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You can try GetComics it has great selection of DC comics, including batman. An ultimate batman collection already posted in this page: Batman (Ultimate. The Comics Library Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 - 4. (). Frank Miller (Writer). Frank Miller, Klaus Janson. Download and read free comics and comic books on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Batman Halloween Comic Fest Special Edition () #1.

University of Victoria, The level of detail in the character is reiterated every passing day that it feels real to have a costumed vigilante beating pulp out of criminals with bare hands. Either the portrayal belittles women or empowers super powers that seem too unrealistic. In the DC universe there is no female character that has equal moral and ideological stand as Batman does. Though there are characterizations like Batwoman and Bat Girl, they are much weaker and do not hold the capabilities of Batman.

Batwoman moreover adopted the role just because of a love interest and Batgirl — Barbara Gordon too takes up the role inspired by Batman. Besides that, their crime fighting capabilities too are not up to the mark. Women super heroes— even the powerful ones like Wonder Woman had to be rescued by Batman or Superman while fighting crime Trinity, There are situations where the men do the hard work and they ask Wonder Woman to stand off and witness the deeds they do.

Men show off their chivalry by putting themselves in danger and helping women. It seems quite unreasonable to have intellectual power and brute force on the same side.

Sexualisation The characters irrespective of gender are all superficial with ripped and packed body. Most superheroes wear a suit that shows their structure. However, the female characters are adorned with such tight outfits are way too objectified. The depiction is highly sexualized.

The positions that female characters pose in comics are surely sexually provocative and voluptuous.

The female characters subject themselves to the male gaze becoming objects of visual pleasure. The characters taken for analysis are all femme fatale types. The characters are shown arcing, bending over, kissing, walking and even fighting people catering to a scopophilic comic crowd. There is just a thin line between sexual empowerment and objectification. All such depictions would fall under sexual empowerment if the characters had willingly portrayed themselves that way.

But these are comic characters created by men to cater the needs of the audience. Hence, one might boldly classify them under sexual objectification. Not only that these characters are positioned and dressed sexually provocative, the characters are featured seductively.

And some of these characters even lack in the common morals. The comic itself portrays female characters ogling at Batman most of the times. Batman itself is shown being intimate with Catwoman, Talia, Vale and even Wonderwoman for a brief period.

Batman Vol. 1 #1 – 713 (Complete) (1940-2011)

A comic series with such an intense story line, self-righteous caped heroes, stern heroes and classy villains could have portrayed women more subjectively.

The characters are created with busty breasts and curves which make the characters look self-objectified for the voyeuristic pleasure of the readers.

Even renowned scientists and research personnel like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are shown lesser to even the common villains such as Penguin. Women in comics adorn themselves in skin-tight spandex just for the sake of erotic attention.

Portrayal of women in erotic roles itself amounts to misogyny. Code, Beauty Myth Female characters around Batman fit the social standards of physical beauty. Noami Wolf argues that the focus on equal rights and treatment takes second place when people focus their attention on physical attention. The subjective beauty of the characters are given less or no importance at all. Their backgrounds, their ideologies are not given much importance.

However, she is shown underdressed which the character does not require. Poison Ivy kisses to take enemies down. This is sheer sexualisation of the character with no regard for her subjective beauty. Though characters like Batwoman and Batgirl are less powerful they are shown as superheroes who are obsessed with their looks.

There is too much glam, too much lipstick and it implies that they spend a lot of time posing and looking good. There is nothing wrong with presenting oneself good. But these female characters amount to nothing when one places them in contrast with a male superhero who runs about all the time without rest— running a multibillion business, fighting crimes, investigating backgrounds, spying on terrorists, exploring new possibilities in applied sciences.

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The creators of these characters have just given them a socially popular physical appearances. They have not been constructed subjectively. Damsel in Distress There is a general portrayal that women somehow end up in a dire or dangerous situation and it requires a man to come for her rescue. This might be deemed normal and seem applicable in lives of ordinary characters.

But the characters who possess super human strength and will power to pursue a crime fighting agenda too are put in the situation very commonly.

Batman is required to save abducted women from the line of danger. Even female super heroes sometimes require men to rescue themselves.

Wonder Woman was once reversing this act by rescuing Colonel Trevor many times. Damsel in Distress is also a fetish that is fuelled by repeated depictions of women in media. It falls under the BDSM sexual acts.

The characters are mostly bound which itself is an act in masochism. Feminism Wonder Woman stood synonymous to the word feminism in the early days of the comic world. The character was shown advocating for equal wages and even rescuing Colonel Trevor from dangerous situations. Despite all the ideals, Wonder Woman has still fallen prey to sexual objectification and social norms of physical beauty. Wonder Woman is more portrayed as a sexual fantasy more than a feminist icon.

Though feminist icons like Wonder Woman are shown as examples for liberated women, they are still shown as highly sexualized characters.

Batman The Killing Joke (1988)………………

Wonder Woman comes from a place known as Paradise Island full of Amazonian beauties. This itself defeats the very purpose of feminism.

All other characters fall short when it comes to respectability polity. Women should be properly represented in even comic books and cartoons. Even villains should be refrained from being objectified. This would teach the children that it is not the physical appearance that counts but the very nature and the values that we hold high. Several comic characters including Batman and Wonder Woman were used in war time propaganda. When comic books could persuade people to pay more taxes and believe in the government, they could also be used to propagate social reformation.

The content that the comics carry should be gender sensitive. The comic books have to make the readers aware of the Rating Systems and the categories under which they come. Sexualized portrayal of women and men should be avoided.

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The possibilities are endless. In 's Detective Comics , Dick Grayson injures his arm while saving a little girl from runaway thieves. Then again, everyone could use a little color in their life from time to time. Even the Dark Knight.

The name derives from a young Bruce mishearing his father's last words. That is until Bat-Mite shows up.

Bat-Mite is proof some things from the past are better left there. Back in when the character first appeared, the campy fun of Bat-Mite seemed right at home. And how important it is that Batman never get high. That's the whole story. Well, not entirely.

There are several vignettes of people attempting to commit crimes but then deciding not too. There's also an oddly specific scene where a woman is stopped from committing suicide by the conveniently timed reappearance of her soldier husband who had gone missing in Vietnam, all to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

So it warms our heart, and comes as a bit of a shock, to see them getting on in such a merry fashion. Not too mention the fact that Batman looks amazing when he sings. Throughout the series, the Beast bests Batman at every turn, until the pair meet in the sewers of Gotham for one final epic showdown. This is not one of those.

All in the name of Ronald Reagan. Some however are just too stupid to ignore, no matter what the decade. Of course, Bat-Baby isn't just any old boring baby. Think of a chibi , only more creepy. Neither did we.

You get the feeling the writers somehow felt like they were tackling a tough social issue by using Two-Face as their medium. There is some value here, particularly with fan-favorite Montoya becoming all the more likable. Case in point The fact he was given license to pen a Batman comic at all is a WTF moment in its own right. So much so, that he wet himself.

Apparently the shock of the heat from the explosives he set to make his awesome entrance and the nervousness he felt being in the presence of gangsters was too much for the budding Caped Crusader to handle. So while Batman appeared to be owning the room with some badass threats, he was actually peeing all over the Batsuit. Thanks a lot Kevin Smith. Even Bat-Baby didn't wet himself. However, sometimes a single panel comes along that is just too good to pass up and leaves the reader wondering just exactly what were they thinking when it was made.

Though having the Boy Wonder ask Batman about the teeth marks he left in a leather thong seems wrong no matter what the occasion. Shenanigans like these are the reason books have been written about Batman and Robin's perverting sexual love affair.It falls under the BDSM sexual acts. Throne of Atlantis Batman vs. Luckily they're not really a family. List of imprint publications. Retrieved July 13, Pretty much the entire comic is one big WTF, capstoned by its final scene.

It was legendary artist Neal Adams who delivered the winning concept. Retrieved June 9,

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