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A tabletop role playing game. (such as the Serenity Role Playing Game) is pretty much the same, only it happens to have a few rules to help you figure out things. Serenity RPG Firefly Role Playing wildlifeprotection.info Filesize: Kb; Views: ; Downloads: ; Created: July 29, , PM; Last accessed: Today. Firefly Role-Playing Game Corebook - The FIREFLY RPG puts you right in Can we still download it, or do we need to keep a copy of the PDF in a safe The rules found in the Serenity RPG had since been revised as well.

Serenity Roleplaying Game Pdf

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wildlifeprotection.info - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Serenity Role Playing Game is a science fiction role-playing game released in and set in At Gencon , a preview of the system entitled Gamin' In The Verse was offered for sale both at Gencon and for a limited time as a PDF. Page 1. Page 2.

Each Asset you purchase for your character comes out of your starting Attribute points. No one not even Jayne can start with an Attribute lower than d4. Someone with a Strength of d4. Kaylee may back down when intimidated. A d12 Attribute is the normal starting maximum. Each Complication you take adds points back into your pool for purchasing Attributes. You have 42 points to spend. A Minor Asset costs 2 points. Plot Points are important. Table The mental Attributes are: Simon is all manner of smart.

The physical Attributes are: You have to take at least one Complication. Inara could never lift heavy storage creates. For instance. If the money is too good. No matter where you start. A Minor Complication gains you 2 points. Greenhorn characters cannot start with an Attribute higher than d Average yokels have a d6 for everything. Jayne will get stupid. You must purchase at least one Asset for your character.

If you end up with a couple of points left over. Each Attribute is rated by a type of die—the more sides the better. Simply put. River is fong luh and ought to be institutionalized. Complications may seem bad. A character with a high score might hear the stealthy footsteps of an Alliance Operative sneaking up on the group. For these concepts. Low scores mean you have trouble carrying your own luggage. A high Strength means you can kick down doors.

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Crew with low Vitality should stay away from people with colds and never drink the local water. A high Agility could mean your character can twirl two pistols and leap on the back of a moving horse without screwing up either action. A high score means a character can resist intimidation and even torture. Vitality is a measure of toughness and general health. Intelligence is smarts—plain and simple. A low score might well mean you have four left feet—two on the ends of your legs and two at the ends of your arms.

Agility represents quickness and physical coordination. Those with low Willpower might be easily fooled. Strong of arm. Crew with high Intelligence are bright and inventive.

We call them Initiative and Life Points. Strength tells you just how strong your character is. Willpower is about determination and force of personality.

Physical Attributes are a must. Alertness represents intuition and observation. See the Life Point charts for the Serenity crew for an example. For example. Traits and Skills to take a looksee at the full list of Skills and their descriptions.

Purchase Skills just like you did with Attributes. If your damage is equal or greater than your Life Points. Inara may be beautiful and charming. Athletics is an example—you use it to run. If you continue to take Stun after being knocked out. A d2 represents basic familiarity with something. See Chapter Five: When all the Wounds are checked off. Beyond that.

If Stun damage puts you over your total. To purchase your Skills. A badly wounded character is distracted by pain and blood loss. Life Points measure how much damage you can take before passing out or dying. Damage comes in two types: Stun and Wounds. Wounds are a bit more worrisome. Skills are broken down into two related groups. Kaylee may have a talent with machines. Things like whether their knowledge is self-taught. Higher is better.

When your character is punched. The catch is that General Skills can advance only to d6. Especially when a Reaver is rushing at you with a machete.

You could then add 4 points to those 6 to gain a d10 in Jump. Track Stun damage from the top going down and Wounds from the bottom going up. So how does this translate in game terms? Each Skill. General Skills represent broad areas of knowledge that cover a lot of territory. Once your Skill level rises above d6. When the two columns meet. Her Companion training gives her 34 the ability to handle her illustrious clientele.

The effects of damage are discussed with more detail in Chapter Five: Their level of competence is spelled out in skills. They mix with Attributes to create a combined die roll.

Put him on the spot and just watch the train wreck. Mal barely knows which end of a sword to hold, and Jayne will never win a spelling bee. Sometimes the crew members have to do things they are just plain bad at.

When this happens, you roll just the Attribute die and hope for the best. Say you are trying to negotiate with a potential client. Now you can get the literal kind—the physical objects you will use in an adventure.

You exchange credits for gear, weapons, services Companion and otherwise , and perhaps little indulgences—such as fresh strawberries. A Greenhorn doctor will have credits to stock up on medical supplies. A Veteran bodyguard of 48 Skill points has 1, credits as a starting fund to build a private arsenal.

For a list of gear and full descriptions, see Chapter Three: Money and Gear. Any leftover credits after the purchases becomes your own stash, saved for slow times there could be plenty or to fritter away however you please. Imagine Kaylee minus the sunshine, Wash without a sense of humor, or Jayne with manners. Motivation gives you a reason to have a personality. What made you quit the sport? Were you caught betting on your own team? Did you throw a game for the money?

Do you have a gambling addiction, or did you bury your problem with your career? Inara left the Companion Guild House for a mysterious reason, abandoning her previous goals for a life on the move. Part of the fun of the game is learning about the rest of the crew. Reveal your secrets only in tense moments where the story hangs in the balance. Give yourself enough to start with and let things work from there. Ideas will suggest themselves from the course of play, and your GM might also use elements from your unknown past.

Your character will tell you things that you might not know about him at the beginning. Come to know your past during the game as you work to build the future with your actions. In stories, as in life, sometimes luck is on your side. Fate takes a hand. Things happen when you really need them to.

Our game has a mechanism for this called Plot Points. When a character is in desperate trouble or really must succeed at an action, or is not keen on dying right at this moment, Plot Points ride to the rescue.

Plot Points allow you to add an extra die to your action rolls. The more points spent, the higher the die type, allowing you a greater overall range of possible results. You can also use Plot Points after the dice are thrown if the situation is truly desperate—such as when your ship would otherwise crash into a canyon wall. Spending Plot Points after the fact is more expensive, but it can keep the undertaker away.

If you spend Plot Points after the die roll, each point adds only 1 to the die roll. You can spend points to avoid damage—to reduce a mortal. If you have an idea, the points to spend, and the okay of the GM, then you can help shape the direction of the story. They can and should! You may keep up to 6 points in your pool between game sessions, while the remainder are immediately converted into Advancement Points, which you can use to improve your character.

More details about Plot Points and all their uses can be found in Chapter Five: Your crew will grow and learn over time. Advancement Points represent the accumulation of experience and are the building blocks for improvement. Some of your Advancement Points will come from your Plot Point pool see above , but you will also receive points from the GM during and at the end of an adventure.

Serenity Role Playing Game

Advancement Points are your reward for a job well done—or at least survived. You can then spend Advancement Points to increase an Attribute or a Skill, buy new Skills, or save them for a big upgrade spree during a big period of down-time. Every Big Damn Hero began as a Greenhorn. Through the course of a campaign you will improve old skills and learn new ones.

Advancement Points are the key to character improvement. Generally, you may spend Advancement Points only to improve a character in-between game sessions, and only to improve a single Skill or Attribute by one die type or purchase a new skill at the d2 level. Advancement is a slow process. Improving an existing Skill costs you the next die type up in Advancement Points.

Raising from a d4 to d6 is 6 points, d6 to d8 is 8 points, d8 to d10 is 10 points, etc. Attributes cost four times the point cost as Skill improvement. You can, however, get rid of certain Complications by paying them off. There are two elements in removing Complications.

Removing a Minor Complication costs 10 Advancement Points, while 20 points will rid your character of a Major Complication. A generous Game Master may also permit you to bargain down a Major Complication to Minor status for 10 points.

If it makes sense and the GM gives it the okay, then you have one less problem to deal with. The crew member being hunted for gambling debts may sell off a priceless piece of stolen property and use the proceeds to get the ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng off his back.

I believe. For her. You will find His Grace in the card room. He smoothed his hand over the left side of his dress jacket where he kept his derringer concealed. With a hint of jasmine? It suits you. She tossed the towel into the toilet. Upon entering. Hwa Ling found a female servant in attendance. But he carried in his hands a vase filled with red lilies. If something had been wrong. She did this automatically. The winning was everything. It reeks!

Hwa Ling took note of each person they encountered.

The portraits are fake. The servant stepped forward. His slanted. Hwa Ling read. Portraits of olive-skinned nobles in lace and ribbons and supercilious smiles graced the walls. She was preparing to dry off her throat and hands. In truth. As they continued down the long expanse of hallway. The palm trees are holographic. A young servant walking down the hallway caught her eye. The smile and the gesture told him all was well. Of Oriental extraction.

His safety was her responsibility—a job she took quite seriously. You know that about me. Hwa Ling opened the towel. Jack smiled in acknowledgement. Hwa Ling. His Grace. He was like a hundred others who had fled the Core worlds to find their fortunes on the Rim. The majordomo then handed them to a waiting servant. There was nothing remarkable about him. Hwa Ling turned to Jack with a smile and placed her hand lightly on his arm.

The two followed the majordomo. When she was finished. The assembled men watched in admiration as the cards flicked through his long. He merely twitched his eyebrows at the news and kept shuffling the cards. You can have more. Even identical twins have different personalities. These enhance your ability to get things 40 done either by improving the odds or providing opportunities that might not normally be there.

She had taken her revenge on them. Assets subtract points from your starting pool. After that. Jack would never insult her like that. Many players like to balance the two types of Traits so they gain the normal starting Attribute points. She flicked her gaze over the assembled poker players: Hwa Ling strolled about the room in a bored manner before finally taking a seat behind Jack. As explained back in Chapter One: Find a Crew.

Hwa Ling handed the servant a coin and walked out of the powder room. She walked over to him. Every character must have at least one Asset and one Complication. One of these men was in the pay of the Hip-Sing. Though you mostly have freedom to create your character as you like. The other could be barrelchested. One doctor might be soft-spoken. Jack sat at the table.

Hwa Ling bent down. While their medical capabilities are much the same. The admiration of the men shifted from the card-play to her. He might also put a tighter cap on the number of Traits allowed. Entering the card room. Take two doctors.

The servants who had warned her were members of her own tong.

Minor —2 Asset. As an example. Treat them like a random grab bag and you end up with a patchwork rag doll best hawked at some cheap Rim tourist shop. Other assets make the Plot Points you spend more effective. Take your mechanic. Traits Trait Point Cost Asset. Read the description of each Asset and write the appropriate notes for it on your character sheet. There are also Assets that affect your character in other ways. Such events are usually temporary.

On occasion. Not only are you good-looking. Note that unless the description states otherwise. Some Assets grant you new ways to to use your Plot Points. Which is of use to me.

Major —4 Complication. Watch out for contradictory Traits. Sees into the truth of things. If you spend 2 points after the roll is made. If you voluntarily suffer Stun damage. There could be disadvantages to this: Only rarely does your shwie appearance attract the wrong sort of attention.

In most situations applying for a liquor permit. Once per session. You dine with ambassadors. With minor Allure. When you need a favor. You may spend up to the number of points that would render you unconscious. Interpol agent. You may take one non-attack action each combat turn without penalty. As a Major Trait. You may choose to exert yourself in the use of that Skill. You might pay the price in aching muscles later.

Pick one Athletics Specialty. If you are gorgeous enough to have major Allure. Simple clerical error could be the cause. Any Alliance. Casual searches will reveal almost nothing about you.

You know important people who know important people. On the off-chance you do get sick. The cost in Plot Points depends on the favor. The member of Parliament can give you access to the gala opening of the National Gallery of Art.

Only downside is you have to pay for twice as many drinks to get a decent buzz. You have contacts that could include: This friend will not be able to provide tickets to the opera. You can drink a slew of husky fellows right under the table. One way or another. Remember that your contacts might call in favors from you. Serious ailments bounce off your iron constitution.

They can set you up with jobs. The cost in Plot Points depends on the the favor. You have to take double the dose of pain medication. Note that your contacts might call in favors from you in the future. Comes in handy during social events and gameshow appearances. You are held in high regard within your social circle. You have true grit. These Plot Points must be used immediately by each character who receives them in this way. You can also use this on your rolls to resist similar attempts made against you.

People look to you in a crisis. You can solve pi out to more decimals than most folk care to hear about. In a quick-draw contest. Folk rarely get the drop on you. The characters may also supplement these Plot Points with their own. Something about you makes folk think twice before crossing you. As 44 a Major Trait. You perform complex mathematical calculations effortlessly. Not only do you have a nice chunk of change on hand.

When such is the case. Once per game session.

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You are happiest when covered in engine grease. This talent helps you blend in with the locals no matter where you wind up. For the cost of a given number of Plot Points as determined by the GM. Certain unusual circumstances might block your ability the machine turns out to be a hologram. You most likely fought in the war on one side or the other. You have the know-how and the means to carry you through most tough situations.

You learn Linguist Specialties at half their normal cost. Even though you are forced to spend most of your time in a crowded city or on board a cramped spaceship. Increase your starting credits by one-half multiply your normal starting total by 1.

Depending on whether you were Browncoat or Alliance. You may spend Plot Points on the roll. By listening to people talk. To maintain it. Most worlds open the doors for a Registered Companion. Faith gets you through the hard times and might help in dealings with others. You can tell when a no-good guay toh guay nown is lying his ass off. Use of Plot Points should always grant you some idea of what the person is thinking. As a Minor Trait.

Whether you realized your psychic potential by yourself or as part of a corporate or government program. Select a religious faith. You can make an Intelligence. You may take this Trait more than once during character creation. This trait is only available with GM approval. One of your senses is especially keen. You have a creepy feeling that someone is standing behind that door. Your other training and Skills are obtained normally through character creation. Had you spent the 2 points after the roll.

You may also spend a Plot Point to remember verbatim every detail of a past event or encounter with absolute photographic clarity. You are ambidextrous. Instinct helps you out of bad situations and leads you into good ones. You keep a clear head while all around you are losing theirs.

If you get knocked down. You also have a good idea of how much time has passed between one action and another. You can use weapons. You gain 2 extra Life Points over your normal total.

Comes in handy during softball games and shootouts. You can wade through a swamp of go se and still come out smelling like a rose. Things just always seem to go your way. Pick one Skill Specialty. You are uncannily accurate. Under normal circumstances you know what time of day or night it is without looking at a clock. You are a talented pilot. You demonstrate a knack for a particular Skill and are able to perform better than others who have equivalent training.

The GM can shut down the line of questioning at any time. Note that any roll. Your friends use you to set their clocks. Note that some repressed memories or traumatic events might be the exception to this rule. You represent the Law—at least somewhere.

Though the badge lends you authority, it can also be a burden when those you are sworn to serve and protect actually expect some service and protection. And, sadly, that shiny badge makes a dandy target. You have the resources and power of your agency on your side, at least within your jurisdiction. As a Minor Trait, you represent local law enforcement on one planet or region a deputy sheriff, for instance.

As a Major Trait, your authority covers most of the system such as a Federal Marshal or Interpol agent. Complications are the excess baggage the crew carries with them during the campaign. Sometimes the problem is physical—such as missing a perfectly good eyeball. Other times the problem is with your past. Complications can have negative effects on your character, but there are some compelling reasons to pick a few.

Complications provide great role-playing hooks, and a few faults make your character more believable. Because of this, playing out a Complication is a prime chance to earn Plot Points that could help get you out of the latest scrape.

A Complication may suggest a certain course of action to you. The rest of the crew has to rescue Simon, River, and Jayne. In this case, the GM should reward the player handling the character of Jayne with Plot Points for successfully playing his role. Playing out a minor fault could be worth a Plot Point all on its own. The Registered Companion aboard your ship wears perfume. You start sneezing whenever she comes near you. You might win more Plot Points if you use your complication to actually create trouble when things are otherwise going well.

You are holding your gun on the bank teller who is. You start to sneeze uncontrollably… Sometimes the GM will add a Complication to your character based on the events of the campaign. In addition to the points, there are usually in-game requirements that must be met. See Chapter One: Find a Crew for more details.

Make the most of your Complications. Pick an allergy. As a Minor Trait, your reaction is minor hay fever, rash, sneezes and you will suffer a —2 step penalty to your Physical Attributes Agility, Strength, Vitality for all actions in its presence, at least until you take medication. As a Major Trait, you suffer a life-threatening reaction to the substance, and you take d2 points of Stun each turn. When you have no remaining Stun, all additional damage is suffered as both Wounds and Shock Points.

You likely carry an emergency injection to use in these situations, which will stop the damage in d4 turns. You lost an arm or a leg, either in the war or in an accident. You are missing either an arm or leg. Actions that usually take two hands opening the lid of a jar of pickles suffer a —2-step penalty. Your base movement is reduced to 5 feet per turn, and you suffer a —4-step penalty on movement actions.

You suffer a medical condition known as hemophilia or you take blood thinners for another medical condition. Either way, you have to rely on your remaining senses to get around. You might have a trained animal to assist you, though its training has limits and you are responsible for its care.

The GM can mitigate this for certain actions, as blind individuals can become surprisingly competent at many tasks. The penalty is doubled to —8 step for any attempt at ranged combat.

Your therapist told you that you have anger management issues—right before you punched out his lights.

Your fuse is a mite short, and violence tends to ensue wherever you go. You suffer a —2 step Skill penalty to all peaceable social actions with even a hint of tension. As a Major Trait, any time you suffer Wound damage you go completely berserk, concentrating only on taking down the wang bao dahn who hurt you—until someone else tags you, then you switch to that chin-wah tsao duh liou mahng.

You live by a set of principles and you will not deviate from them without a damn good reason. And sometimes not even then! Not only are your principles likely to get you in trouble, people who know you can use your predictable behavior against you. As a Minor Trait, pick a credo that will get you into minor trouble. You suffer a —2 step Skill penalty to any social interaction when the story of your terrible misdeeds comes into play. You suffer no penalty when. Either way, it takes you a moment to collect yourself when violence breaks out.

When combat begins, you are unable to take any actions for d2 turns. You may spend Plot Points equal to the number of turns rolled to shake it off. As a Major Trait, you are helpless for d4 turns. You have no desire to be a Big Damn Hero.

When danger strikes, you look for the nearest exit. You suffer a —2 step Skill penalty on all combat actions in which you are in danger and an equal Willpower Attribute penalty on any action to resist fear, intimidation, torture, or other threats. No matter what your social station, you prefer to tell it like is—using lots of colorful words in English, Chinese, or some mixture thereof.

You cuss, put your elbows on the table, spit on the sidewalk, and engage in other crude behavior. You live in a state of perpetual poverty. Your pockets have holes the size of Alliance cruisers. If you have money, you will immediately spend it. You will never have any measurable amount of wealth. When taking this Complication, cut your normal starting credits in half. You must spend all that you have left immediately, buying whatever you think you must have, whether you need it or not.

Someone is out to get you. For example, if you kill a major enemy, his brother or best friend will swear vengeance and take up the hunt. You can sign and read lips. Your ability to speak may or may not be impaired. You cannot hear anything and automatically fail any Alertness-based action involving sound. As an advantage, you are immune to sonic attacks that are designed to injure or disable hearing individuals, and you might be able to tell what people at a distance are saying by reading their lips.

Could be a chronic stuffy nose, bad eyesight, poor hearing, or desensitized skin. Whichever it is, best not rely on that sense in a tight spot.

Smell, Touch, Sight, Taste, or Hearing. You suffer a —2 step penalty to your Alertness Attribute for any action utilizing that sense. You may take this Trait more than once during character creation, choosing a different sense each time. Someone back on Earth-That-Was said that a sucker is born every minute, and here you are. In situations where you are attempting to. You want everyone to be able identify and admire your handiwork.

You consistently leave some sort of identifying clue at the scenes of your crimes. You lie like an Oriental rug. You are a compulsive liar. Good luck getting those who know you to believe a word you say. You might get stupid if the money is good enough.

You will take almost any opportunity to acquire money. You will sell out your friends, your crew, even your dear old mother who knits such cunning hats. You look up to one person, living or dead. That person can do no wrong in your eyes.

You work hard to emulate him or her. You attempt to emulate your hero in dress and speech and will go to great lengths to feel physical connections to this person. You might work hard to see him in person, for example, or visit the town of her birth. As a Major Trait, your problem is more serious. You are abusing a dangerous substance or have a severe drinking problem.

Your addiction interferes with everyday life, your relationships with people, and might possibly get you killed. With the proper disguise. Pick a group that can count on your loyalty. You suffer a —2 step Vitality penalty to any attempt to resist the effects of alcohol.

This could be an unusually large nose. Even in normal situations. Your mind is not all there. You stand about waist-high compared to most folks. Being smaller than most folk presents challenges. You will do anything for their well-being. Your base speed is reduced to 8 feet per turn. On the bright side. You are only 3 to 4 feet tall. It often wanders from one incoherent thought to the next without stopping to rest.

You are easy to recognize or pick out of a crowd. You are only willing to engage in violence only under the most dire of circumstances. You can communicate to others only through sign language and writing. You can use ranged weapons without penalty. Best accept that and move on. You also suffer a —2 step Skill penalty to all Covertbased actions involving disguise and hiding.

For whatever reason. You will avoid interacting with them whenever possible. You have an extremely low tolerance for pain and if you stub your toe.

Choose one general Skill. You fall to pieces when having to deal with it. You become shaken in its presence. You have a hard time hiding your aversion to such folk. Pick a group of people based on race. The sound of screams is music to your ears.

You run around in the shower to get wet.

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This applies to advancement only. Your dislike could be ideological. They must be people with whom you could have social or business dealings. An electric wheelchair can allow you to travel up to normal movement speeds.

You pay 2 additional points for any improvement to the Skill or any of its Specialties. Specify your phobia. Just the mention of this object sends a shiver up your spine.

The object of your fear is either uncommon and you have an extreme reaction to it going to pieces at the sight of a corpse. You also suffer a —2step Skill penalty any time you try to use it. No aspiring Big Damn Hero should ever take it. Either way. No matter how rich you are. You do not have the use of your legs. Your cruelty knows no bounds. You might even go out of your way to insult them. You take 1 additional point of Stun every time you take any damage at all.

This is a Trait usually reserved for the bad guys. Some call you miserly or a tightwad. In a manual wheelchair. You buy offbrand merchandise. Without mechanical or friendly assistance. The penalty increases to —4 steps and base movement is reduced to 5 feet per turn. You believe in omens and harbingers of luck—good and bad.

Whenever you receive an omen of bad luck. Bad luck follows you around. You have a wide set of superstitious beliefs that affect your everyday behavior. Coincidences never work in your favor. Fortunately the reverse is true as well. For as long as you can remember. If you spill the salt. You might consider telling a falsehood only in dire emergencies.

There are no limits to the number of Specialties you may purchase. You trust no one except your oldest and dearest friends and you trust them only to a point.

A quick glance at the Skills you choose can often tell a lot about the character. You cannot stand to be in the presence of blood. Also note that some Skills may land under more than area of expertise. You suffer a —2 step penalty to all Attributes until either the source of your discomfort is removed or until you leave on your own.

If you are dancing in the Core ballet company. A Skill starting at d2 can be improved upon from there. An example of a General Skill is Athletics—a Skill needed for any type of physical activity from dodging to swimming. A General Skill can be improved upon. You purchase Skills during character creation and improve them later with Advancement Points see Chapter One: You faint at the sight of a corpse. Skills are divided into two related types: General Skills and Specialties.

Use Table 2. You and Note that some examples are for simple actions. Starting characters of any level rarely begin the game with more than a d12 rating in any one Skill Specialty. You know for a fact that everyone is out to get you! You spend most of your time watching your back. If people are whispering. Stories wander astray in unexpected, but completely satisfying ways as Complications pull the PCs into entanglements and predicaments, with Plot Points fueling their narrow escapes.

The system is so tight that the action moves quickly and together, it all just… soars. Leaf on the wind. One day I really did look down at my dice pool in the middle of running a session and realize I was in love. But lo, this marriage setting and system hath birthed a garish an unsettling flaw! Clear and concise system rules finally appear in chapter five. The book then suggests adventures based on those episodes —— suggestions that only work if your group has taken on the roles of Mal, Zoe, Inara, or another member of the Serenity crew their official character stats are, indeed, provided.

This is obviously meant to appeal to die-hard Firefly fans and gently teach those RPG-curious people how to play. It may, in fact, succeed at doing that, but I find it a gorram frustrating nuisance. Those pages contain some valuable examples, NPCs, Assets, and bits of setting information, but good. Finding it. This game is about eventful journeys that often lack clear destinations. The quickly-cancelled Firefly series relentlessly featured cruel choices with brutal consequences.

Episodes depicted torture, gaslighting, biological weapons, domestic abuse. It goes there without waiting for your permission. I feel like playing Firefly is analogous to visiting Westworld. Inside all the witty banter and situational silliness, violent delights are meeting violent ends. You arrive thinking you can be whoever you want, then wind up discovering new, possibly discomforting, things about yourself and everyone at your table.Fate takes a hand.

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