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PDF | This book is intended to encourage an understanding and appreciation of Elective Mathematics at the Senior High School level in West. AKRONG SERIES ELECTIVE MATHEMATICS CHAPTER ONE Sets Introduction If you want to prepare a cake, you need flour, eggs, margarine, baking. AKRONG SERIES ELECTIVE MATHEMATICS CHAPTER THREE Binary Operations Introduction In this section, we consider operations on a non- empty set.

Elective Mathematics Pdf

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Elective Maths - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Mathematics is a core subject in the New Senior Secondary Curriculum and is a Instead of the provision of an elective subject in mathematics, an Elective Part. Aki Ola Elective Mathematics - wildlifeprotection.info Download. Aki-ola-elective- wildlifeprotection.info - aki-ola publications. Shs elective.

An operation is defined on the set Z of integers by i.

Find, from your table, a number such that for all 3. Find the inverse under the operation. PART 2 Answer any four 4 questions 4.

If the polynomial. If is a factor of. Find the values of p, q, and r and hence find the zeros of. Solve 8.

There are 65 pupils in a class, 29 of them do Arts, 37 do Business and 38 do Science. All the pupils do at least one of the three subject or programs. Represent this information on a Venn diagram. How many pupils do only two subject j. If a pupil is selected at random , what is the probability that he studies either Arts or Science.

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Search inside document. Two functions are defined on the set of real numbers by 4. Find A.

Find the inverse of the function A. Find the solution of A.

Admission Requirements

Express in the form A. Express in the form , where a and b are real numbers. Evaluate A. State the domain of the function A. Undefined If , find.

Express in the form , and find the value of a. For what values of x are the expression undefined. Inverse element of c. If the polynomial where p, q, and r are constants; is divided by , the remainder is 2 and if it is divided by , the remainder is 8. Solution a Let Q denote the set of non-zero rational numbers. That is: Compute each of the following, leaving your answers in surd form: Stating the range of values of y for which x is defined. Determine whether or not the operation is: Determine the inverses of 2 and 3.

From Example 3. Hence the identity element is — Similarly the inverse of 0 is 0, the inverse of 1 is 1 and the inverse of 2 is 2. Each element is the inverse of itself.

Exercise 3 c 1. Stating the values of x for which there is no such y.

Find the inverse of the real number y. Revision Exercises 3 1. Binary Operations Page BOX M. Providing appropriate solutions to examination problems is of particular importance in the study of mathematics.

Mathematics Books

As a mathematics lecturer, the author has discovered the weaknesses and shortcomings of students in the handling of examination questions.

Subsequently, to guide students in answering typical questions in Elective Mathematics as set out in recent examinations, the writer has paid particular attention to those areas of the syllabus, which many students find difficult.

A prominent feature of this book is the inclusion of many examples. Each example is carefully selected to illustrate the application of a particular mathematical technique and or interpretation of results. Another feature is that each chapter has an extensive collection of exercises.

It is important that students have several exercises to practice. This book is therefore designed to help students to: I have gone to great lengths to make this text both pedagogically sound and error-free. Evidence, such as a medical certificate, is required. In the case of potentially life-threatening medical conditions, parents must arrange special test provisions beforehand. Find out more about special test provisions. Candidates from the same primary school are usually sent to the same test centre.

The list of primary schools and allocated test centres for will be available here on 28 February Students must attend the test centre they have been allocated to. Test day Students should wear school uniform, including a jumper if it is a cool day and a hat for the break.

Before the test the students will be assembled in primary school groups outside the test centre. Parents must drop students off at the test centre by 9.

Do not arrive before am as there is no supervision available. The test starts at am and finishes at pm. Students who arrive late may be allowed to take the test but will be required to finish at the same time as other students.

There is a 20 minute break approximately half way through the tests and short breaks between tests. In the longer break students will leave the test room and should go to the toilet.

They should not run or play vigorous games, but they may eat food they have brought with them. Students should not share food. Students should not bring food containing nuts or nut products. The finish time will vary according to the size and location of the test centre.

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If the test is delayed, please wait quietly and take care to avoid disruption to the school. Parents must be ready to collect students at 1. Students are not to be left waiting after the test. If the test finishes early, students will be supervised.

Parking Parents must observe any parking restrictions near the test centre. Parents must not park or wait on school premises unless authorised by the High Performing Students Team prior to the test. The test centre schools must not be inconvenienced by parents remaining on the premises while unauthorised to do so.

Mathematics education in Australia

If parents are required to wait at the test centre as a special test provision they must: make themselves known to the presiding officer present the written authority from the High Performing Students Team register as a visitor at the school office with their volunteer Working With Children Clearance Check points of identification The office staff will show parents where to wait.

What should students bring to the test Students must bring a printed copy of their Test authority letter with their application number. They should bring any items approved as special test provisions, including anaphylaxis kits containing an EpiPen or Anapen, the Action plan for anaphylaxis and the medication. Students who wear glasses should remember to bring them.By Chada Programming.

Providing appropriate solutions to examination problems is of particular importance in the study of mathematics. Find the solution of. Determine the inverses of 2 and 3. Although Maths A is not a pre-requisite subject, but it is sufficient for entrance to many tertiary courses. Binary Operations Page Need an account?

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