? She is eleven years old c. She is ten years old d. She is eight years old d. She is nine years old Where do they go on Sarahs birthday? Namsan Tower istower in the world. This statue isin Indonesia tua. Reading My mother I have a big family, with 6 children. Its a confuse thing to manage our house, but I have a great mom, she always prepare our meals, she teaches us and helps us to do our homework.

My mother is not the most beautiful woman in the world but she is the most beautiful for us. Shes always kind to us, and shes never angry. Even my brother is naughty. Im very happy because I have the best mother in the world, and Im proud to be her daughter. How many children that the writer mentioned on the text? What does proud means? The word beautiful has the same meaning with? What is the opposite word of naughty?

Grammar focus Make sentences to say our occupation Positive: Are you a student? Practice 1 Change into English 1. Saya seorang petani 2. Ayah saya seorang dokter 3. Bibi saya seorang perawat 4. Ibu saya seorang pramuniaga 5. Kakak laki-laki saya seorang sekretaris 6.

Tetangga saya seorang pramugari 7. Pak Anthony seorang presiden direktur 8. Jenny seorang aktris 9. Mereka adalah dokter gigi Dia laki-laki seorang supir angkot.

Farmer seller Butcher carpenter Employee chairman Gardener servant Policeman policewoman Clerk buyer. Engineer architect Driver fireman Doctor nurse Postman dentist Waiter - waitress. Lesson 2 a. Reading My fathers Job My father is a farmer, he always goes to farm field every day, I always help him on Sunday. We plant corns, paddies and cassavas. When the harvest time comes, we always harvest it together, and sell it to the market, but we dont forget to share with our neighbor.

In future I want to be a farmer too. Practice Answer the question below based on the text above! What is his fathers job? What do they plant in the farm field? What day, does the writer help his father? Monday b. Sunday c. Friday d. Thursday 4. Do they sell the harvest? What is his willing in future?

Bahasa Inggris kelas 4.pdf

Practice 1 Make imperative sentence using Dont and No 1. Play 2. Park 3. Make noise 4. Chat 5. Sleep at class. Practice 2 Make imperative sentence using Dont be and Not being 1. Afraid 2. Greedy 3. Angry 4. Lazy 5. Excuse me, is there a cinema in town? Yes, there is: Would you show the way to go there? It is not far from here. Just go straight meters to the north and turn left on the crossroad. The cinema is in the corner of Pemuda Street and Pahlawan Street.

Thank you very much: Youre welcome: Excuse me, is there a post office around here? Yes, there is. Would you show me where it is? Just go straight in the road and turn left when you find a traffic light. Then you will find a school on your side. The post office is next to school. Thank you, Roland. Youre welcome. Practice Choose the right answer 1. I buy book and pencils in the a. Bank b. Book store c. Post office 2.

The policeman works in the a. Police station b. Post office c. Railway station 3. The Muslims pray in the a. Mosque b. Church c. Temple 4. We can see mini trains and merry go round in the a. Amusement park b. Museum c. Market 5. People go to the. Zoo b. Cinema c. Museum 6. We can see many historical things in the a. Museum b. Zoo c. Mosque 7. Airport b. Hospital c. Market 8. People catch the trains in the a. Bus station c. Railway station 9. The people save their money in the a.

Post Office c. Market The students study in the. Cinema b. School c. Zoo English. Reading My town I live in a small town. My town is small but it is clean and comfortable. The people in the town are kinds and friendly. They like to help each other. The town has complete public facilities. There is a bank for the people who want save their money. There is a hospital and drugstore as the health facilities.

The town has also some place to get entertainment like cinema, Amusement park, Museum, and Zoo. I and my family like to go to the places in the week end.

There is a post office near my house. So, I can send letters for my pen pals easily. My school is also not too far from my house so that I never come late to school. I love living in my town. Answer these questions based on the text above! Is the town is big? How are the people in the town? Does the town have complete public facilities? Where can people save their money? Is the hospital in the town Are there recreation places in the town?

When does the writer usually go to the recreation places? What building is near to the writers house? Is the writers school far from her house? Does the writer like living in her town? Practice Example: Where is the zoo? The zoo is between mosque and amusement park.

Where is the hospital? Where is the book store? Sekolah berada di sudut jalan strawberry dan jalan pineapple Masjid berada di sudut jalan pineapple Terminal bis berada di depan taman ria Hotel berada di dekat kantor polisi Bank berada di dekat terminal bis.

The policeman works in the police station Mother buys fruits and vegetables in the market The museum is next to the books store The zoo is in front of the hospital People save their money in the bank. I am doing sport exercise. It makes our body fit and healthy. By the way, you look so tired, Peter. I slept late last night. I studied hard for a test at school this morning. I think so. I have a headache too, now. What do you think about it? What should I do? I think, you should take a medicine and take a rest.

Practice these sentences Eat nutritious food Take enough rest Do sport exercise Take a bath twice a day Brush your teeth Wash your hair Drink a lot of water Wash your hand Cut your nail Clean your house. We must eat.. Fit b. Rest c Nutritious 2. I always.. Wash b. Eat c.

Clean 3. If I have toothache, I go to the.. Dentist b. Patient c. Nurse 4. The nurse uses a. To give an injection a. Stethoscope b. Syringe c. The doctor works in the. Hospital b. Drugstore 6. We can buy medicine in the. Drugstore 7. Ambulance b. Doctor 8. The doctor gives a.. Prescription c. Syringe 9. Eating too much candy can cause a. Headache b. Stomachache c. Toothache Nurse b. Dentist c. This E-Book is free and anyone can use this without permission, but if you dont mind, please attach my name wherever and whenever you use this.

Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 1. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Presented by tsabbitminami Unit 1 Telling Time What time is it? It is eleven oclock Lesson 1 a. Practice 1 1.

Free Download Ebook Bahasa Inggris Sd Kelas 5

Practice 2 Choose the right answer 1. Practice 4 Fill the time below whether its am or pm. Practice 6 Do 1.

Ordinal number 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th c. How many books are there on the table? There are five books on the table How many pencils are there?

Practice 1 Answer the question How many mangos are there in the basket? How many bowls are there? How many candles are there on the table? How many cakes are there? How many erasers are there? How many flowers are there? How many chairs are there? Days There are seven days in a week Monday is the first day of the week Tuesday is the second day of the week Wednesday is the third day of the week Thursday is the fourth day of the week Friday is the fifth day of the week Saturday is the sixth day of the week Sunday is the seventh day of the week b.

Practice 2 Fill 1. Grammar Focus Present continuous tense Present continuous tense is to tell action that is being happened now. Hair is to protect your Practice 2 Guess what in the short texts are.

Family tree Can you tell who are they? Practice Change into English 1. Lidya Mr. Deni Santika Mrs. Rosy Andy Santika Mita Santika a. DewiSantika Mr. Ricky Said Mr. Ferry Santika Mrs. Practice 1 Translate into English 1. Practice 2 Make sentences using but Example: Practice Answer the question below, based on the text above! Practice 2 Make sentences using and the first one has been done for you 1.

Student teacher I am a student and she is a teacher 2. Farmer seller Butcher carpenter Employee chairman Gardener servant Policeman policewoman Clerk buyer 8. Sleep at class d. Silly Lesson 2 a.

Conversation 1. Philip Renata Mr. Philip Renata 2. Arrange these words into good sentences 1. Sekolah berada di sudut jalan strawberry dan jalan pineapple Masjid berada di sudut jalan pineapple Terminal bis berada di depan taman ria Hotel berada di dekat kantor polisi Bank berada di dekat terminal bis student school the at study book store buy can books at we the dinner restaurant at a have they the to drugstore hospital next the is the corner the merdeka street museum in pahlawan street is of and Translate these sentences into Indonesian!

Conversation b. Andy Mary: Juno Daniel Juno Daniel: Mother Son Mother Son: Elisa Frida Simamora. Yantii Kosdodol Srg. Nurwahidah Hasanuddin. Asma Gatsu. Nurlaila Wulan Dari.

Philipus Sarono. Nuri Snm. Joe Tomcat.A contemporary novel, actually. Pro-choice supporters between human life and quality of life. I suggest you read the book. In addition, you can also use your introduce and mobile to text your friends or connect to present the the Net. Activity 2 Here is a story, but the paragraphs are not in order. India claims to have the oldest collection of b. Many people approve of abortion und er certain circumstance. Mention its moral values.


What is your religion? Dia tidak pernah bolos.

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