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The second edition of Gamma World in Gamma World Referee's Screen and Mini-Module (1st & 2nd Editions) · Gamma World (1st Edition) · Gamma. TSR Gamma World (2nd Edition) - dokument [*.pdf] TABLE OF CONTENTS THE BASIC RULES BOOKLET CONTAINS THE FIRST FIVE PARTS. • Design. Gamma World Rulebook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or TSR - - Gamma World Box Set (TSR ) [Searchable,Hi Quality] (2nd Edition).

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Now you are ready for the GAMMA WORLD game." Actually, there are 16 (2- sided) character sheets. -Wayne. TSR ISBN DabberDave's tribute to the post-apocalyptic game Gamma World. This site will focus on the 1st and 2nd editions of Gamma World, with additions / items from the 3rd 7 Aug Fixed the counters and added them in html/.doc/.pdf formats. I once years ago got the Gamma World pdf off of /tg/ Does anyone have 2nd edition is pretty much the definitive classic edition. It's old school.

It can also be played as a connected series of adventures played over an extended period of time. The Gamma World is a terrifying place To the inhabitants of North America in , the time before the 'social wars' is called the 'shadow years' since so little is known of it. Even the specific events that destroyed their nation are all but forgotten by these new Americans.

Legends persist, of course, but the truth of those legends may never be known. The world-wide holocaust simply wiped out too much. Lasers, atomic warheads, chemical and biological agents and geological weapons all did their terrible work. Oceans boiled. Continents buckled. The skies blazed with the light of unholy energies. By the time the violence subsided, the very face of the earth had changed. Much of North America, including most of Florida and the lower-lying Gulf area, California and parts of the Eastern seaboard were under water.

Mountains had fallen. Rivers that had been tamed for years careened wildly through the ruins of broken dams. Mutational defects may be found on the same chart as "normal" mutations, and are indicated by the letter "D".

The lack of even some of the more common mutations found in other beings makes them very vulnerable to physical or mental harm.

Without any of the heightened sense mutations, they often fail to perceive danger near them, and in combat situations PSH are limited to "normal" physical means and possess only a purely defensive mental strength. One might think that the PSH character is doomed. However, PSH characters have some advantages to themselves that compensate for their lack of mutations. The Pure Strain Human is a direct descendent of pre stock. PSH characters with proper identification will always be recognized by pre robotic units, and by the same token, can pass security checks that would block most mutants.

For this reason, many of the surviving Pure Strain Humans live in or near the ruins of ancient cities, and most are familiar, at least to some degree, with the technological functions occurring within the ruins.

All PSH characters automatically receive a bonus of three points to their dice roll for charisma but remember that the total cannot exceed Humanoids could in a sense be considered the "strongest" character type, as they have the mutations usually necessary for survival in GAMMA WORLD, but are still human enough to function, at least to a degree, within the remains of pre civilization.

Humanoids without outward physical mutations and possessing proper ID's will usually be recognized by all but the most sophisticated automations as authorized personnel.

For game purposes, the selected animal will initially possess the equivalent intelligence of a human, but this does not count as a rnutation and should not be confused with the mental mutation "heightened intelligence," which is additional intelligence above and beyond the basic die roll for that attribute. In any mutated animal type, the referee must determine how the character will function within groups of humanoids and Pure Strain Humans. Determination of whether the mutated animal character is capable of speech, the use of pawsrhoovesrtlns as hands, and so forth, should be made as logically and reasonably as possible before the start of the game to prevent later arguments as to a player character's abilities.

In no case will mutated animal types be able to command robotic units or pass any type of security check, though the possibility of reprogramming such units is left to the referee's discretion. In the case of beings possessing no mental mutations, such as Pure Strain Humans, the mental strength rating is used simply for defense during mental attacks. For characters or creatures with mental mutations, this rating Is used for both offense and defense.

Also, unlike other basic attribute ratings, mental strength increases with use. This factor is most important when attempting to determine the operation of artifacts 01 any type, and as a guide for referee-determined actions by a character in a given situation. When attempting to learn the operation of an artifact see ARTIFACT USE , a player may subtract a point from each die roll for every point of intelligence over 15; players must add a point to each die roll for every point of intelligence less than seven.

For example, when a being with a dexterity rating of 16 encounters a being with a dexterity of 10, the being with the dexterity of 16 will have first choice of actions - in combat Situations, have first strike, and so forth. For each point of dexterity over 15, a character adds one point to the die roll when trying to hit a target in physical combat.

A dexterity rating of less than 6 gives a corresponding minus on hit probability. Pure Strain Humans, as explained earlier, possess an unusually high charisma, and many times will wind up being group leaders, spokesmen, and so on.

Series: Gamma World

If Uruk of Meresmire charisma 4 asks for directions, the referee should allow only a very small chance that the tribesmen will help at least In a favorable manner. On the other hand, if Artur Pendragon chartema 17 asks, the tribesmen will probably help if they can.

When non-player characters or creatures are encountered, two dice 2d6 are rolled and the following table is consulted: Offers of money, weapons, food, artifacts, etc.

The referee should judge whether the offer even warrants a plus or minus. A player's charisma also affects the reaction die roll, as well as the maximum number of followers a player may have and their morale rating for an explanation of morale, see MORALE. Followers are non-player characters who serve the player out of loyalty rather than for pay.

There 15 no limit to the 7 number of hirelings a player may have. The referee will judge whether communication is possible. If the player and non-player characters are of different types use the following table: This rating never changes during the course of a character's existence.

Some particularly rare or unusual mutational effects, such as exposure to Kaskium, may raise or lower constitution ratings.

The constitution rating is first used to determine the number of "hit points" - a numerical expression of the amount of injury, measured in points, a character can sustain before death. Hit points are determined by rolling a number of stx-slded dice equal to the constitution rating. For example, if a character had a constitution of 13, he would roll thirteen slx-sldeo dice and total the numbers rolled. If the die rolls were 4,1,1,3,6,5,1,1,2,5,1,1,3, the character would have 34 hit points.

Procedures for calculating amounts of damage sustained in combat, healing processes expressed in terms of hit points gained or lost , mutational effects on hit points, and so forth, will be found under appropriate sections elsewhere in these rules. The constitution rating is also used to determine a character's ability to survive polsonlnq and exposure to radiation.

Results of encounters with poisons and radiation depend upon the strength or intensity of the poison or radiation and may be calculated on the charts found in the HAZARDS section. The main use of the physical strength rating is to determine how much damage a character can do in physical combat. For each point of physical strength over 15, a character receives a bonus point to the die roll that determines damage done in combat to his opponent.

A physical strength of less than 6 gives a corresponding minus to damage done. In addition, the referee may also use the physical strength rating to determine if an individual is capable of certain unusually strenuous physical actions.

By doing so, the referee makes his game unique, and greatly increases the challenge to the players by offering more of the unexpected and unknown. Non-player characters and creatures are those to be encountered by the players in their adventures and explorations.

Accordingly, most of the attributes of these life forms will at first be unknown to the players. Non-player characters and creatures, when encountered, are handled by the referee - and their reaction may be hostile, neutral, or friendly, depending upon their disposition and biological make-up, and upon the charisma of the leader s of the party of players see CHARISMA.

Non-intelligent creatures, plants, vegetables, and so forth should be created by selecting a base creature or plant and adding rnutalions by chance or choice.

Non-prayer characters and creatures may also serve as followers or hirelings henchmen of player characters.

Followers ana ntrelings may be acquired as they are randomly encountered In the course of adventuring, or, when in a settled area such as a town or Village the players may advertise that they are looking for other adventurers by frequenting places where the inhabitants gather. It is up to the referee to then determine whether there is anyone else in the area who is interested.

Generally, the larger the settlement, the more likely there is someone willing to leave it. Once the initial reaction of the non-player character or creature to the players has been determined see CHARISMA , It Is up to the players and the referee to use their imaginations and acting skills to determine the further course of events. The idea is to become in your Imagination the character or creature in the situation.

Do what you would do if it really was you. When using random mutation selection, the chance of occurrence for any given mutation is shown alongside as a percentage. A D indicates that the mutation IS a defect. The mutant's body secretes a substance which will attract carnivores. Much latitude is left to the referee on this defect.

Generally, this involves the replacement of essential elements, such as calcium in bones, with some other damaging substance that will lower the body's resistance to outside force. Possible Changes might include: This is the ability to change the body color in order to blend In with the surroundings. The color change will be almost instantaneous and, once changed, the mutant need not concentrate on the color s desired.

It is left to the referee to determine the effectiveness of this mutation in any given situation. A mutant with this ability can change the molecular structure of his body to increase his armor class or move more rapidly. To achieve a better armor class, the mutant's body shrinks and becomes more dense. Shrinking raises the armor class In direct proportion to the size change.

A one-half size mutant has twice the normal armor class. A one-elqhth size mutant is too dense to be punctured by any type of sword, spear, arrow, etc. However, becoming more dense also decreases movement and reflex actions by the same amount, so that one-eighth size mutants are slowed to one-eighth normal speed. To become less dense involves a size change the other way, and the mutant becomes larger. This lowers the armor class and strength, but allows faster movement.

A twice normal size mutant is four armor classes lower than normal, but can move four times as fast as usual. A mutant may only expand to twice its normal size. There is no limit to the number of times a mutant may change its density and the change is instantaneous.

One of this mutant's senses Sight, smell, taste, etc. This defect causes the mutant to be so sensitive to physical pain that all damage sustained will be doubled. This gives a being an "eel-like" ability to emit electrical shocks, each melee turn, for 3 dice 3d6 of damage to those touching the mutant. A mutant with this problem will be fat twice as large as normal. The referee will determine how much this impairs the mutant's movement and fighting ability.

It Is possible that only certain body parts, rather than the entire body, might be affected such as the head, one arm, one thigh. This gives the mutant a gas, or musk gland. The beams have a maximum range of 15 meters and may be used every 3 melee turns.

Beings with this mutation are able to maintain their balance in difficult circumstances and will never fall into a pit, trip over a rope or wire, or land in any way but on their feet. If undisturbed, they can climb sheer walls and walk tlghtwires with no chance of falling. This adds 2 additional hit points for every point of the mutant's constitution. It also gives an 18 resistance to poison and adds three points to the mutant's radiation resistance.

Mutants with this ability are so agile in combat that their armor class is increased to 4. However, the referee may penalize such a mutant by reducing its armor class when it is encumbered. As the name suggests, this Is the ability to detect and identify even the slightest noise up to 60 meters away.

This is the ability to determine weak points in opponents and structural weaknesses In material objects. Because of this, mutants with this ability do 2 dice of damage over and above all damage they would normally inflict with any weapon used. A mutant with heightened smell Is able to identify separate odors from a great distance 60 meters , and, because of this, cannot be ambushed this is differ.

It can follow any trail less than a day old over any surface but water. After contact with another being, this mutant wiil subsequently be able to identify objects and places associated with that being, such as campeite or possessions.

This mutation allows its owner to cause 3 dice of damage over and above all damage he would normally inflict with non-powered weapons. Mutants with this ability can detect poisons at a touch of the tongue and can determine whether any given substance is edible.

Given time, a mutant with heightened touch can "feel" the weak potnts of any given object. This abuttv could be very useful when trying to pick a safe, open a locked door, or escape from confinement. This is the ability to see clearly and identify objects over long distances up to 3 kilometers. Mutants with heightened vision can see In the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, but are not bothered by full daylight.

The lack of blood clotting agents in the mutant's blood causes serious bieeding in even the smallest of cuts. Once this mutant has lost even 1 hit point, he begins to bleed and loses 2 extra hit corms per melee round until he has time to stop and bind his wounds.

Gamma World

This defect forces the mutant to spend great amounts of time feeding. It must carry large Quantities of food when traveling, and in combat, must stop every 5th melee turn and spend one turn eating, before returning to battle, or lose 1 point of physical strength and 2 hit points each melee turn thereafter. Mutants with this ability are able to move at twice normai speed. They accomplish mental tasks in a much shorter time than normal and, in combat, they are allowed to strike twice each melee turn.

This power allows the mutant to see any heatprcduclnq body. At night, everything will seem like day to this mutant. Flashes of heat, such as laser blasts, exploslona, raging fires, or even torches at close range, will blind this being for a short period of time.

The full light of day will also be painful if endured for any length of time. This is the ability to emit high candlepower beams of light through the eyes. The blinding effect which works even in tun daylight incapacitates the viewers by lowering both their armor class and "to-hit" chance by 4 points for d4 melee turns. This is a flash much like a camera flash bulb, and is thus not generally useful as illumination for explorers.

Effective range: Multiply any normal body part except the brain , so that the mutant has a greater number of legs, or more eyes, or the complete use of additional arms, etc. Add one or more parts, not usually found on the being In question, such as: The mutant with this defect will have little or no resistance to sickness, making any infection or illness a serious thing.

It is necessary to have diseasecausing agents in the game if this mutation is used. A cut from a dirty sword may cause blood poisoning. The scratch of the claws of certain meat-eating creatures may cause serious Infection, or a simple cold, caught from a tribesman, may turn into pneumonia All of these examples may cause up to 10 points of damage per day, and are very hard to cure. Exposure to any poison will kill this mutant unless the appropriate antidote is qUickly administered. Although the mutant cannot feel pain, he also cannot detect a surprise attack from behind, tell if his body has been punctured, or know when to regenerate lost hit points.

This constitutes a beneficial increase In size to a certain part of the body which gives that part a corresponding Increase In power. Only one part of a being's body may be so affected. A partial carapace is a thick Shell covering the back and head that will reduce the damage done to the body by one half, If hit in those areas.

This allows the mutant to produce its own food in sunlight or its equivalent. Such mutants may also heal lost hit points four times as fast as normal If they spend most of their time basking in the sun without moving. Mutants with photosynthetic skin suffer 1 extra point per die of damage from heat and cold attacks, and move at one-half speed in periods of darkness. With this mutation, the skin of the mllta'" reflects even the most intense forms ot energy away trom its body in random directions.

This reflection should work for only one type of energy, such as: This mutant has trouble getting needed oxygen into the blood stream, making him weaker and requiring him to rest after fighting for 5 melee turns. Failure to rest after 5 rounds of combat causes this mutant to faint for minutes after the Sth melee turn. These defensive weapons usually cover the mutant's arms or legs. Treat the touch of eacn quill as doing dagger damage to the victim.

Some mutants may be able to throw their quills a short distance up to 3 meters. Spines are larger and stronger than quills. Growth of replacement quills or spines takes a minimum of one week. This gives the mutant the power to emit a damaging blast of radiation through the lenses of its eyes roll 3dS to determine intensity. This power may be used once every 4 melee turns and has an effective range of 10 meters. This allows the being to heal Itself and replace lost hit points.

One hit point Is regenerated per 5 kilograms of body weight per day. This is the ability to assume the outward appearance of a mammal, insect, or reptile, but not have the abilities of the creature being mimicked. At the start of the campaign, the mutant must choose which of the above types of creatures it is to Imitate. Completing the shapechange requires 2 melee turns of relative inactivity making no attacks on the paf1 of the mutant.

To determine how short to make a mutant, roll percentile dice 2dl0 two times for results.

Treat 00 as zero rather than as is usual. Add the two results together. This gives the mutant's height In centimeters. The change decreases the metabOliC rate of the mutant and also causes a marked reduction in its ability to do damage to opponents in physical combat. Such small mutants will be very hard to hit in physical combat. The referee is to determine what these effects will be.

As the name implies, the skin of the mutant chenges for th8 worS8. This Is the power to generate hIghfrequency sound waves that are damaging to-exposed tissues at short range. The damage amounts to 3 dice 3d6 and is not selective.

All beings except the mutant within a radius of 10 meters are affected and the dice are rolled once, with each suffering that amount. Sonic attacks may be made once very 4 10 melee turns. This allows the mutant to link with Human Mutation Animal the nervous system of another creature.

The mutant must first hit its victim with an attacking appendage claw, fang, etc. A being with absorption Is able to withstand an additional number of hit points of damage, equal to Its current hit point total, of one of the following types of damage: Roll die d6: This would cause a mental attack to come back and damage the mutant instead of his target, and a mental defense to apply to the opponent Instead of the mutant. This Is the Inability of the mutant to see or even come near Intentionally one of the following types of things or creatures: Robotic, Technological non-robotlc , Plant, or Animal.

While the mutant is able to operate logically In the presence of his block, he cannot use or tOUCh, or even be aware of attacks on his person originated from his block.

Only one creature of the types mentioned, I. This Is the ability to cause living-matter, water, or anything else that will freeze, to suffer cold damage and possibly freeze solid referee's discretion. On the first melee turn, 1 die d6 of damage Is done, and through undisturbed concentration, up to 10 dice 10d6 of damage may be Inflicted on the 10th melee turn by a mutant with cryoklnesls. The effective range of this mutation Is 11 25 meters. In one melee turn, this mutation drains all but one of the hit points from all beings within 20 meters.

When a being uses a death field, he is not affected by it except that he can do nothing else for d20 melee turns, as he will be lying on the ground, nearly unconscious. This is the power to strip abilities from a mutant opponent by regressing it along its ancestral lines. If this power works treat as a mental attack , it begins by taking away, permanently, the opponent's greatest special ability referee's choice.

On every subsequent melee turn, another special ability is thus removed, until the mutant's opponent is returned to its original stock. This power lasts for the duration of one combat situation, however long that may take, has a range of up to 30 meters, and may be used once per week. This allows the mutant to know exactly where it Is in relation to where it has been.

Such mutants will be able to retrace their path at any time, even if blindfolded. Any mutant with this power has 2 brains not necessarily 2 heads , both of which function normally and which may have, between them, up to 3 additional mental mutations. When under mental attack, one brain may sutter tile ettects while the other keeps the mutant functioning normally moving, striking, attacking, etc.

A Dual Brain allows two mental saving throws and If either one Is successful the mental attack on the mutant fails. This allows the mutant to sense the feelings hate, fear, hunger, pain, etc. An empathetiC mutant can force emotions on non-intelligent beings of any type treat non-intelligent creatures as having a 12 for mental resistance.

Thus a mutant could force a pack of wild dogs away In tear, or entice a food animal closer for the kill. This is a body paralysis that occurs for various reasons. When attacks come on, the body is unable to respond to the environment around It and remains motionless.

The referee should set up a consistent set of variables to determine when these attacks come on i.

This mutation, for one reason or another, simply causes unreasonable fear of an object or animal and makes the mutant unable, for any reason, to look at that thing without feeling total fear and running away dropping everything in the process. A six sided die is rolled to determine the object of fear: The referee is fa determine the specific creature involved, if any, in this fear impulse. This endows the mutant with the power to create an invisible wall ot energy through which physical objects may not pass.

The wall forms around the body 01 the mutant about 15 centimeters out and will take 5 dice of accumulated damage as though it were the mutant before being forced down. The force field requires no effort to maintain once it is established and will last up to one hour unless it is driven down by damage before it dissipates.

Only one such force field may be generated by the mutant in a 24 hour period. Roll a six-sided die. The mutant becomes one of the following: Any weapon this mutant makes, such as a crossbow, sling, trap, etc.

However, It takes three times as long for this mutant to make any given weapon of this type. Mutants with this ability will be able to figure out the workings of any artifact In one-third the normal time i. Note, however, that If this mutant has a double brain, he does not get four saving throws. It Is impossible to tell an undetected lie to a mutant with heightened brain talent. This is a repugnant unconscious field set up in a 30 meter radius around the mutant.

This is the ability to create Images in the minds of other beings who are within 30 meters of the mutant. Such illusions will have any visual, audible, and olfactory aspects the sender wishes, and are dispelled only when a viewer attempts to touch the illusion.

This allows the mutant to be subconsciously aware of what any opponent intends to do. This results in adding one point to the mutant's "to hit" probability with any weapon, and 3 points to each die of damage he inflicts. This mutation cannot be used while other mental powers are being used.

This is the power to drain life energy from all semi-intelligent or Intelligent beings, friend and foe alike, within a 10 meter radius of the mutant.

This range is increased by 3 meters for every 4 points of mental strength possessed by the mutant. Life leech will drain away 6 hit points per melee turn i. If the mutant with life leech takes damage, the hit points are first subtracted from those points leeched. Those leeched hit points that are not destroyed in combat. This allows tile mutant and everything he is wearing or carrying, to become invisible at will, to negate the effect of a laser, or to create a patch of total darkness 2 meter radius anywhere within 10 meters of the mutant.

Although this mutant can only make himself invisible, the ability to create darkness or stop laser blasts may be used anywhere within his 10 meter range. This is the power, through the control of magnetic fields, to repel, attract, or utilize any inanimate ferrous object.

The effects on powered objects are to be determined by the referee. Treat any object to be controlled as having a mental resistance of 12 to determine whether control is successful.

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There is no weight restriction, and the mutation has a range of meters. Magnetic control lasts up to 25 melee turns and may be used once every 24 hours. This allows the mutant to empathize with creatures at a like nature same type or like power mental control, mass mind, telepathy, etc.

Mass mind works in direct proportion to the number of minds participating'. A mutant wIth mass mlnej and mental blast abilities could get together with another-creature with mental blast and, together, deliver a double strength mental blast twice the normal distance.

This is the ability to launch a mental assault worth 3 dice d6 of damage on any being within 15 meters. It may be 12 used every other melee turn.

This mutation allows the takeover of another being's body.

Gamma World Rulebook

While in control, the mutant experiences all the sensory impressions of the controlled being, and is totally unaware of his own body which remains motionless. If the being under control is knocked unconscious or dies, the controller suffers the same fate. To establish control, the mutant must be within 15 meters of his intended victim.

Thereafter, there is no range restriction to this mutation. The mutant may break off control and "return" to his own body at any time. This is the ability to unconsciously disregard things like pain warnings and override problems such as blood loss or fatigue for up to one full day.

This control enables the mutant to heal wounds recover lost hit points four times as fast as normal. In situations of overwhelming danger referee's decision , the mutant will have double his normal strength, dexterity, and speed for melee turns 5d This mutation may be used only once per week.

Disregard the mental strength of the mutant as rolled. It is now 3. This ability adds 4 points not to exceed 18 to the mutant's mental resistance rating. In addition, this mutant will sense any other being with mental powers within a 30 meter radius, whether those powers are being used or not. This is a dangerous but powerful ability that may only be used infrequently.

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Upon attempting molecular disruption, whether it works or not, the mutant is reduced to 1 hit point and one-half movement for 1 full day. The chance of success varies with the subject matter involved: Up to 50 kilograms of contiguous matter, within a range of 30 meters, may be destroyed in this manner. For example: Once this ability is employed, a varying number of days referee rolls d6, with result unknown to player must pass before it will have any chance of succeeding again.

This power allows the mutant to know the weaknesses of any object and its separate parts. Because of this, the mutant does 1 extra die of damage, over and above any damage he would normally inflict in combat. This causes the mutant involved to double, or even triple referee's option any damage sustained by the mutant. This occurs not because the damage has really been inflicted, but because the mutant thinks it has. This is the ability to open doors to alternate planes of existence.

The mutation manifests itself as a 3 x 3 meter opening lasting up to 3 full melee turns at the discretion of the mutant. These planes of existence mayor may not be populated with reteree-tnsplreo creatures , but once entered, there is no way to leave them unless the mutant re-opens the door , 50 they make perfect places of exile. Only one such door may be opened per week. This is a second brain which handicaps the function of the primary brain. It may take over the bOdy at strange times, have several defects, or even counteract a mental power of the good brain in difficult situations.

The extent and effects of this mutation should be determined by the referee and may be kept a secret from the mutant until the moment of truth. This is the power to sense dangerous situations which will affect, personally, the mutant having the power.

It is effective only 3 minutes into the future and requires intense concentration to work. For instance, if the mutant is about to open a door, he may use precognition to see what would happen if he did open the door. It is perfectly legal to change the course of history by acting on such information and not, for example, open the door to receive the ambush waiting on the other side.

When a mutant with precognition foresees damage about to be done to his own body, the shock to his nervous system is such that he receives one die d6 of damage immediately. If the mutant should foresee his own death, he immediately takes two dice d6 of damage and falls unconscious for 3d6 minutes.

The referee may wish to limit the number of times this ability can be used In a day perhaps by rolling d4 or d6. This is the ability to cause living matter or anything that is reasonably flammable, such as wood, or plastiC, to suffer heat damage and eventually burst Into flame.

On the first melee turn 1 die d6 of damage is done not necessarily fire and through undisturbed concentration, up to 10 dice d6 of damage may be inflicted on the 10th melee turn by a mutant with pyrokinesis.

The referee determines when and if a fire starts. The effective range of this mutation is 25 meters. Creatures with radar or sonar have large ears, antennae, or hearing orifices.

Much like bats or dolphins, they can walk or fly day and night, "seeing" without using their eyes. They also receive a bonus of plus 2 on all "to-hit" probabilities. The range of this mutation is usually 30 meters, but is tripled If the mutant has heightened hearing. This mutation requires great concentration, and the mutant must remain motionless while exercising It.

On the first melee turn of concentration, up to 3 dice of damage of any type Is sent back to the beings who inflicted it. On the second melee turn of concentration up to 4 dice of damage is reflected, and so on, until, on the 18th and final turn of this power, up to 20 dice of damage may be reflected.

Reflected damage may not exceed damage inflicted. Reflection is usable only once every 24 hours, and while in use, the mutant is subject to simple attacks, such as light generation, which lncapacttate, but do no dice of damage. This mutant can maintain concentration and reflection powers even If It takes damage, so long as no other action combat, fleeing Is initiated. While reflecting, the mutant receives no damage unless damage inflicted exceeds reflecting ability.

For example, If the mutant is hit by a laser pIstol which does 5 dice of damage on the first melee turn of concentration, 3 dice will be reflected and the mutant will receive 2 dice of damage.

This is similar to a force field, only a repulsion field may be formed up to 15 meters away from the mutant and may be used to surround or trap other beings. In all other respects it functions like a force field. Indeed, a mutant with this ability could use it exactly like a force field If he so desires, and it could be termed an Improved force field. Similar to thought Imitation, this allows a mutant to recreate sounds that it hears and throw back sonic attacks immediately after hearing and surviving them.

This mutant cannot remember how to recreate sounds, It merely repeats what It hears.

This enables a mutant to lift objects, other than the mutant himself, into the air and move them about. The mutant can only telekinese as much weight as he could normally 11ft, and he must strain as though he were actually carrying the object of his telekinesis. Only objects within 15 meters may be thus lifted, and the mutant may only keep them aloft for 5 melee turns, after which time he must rest for another 5 melee turns before again using this power. When telekinesis is attempted on living creatures, or things that they are holding, the referee should treat It as a mental attack on that being, which must succeed before the object may be lifted.

This mutation manifests Itself as a 20 meter long human arm complete with hand , capable of doing anything a normal human arm and hand can do, with a strength of To function, it must always be visible to the mutant. This arm cannot be hit by non-powered weapons, while powered weapons will do normal damage to the mutant If they hit this arm. Mutants with this ability can fly through the air at a variable speed meters per second , carrying only as much as they could carry normally.

This power transcends language and works on all beings up to '10 meters away. The mental transference of the mutant's physical self to another place is called teleportatlon, and works up 13 to a range of 30 kilometers. The mutant may only teleport himself, not others.

This power allows mutants to immediately return any thought or mental attack directed at them, although it does not negate the effects of such attacks on themselves. A mutant with thought imitation is able, any time he wishes, to exactly copy the communication patterns of those creatures with whose thought patterns he is familiar, even if those creatures do not speak a language known by the mutant. The power to return a mental attack is temporary. Vast herds of jackrabbits the size of horses began to cover the Great Plains.

A strain of beetle appeared which grew to a length of 3 meters. A mutated form of shark adapted to life on land began to prowl the desert. But more important than these physical mutations were the mental mutations which began appearing Nor was man immune to the effects of massive doses of biogenetic chemicals and radiation. All manner of mutations soon entered the gene pool.

Most were defects that disappeared. But in the years after the holocaust many became a permanent part of human breeding stock. This, then, is the Gamma World It is a land of brooding forests, wild unbroken plains and rugged mountains. In places the wilds give way to man-made deserts where cities once stood. Scattered across the continent are a few settlements where the heirs of America's industrial barons force a precarious living from the hostile land.

In this place nature is merciless, death is quick and strangers are regarded with suspicion. Faced with a harsh environment, the survivors of the holocaust have joined together for protection in tribes, clans and feudal states. Augmenting these social systems are the so called Cryptic Alliances There are many of these, some born long ago in the shadow years.

Journey, now, into the far future where life is both dangerous and exciting Journey now to the Gamma World. By James M. Check for Gamma World items at Ebay. Go To the Generic Gamma World page for more downloads.

This beautiful interpretation of what 'might have been' is now available thanks to some wonderful dedicated fans of the genre and the game of Gamma World.Buy Direct: As a human or human mutant or even intelligent animal you have a strange inheritance and terrifying adventures ahead If a plant survives an attack by a laser, it will adapt and subsequent laser attacks will do the plant no damage. Not 1 in humans lived through the upheaval. This mutation may be used only once per week.

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