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Editorial Reviews. Review. “What a joy to spend some intimate time with the Dalai Lama Advanced Search. Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction. Read "The Dalai Lama's Cat" by David Michie available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. "In the months that followed I. The Dalai Lama's Cat.. [David Michie] -- In the months that followed I watched His Holiness working on a new book I began to think that perhaps the time had.

The Dalai Lamas Cat Ebook

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The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring. by David Michie. ebook In this book, the Dalai Lama sets for his lovable feline companion the task of investigating. Sep 6, Read the first chapter of The Dalai Lama's Cat! Why should His Holiness not have a cat – if, indeed, 'having a cat' is .. But His Holiness, the Dalai Lama's cat, and I bought your book in 10 seconds flat from the Flipkat ebook. Oct 17, The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring. David Michie · Write a review. Skip to the eBook $ Paperback $ Price $ Available.

His name, ironically, was Puss. From reading this trilogy, I have come away with a better understanding of my life, and especially other life. This story is simply beautiful. Nov 13, Mary Ellen Grace rated it it was amazing.

I have enjoyed this series by David Michie. Instructions on how to meditate, the nature of mind, and other Buddhist teachings are shared through the voice of the Dalai Llama's cat.

Sweet, gentle, and real. Its light hearted in its wisdom! A crash course in meditation for humans, but from a cats perspective. Feb 28, Jacqueline Hollows rated it it was amazing. Life messages for all of us and a way of explaining the simple truths of life without being preachy.

Apr 18, Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another delightful adventure with HHC.

This time exploring the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Dec 26, Kawen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 15, eyes.

Paws in the moment! Life in Dharamsala is viewed through this important little personage's eyes. A cat of consequence, although humble, HHC is working on becoming more 'mindful' cat, on exercising the power of the moment, the power of meow as the path to enlightenment is trod. A cat who 'couldn't change the world but could change how he experienced it.

In 'The Power of Meow', we see this concept discussed between the Dalai Lama, Serena and Mrs Trinci,when they talk about the exercising of meditation cultivating awareness and creating space of the mind, 'Little by little, you become more mindful, more aware of every action of your body, speech and mind.

Not just when you are meditating. This is most useful, because it is only when we are awareness what is happening that we can change. I enjoyed HHC's discovery of catnip. The further discovery of how it came to be in the garden is even more illuminating on several levels. I loved the gardner's statement, 'The mind is like a garden Gems of "how to's" trail across the pages.

Observances about love and compassion are thought provoking. Someone said in previous reviews of earlier books that they'd highlighted many gems. Well, I have joined that club! I will surely be reflecting on them for some time to come. I found the discussion between Serena, Oliver and Tenzin about meditation and healing and the research into this area particularly significant and thought provoking for dealing with my own health. It brings down high blood pressure. Slows hardening of the arteries.

Boosts endorphins and the immune system. Increases the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that destroys free radicals. A jewel of a book instructing life.

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This will be re looked at, rediscovered and re treasured. Aug 04, Darlene rated it it was amazing. The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Power of Meow is the third book in the series and perhaps the most satisfying. I have loved each of the books and anxiously awaited the next.

This latest entry into the series does not disappoint. It's impossible to stop turning pages. All of the characters we've come to know and love are there along with a couple of new ones. Threads of previous storylines are picked up and expanded. Best of all, this book talks about mindful meditation in a way that not only blends The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Power of Meow is the third book in the series and perhaps the most satisfying.

Best of all, this book talks about mindful meditation in a way that not only blends with the characters but is quite helpful to the reader in understanding this practice.

This is a book I will definitely read again. I hope that there will be a fourth book. I don't want to have to leave The Dalai Lama's Cat.

HHC is on a mission: I found this book related to so much in my life right now and my own mind. I know I need to slow down, find inner peace and study more mindfulness.

I hope we hear more from the HHC. Sep 02, Kathy rated it it was amazing. The third book in the series does not disappoint. I wish these books wouldn't end. I enjoyed them immensely, more than anything else I've read for a long time. I love the stories of all the characters in the book and I love reading it from HHC's point of view. It was truly delightful. But most of all, these books have changed my life for the better.

As inspired by Mrs. Trinci's goal to meditate every day for six weeks, for at least ten minutes, I've been doing this. Yes, it's been challenging an The third book in the series does not disappoint.

Yes, it's been challenging and sometimes, I've fallen asleep or gotten taken away by my thoughts, but I've grown so much, become calmer, and connected with the divine. I'm truly richer and inspired by this deeply gentle and spiritual book.

Jun 05, Debamitra rated it it was amazing. The third book in The Dalai Lama's Cat series and every bit as charming and engaging as the first two.

David Michie

On one level it is a simple, predictable happy-ending story about a very special cat The Dalai Lama's personal pet and the people with whom she lives, loves and plays. On another level, the Cat is the reader's voice as it reflects, questions and learns the basics of meditation from the highest practitioners themselves. A beautiful book, which will have you speed reading and yet pausing to re The third book in The Dalai Lama's Cat series and every bit as charming and engaging as the first two.

A beautiful book, which will have you speed reading and yet pausing to reflect at points and smiling in amazement as HHC His Holiness' Cat comes up with the exact description of a point which has been on your mind. An enjoyable weekend read.

Each one a meditative retreat for the soul and was sorry to see it come to an end. HIs Holiness Cat. The wonderful sense of wellbeing the characters experience in the compassionate presence of the Dalai Lama is also experienced by the reader. More please Mr Michie! Is no secret i am a catlover, and this series became one of my favourite not only because of the fact that the storyteller is in fac a cat and it feels so much like a real cat, but because explains Buddhism in a very simple way.

This book especially shows us that you don't have to be Buddhist to meditate and start practicing the mindfulness! A wonderful story told by the 14th Dalai Lama's cat about the power of self love, mindfulness, learning to be compassionate and take care of others with the purest intention and feelings. Be present. Love youself.

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Several monks were sitting on a sofa, watching a recorded news item on his recent visit to USA. Hopping up on the lap of one of them, I allowed him to stroke me as I watched TV. But as the news item progressed I realised that the red dot was His Holiness, in the centre of a vast, indoor sporting arena. It was a scene that was replayed in every city he visited from New York to San Francisco. The newsreader commented how the huge crowds of people that came out to see him in every city showed that he was more popular than many rock stars.

Little by little I began to realise just how extraordinary the Dalai Lama was, and how highly regarded he was by human beings. By extension, it seemed to me that I must be rather special too.

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It was me, after all, who he had rescued from the gutters of New Delhi. Had he recognised in me a kindred spirit — a sentient being on the same spiritual wave length as him?

When I heard him tell visitors about the importance of loving kindness, I would purr contentedly, certain in the knowledge that this was exactly what I thought too. And as he stroked by bulging tummy afterwards, it seemed equally clear that each of us just wanted to be loved.

There had been some talk around this time about what would happen when His Holiness left on a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand. New home? The very idea of it was crazy! I was HHC, with an established position in the establishment. You might say I had become part of the smooth running of the place. Had not Tenzin himself said that the Dalai Lama and I had a close karmic connection?

Then one day it happened. His Holiness was over at the temple, and The Door was left open. By then I had grown into an adventurous kitten, no longer content to spend all her time cosseted in fleece.

Prowling along the corridor in search of excitement, the moment I saw the door ajar, I knew I had to go through it, to explore the many places to which it led. Somehow I made my shaky way down two flights of stairs, grateful for the carpeting as my descent accelerated out of control and I landed in an undignified bundle.

Picking myself up, I continued across a short hallway and outside. A tour group of Japanese school girls caught sight of me and took pursuit. I panicked. Racing as fast as my unsteady hind legs would take me, I lurched away from the shrieking hoard. I could hear them gaining ground.

There was no way I could out-run them. The leather of their shoes on the pavement became a thunder! Then I spotted the small gap. It was between bricks that led under the building. A tight squeeze. And very little time. Plus I had no idea where it led. But as I bolted inside, the pandemonium came to an end. I found myself in a large, low space between the ground and the wooden boards of a veranda floor.

It was dark and dusty and there was a constant, dull drumming traffic of feet above. But at least I felt safe. I wondered how long I would need to stay there until the schoolgirls had gone away.

As my eyes and ears adjusted to this new place, I became aware of a scratching noise. Sporadic, but insistent bursts of gnawing. I paused, nostrils flared as I searched the air. The aroma was unmistakeable. Along with the sound of incisors came a pungent whiff that set my whiskers tingling. The reaction was instant, powerful, and instinctive: I moved, stealthily, in the direction from which it was coming. Downwind of the creature, my approach was concealed beneath the constant sound of footfall.

Even though I had never seen a mouse in my life before, I recognised what it was immediately. Holding onto a vertical foundation strut, its head was half buried in a wooden beam which it was hollowing out with its large front teeth. With a single swipe of my front paw I swept the rodent off balance and onto the ground where it lay stunned. Reaching down I sank my teeth into its neck. The body went limp. I knew exactly what I must do next.

Prey secured, I padded back to the gap in the wall, checked the pavement traffic outside. Finding no Japanese schoolchildren, I hurried back into the building. Across the hallway. Up the stairs. To The Door — which was firmly closed. Recognising me, but without noticing the trophy in my mouth, he let me in. I padded down the corridor and around the corner.

The Dalai Lama's Cat.

Because the Dalai Lama was still at the temple, I made my way directly into the office of his Executive Assistants, announcing my arrival with a meow of all due urgency and importance. Responding to the unfamiliar tone, Chogyal and Tenzin both turned, looking at me in surprise as I strutted proudly into their office and deposited the mouse on the carpet. Their reaction was nothing like I had expected. Exchanging a sharp glance, they both instantly moved from their chairs, Chogyal lifting me up and Tenzin kneeling down over the motionless mouse.

Using an old envelope as a brush, Tenzin soon had the mouse in the empty container. He regarded it closely. Tenzin handed over the box with instructions that the mouse was to be observed and, if it recovered, released in the forest nearby.

Chogyal was still holding me, not in his usual affectionate embrace, but as though restraining a savage beast. All three men were now looking at me intently. The conversation had taken a dangerous turn which I have come to regret ever since.

It was a pause before the driver came out with it. I needed it and I will tell you why. I am The joys that few books seem to give the minute you are taken in to their world. I am not a fan of Buddhism.

I do not know. I have never tried finding that out. So when I apprehensively picked up the book going by the title , little did I know that I would enjoy it to this extent. The book is narrated by the Cat, but of course and she tells us of her beginnings, how she was found by His Holiness, and how she wanted to become a cat worthy of him and his teachings.For the kittens were no common or garden variety moggies, but a rather superior kind altogether.

So what is the true cause of purring? Had he recognised in me a kindred spirit — a sentient being on the same spiritual wave length as him? For more of my reviews, book chat, giveaways and much more, see you at: Add a card.

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