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At schools, people could see women with veil only in Islamic boarding schools or any schools with Islamic base. This phenomenon did not happen in the regime of New Order because it pressed the wave of the power based on religious beliefs. Vedi R. Hadiz explained that in s and s, repressive pressure from military and the country toward Islamic social and political network was very strong.

The force of using Pancasila 3 values to Islamic parties also happened at that time. The example can be taken from PPP, which used to have Islamic base in basic budgeting in the organization of the party, but it should diffuse Pancasila as the foundation of the party.

The existence of Muslim boutiques, beauty salons and spas special for Muslimah 4, until luxurious religious sermons a la middle and high class are consumed extensively.

Ethical values of religion do not play significant roles for Muslim community anymore. The rise of the phenomena can be seen from an initiation of a group of women with hijab, which is called, as Hijabbers Community In this Reformation Era, 3 Pancasila, is the philosophical basis of the Indonesian state.

Besides, the creation of economic liberalization is followed by globalization of popular culture that has moved since the middle century of s. The wave of this value cannot be hampered until the s. The euphoria of freedom cannot be stopped in the late of s.

The euphoria of freedom in the country supports several kinds of cultural performances and held expression during the New Order. Looking at how they respond the values that they believe can create virtuous expression of the young people from middle class.

In this context, the discussed issue is religion. HIjabbers Community is the response of the middle class society. One of the pioneers Hijabbers Community is Dian Pelangi, a young Indonesian woman designer who has background as the daughter of entrepreneur of songket Indonesian traditional fabric from Palembang and textile from Pekalongan, Central Java.

To continue family business of Muslim clothes business that has been started by her parents, Dian Pelangi appears to be the icon of contemporary Indonesian Muslimah that can inspire young people to wear Hijab 5.

Other than the emporium of Muslim fashion business, Dian Pelangi and her family established a magazine publisher named Hijabella. The appearance of HIjab as a new word is immensely used to create a lot of brand such as shopping website e-commerce which has high profit like HijabUP!

The use of Hijab word also refers to Arabian language meaning protector. That is why her name is well known among young Muslim women in Indonesia. She can be perceived as the representation of fashionable, independent, and virtuous Muslimah. In , she was chosen as the jury of Sunsilk Hijab Hunt.

It is a Muslimah beauty pageant that is initiated by a famous multinational shampoo product. This reality can strengthen how the name of Dian Pelangi as the name of marketable product that has Islamic nuance and has great market in the society.

It is a book that talks about the profile of Dian Pelangi, her carrier journey, the guidance of fashion style, and her principles of her life. The brand of Wardah cosmetic becomes the only sponsor of this biography.

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It can be guessed that 7 the book becomes one of bestseller books in the bookstores in Indonesia with Muslim women as the main markets and buyers. How is the guidance in this book created to draw the interest and to construct Muslimah body through the fashion choice that is mentioned by Dian Pelangi?

Method and Procedures 1. The researcher believes that there are some ideological values in the autobiography that can be interesting to investigate. Through the language of practical discourse, it can be seen how is the significance of language use that will reflect the objective of the editor of an autobiography. Discourse analysis in linguistic study investigates the words and phrases used in the sentences that compose in a particular rubric or news.

According to Teun A. Van djik, Fairclough, and Wondak Fairclough, , there are five characteristics of the paradigm of critical discourse analysis such as action, context, history, authority, and ideology. On the other hand, the research uses critical discourse analysis stated by Norman Fairclough 56 mentioning that a discourse is the language used in representing a given social practice from a particular point of view.

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According to Fairclough, there are three dimensions that can be found in critical discourse analysis; they are text, practical discourse, and socio-cultural practice. Text dimension consists of how the language is used in the sentences to express the ideas or opinions by the media that produces the texts.

In addition, practical discourse is when production aspect and text consumption is done at the same time. Fairclough stated that the discourse practice dimension of the communicative event involves various aspects of the process of text production and text consumption.

Moreover, the next aspect is the practice of socio-culture by looking at how the text is made based on the social and cultural context in which test is produced and consumed. By joining those three aspects, the researcher is going to see comprehensively how the text of figure profile, fashion choice, and the value of Islam that can be seen in autobiography books produced by the editor team of the book.

It also has strong correlation to Indonesian society that becomes the socio-cultural context in which the book is produced and consumed. That issue also becomes a significant aspect that will be investigated by the researcher. Data Source 9 The source of the research is the subject or location of the place in which the data taken.

Tips to promote material Surfacing

It is stated by Arikunto 43 mentioning that the source of the research data is the subject where the data is taken. Research Data The research does not mean to be a holistic study.

It emphasizes the representative. Chapter I present: Brain life motivation, the support to work hard and study. By understanding those three entities, the question on how the discourse of body and gender constructed in this book can be answered.

The data was chosen because the researcher wants to analyze how an autobiographical book can present what people say about beauty. Therefore, there are some parts of the book will take deeper attention to get the description about the issues that becomes the object if the research. The researcher will 10 deeply dig the choice of pictures, words, phrases, and sentences as well as the use of English, and then they can be analyzed with the approach of discourse analysis.

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In description stage, the language use will be broadly explained. The issue is not only about the language that communicates the messages but also the meaning conducted in the use of language that will be explained in the initial process.

By understanding the meaning of language, there will be a result process how gender discourse and body is shaped in the magazine. Thus, what is meant by language is not only the text of sentences but also the visual text that comes together with them. The further step is discursive analysis.

It is the stage when a text both written and visual picture represented in a magazine together has a strong correlation to a particular discourse that will be presented, or it can be called as inter-textual process. Inter-textual process is a process to see the correlation between the text and social context that causes the existence of the text. The last step is explanation. It is the presentation of the analysis giving the answer and explanation why the language is chosen, why the book choose word A instead of word B.

The third step will show the analysis that can present what ideology in the text is. Results A. There is also legalization of several syariah laws from local government.

The laws explicitly use women body as the part of authentic symbol of a particular area that should be shaped, kept, and secured. It can be seen from in a discourse that being a muslimah woman will always be correlated to personal performance.

Citing from Butler who mentioned that individual performance can be translated as reiterative and citational practices by which discourse produces the effects that it names. Judith Butler uses the concept of Foucault who developed the concept of 11 gender identity based on the idea of technology of the self in The Care of the Self and The Use of Pleasure Therefore, the real identity is shaped in performative way through a particular discourse.

Gender identity is performed repeatedly and continuously, so production activity of discourse in a social space is considered as a natural thing. Natural character of women tends to be more than men in social life.

In the context of autobiography, Dian Pelangi in her teenager time is presented as a teenager who lost her direction because she could put on and put off her hijab. The interest to hang out with my friends made me want to put my hijab off.

ebook 1001 tips kecantikan

It can be understood that in my vocational high school students who wore hijab were only very few. If they did, they only wore their hijab at school only. The story emphasizes that Muslim women who do not wear hijab seem to have unstable soul and not natural. The explanation of being natural in the book is perceived that women should wear hijab, covering their body as the part of strengthening a good life, following the social rule and religious rule.

Per-formative emphasize upon social space is done repeatedly mentioned in text books, practiced through how Dian wears hijab and puts make up , so it can be considered as natural thing. Butler calls this kind of activity as gender acts.

Seeing me weird behavior, my father and my mother who was actually surprised did not scold me. For several months later, I often put on or put off my hijab without having a certainty of my identity. Sometimes, in some extracurricular activities or practical work in the boutique, I did not put my veil on. I felt that I could be freed from the jail.

However, I had to be ready to prepare the answer when people mocked and commented negatively toward my unstable behavior. My big family was terribly shocked. I did not really care to what they said. I enjoyed my free condition from the burden of wearing veil anytime. Women using veil in the text Dian Pelangi as the symbol how good they keep their faith upon their religion. On the other hand, the attitude, critique, and insult from the people around were not completely discussed by the author of this autobiography.

The text creates otherness; meaning that women who did not wear veil like Dian at that time was like wild and uncontrolled women. He saved me to turn into His way and covered the whole my aurat.

Once upon of time, a Muslimah magazine hunted for Muslimah cover girl. I myself not interested to join but my mother wanted me to wear scarf permanently. Then, my mother sent my picture to that Muslimah magazine without my permission. Finally, I did it to be one of the finalists. The text above told about it. Talking about sexuality, men prefer to suddenly happen and could not avoid it. Therefore, if a woman not covered their aurat, they were assumed as rebellious, wild, and need to help.

Moreover, Dian Pelangi called her mother as a rescuer, it is because registered her to being Muslimah cover girl in one of Muslimah magazine. It was turning point of Dian to wear hijab permanently. A mother had responsibility to teach their children in which emphasized obviously in this text. In Moslem Views, covered the whole part of body except face and palm was an obligation as Muslimah, and it could not be debated anymore.

That is pure for them. Indeed, Allah is acquainted with what they do. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they council of their adornment. And they were not wear hijab was low or even not obey their religion rules. The effect of the ritual is based on spirit to permanently social class identity, so there is permanently social stratification in the case of symbolist relationship to social life. Saya juga masih amalkan beberapa petua yang diajar oleh nenek saya sehingga sekarang.

Ni sewaktu akak zaman remaja gitu.. Masih saya ingat waktu memasuki alam remaja, muka saya memang penuh dengan jerawat pasir dan kebanyakkan diatas dahi. Fuhh time tu macam-macam petua kecantikan yang nenek saya ajarkan pada saya. Masa tu , kalau saya tak ikut siaplah dia pok pek pok pek dekat saya. Sekarang bila dah jadi mak ni, barulah saya tahu apa yang nenek saya rasa.

Memang risau kalau kita tengok anak -anak remaja kita tak jaga kebersihan kulit, masa nilah kita pun start pulak pok pek dekat anak.

Zaman sekarang dah bermacam-macam alat kecantikan yang ada dipasaran. Macam-macam petua kecantikan pulak kita beri pada mereka supaya kulit muka dan badan mereka bersih dan terjaga.. Walaupun ada cara moden tapi petua kecantikan zaman dulu masih berguna saya ajarkan jugak pada anak saya.

Jadi bagaimana petua kecantikan zaman dulu yang digunakan? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. The Innovators: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta.Higher level Mean N S. These findings, while statistically significant, offered little practical variability in scores.

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Igbaria, M. Variability occurred across age and gender factors in the middle seven terminal values. Hospital CEOs who exhibit transactional leadership styles describe their personal values as individualist. These 'great men' became outmoded and stifled the growth of organizations. The difference between these two types of transactions is predicated on the timing of the leaders' intervention. Input signal is applied to the base of Q5 through the DC decoupling capacitor C2.

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