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Play Games With English Teacher's Resource Book 3 (ELT Photocopiables Series){h33t}{Allpirate} - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. _; 3. Titles in this series include: Word Games with English 1 Deirdre 0 Teacher's Book 1 0 9 Play Games With English Book 2. Play games with English 3. Teacher'ss resource book: photocopiable. by Colin Granger; John Plumb. Print book. English. Revised edition in 3 levels.

Play Games With English 3 Pdf

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Word Games with English Book +Plus An ELT series which provides games and puzzles that concentrate on building vocabulary from. Heinemann Games Series: Word Games with English 1. Word Games with English 2. Word Games with English 3. Word Games with English Plus Play games. Play games with English teachers resource book is a revised and extended version of the international bestseller PLAY GAMES WITH ENGLISH, full of new.

III b only a holiday for people who work in banks.

El d a public holiday. C] ', 3. New Years Day is 8. C] a always on a Saturday. Cl b only celebrated in Scotland. El b when mothers give presents.

Cl C an ordinary working day. El d a holiday oniy for schools. El d always in May. Easter is 9. E] a to celebrate the patron saint of England. El ; b when you eat pancakes.

Cl you love. Cl d when you eat chocolate eggs. Cl C a public holiday. Cl d the shortest day of the year.

Christmas is a always on Sunday. Cl I0.

A leap year is b when you make good resolutions. D a when the year ends in 0 eg El c when you have a decorated tree. I3 b every 5 years. El d when you eat a leg of lamb. D c a year with days.

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All these compounds begin with a part of the body. Can you complete them? BACK bone A lot of English verbs are made of 2 parts, a verb and a preposition. Come on. What's it for? Here are I2 useful objects.

Pbr example. Look at the pictures and find the IS pairs of English and American words. Parirs CU. J For example. Match the pictures with the correct prepositions. IN Pklsou. Fhe words in the clues will help. Decide whether these words are nouns or verbs, or whether they can be both. Then sort out the 3 categories. Do you know these expressions? Look at the pictures and then choose the correct noun and adjective to describe each one. LS Here are 34 words tht form l7 common phrases linked by AND.

Find the pairs of words and put them in the correct order. Ladies analgenlrlemen not gentlemen and ladies? On the artist's palette are the names of things which are usually connected with particular colours although a few can sometimes be seen in other colours too. Read the I I clues and cross out the correct number of names each time. Finally you will be left with I thing. What is it? And what colour is it? Mark them both. For example-. Christian Buddhist minority -u 7.

Hebrodonian pound divided into I00 shekels 9.

Airforce and Navy "' l0. Mt Stella l. Some can be used twice. For example-' I. Pound is to pence as dollar is to: Elephant is to hide as bird is to: Petrol is to tank as wine is to: Man is to foot as dog is to: Heaven is to holy as hell is to: Directory is to phone number as dictionary is to: Video is to videocassette as computer is to: Saucer is to crockery as paper is to: Lung is to breathe as throat is to: Bread is to baker as clothes are to: Each group begins with the same word.

Rain Le. Rain coat. Look at the pictures and then choose the correct parts from A and B to describe them. In this word square there are I 5 hidden words. The words are horizontal Q , vertical 0. ENE EH3! Decide whether they are adverbs or adjectives, or whether they can be both. All the answers to this crossword are connected with health and illness. Caribbean I2.


Stephen 2. Peter 3. Anthony 4. James 5. Matthew 6. Philip 7. Richard 8. Robert 9. Harold IO. Ernest I l. Patrick I2. Martin I 3. Alison I4. Caroline I 5. Wendy I6. Rosemary I7. Rachel I8. Sandra I9. Janice 47 Cross it out I Pagell I. Socialism, 4. Judaism Communism 5. Mars I3. Suez, Panama I4. Madras chicken curry Vegetables: SH l6. SA I7. ST I8. AT I9. KE Sidney is Steve's grandfather 2. May is Steve's grandmother.

John is Steve's grandfather. Alice is Steve's grandmother. Ray is Steve's uncle. Vera is Steve's aunt. Alan is Steve's step-father. Ruth is Steve's mother. Roger is Steve's father. Christopher is Steve's father-in-law. Doris is Steve's mother-in-law. Nancy is Steve's cousin. Ann is Steve's sister-in-law. Dave is Steve's brother. Mary is Steve's first wife. Pam is Steve's second wife.

Adam is Steve's nephew. June is Steve's daughter-in-iaw. Eric is Steve's son. Joy is Steve's daughter. Wendy is Steve's step-daughter.

Play Games with English (Heinemann Games)

Tracey is Steve's granddaughter. Words ending in Page I5 I. Zomplaints Page It's melted. It's leaking. It's broken. It's torn. It's dusty. It's scratched. It's stretched. It's loose. It's blunt I 3. It's cracked. It's bad. It's bent.

It's overripe. It's slow. It's dirty.

A stitch in time saves nine. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. An Englishman's home is his castle. Many hands make light work.

One man's meat is another man's poison. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. People in giass houses should not throw stones. What's for? Page 29 I. A towel is for drying. An iron is for pressing. Glue is for sticking. A kettle is for boiling. A razor is for shaving. A spoon is for stirring. An oven is for baking. A ruler is for measuring. A spade is for digging. A ladder is for climbing.

A needle is for sewing. Virdian Sefrizal likes.

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Play Games With English 3

G l m very interestedin cookery.. Napoleontookedout of the windows of his stateroom which overlookedall Paris. Wnc car srng the Desi. Tne ooctors coutcin'tsay what she dted.

I feli fine untit a monen: Who'slyingundera tree? SomeoneI know has iust passed his examination. He'shavinghis beardtrimmed.

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