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Stephanie Laurens, Kasey Michaels, Delilah Marvelle (The Reasons for Marriage ; The Wedding Party; Unlaced) · Read more. The Reasons For Marriage. Read more Copyright © by Stephanie Laurens. The Reasons For Marriage Stephanie Laurens CHAPTER ONE The. The Reasons For Marriage book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Dashing DukeLenore Lester was perfectly conten. .

Stephanie Laurens The Reasons For Marriage Pdf

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the reasons for marriage harlequin the - 62,75mb the reasons for marriage harlequin the wedding collection full download scanning for the reasons for. The Reasons for Marriage (Lester Family Saga - Book 1) by Stephanie Laurens is Historical. The Dashing Duke Lenore Lester was. the reasons for marriage lester family saga 1 stephanie laurens Dennis Preato shows that egalitarian marriage is much more successful than marriage based.

The man had been shot recently--he might still be alive. Honoria eased from the gig. The gray stood quietly, head drooping; edging to the verge, Honoria looped the reins about a branch and pulled the knot tight. Stripping off her gloves, she stuffed them in her pocket.

Then she turned and, taking a deep breath, walked down the lane. The man was still alive--she knew that the instant she knelt on the grass beside him; his breathing was rattly and harsh. He was lying on his side, slumped forward; grasping his right shoulder, she rolled him onto his back. His breathing eased--Honoria barely noticed, her gaze transfixed by the jagged hole marring the left side of his coat. With every ragged breath the man drew, blood welled from the wound.

She had to staunch the flow. Honoria looked down; her handkerchief was already in her hand. Another glance at the wound confirmed its inadequacy. Hurrying, she stripped off the topaz-silk scarf she wore over her dun-colored gown and wadded it into a pad.

Lifting the sodden coat, she left the man's ruined shirt undisturbed and pressed her improvised dressing over the gaping hole.

Only then did she glance at his face. He was young--surely too young to die? His face was pale, his features regular, handsome, still holding traces of youthful softness. Thick brown hair lay disheveled across a wide brow; brown brows arched over his closed eyes.

Sticky dampness rose beneath Honoria's fingers, her kerchief and scarf no match for the relentless flow. Her gaze fell on the youth's cravat.

Unhooking the pin securing the linen folds, she unwound the cravat, folded it, then positioned the thick wad and carefully pressed down. She was bent over her patient when the thunder struck. A deep resounding boom, it rent the air. The gray screamed, then shot down the lane, a sharp crack accompanying the thud of hooves.

Heart pounding, Honoria watched in helpless dismay as the gig rushed past, the branch with the reins still wrapped about it bumping wildly in its wake. Then lightning cracked. The flash was hidden by the canopy yet still lit the lane in garish white.

The Father's Heart for Marriage

Honoria shut her eyes, blocking her memories by sheer force of will. A low moan reached her. Opening her eyes, she looked down, but her charge remained unconscious.

She was alone in a wood, under trees, miles from shelter, without means of transport, in a countryside she'd first seen four days ago, with a storm lashing the leaves from the trees--and beside her lay a badly wounded man. How on earth could she help him? Her mind was a comfortless blank.

Into the void came the sound of hoofbeats.

At first, she thought she was dreaming, but the sound grew steadily louder, nearer. Giddy with relief, Honoria rose. She stood in the lane, fingertips on the pad, listening as the hoofbeats drew rapidly nearer. At the last minute, she stood upright, turning and stepping boldly to the center of the lane. The ground shook; thunder engulfed her. Looking up, she beheld Death. A massive black stallion screamed and reared over her, iron-tipped hooves flailing within inches of her head.

On the beast's back sat a man to match the horse, black-clad shoulders blocking out the twilight, dark mane wild, features harsh -- satanic. The stallion's hooves thudded to the ground, missing her by a bare foot. Furious, snorting, eyes showing white, the beast hauled at the reins. It tried to swing its huge head toward her; denied, it attempted to rear again. Muscles bunched in the rider's arms, in the long thighs pressed to the stallion's flanks.

For one eternal minute, man and beast did battle. Then all went still, the stallion acknowledging defeat in a long, shuddering, horsy sigh. Her heart in her throat, Honoria lifted her gaze to the rider's face--and met his eyes. Even in the dimness, she was sure of their color.

Pale, lucent green, they seemed ancient, all-seeing. Large, set deep under strongly arched brows, they were the dominant feature in an impressively strong face. Their glance was penetrating, mesmerizing -- unearthly. In that instant, Honoria was sure that the devil had come to claim one of his own. And her, too. Then the air about her turned blue. Jason thinks he wants a conventional marriage, but Lenore changes that.


The two spend much of the book at cross purposes. It was enjoyable to watch Jason gets exactly what he thinks he wants and then realizes that he hates it.

Even better, Lenore doesn't withdraw from Jason as punishment but rather in love to give him what he wants and not impose herself upon him. The book is a straightforward read.

The Lester Family series is the story of Lenore and her two brothers who are introduced in this book. This book is well written but more traditional romance than expected from Stephanie Laurens. This book was written in the mid s and thus is an earlier book from her.

The book's sex content is more sweet and less explicit than readers might expect from Laurens. I give this book 4 stars. Oct 18, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very good book. Jason decided it was time to marry and went about trying to find the most suitable one. He had a whole shopping list of the qualities he was looking for, and love was not among them.

He finally decided to check out his friend Jack Lester's sister. When he arrived at Jack's for his house party, he was at first dismayed by his first sight of Lenore.

She wore dowdy dresses and glasses, and showed no interest in any of the men. It didn't take him long to realize it was all a disguise Very good book. It didn't take him long to realize it was all a disguise, which intrigued him. Lenore had been running her father's house for several years, and playing hostess for her brothers' parties. She had decided long ago that safety lay in hiding her appeal to them.

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She was stunned to find out that she wasn't fooling Jason at all, and that he had decided to pursue her. I loved the way that he started out with pursuing her the way he would other women he knew, before he realized that wouldn't work with her.

Then he decided to lay out his "reasons and requirements" for marriage - you can see the trouble that would cause him later. Lenore accepted his proposal, realizing she really had no choice, but resolved to try to keep her emotions safe. Having been exposed to so many unfaithful wives in London, Jason spent the weeks before the wedding spending alot of time with her, growing closing. After the wedding, their honeymoon weeks were ideal, their relationship growing stronger. I loved seeing Jason fall in love with Lenore, while not realizing that's what he was feeling.

Lenore fell just as fast as she was afraid she would. When they went to London and entered society, things got rough. Lenore thought that now that she was pregnant, Jason had to reason to stay, so she pulled away emotionally to protect herself.

Meanwhile, Jason came to realized how much he cared. This was definitely a story of missed opportunities. I was so happy to see that Aunt Agathe gave Jason the figurative slap upside the head, and the story after that was terrific.

Dec 28, Lita Bouquard rated it liked it Shelves: After a disappointing Cynster book, I had resolved to take a break from Laurens. The Reasons for Marriage was on hold from the library included in a romance bundle, so I caved and read it.

I was glad I did because it didn't have any of the annoying things that made me put away the Cynster series for a while, but had the elements Laurens does well.

Characters that hold my interest. The book started a bit slowly but the fun kicked in when Jason, Duke of Eversleigh decides he needs to marry but wan After a disappointing Cynster book, I had resolved to take a break from Laurens. The book started a bit slowly but the fun kicked in when Jason, Duke of Eversleigh decides he needs to marry but wants a bride who will stay in the country while he dallies in the city.

She must be virtuous and presentable. But where to find such a young lady?

An invitation to a party, triggers a memory. The rakes -hosting, Jack and Harry had a sister who wasn't presented. When Jason and his friend Freddy arrive they see a frump. Spectacled- with a bun, sensible shoes and a pinafore. Lenore is perturbed that Eversleigh seems to want to charm her despite her protective disguise, He sees the hidden beauty that others have dismissed.

Their courtship is a challenge and enjoyable. The rest of the story gets a bit long as they try to figure out what they both want. Eversleigh's manipulativeness grates on Lenore's nerves but he charms her never the less. Nov 17, Angela rated it liked it.

What do you give a book that wasn't horrible, but was boring as hell? Maybe 2. The story gets off to a slow start. A very slow start. Jason knows he must marry, so he hauls himself to the Lester house party to scope out Lenore. He's basically looking for an intelligent woman who's capable of running a big house, giving him babies, and overlooking his future infedelities.

The last because he has a thing for hooking up with married women of the ton. Needless to say Jason isn't very endea What do you give a book that wasn't horrible, but was boring as hell? Needless to say Jason isn't very endearing at the beginning of this story. Of course things don't go exactly as planned, and we're left reading chapter upon chapter of the two of them pining over one another without doing anything about it.

There's honestly nothing more to the story. Things would have been more interesting had Laurens used some of theses many redundant words to delve deeper into Lenore's family and her reasons for fearing love. I suspect it had something to do with her rascally brothers and father, but we'll never know.

Nov 05, Carrie Olguin rated it it was ok. I was bored. In fact, the story was so forgettable that it wasn't until I reached about chapter ten that I realized I had read this book before.

The hero and heroine don't really do anything original.

There's no mystery to be solved or an antagonist to be delt with. They meet and to cover a possible scandal, they agree to marry for convienance.

She gets a whole new wardrobe and goes shopping for accessories. After the wedding, they have lots of great sex until she's increasing. Then they have a "m I was bored. Then they have a "misunderstanding" which keeps them apart. They go to ton events and suffer angst for wanting what they think they cannot have. Then they resolve the "misunderstanding" and confess their love.


Oh yeah, they waltz with each other as if made for each other. Nothing original here. Nov 09, Terri rated it it was ok Shelves: The narrator for this audiobook was not great.

I struggled to stay interested in the story because I was put off by the voices the narrator was using. In regards to the story line itself - come on people - just talk to each other. Ask questions. Be honest. I wasn't wooed by the two characters misreading each other. I was in fact turned off by how much could have been different if they had just bothered to ask each other questions. The ending felt rushed. Build up.

He leaves her The narrator for this audiobook was not great. He leaves her roses. She knows he loves her even though he hasn't said it. They are going to live happily ever after. Oct 11, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: A thoroughly convincing account of what it might have been like for a young girl entering an arranged marriage in Regency times.

The reader is swept along in Lenore's wake as she carefully picks her way through the shoals and rocks of her first months of marriage to an acknowledged rake. Laurens does a masterful job with this one. Jan 13, Kyle rated it it was ok. Hadn't read this author before but this book was a free e-checkout at my library so I thought I would try it out. Also the heroine is supposed to be smart? But she really doesn't seem smart.

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She barely seems to have any opinions of her own. Which I guess is good since the hero is so heavy-handed. But I finished it, albeit with a lot of Hadn't read this author before but this book was a free e-checkout at my library so I thought I would try it out.

But I finished it, albeit with a lot of eye-rolling. Sep 10, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Nice in the beginning, but weak plot at the end.

I didn't like the conflict between them toward the end. Then the other assumed the worst rather than the truth. Their conflict was superficial and uninteresting. The author should have come up with a better conflict. Also, physical intimacies were not well described. I prefer a little more steam. Feb 04, Sabrina rated it it was ok Shelves: I have to admit, after the first fifty pages or so, I skimmed to the end. The characters never really managed to capture my attention.

I like strong heroines, which can still be accomplished in historical settings, and this heroine didn't deliver for me. Four in Hand 3.

Impetuous Innocent 4. Fair Juno 5. A Comfortable Wife II. Lester Family Saga 1. The Reasons for Marriage 2.

A Lady of Expectations 3. Bastion Club 1. Captain Jack's Woman 2. The Lady Chosen 3. A Gentleman's Honor 4. A Lady of His Own 5. A Fine Passion 6. To Distraction 7. Beyond Seduction 8. The Edge of Desire 9. Mastered by Love IV. Cynster 1. Devil's Bride 2. A Rake's Vow 3. Scandal's Bride 4. A Rogue's Proposal 5. A Secret Love 6. All About Love 7. All About Passion 8. The Promise in a Kiss 9. On a Wild Night Be honest.

The wind rose in a bansheelike screech, then died to a sobbing moan. Tossing his head, the gray paced on. This book was written in the mid s and thus is an earlier book from her. Unlike others, the duke is perceptive enough to immediately see "not a diamond, but a jewel nonetheless" in Lady Lenore. Her gaze fell on the youth's cravat. I was glad I did because it didn't have any of the annoying things that made me put away the Cynster series for a while, but had the elements Laurens does well.

After achieving a level of success with her novels, Stephanie "retired" from scientific research and became a full-time novelist. In that instant, Honoria was sure that the devil had come to claim one of his own.

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