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Read Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next. The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (). Get FREE DC and Marvel Comic Download only on GetComics. Title: Marvel: The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe - 1 of 1, Author: Planet Chocolate City Comics, Name: Marvel: The Punisher Kills the.

Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe Pdf

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Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is a one-shot comic book written by Garth Ennis and . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Post with votes and views. Tagged with,, ; Shared by MarvelNerd. Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. Reprinting Garth Ennis' first shot at writing the Punisher! What happens when Frank Castle's wife and kids are caught in the crossfire of a.

The X-Men - along with several other heroes - were summoned to fight Magneto, Apocalypse, and a host of other villains on the moon. Everyone thinks the other group was the one to set the meeting, but that's only until the bomb is dropped.

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (1995)

Punisher found a nuclear warhead in Doctor Doom's possession, and after he killed Doom, he set his sights on the rest of the heroes. Punisher nukes the moon, killing all the heroes and villians that were there even the ones that should be able to survive such a blast. After that, the comic fast-forwards to three years in the future, where Punisher only has Wolverine, Captain America, and Daredevil left in his sights.

Apparently it can, because The Hulk defeated Wolverine, ate him, and kept his hands as a prize to wear around his neck. Frank ties a knife to the end of an arrow, and fires it at The Hulk's eye. Since then, he's killed almost everyone, with Wolverine being one of his last targets.

Wolverine is good and drunk when Punisher comes knocking, so it doesn't take much effort for Frank to fling Wolverine into an electrical generator. The generator fries Wolverine to bits. In the end, all that's left is a skeleton. Although Wolverine has survived similar near-death experiences before, he doesn't here. The borders of this universe allow Wolverine to be killed in this manner, and Frank moves on to his last targets.

Here, Captain America is one of the main causes of Punisher's misery. The Avengers fight in the park lead to the death of Frank's family, which is the reason he's killing all the superheroes in the first place.

Frank and Captain America engage in a battle, which is one of the final fights in the story. As two of them fight, Cap tells Frank that he used to be a good soldier, but is now only a disgrace.

Frank tells Cap that the two of them were never fighting the same war, and reveals a pistol he's been hiding. Frank pulls the trigger and shoots Cap in the head, killing him.

Captain America was one of the last heroes alive, and Frank goes on to hunt for his last remaining target: Daredevil.

The Story – The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (1995)

In this comic, he filled a fake Doctor Octopus with explosives and blew him up. The Punisher. Spider-Man is positioned as the primary antagonist throughout the story, mainly because he was patient zero in the outbreak.

He leads a powerful alliance of cannibalistic superhumans, making him a dangerous threat. Towards the end of the story, however, it is revealed that cannibal Spider-Man isn't really that bad of a guy.

Kingpin kidnapped a pregnant Mary Jane, and Spider-Man just wants to get her back. Punisher eventually kills Kingpin and frees Mary-Jane, which sets up the opportunity for the cannibals and the uninfected to live together, side-by-side.

Wolverine ends up slashing his face. Castle is freed from prison by a secret society. Spider-Man is fighting Venom in the sewer when Venom ends up getting fried by rigged electrical wires.

Punisher gets help from Microchip, who in this universe lost both of his legs to Dr. He manages to kill the Hulk after he turns back into Banner and the Kingpin.

He gets arrested but is broken out again by the society. He goes after Dr.

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (1995)

Doom next. Frank steals all of Punisher's equipment, which includes a nuclear bomb. Wolverine was in Japan at the time on a false lead from the Punisher. They later meet up again. I think it should be said that Wolverine has actually been reduced to his skeleton before in actual canon and he's been able to regenerate his muscle and skin. Punisher is arrested again.

Punisher escapes again and months later he's fighting Captain America.Garth Ennis. Frank pulls the trigger and shoots Cap in the head, killing him. Beforehand he ends up killing the leader of the cabal when they want to keep him as their own private weapon against any future threats.

I have to admit, I laughed so hard at "You've killed some of our country's greatest heroes! After a battle, Castle is wounded after falling off a roof.

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