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Rusdin S. Rauf’s Followers (3) Rusdin S. Rauf’s books. Keajaiban Shalat Tahajud - Cara Tepat Menjadi Kaya dan Bahagia. Quranic Law Of Attraction Rusdin S Rauf - [Free] Quranic Law Of Attraction Rusdin S Rauf. [PDF] [EPUB] QURANIC LAW OF ATTRACTION. Deutz F3m Service Manual Pacifica ManualNelson Mathematics Of Data. Management SolutionsArt Fundamentals Color Light Composition.

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One generation? Perhaps several generations? You may even view it as an impossible task. Just to give you an idea of the scale of the challenge, let's look at an attempt in recent Western history to eradicate just one of these social ills, alcoholism. In the United States government passed a nationwide law to ban the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages for moral and health reasons.

This is commonly known as Prohibition and although consumption of alcohol fell at the beginning of Prohibition, it subsequently increased and led to other problems such as corruption and organised crime. The law was repealed in The failure of one of the most powerful governments in the world to tackle just a single social ill should make us reflect on the Qur'an.


The Qur'an managed to completely reform not only alcoholism but all the social ills of Arabian society in a single generation, just 23 years!

This was a revolution the likes of which the world has never witnessed. Now perhaps you might be thinking to yourself, these social ills of Arabia were a result of the tribal nature of society and the harsh desert environment the Arabs dwelt in. But the fact is that even the super powers of the world at the time, the Byzantine and Persian Empires, who ruled much of the world between them, were also in a state of oppression and injustice.

Pope Gregory I, head of the Catholic Church and a contemporary of Prophet Muhammad, had this to say: "What is there now, I ask of delight in this world? Everywhere we observe strife; fields are depopulated, the land has returned to solitude…And yet the blows of Divine justice have no end, because among the blows those guilty of evil acts are not corrected…"[1] Gregory was referring to the oppression and tyranny he was facing at the hands of the Germanic Lombards and he was bemoaning the pitiful condition of his world, the world of the city of Rome.

The Pope was not alone in his grief, as almost every society in the world was experiencing some oppression and injustice. Syrian Orthodox Christians were witnessing heavy persecution due to their differences with the ruling Byzantine Church. The Egyptian Coptic Church was also under the persecution of the Byzantines and Jews were on the brink of extinction at the hands of the Catholic Church in Spain.

As we will see, the peace and justice emanating from the Islamic system produced some of the most civilised societies in the history of mankind.

Thus we were until God sent us an apostle whose lineage, truth, trustworthiness, and clemency we know. He commanded us to speak the truth, be faithful to our engagements, mindful of the ties of kinship and kindly hospitality, and to refrain from crimes and bloodshed. He forbade us to commit abominations and to speak lies, and to devour the property of orphans, to vilify chaste women.

He commanded us to worship God alone and not associate anything with him, and he gave us orders about prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. We confessed his truth and believed in him, and we followed him in what he had brought from God, and we worshipped God without associating aught with him Prophet Mohammad and his followers liberated not only their own people from tyranny; they also brought freedom to the neighbouring world.

History testifies to the fact that the early Muslims rescued the populations of Syria, Egypt and Spain from a reign of tyranny: Syria rescued from Byzantine Empire Following the death of Prophet Muhammad, in the reign of the second Caliph, Umar bin Khattab, the Muslim armies began liberating the people of Syria from the Byzantines Romans.

The Christians of Syria were divided in many different denominations, such as Monophysites, Jacobites and Nestorians, and almost all of them were facing severe persecution at the hands of the ruling Byzantine Church. Dionysius of Tel-Mahre, a Jacobite patriarch from to CE, stated in his chronicle that the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius sent an army to expel the Muslims out of Syria and recapture the land. The Muslim forces decided to withdraw from Syrian cities in order to fight an open pitch battle with the Byzantines.

Whilst pulling back, the Muslims decided, out of fairness, to refund the money which they had taken as tribute from the Syrian Christians: Abu Ubaydah, whom Umar had put in command of the Arabs, ordered Habib b. Maslama to return to the Emesenes the tribute which he had exacted from them with this message: "We are both bound by our mutual oaths. Now we are going to do battle with the Romans. If we return, this tribute is ours; but if we are defeated and do not return, we are absolved of our oaths.

The non-Muslims pay a poll tax to the Islamic state so that their lives, religion and property are protected under the rule of the Muslims. Also, one must note that this was taking place in seventh century Syria where plunder, robbery and injustice were a common occurrence and the Muslims had shocked the Syrians with their merciful conduct.

Another point worth mentioning is that this incident is narrated by a ninth century Christian source, which testifies that the Muslims did not abuse power and they did not betray the trust that the Christians had bestowed upon them. Why did the Muslims return such big sums to the Christians?

Moreover after the Muslims defeated the Byzantine army and returned to Syria, they were welcomed back as heroes. Dionysius confirms this: "So the Arabs left Damascus and pitched camp by the river Yarmuk. As the Romans marched towards the Arab camp every city and village on their way which had surrendered to the Arabs shouted threats at them.

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As for crimes the Romans committed on their passage, they are unspeakable, and their unseemliness ought not even to be brought to mind…The Arabs returned, elated with their great victory, to Damascus; and the Damascenes greeted them outside the city and welcomed them joyfully in, and all treaties and assurances were reaffirmed.

Yet it happened in Syria once upon a time. The ruling Byzantine Church was utterly against the existence of any doctrinal dissent. The Egyptians were mostly Jacobite Christians and did not agree with the Byzantine version of Christianity. The result of this disagreement was heavy persecution at the hands of the ruling elite. The eminent British orientalist and historian Thomas Arnold summarised the situation as follows: "The Jacobites, who formed the majority of the Christian population, had been very roughly handled by the Orthodox adherents of the court and subjected to indignities that have not been forgotten by their children even to the present day.

Some were tortured and then thrown into the sea; many followed their Patrirach into exile to escape from the hands of their persecutors, while a large number disguised their real opinions under a pretended acceptance of the Council of Chalcedon.

It was the tolerant attitude of the Muslims and the barbarity of the Byzantines which facilitated the rapid downfall of the Byzantines in the land of the Pharaohs.

This can be seen in the instructions given to the Muslim army by their leader Abu Bakr, the first successor of Prophet Muhammad: "I advise you ten things: Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place.

Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly. Alfred J.

Many facts might be cited in proof of this contention…two forms of Christianity must be imagined as subsisting side by side under the equal protection of the conquerors. The Syrians preferred the rule of the Muslims, just like the Egyptians. It was the justice of Islam that appealed to both populations.

Moreover the Coptics not only welcomed the Muslims, they facilitated the conquest by joining the ranks of the conquerors. Spain liberated from tyranny Muslims landed in Spain in CE and many sources testify that they were welcomed by the population, as their reputation preceded them. This was, again, due to the severe persecution certain communities were facing therein.

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The Catholic hierarchy in Spain held many councils to solve political and religious disputes and in these councils, severe edicts were issued against the Jews of Spain. One of the clauses in the text of the proceedings of the Fourth Council of Toledo CE states: "We decree that the sons and daughters of the Jews should be separated from the company of their parents in order that they should not become further entangled in their deviation, and entrusted either to monasteries or to Christian, God fearing men and women, in order that they should learn from their way of life to venerate the faith and, educated on better things, progress in their morals as well as their faith.

So, when the Muslims arrived, Jews were the first people to greet them as saviours.

The behaviour of the Muslims in Spain was no different to their conduct in Syria and Egypt. They facilitated freedom of religion for all people regardless of any differences. This was a golden opportunity for the Jews to flourish and make progress. Zion Zohar summarised the benefits Jews reaped from the Muslim protection as follows: "Born during this era of Islamic rule, the famous Golden Age of Spanish Jewry circa produced such luminaries as: statesman and diplomat Hasdai ibn Shaprut, vizier and army commander Shmuel ha-Nagid, poet-philosophers Solomon Ibn Gabriol and Judah Halevi, and at the apex of them all, Moses Ben Maimon, also known among the Spaniards as Maimonides.

They were kindly treated, obtained religious liberty, of which they had so long been deprived, were permitted to exercise jurisdiction over their co-religionists, and were only obliged, like the conquered Christians, to pay poll tax The Spanish Jews reached such a high level of learning and progress that they could now claim to be the leaders of the world Jewry.

The Jews were certainly saved from extinction by the Muslim conquest of Spain. Moreover for the first time the three Abrahamic faiths were able to co-exist alongside one another in peace and harmony. Indeed, Spain had become an Ornament of the World but sadly this ornament was destroyed upon the departure of the Muslims, as Spanish historian Ulick Burke puts it painfully: "The institutions that had flourished under the Moslem, died when the Moslem departed; and after four centuries of light and learning, Andalusia fell back, under the Christian rule, into a condition of ignorance and barbarism , nearly, if not quite, equal to that of the north western provinces of the peninsula From the 13th to the 16th centuries many European countries expelled the Jews from their territory on at least 15 occasions.

It is abundantly clear from the evidence seen above that the Muslim conquest of Spain initiated one of the brightest periods in the history of man. The darkness of oppression and injustice reigned over Spain prior to the Muslim arrival and it was the mercy of Islam that liberated the Jewish population.

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This behaviour of the Muslims was not accidental; the previous examples of Syria and Egypt serve to demonstrate the consistency of their conduct in different lands and in different times. In the 6th century BCE the ancient Greeks broke away from a mythological approach to understanding the world, and it initiated an approach based on reason and evidence what we call "rational thinking" today.

It is defined largely by three great thinkers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Plato founded the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world, in around BC which helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science. When I love him, I become the hearing with which he hears, the seeing with which he sees, the hand with which he strikes and the foot with which he walks. Were he to ask something of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant it.

Yet before all else, we must first take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions, for these serve as the foundation for all actions that emanate from us. Islam first and foremost seeks to establish a proper paradigm with which to view the world and interact with creation.

Thus, Islam and the Law of Attraction teach that a believer must engage the world with faith and with confidence, expecting success, abundance and prosperity in accordance and in alignment with Divine Nature and Divine Will. When we approach life and living from this place of positive expectation, as is right and indicative of true faith and belief, not only are we naturally happier, more confident, joyous and grateful, but we also naturally attract to ourselves circumstances that correspond with this paradigm based in positive belief.

However, when we approach life with an attitude limited by fear, doubt and disbelief, it is no surprise that our lives become more difficult, dominated by negative events and circumstances. When operating from a negative paradigm, it is not surprising that the harder we struggle, the faster we sink.

Yet there is a way out of this downward spiral, and as counterintuitive as it may seem, it requires us not forcing solutions, but rather effecting internal change, and thus taking control of our external circumstances by first taking control of our internal psycho-spiritual state, first and foremost correcting our paradigm. You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. What we think is a direct result of what we believe.

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And what we believe is a direct result of our paradigm, or the programmed worldview we operate from. Yet if we do not truly believe, then we fall into hopelessness and despair, despondency and grief, and we gradually sink in sorrow. It is not surprising then that when living from a place of faithlessness, we not only attract negative events and circumstances, but we also manifest the experience of realities which are in essence based in the absence of the Benevolent Presence of GOD, and thus devoid of divine love, mercy, grace and goodness.

Thus, particularly in challenging situations and circumstances, it is absolutely imperative to maintain a positive psycho-spiritual state rooted in the foundation of faith and belief, i. With a truly positive attitude and corresponding actions based in belief, you will ultimately find yourself in Paradise.

Is what is inside you, your divine eternal soul, greater than dunya, or have you fallen into subservience to the world?

LGBT in Islam

Those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, and who establish regular prayers and regular charity, they will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Thus we attract and create a life experience based in divine purpose, peace and prosperity. Purify the Self Islam is primarily a path of self-purification, and it is incumbent upon every individual Muslim to learn to purify his or her self of the negative qualities of ego-based consciousness.

We must remember that there are two dimensions to al-Islam: 1 the Outer, 2 the Inner. Often, religious individuals tends to focus primarily on the outer, yet the very purpose of the external is to protect and provide expression to the internal.

Without spirituality, religion is as a lifeless body, devoid of its true purpose, and often becomes the very antithesis of its very goal and purpose. And if one engages in the inner but neglects the outer, he or she will become a sinner.

Only by carrying both the inner and outer dimensions of Islam can one reach the goal, al-Haq, the Truth. Be Happy When one believes truly and lives with faith and thus confidence, he or she out of natural alignment with Divine Will lives in a state of buoyancy, joy, light, love and gratitude.

In mastering Islam and the Law of Attraction, it is important to remember that our feelings are indications of our thoughts, which are the results of our beliefs and our paradigms. By being mindful of your feelings, and by developing emotional awareness and learning to uncover the deeper self that motivates and governs your choices and life experience, you can retake control of your psycho-spiritual state, and thus exert a positive and harmonious influence upon the external physical world, your life experience, that is but the result and reflection of your inner world.

Yet if you feel afraid, stressed, unhappy, depressed or despondent, then know that you have slipped out of alignment with your true self and with Truth.

If you feel anything other than excellent, I recommended the following as a simple practice to realign and reorient yourself with Truth: Wudu. Make fresh ablutions. Practice two cycles of prayer. Smile both inwardly and outwardly.Thus, Islam and the Law of Attraction teach that a believer must engage the world with faith and with confidence, expecting success, abundance and prosperity in accordance and in alignment with Divine Nature and Divine Will. The Christians of Syria were divided in many different denominations, such as Monophysites, Jacobites and Nestorians, and almost all of them were facing severe persecution at the hands of the ruling Byzantine Church.

Without Ibn al-Haytham's scientific method, we may still be living in a time when speculation, superstition, and unproven myths are the basis of science. The Catholic hierarchy in Spain held many councils to solve political and religious disputes and in these councils, severe edicts were issued against the Jews of Spain.

The reward for such transcendence ultimately is nothing less than Paradise. Documented instances of prosecution for homosexual acts are rare, and those which followed legal procedure prescribed by Islamic law are even rarer.

It is for everyone to collectively share! Moreover the Coptics not only welcomed the Muslims, they facilitated the conquest by joining the ranks of the conquerors.

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