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Original Sin is book two in the Alexandra Jones series, the sequel to First Bitten. Alex has run. Leaving everything she knows and loves Nathan, behind. [PDF] Download ↠Taming the Storm | by ã Samantha Towle taming the storm the storm series Lyla Summers hates men. Okay, maybe hate is a strong. Samantha Towle - (The Storm 3) - Taming the Storm -(ang) (pdf) - plik ' Dozwolone od lat stu w języku angielskim (i inne) > Julka_15'. Inne dokumenty.

I also might be a tad drunk. This was a huge thing for us! In the excitement and crowd of people, I managed to lose them when we went offstage. I bet Chad is getting shitfaced with Sonny and Cale, and Dex is probably hooking up and getting his rocks off as I speak. I cup my hands around my mouth. We just opened for The Mighty Storm! I take another swig of champagne, stum- bling in my heels. I steady myself on the wall with my hand before I resume walking.

When I say whore, I mean, he likes to whore around with men.

Samantha Towle - (The Storm 3) - Taming the Storm -(ang).pdf

I love my brother more than anyone else in the world. He takes care of me, and I do the same for him. Turning a corner, I spy a door off to my right. Dex has a thing for having sex in closets. I yank open the door, but the closet is empty. Just mops and buckets. No Dex. On a sigh, I close the door. This is starting to get eerie, like bad- horror-movie eerie. Just endless hallways. Resigned to my potential death by a fic- tional serial killer, I carry on down the hall, and I take a left at the end, hoping for some sign of human life.

I clamp a hand over my mouth, stifling a giggle, when I see a couple of people going at it a little farther on. Lucky bastards. Take it all. You know you love my big fucking cock. The floor drops out from beneath me. Then, he turns his head and— Chad.

God, no. I freeze to the spot the instant his eyes meet mine. I watch in abstract horror as the shock of my presence reverberates over his face. We stay locked in a suspension of time where neither of us does or says anything. Then, it breaks, and Chad kicks into movement. The person turns, and our gazes meet. I stand there, my world shattering around me for the second time in my life.

None of us did. I know why this has broken him.

I get that. In the past, he relied on coke to get him through bad times. I could never berate him for it because we all have our ways of coping. I had—have mine, and he had his.

Tru is his everything. I look him in the eye before I attempt to say anything. Fuck no. The pain is so bad that the person gives himself over to it. Irrational, desperate, terrible life-altering things. Fear kicks me hard in the gut. I stare hard into his eyes because I need him to hear me right now. She kicks my ass daily. Hear me. I shake my head, not breaking eye con- tact for one second. Staring at him as his body shakes from grief, I wish on everything to take this away for him, to fix this.

The day we lost Jonny, it was bad…hor- rendous. Nothing can ever prepare a person for losing someone that you need above all others.

When his best friend Jakes girlfriend is touch and go in the hospital, Tom makes a deal with God that if he saves Tru's life, he will change his own life completely. He will stop living the fast life, and stop having meaningless sex. Tom is excited to tour for 6 weeks with Vintage, and is immediately drawn to the beautiful Lyla.

He can tell right away she is different from the women he is usually with. Lyla has never had much success with men. She has always been the relationship type, but they never last.

She has recently been cheated on, and taken a vow of celibacy. The only problem is Lyla didn't count on having the temptation that is Tom Carter so close. They begin to visit a lot. They confide in each other, and become real friends.

Lyla starts to see a whole new side to Tom. He was just delicious!!!

D -I'm not a good guy- well, I wasn't, but I'm working toward becoming one. One who won't be a mut. There's a guy who deserves an awesome girl like you. Every part of me is turned on by his dirty words. Tell me, and I'll give it to you.

I want you. More than I've ever wanted any man before. I haven't felt alive in a really long time. And now, I do View all 26 comments. Feb 21, Plamena rated it really liked it. Fun, light and seriously entertaining! I just love this series and this book did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the story and had so much fun reading it. Taming the Storm is about Lyla Summers and Tom Carter- two people who are talented, quite different and stubborn but also right for each other.

He is confident, funny, cocky, charming and seriously stubborn. Basically he promises to become a better person and to stop sleeping around. Lyla has made a decision- she hates men. She is still struggling with the pain from how her last relationship has ended. Lyla is coping pretty well with her decision until…Tom Carter. She knows all about him and his bad rep. The last thing she needs is to be in on bus with the hot and charming Tom Carter.

They sexual attraction unbelievable and will become too much for them to stand so they come to an understanding- friends with benefits until the tour finishes. But will it be enough? They are both stubborn and very interesting characters. Their banter is hilarious: He listens, understands and supports her. View all 29 comments. Aug 22, Smitten's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review written back in summer I love this woman. Samantha Towle, I bow at your feet.

I want to be you when I grow up. This is one of my favouritest series! I can't believe it's over! And now it's over. And I'm sad. But I'm so happy, because TMS guys totally rock my world!! I don't know whether I was just clinging onto any little TMS bone Samantha was willing to throw me, or what, but I really enjoyed this. I was totally in the mood for a bit of rock-star romance and this really hit the spot.

It was full to the brim of delicious sexual tension, diva tantrums, insecurities, emotional whiplash and rockstar drama. I roll my eyes. I wasn't sure I would. I thought he was a bit of a douche in Jake and Tru's books. But I did. His back story was great and totally reeled me in.

I really liked Lyla, too. She was a ball-busting, strong, independent woman with a dream and a past. And she resisted Tom for the longest time, which, personally, I thought was pretty admirable. And I couldn't put their book down. So, check it out, if you're brave enough to bring the TMS series to an end!! Jul 01, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: Towle was going to bestow on us one final story in the TMS series.

I'm ashamed to admit that I vaguely recall Tom Carter from those books, I remember his banter and bickering with Tru but apart from that not much else. I was glued to Jake. Shame on Me!!! He's the bass player for the Mighty Storm with major commitment issues. He's emotionally detached and a self-professed man-whore.

But that's not all, he's a hot, tattooed, domineering dirty talker, sexy as fuck rock star. Lyla Summers was so easy to like and connect with; an up and coming singer with a sad past filled with famous parents, love, loss and betrayal.

I really, really enjoyed this book and could not put it down. Towle is a great writer and she does the relationship build so well. There was an obvious path that she could have taken with this but she didn't and I was thrilled for that!! Lyla and Tom are wonderful characters who have this intense attraction, which they both fight for their own reasons. Their chemistry was evident and the sex was scorching!! My dear Tom is a commanding, dirty talker in the bedroom Overall, this story was HOT, steamy, romantic and at times, sweet.

A truly wonderful read and an awesome way to end the series. Taming the Storm Series: The Storm 3 Author: Samantha Towle Release Date: July 1, Rating: No HEA: There's something about this author's writing that has the ability to give me the thrills, chills, and tingles. Not to mention, she can write the hell out of those hot and steamy scenes.

This book was no exception. I was transport Title: I was transported into the rockstar lifestyle: This book has a lot of song mentions and their meanings go along with a lot of the events in the book. I loved that songs were incorporated into the plot-that's always fun and a good way to find new songs to love. What I most looked forward to however, was finally seeing one of the ultimate man-whores fall Tom is one of those characters that you love to hate. He's a major slut, egotistical, and has no use for women other than scratching an itch.

You really want to hate him. Somehow, he has a way about him that prevents that completely. He is who he is. Absolutely no shame, embarrassment, or regret. I found myself shaking my head at his crass mouth and unapologetic dirty comments. Yet, at the same time laughing out loud. It's inescapable. He's got a charm, confidence, and hot as hell persona that's not to be denied.

Tom is the bass player for the Mighty Storm. The hottest rock band in America. Lyla is the singer in a band that's just signed with their label and is starting out on their first album and tour.

Tom is needed to fill in as manager for Lyla's band at the last minute on tour and she is not a happy woman about that. He's hit on her in the past and unlike every other woman before and after her She has no room in her life for men.

She has a list as long as her arm of ex-boyfriends who've done her wrong-with one ultimate betrayal from the one person who she trusted more than any other person in her life.

It's left her bruised-the last thing she would ever want would be to get involved in a mutt man slut like Tom. Too bad they have this incredibly intoxicating attraction that won't let her ignore him. In the beginning, maybe it's hurt ego, or just plain lust, but Tom decides to flirt with disaster with Lyla. Maybe just one little taste will satisfy him and he can move on. But something is telling him that nothing will ever be that easy with this sexy, talented, ball busting woman with a love of cartoon tee-shirts who lives and breathes music just like him.

They both fought their attraction. It added just the right amount of angst and I can't even tell you how this book incinerated me when they finally gave into temptation and snapped. Moving quickly, he closes the gap between us. Suddenly, everything narrows to this moment. To him and me. Desire exploding between us like a dirty bomb. There's nothing but blazing heat and sexual tension.

The likes of nothing I've ever felt before. Tom was so freaking insanely dominant, powerful, and one determined man. Once he and Lyla get together, he won't admit it, but the time limit they've put on their exclusive sexual arrangement isn't enough-it was never going to be. He's jealous, irrational, and territorial. That's something he doesn't know how to handle and he's rather just live in denial. He's also scared as hell because the easy, no strings lifestyle he's created to protect himself is slipping away from him.

It feels like Lyla's becoming as necessary to him as breathing and he's unable to put his emotions on the line. I knew from the beginning that he was going to screw up. He's not a relationship kind of guy. And when it finally happened, I really felt like kicking him in his junk. His misstep is epically effed up. This book may have been a bit predictable, but I can honestly say I loved every minute of it.

There were no twists, surprises, and not a cliffhanger in sight. What I got was exactly what I wanted: An extremely sexy rockstar book with two talented musicians who made me laugh and kept me turning the pages with excitement.

I didn't always like some of the characters' actions, but my overall feelings were overwhelmingly positive. I got that elusive book giddiness when you're really fully escaped into the story and I didn't want it to end.

That was my deciding factor in my decision to give this 5 stars. If you've read the other books in this series and enjoyed them, this book is not to be missed. View all 13 comments. While Tru is in the hospital in critical condition after being in a car accident, Tom is fearful for Jake. He's seen his friend hit rock bottom before, and in a desperate attempt to help his friend out, he makes a deal with God.

No more whoring around. He will try to change his sinful ways and will only have sex with a woman if she means something to him.

Lyla Summers is the lead singer to a band called Vintage. They are the newly signed artists to TMS, which is owned by Jake. Lyla's sworn off men for almost ten months now, after having been betrayed by her ex boyfriend and someone whom she loved more than anyone else in her life. Vintage is about to go on tour to promote their new album, and they've just found out that their manager won't be traveling with them due to a skiing accident.

Tom Carter steps in as their temporary manager. This, does not make Lyla happy. She's not looking forward to him being in close proximity, because he could seriously mess with her plans on remaining celibate. I hate the way my body reacts to Tom Carter. Every single time I see him, my virginia lights up like gasoline on a spark. There's a lot of sexual tension between the two in the beginning and it's obvious that they feel things for each other that they've never felt with anyone else.

Lyla was not a very likable character to me. I get that she was hurt pretty badly in the past and had a messed up relationship with her Dad, but after a while, I got tired of her surliness. Or should I say, Samantha Towle, sure knows how to write some panty soaking material??!! WOOOO, fanning myself here!!! Tom and Lyla end up giving in to their mutual attraction by striking up a deal. An exclusive "friends with benefits" relationship till the tour ends, and then they go their separate ways.

These two will find the most creative places to get it on! As time goes on, both of them realize that they are starting to have deeper feelings and it scares them both for very different reasons.

I thought this was a very enjoyable story and Tom was super sexy and delicious. There were a couple moments with him and Denny that had me in stitches!! Loved Denny and I think it would be awesome if he and Simone had their own book! You will get this "Forrest Gump" reference when you read the book!!

View all 30 comments. Jun 03, Snow rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tom Carter is the bass player in The Mighty Storm band and he s a total man-whore prick douchebag And as in every man-whore story out there the mentiond man loses the whore in his acting ways when he meets the right Carter the bad boy is entering the space with the starting role as her band's tour manager He will meet his match in Lyla as she s the only woman ever to turn his advances The lines are definitely blurred and very thin I loved this book and i have truly enjoyed on this journey with the main characters I'll never stop I don't know, will you believe me After all is said and done All the lies, how I regret them baby Now, I am the loser And you're shining like the sun Tell me why can't I still be the one, alright I will never stop Until you're mine I can wait forever, till the end of time Cause my heart is in your hands Don't you understand I'll never stop I'll never stop How could I ever When my heart is in your hands And I know, baby there is no turning back They say that I'm crazy And I kind of understand How I wish for this nightmare to end I'll never stop Mar 28, Dee Montoya rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, you better be ready.

Taming The Storm is a musical love story of a restored man-whore who found his firecracker soul mate on a tour bus After Tru almost died in a accident, Tom Carter made God the promise that he would change his playboy ways, if he saved the life of his best friend's love. Five weeks later Tom finds himself back on the road but this time as the manager of the band Vintage.

Lead singer Lyla Summers has put men off from her life after being betrayed by every single man she's ever loved, now her only focus is her music and going on tour with her band. Everything is going according to plan until she learns that Tom Carter, playboy extraordinaire and bassist of The Mighty Storm is her new tour manager.

She's only met the sexy rocker twice before, and and in both occasions he's hit on her, proving how much of a pig he is. As expected they start the tour on the wrong foot, but quickly become friends , until the sexual tension will make them strike a sexy deal with expiration date included. But will they both be able to walk away with their hearts in one piece, after the deal is over?

Tom is one sexy rocker, that fact can't be denied. Layla on the other hand got on my nerves more than once with her wishy washy personality. This book was very entertaining but a bit predictable in my opinion.

Im such a huge fan of TMS that nothing can come close to it in my heart. I still would recommend this book to anyone looking for a hot rock star read View all 24 comments. Jan 15, Nikki rated it liked it Shelves: Going to apply the KISS keep it simple stupid method for this one. Apr 22, AJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this addition to The Mighty Storm series!

Lyla and Tom are an amazing couple with sizzling chemistry and a highly entertaining relationship. With lots of hotness, some laughs and a bit of angst and drama, this is an exciting, passionate love story that had me hooked from the very beginning. Tom is the man whoring member of one of the biggest rock bands in the world, The Mighty Storm TMS , and the best friend of its lead singer, Jake Wethers.

When Jake is facing po 4. When Jake is facing potential devastation, Tom makes a deal with God to change his ways if Jake can have his happy ever after. Lyla is the lead singer of an up and coming band who has recently signed on with TMS records.

She is concentrating on her music, recording an album with her band and preparing for their very first tour. But their tour is put in jeopardy after their tour manager is injured, until Jake brings Tom in to manage the tour — which includes him living on the bus with the band for six weeks.

On tour with us! Chicks, parties…chicks! The man is a fucking legend! Then, he springs to life. We are touring with the best there is! Just think of the stuff he can teach us. The attraction between Lyla and Tom is electric from the very beginning. Jesus, what you? I could understand how her background hurt her, and even though her continuous rejection of Tom is maddening, it creates a brilliant tension. And though it all her inner monologue is fantastic.

The more time I spend with him, the more I like him. And it really pisses me off when I have to see other women all over him. He makes no secret of how he feels, and his constant pushing and teasing is wildly entertaining!

You can keep running, but I will catch you and soon. Their friendship is gorgeous, and you can see the genuine affection that they have for each other as they open up and share about their painful pasts.

And you can see that there is more between them than just lust, they actually care for each other. But the book is still absolutely steaming! Tom is a dirty talker, and an absolute machine in the bedroom and out of it! He knows how to treat his girl, and there is some pretty epic sexy time. They initially decide to hook up in secret for the duration of the tour, and it suits them both perfectly, but as their connection deepens, and the end of the tour is in sight, they discover that letting go may not be as simple as they originally thought.

I laughed so much reading about their antics, and the sweet and tender moments were absolutely beautiful. And, of course, the romance was fantastic! Aug 20, Polly rated it really liked it. For the most part I really like this book. Tom the manwhore knew how to work it. My main issue was he was a bit too dickish for me. Some of the stuff that came out of his mouth made me want to slap the shit out of him.

If you want to know I'm spoiler tagging it below: What does that bastard do? Go and gets a BJ For the most part I really like this book. Go and gets a BJ from a bar slut. I don't care if he couldnt go through with it. It was done in my eyes. I couldn't get over it. I also thought SHE got over it way too quick. I'm sorry he needed to grovel. I can't believe she just took him back. It caused me to lose respect for her hide spoiler ] So over all an enjoyable read that most will prob love.

There is no fixing things between Dex and me. It was broken the moment he started screwing my boyfriend. I feel the familiar burn in my chest. Bringing a hand up, I rub at the burn. I get it. Business and personal should never mix. I think my tear ducts dried up when I cried a river over Dex and Chad.

I lift my chin and suck it up. I give a quick look to Cale, Sonny, and Van, who are sitting in the studio with Zane. They put on the music for the track we laid down yesterday. Cale, Dex, and I grew up together. The three of us put Vintage together.

Sonny is our drummer. He joined the band when we first started. We put up fliers for auditions, and he was the only one who turned up.

Thankfully for us, he rocked. The loss of him in my life will break through, and I will crumble. Cale gets up from his seat and walks over to me. He stands beside me and takes hold of my hand. I have to bite back the tears I can feel burning up my throat. A few seconds later, Sonny takes stance beside me, dropping his arm around my shoulder. Dex gets to his feet. I can feel his gaze burning a hole in me.

Always have, always will. Cale catches my eye, and he mouths, You okay? Fine, I mouth back before giving him my best smile. His eyes narrow on me. I look away. Shutting my eyes, I do what Zane said. I draw up all my emotions, the ones that are bothering the crap out of me today, and I channel them into my song. Singing is the only thing that makes sense to me. Parting my dry lips, I lick them and then ease out the first line of the song.

Song done, I open my eyes. It was flawless. I pull the headphones off and step around the mic, expecting to see a full booth, but the only person I find in there is Gray. Where is everyone? I press the intercom button. Did he hate it? Jesus, I hate the nerves that come with trying to please studio executives. He took a call and sounded all pissed off. Then, he told the guys to go with him to the conference room, and you were to follow straight after you finished.

I can lay the track with that, no problem. Catch you later. I walk the short distance down the hall to the conference room. Three heads lift when I open the door.

Zane is standing by the window. His face is devoid of emotion, like always, and his arms are folded across his chest. His tense stance has me instantly worried. I pull out the chair next to Sonny and take a seat. Dina is our manager. She was going to come on tour with us. I have dreamed about this tour happening ever since I picked up my first guitar. I know TMS Records policy—no tour manager, no tour. A new band on the road with no support is not a good idea with the amount of sharks in this industry.

I swallow down the house-sized brick in my throat. She ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament. He knows the house rules as well as I do. This is as important to him as it is to me. Important to us all. I swallow down.

Jake is currently trying to find a replacement manager to go on tour with you. With relief, I exhale the breath I was holding. We are supposed to leave on tour in a week. One week to find a good tour manager. Most tour managers, especially the good ones, will already be booked up. He stands. Sonny shakes his head. A few minutes ago, you were the one asking him the same goddamn question. I feel the same worry as Sonny.

You know, the one you hopped out on before she woke up. If Sonny brings someone back to the apartment, he has a tendency to duck out before they wake up. Then, I feel bad, and I end up cooking breakfast for the girl.

In many ways, my boys are too good-looking for their—and my—own good. But their looks do work awesome in alluring the female fans. Bunch of muts, but I love them like family. Oh, Mut is my term for man slut. Sonny is the worst. They love him, and he lets them. Cale is the stupid kind of beautiful—as in, it makes women go stupid over him.

Perks of the job, he calls it. It was hard not to with his beautiful face and dark brown hair that fell into his chocolate brown eyes. And Van has the gorgeous brooding rock star down pat. Women flock to him like birds to bread.

Van reminds me a lot of Jake Wethers—all tattooed, dark hair, striking blue eyes. This is how it goes with Sonny and me. We banter around the same stuff. I rest my chin on my hand. Then, he looks at Van, who seems amused at our exchange. You were fine before we left for the studio.

Then, you took a call, and your mood went to shit. Who called, Ly? Was it him? He calls you every goddamn day. I know because you have that depressing ringtone set for him. He takes my hands. I know what he meant to you. I look away from him. She was calling to tell me that…Dex has joined a new band.

Moved here a few days back. In LA? His jaw is working angrily. It increased tenfold when Dex betrayed me. And I know Cale is hurting over it, too. Dex was his oldest friend, his best friend. Cale misses him. He sits up, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, his face close to mine. You never made me choose anything. The minute Dex betrayed you, he betrayed me, the band, all of us. He made us choose. And you thinking I should get in touch with him…Jesus Christ.

So, are we done here? Cale takes my face in his hands. I got your back, Ly, always. Lead the way, big bro. Tom Carter. That Tom Carter? Which I understand because I sound like a broken record right now. Tom is taking my place as your tour manager. But Tom Carter. Total mut. Hits on me every time I see him. He is the epitome of mut.

Tom is now your manager, and he will be touring with you for the next six weeks. God help me. Tom is just the bass-playing mut, who will stick his dick in anything that has a pulse and a vagina.

To Fix You

He is also the owner of the kick-ass label I work for, the same one your band is signed to. He trusts Tom, so we trust Tom. And Zane backs him on this. Now, I feel like a total bitch for whining about this.

Even worse, Tru was pregnant at the time of the accident. Their baby boy was born early by C-section. Thankfully, he was fine. I get your concerns. He rates you guys really highly. He wants the best for you, like I do. Six weeks with Tom as our manager will be… fine. A piece of cake. Each time, I turned him down. Well, this woman did. Especially not Tom, the biggest mut the world has seen.

My virginia is closed for business. Virginia is my nickname for my vajayjay. Sonny will freak. Sonny is already well on his way. Talk to you soon? I wait until the guys are all sitting on the sofa around me before I speak. I take the bottle of beer that Sonny is holding out to me.

The anxious tone in his voice is not lost on me. I pop the cap on my beer. I take a quick drink and then hold the bottle in my lap. Tipping my head back, I take a bigger drink this time. On tour with us! Chicks, parties…chicks! The man is a fucking legend! Then, he springs to life. We are touring with the best there is! Just think of the stuff he can teach us. Cale grins. He high-fives Cale at the same time. I honestly have no issue with the guys having fun.

They have tons of fun and sleep with plenty of women. I know his rep. This is going to be a disaster. I start chugging back on my beer, quickly emptying it, and I reach for another. I turn my face to him and try to force a smile.

His rep. Cale puts his arm around my shoulder, pulling me to his side. Nothing will change. He grins. Give me some credit. It quickly fades. My eyes dip to the floor. I look up, meeting his warm gaze. Tom will probably make groupie night mandatory or something.

He starts to laugh. I shove him on the shoulder. He brings my face toward him. Seriously, what is going to be awesome about touring with the mut of rock, who has hit on me every time I see him? I shake my head, taking in my surroundings. Today is the day we set off on tour. Beyond amazing. Laid out before me is a living area, complete with a leather seating area and a TV fixed on the wall.

That should keep the boys entertained. The kitchen has a wall-fitted unit with a built-in range and oven, a small refrigerator, and a microwave.

I follow Cale down the hall to where Sonny and Van are, and I see the bathroom on the right. Shower, no bath. Two pairs of unamused eyes stare at him. How does he come up with this shit? I turn, looking at him, and I smile. He smiles back. Van really does have the best smile. His whole face lights up with it. Such a way with words. What was I saying about his nice smile? How about this? I have the bedroom, and when one of you scores, you can have the room for as long as you need it, but you have to change the sheets.

I shrug. Then, I feel my cell vibrate against my butt.

Taming the Storm (Mighty Storm) por Samantha Towle

I pull it out. Unknown number. I hesitate, worried. Everything has been arranged through Zane or Dina, so I guess it could be him. Decision made, I connect the call as I start walking back through the bus. My voice has gone squeaky. I clear my throat. Jake knows. My hand starts to sweat around my phone. I quickly make my way off the bus and practically run down the side to the back, putting distance between me and the people loading up the tour buses.

I tend to keep who my father is and who my mother was private. People treat me differently when they find out who my parents are. Especially my father. Rally Brochstein, owner of Rally Records. The Mighty Storm is one of them. The label that TMS walked away from. I guess you can see where this is going.

And this? My band signing with TMS Records. I start to feel a little sick. I know how you feel about Rally. I feel the same. I take that as a good sign. It actually suits him. Then, he exhales. I know how he works. I also know a little something about wanting to hide your past.

Thing is, when you hide stuff, especially in this business, it has a tendency to come out and bite you in the ass. His reputation in the music business is notorious. Jake Wethers is one of the few people who has ever gone up against my father and walked away clean.

Rally is a shark, and he takes no prisoners. Nothing and no one gets in his way. That was when he started Rally Records, and it got big, fast. Just not fast enough for TMS. TMS was the first act to sign with them. Apparently, Jake and Rally had a difficult relationship, which I can understand because my father is not an easy man to get along with. I signed with TMS Records because you care about your acts. Bye, bye, tour bus. It was nice while it lasted. Have I said how much I hate my father? The guys are going to be gutted.

I know Jake is a hard ass, and he hates Rally, possibly as much as I do, but this is hassle he could do without. I told Rally he could go fuck himself. I could kiss Jake Wethers right now. No one tells me how to run my business. You say your relationship with him is non-existent. Was that his choice or yours? Now, mine. You just concentrate on the tour. But I need you to tell me now if there is anything else I need to know. My mom was the best. I hear a female voice in the background.

Good luck with the tour. Relay that message to the rest of the band. Nothing is going to change your position with TMS Records, no matter what he says or does. Just make this album and tour score big. Nodding, I smile. Sounds of cheering and loud laughter. All thoughts of my conversation with Jake left behind, my feet carry me quickly back to the bus. I jog up the stairs, turn into the galley, and halt in my tracks at the sight before me, my breath leaving me in a rush. His huge size eats up the small space of the bus.

His muscular arms are sleeved in tattoos. What is he doing here? I have the sudden urge to walk over there and slap Cale upside the head. Tom looks over his shoulder at me.

His intense jade green eyes hit mine, sending an involuntary heat to travel through my body. His gaze drifts slowly down my body and then climbs back up. My stomach clenches. Virginia sparks to life. Oh God. I hate the way my body reacts to Tom Carter. Every single time I see him, my virginia lights up like gasoline on a spark. In fact, my body likes Tom—a lot. Tom is an arrogant, sex-crazed mut, whom I want nothing to do with.

Only…Tom just happens to be a hot, arrogant, sex-crazed mut. I really hate that. Unkempt but hot. Lord, help me.

His eyes flicker down to my chest. He looks cute in a hot, sexy way. Hot, sexy cute? What the hell, Lyla? Men are not cute, especially not men like Tom Carter. Men like him are dangerous to women like me. And look at him, just openly staring at my chest.

Total pervert. I cross my arms over my girls and lift my chin. His eyes come back to mine, and that smirk is still on his face. Keep it pleasant and business-like. He means that in a figurative sense right? No way am I losing to him. Sonny breaks the silence. I will not lose this game. What is it? Then, silence hits as the debris from his dirty ear bomb scatters slowly to the floor, my brain desperately trying to come to terms with what I just heard.

Tom is staying here? Closing my eyes on a blink, I shake my head, trying to clear out his words. How awesome is that? Van and Cale are smiling. Tom is still staring at me. Only this time, his look is curious.

I blink away with my hands on my hips, trying to figure this out in my head. Tom is going to be living here on our bus for the duration of the tour? Then, my eyes land on an oversized gym bag sitting on the kitchen table. This is going to be a complete disaster. I did think this tour bus was way too nice to be ours. I was expecting a total shithole for our first tour bus, not this awesome setup.

I close my eyes on a long blink and then look back to them. And say something nice. I do try to say something nice. Really, I do. I quickly think up lots of nice things to say —well, mainly the word yes. It makes my face sting.

I feel like a bitch. I am a bitch. Avoiding the eyes of the guys, I swivel on my heel and follow Tom in his angry path. He just keeps on walking. So, I follow, my gut churning the whole time. This day is really starting off badly. Tom stops about fifty feet from the bus and turns to me. I halt in my stride, nearly tripping in doing so. His body is tense. He folds his arms over his chest, staring down at me. I look up at his face. He seems even taller out here.

He lets out a sigh and scratches his beard. History would involve something happening between us. My arms fold over my chest, my eyes narrowing. Then, he shakes his head. I have an idea of what he was going to say, and if he did, that would have set off an explosion of epic proportions. My hands go to my hips. He sighs. He smirks down at me. I was a bitch to him.

Taming the Storm (The Storm, #3)

Hit me with it.Anyway, Tanya was nineteen years old, an up-and- coming pop singer. I know how he works. There were a couple moments with him and Denny that had me in stitches!! What are you now? View all 15 comments. You know you love my big fucking cock.

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