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CD LESSON 1 Simple Present: Affirmative Statements. Doctor Bugs 4 Circle the correct form of the verb to complete each sentence. 1. Doctor Moffett love. Present simple: worksheets pdf, handouts and free printable exercises online. Present simple - pdf handout · Simple present tense - pdf exercises · Worksheet. The Present Simple Tense (also called the Simple Present Tense). Simple present tense with 'be'. The verb (See spelling changes PDF for more information).

Simple Present Tense Pdf

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wildlifeprotection.info – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE. Simple Present - Test 1. A - Put in the correct verb forms. 1) Andy ___________the family car. a) wash. We use The Simple Present Tense for an action which goes on everyday or all the time. Formation of simple present, affirmative form, negative form, question. Simple Present Tense. Affirmative Statement. Subject + Verb + Compl. I go to school everyday. Negative Statements. Subj + Aux + not + v+ c. I do not have a car.

Every child likes an icecream. My mother never lies.

It snows a lot in winter in Russia. We live in Texas. You go to holiday every summer.

Present simple

Do you like spaghetti? My daughter does the laundry.

My brother takes out the trash. The course starts next Sunday. She swims every morning. We see them every week. When does the train usually leave? She always forgets her purse.

She wants to be a dentist. Cows eat grass. My cat runs very fast. She has a beehive full of bees. My son lives in London. She plays basketball.

He catches the train every morning. My sister works at the theater. How often do you see George? My boyfriend loves this song. He goes to football every day. California is not in the United Kingdom. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace.

Julie talks very fast. Does he play tennis? The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.

I love my new pets. The teacher may ask one student to complete a sentence which verb is used as a cue word. The cue word is put in the second holder. In this case the cue word is read.

The student is supposed to find the right subject to complete the sentence. He or she must be able to find a plural. So the sentence will be We read Kompas. The teacher may ask another student to change the last sentence into negative statement, and the right sentence will be we do not or dont read Kompas.

The teacher may ask another student to change the first sentence into a question. The right sentence will be do we read Kompas? When a student cannot complete or change the sentence into the correct sentence, it is not necessary for the teacher to give a correction.

The teacher may invite another student to correct the sentences. Finally, it is not necessary for the teacher to say, Well, that is correct. He may ask the class about the sentence. In the manner the teacher involves the whole class.

To give instructions or directions.

Suggested Procedures Preparation: Prepare word cards and some individual pictures that show habitual action Procedure: The students are expected to complete the sentence using a word card. Ali always a bath at 5. The students are expected to change the positive sentence into negative and interrogative sentence.

Ali goes to school at 6. Hints for Using Pocket Chart as a Teaching Technique Before using the pocket chart in the class-room the teacher should keep in mind the following tips.

Thus it is best to have a separate storage system-a cardboard box with division or clear plastic and clearly labeled envelopes. This is misconception.

It is possible to learn a language as well as enjoy one self at the same time. One of the best ways of doing this is through games. Lee Su Kim, There are many advantages of using games in the classroom: Games help students to make a sustain and the effort learning. This is a fun activity involving the whole class and is ideal as a Filler towards the end of a lesson. Preparation 1 Select a large number of words of all word classes that pupils are familiar with include punctuation marks.

Procedure 1 The teacher inserts the first word the, a, Adi at the top left -hand side of the pocket chart. In this way pupils have to collectively build sentence on the pocket chart. It does not matter if the content of the sentence is funny or nonsensical; it is more important that pupils have grasped grammatical structure and form.

However the teacher should not encourage the students to write funny or nonsensical sentences.

Structure covers all rules that govern the formation of sentence which includes the order of arranging words into sentences, the choice of appropriate words, and the use of certain function words. But the teaching of sentence structure has problems.

English Grammar Rules

For example, in the teaching of a simple present tense, the students are reluctant and not interested in learning structures because they must learn the rules and memorize them. The students are bored with the technique on monotonous teaching, such as, doing exercises from a text-book and having a little practice. By using a pocket chart, the students are mentally and physically involved in the activity. Suggestion It is important that the language teachers be creative and innovative such as using media in teaching and learning process.

It is the duty of any teachers to build up motivation in learning and to make the students interested in learning the structures of English sentence. Yunus, Noor Azlina. Oxpord University Press, Inc.

Simple Present

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Pd NIP. Ali always takes a bath at 5. Expected answer: Ali does not go to school at 6. Language and Language Teaching. Creative Games for the Language Class.

Forum, January. Murdibyono, dkk. English for Junior High School. Book 2. IKIP Malang. Oemar, Hamalik. Media Pendidikan. Alumni, Bandung. Phillip Mendez. Munira Anis. Lina Engelhart. Louizzel Ogalesco. Aamir Qureshi. Monalisa Leonard de Vinci. Ely Str. John Rudolf Catalan. Restee Mar Rabino Miranda. Educators 4 Excellence. Popular in Language. Nicole Li.Are they at school?

Ali always takes a bath at 5. It can be used for limited purposes only. What does that mean? He is not English.

Related titles. Maybe they have been taught through boring techniques, such as simply reading a text-book and have little practice.

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