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Blue Remembered Earth (Poseidons Children 1) · Read more The Remembered Earth: An Anthology of Contemporary Native American Literature. Read more. Printed in Great Britain by CPI Group (UK) Ltd, Croydon, CR0 4YY. The Orion Publishing Group's policy is to use papers that are natural, renewable and. Terminal World—PKY. Unit PRMM. Page 3. BLUEMMPR Input Data Services Ltd BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH. Alastair Reynolds.

Blue Remembered Earth Pdf

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Get Free Read & Download Files Blue Remembered Earth Poseidons Children 1 Alastair Reynolds PDF. BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH POSEIDONS. DOWNLOAD OR READ: BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH POSEIDONS CHILDREN 1 ALASTAIR REYNOLDS PDF. EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. Orion Publishing Group, Taschenbuch. Book Condition: Neu. Gebraucht - Sehr gut ungelesen, sehr guter Zustand; Rechnung mit. MwSt.; unused/unread.

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Africa has risen as the leading terrestrial economic power, and the Akinya Corporation, a dynastic family enterprise, are at the top of the ladder. They're not a close family.

Geoffrey has turned his back on the family business, preferring to devote himself to the study of the area's elephants, especially one herd whose matriarch he's attempting to bond with neurally. Geoffrey's sister Sunday has chosen the boho artist's life up on the moon. Cousins Hector and Lucas are pure company men, running the corporation with ruthless devotion and efficiency. The story begins with the death of Eunice Akinya, the family matriarch, who had spent most of the latter decades of her life in self-exile, in a habitat in cislunar space.

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A review of Eunice's affairs has revealed a hitherto unknown safe deposit box in a lunar bank, and the cousins want to know what's in it. It turns out to be a spacesuit glove. Insignificant on its own, it's soon found to hold a secret leading to other buried clues located elsewhere on the moon, and even on Phobos and Mars.

While doing their best to avoid giving too much information to their hated cousins, Sunday ends up heading to Mars to pursue further leads while Geoffrey stays closer to home.

There, he learns that the Panspermian Initiative — a group devoted, with nearly religious fervor, to the goal of human colonization of deep space — had a deeper relationship with Eunice than any of the family had realized.

Blue Remembered Earth

They, too, are interested in what secrets Eunice may have been hiding throughout the system, and what her purpose was in doing so. As with many epic quests, it's the journey that matters more than the destination.

In Blue Remembered Earth , Reynolds immerses readers in a vivid, breathing, stunningly textured near-future to greater success than even in his much-loved Revelation Space trilogy. We wander the African plains among elephants, watch a robot cage-match in slowed time on the moon, and escape a Martian colony of predatory, self-evolved, feral machines.

As it happened, that optimism turned out to be misplaced — within a year it was clear that the new Moon program was too expensive to be feasible — but it still seemed to me the right time to be writing about a grand expansion into the Solar System, done with an eye on technological plausibility.

But the other part of the picture is my enthusiasm for African music, something that had really caught fire in I found myself listening to a great many West African musicians and somewhere along the line an image came to me of an African woman, standing on the bridge of some kind of ship, contemplating a terrible decision she must make.

I knew nothing about this woman except that she was a long way from home.

With the image in mind, though, I started thinking seriously about the background history and geopolitics of my new book and I became fascinated with the idea of making my main characters mostly African, in a 22nd century in which a federated Africa is a major technological and economic powerhouse, much as we now regard China.

It seemed to me that this would allow me to write about some of my key obsessions — our destiny in space, artificial intelligence, the existence or absence of alien life — from a very different standpoint than allowed by the Revelation Space books.

Oddly enough, with the recent surge of interest in commercial space activities, we seem to be back in a more optimistic mindset again. This month, Ace is thrilled to publish Blue Remembered Earth, the first in a new trilogy of near—future science fiction novels by acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds.

Read what the author has to say about the inspiration for the books! Space Opera Category: Space Opera.

Paperback —. Buy the Ebook:This month, Ace is thrilled to publish Blue Remembered Earth, the first in a new trilogy of near—future science fiction novels by acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds. At the time I was aware of a growing optimism — partly tied in with the upcoming anniversary of the Apollo landings — about our chances of returning to the Moon, and eventually going on to Mars and beyond.

Plot summary[ edit ] Blue Remembered Earth takes place in the s, at a time when humanity has repaired Earth's climate and extensively colonised the inner Solar System.

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