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Saturday, June 29, 2019

6 days ago In a series of sharing useful Bank Exams Books for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade B and other competitive exams in the form PDF, today I am listing down all the important Get Updated Study Material. Free PDF notes, We are going to update this page on every Monday, Many students requested us to provide free study material for SBI PO. We are providing you an article on IBPS, SBI and RBI Bank Exams Study Material in PDF formate. you can download these PDFs totally free of cost Which will.

Bank Po Exam Material Pdf

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State Bank of India Probationary Officer SBI PO Study material Download PDF SBI PO Exam Preparation Material for Studies Get all details here SBI PO. Bank Exam Question Papers. SBI PO Previous Year Question Papers · SBI Clerk Previous Year Question Papers · SBI SO Previous Year Question Papers · IBPS. IBPS Bank Exams Study Material PDF Download - Practice online for IBPS bank exams - PO, Clerk, RRB, SO, Office Assistant with exam study.

Because of all these, I could prepare properly and clear the exam satisfactorily. I am grateful to T.

IBPS Bank Exams Study Material FREE PDF Download for IBPS Clerk & SO

The practice tests went a long way in helping me sail through the exam. I owe my entry into the banking sector to the T. The faculty team is highly qualified and experienced. Infrastructure and study material enhance the effect, and the doubt-clarifying sessions are an additional novel feature that is truly helpful. The Mock tests are highly recommended for the cracking of any competitive exam now-a-days.

To get a focused test prep, T. The faculty team here is very approachable and cooperative in all aspects. The concept clarity given in classes helped me understand things effectively. A number series is a sequence of numbers where the sequence is obtained by some particular pre-defined rule and by applying that rule it is possible to find out the next term of the series.

Difference Series: Here, the difference can be further classified to 2 categories:. Here, all the terms of the series are related to the square of numbers. This could also come in combination with the difference series as per the example below. Here, the terms of the series are related to the cubes of the numbers. This could be also come in combination with the difference series see the example below. In this type of series, each term is multiplied by a fixed number or certain pattern to get the next number.

SBI PO Exam Reasoning Ability Questions And Answers Pdf

In this type of series, each term is divided by a fixed number or certain pattern to get the next number. In this type of series, more than one series are combined together in a pattern.

In this type of Contents a series is given and the candidate is asked to insert a suitable element in the blank provided.

Most of the series involve some mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, square, cube, cube root etc. Again, the calculation part is trivial but the problem is to find the pattern amongst the numbers. Example 1: Which is the next term in the series? If we look carefully, we find that the difference between any two consecutive numbers is four.

Banking Awareness – 2018-19

Example 2: Delete the odd term in the following series. Basically we are doubling the number to be added. Thus, the third term should be So, the term in the given series is incorrect.

You see that these Contents can be really tricky even though they dont involve a lot of calculation. Sometimes the Content may consist of two series one of which is complete and the other incomplete.

We have to study and then have to detect the pattern, and then this pattern is to be applied to the incomplete series. Let us understand this case with an example. Each of the following Contents has two series, both of them are formed on a similar pattern. Understand the pattern followed by the first series and complete the second one.

Complete Course on ESI for RBI Grade B 2019

Based on that, answer the Contents that follow. An alphabet series contains a sequence of English alphabet which follow a certain pattern throughout the series.

The Contents based on English alphabet generally harp on the relative positions of an alphabet. Therefore, you should remember the position number of each alphabet both from left to right and from right to left.

If you know the position of the alphabet from left to right then the position of that alphabet from right to left can be determined by subtracting that position number from For example, if we count from left to right, the position of letter E is fifth in English alphabet. In this type of Content, a series of alphabet is given in which all the terms follow a certain rule.

The candidate is required to recognize this rule and complete the series. In the following alphabet series one term is marked by a? Choose the missing term out of the given alternatives.

We pick the first letter of each term in the series and find a pattern between them,. We pick the second letter of each term in the series and find a pattern between them,. We pick the third letter of each term in the series and find a pattern between them,. We pick the fourth letter of each term in the series and find a pattern between them,.

In the following alphabet series, few letters have been shown by a Content mark?

Choose the missing terms from the given alternatives. The given series can be divided into two series.

Series I. Series II. N, O, P,? Thus, series I has two letters missing and series II has one letter missing. Thus, the correct option is G, H, Q.

In these type of Contents, a set of letters is replaced four or five times, or three or more different sets of letters are given with blank spaces in between them.

These groups of letters follow a specific pattern.Canara Bank PO Notification The given series can be divided into two series. You need to have a good command over all sections asked in the exams and you can achieve it only by rigorous practice.

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