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Electrical Engineering all Subjects Multiple Choice Questions with Answers Practice To download the e-books, pdf file of all Electrical Engineering Subjects. in my opinion this book can help you > > > Objective Electrical Engineering: Electrical Engineering Objective (MCQ) with Interview Questions. E-Book Free Download R.K Rajput Objective Electrical PDF Features Of B.L.T. Basic Electrical Book-Here I am providing some INDIAN GEOGRAPHY- IMPORTANT MCQ PDF MOSTLY ASKED IN VARIOUS EXAM.

Electrical Mcq Book

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ELECTRICAL MACHINE 25 IMPORTANT MCQ PDF FOR UPCOMING EXAM ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DIPLOMA BASED 73 IMPORTANT MCQ PDF. 5 days ago Need help preparing for your electrical exams? We have over electronics and electrical engineering multiple choice questions (MCQs). 6 মার্চ If you are preparing for Electrical & Electronics engineering exam then this book list (Electrical engineering mcq) is for you. EEE bachelor's.

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You can also use the links that are given with the title of books to purchase them Modern Power System Analysis I. Nagrath and D. Optimal planning, operations and control of such large-scale systems require advanced computer-based techniques many of which are explained in the student oriented and reader friendly manner by means of numerical examples throughout this book.

The style of writing is amenable to self study. Every concept and technique presented is well supported through examples. Also, a large number of unsolved problem with their answers are included at the end of each chapter. Electrical Machinery P. Bimbhra : This book is a complete guide for engineering students that consists of revised and updated version of handling of transformers and other familiar types of rotating electrical machines.

Each chapter starts with basic elementary concepts and is presented in a simple and understandable manner. It also covers transformers, D. Machines and 3-phase synchronous and induction machines. The book also tells that all electrical machines work on fundamental principles. There is a detailed separate chapter on electromechanical-energy-conversion principles and D. The book also talks about power diodes, power transistors, thyristors and other related topics. The book has an adequate number of unanswered problems with solutions and theoretical questions to check the student's understanding of the topics covered.

Power Electronics P. Bimbhra : Students in the field of telecommunications, instrumentation and electronics, will find this book very useful. The book has been very well designed and covers all the important topics in these fields.

The author starts the book by describing force diodes before moving to power transistors and thyristors. For clarity purposes, there are many illustrative figures and worked illustrations that improve a students understanding of the subject. Every topic starts with a simple introduction, and progresses gradually to the tough sections. The book also covers the topics of rectifiers in extensive detail. Diodes and choppers have also been given a place.

The latest data are used and all concepts involved have been presented in their updated form. The problems put up in this book have detailed solutions with explanations given.

Control Systems Engineering I.

EEP - Electrical Engineering Portal

Nagrath and M. The stress is on the interdisciplinary nature of subject and examples have been drawn from various engineering disciplines to illustrate the basic system concepts.

A strong emphasis is laid on modelling of practical systems involving hardware; control components of a wide variety are comprehensively covered. Time and frequency domain techniques of analysis and design of control systems have been exhaustively treated and their interrelationship established. The coverage includes digital control systems: analysis, stability and classical design; state variables for both continuous-time and discrete-time systems; observers and pole-placement design; Liapunov stability; optimal control; and recent advances in control systems: adaptive control, fuzzy logic control, neural network control.

Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation A. Sawhney : The present edition retains essentially the same subject matter as the previous edition. The contents of the book have been drastically modified, rearranged and updated to acquaint the reader of modern trends of this field. The book has been divided into two parts. There are three Appendices in the book. Another outstanding feature of the book is the inclusion of over solved problems which is in addition to linking the theory with actual applications.

Also about unsolved problems with answers have been included to give the students practice in solving problems.

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Charles K. Alexander and Matthew M. Sadiku : The fifth edition of the book continues in the spirit of its successful previous editions, with the objective of presenting circuit analysis in a manner that is clearer, more interesting, and easier to understand than other, more traditional texts. Students are introduced to the sound, six step problem solving methodology in chapter one and are consistently made to apply and practice these steps in practice problems and homework problems throughout the text.

The salient feature includes the retained Design a Problem feature that helps students enhance their design skills by not only solving the problem but asking them to design it.

This helps the student more deeply learn the theory while they learn through teaching. Each illustrative example is immediately followed by a practice problem and answer to test understanding of the preceding example. Introduction to Electrodynamics David J.

Griffiths : The book is a very useful comprehensive textbooks for students who are studying Electrodynamics. Divided into numerous sections, this book comprises of certain useful discussions on its experiments, theory and history. The explanations on different theories and equations have been written in simple and easy-to-understand content.

With the help of illustration and pictures, the topics have been made all the easier for the students to grasp easily.


Concepts have been unified wherever required, and the students have been presented with a bigger picture. The book covers all the important chapters in magnetism and electricity.

The chapters of magnetostatics, magnetic fields, radiation, electrostatics, electric fields and relativistic electrodynamics have been covered in detail. The book is kept concise with the main points being clearly highlighted in every chapter.

Advanced Electrical and Electronics Materials K. Gupta and Nishu Gupta : This comprehensive and unique book is intended to cover the vast and fast-growing field of electrical and electronic materials and their engineering in accordance with modern developments.

Basic and pre-requisite information have also been included for easy transition to more complex topics. Have a great day!

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Jb Gupta Free Pdf Books cover all electrical engineering topic and contain MCQ objective and have three part in books which are cover whole electrical engineering. Customers who bought this item also bought. The book has been adapted to inculcate modern changes and developments in electronics, and has been thoroughly revised.

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