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Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca. You are here: Download /; Phoca PDF Content Plugin Phoca PDF Content Plugin Languages: Bulgarian (Български език). bg-BG_plg_phocapdf_content. j Phoca PDF component uses TCPDF library for creating PDF documents. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca PDF plugin.

Phoca Pdf Plugin

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Installation. Download Phoca PDF Content plugin from the Phoca PDF download site. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these steps. Download Phoca PDF System plugin from the Phoca PDF download site. You get a ZIP file. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these. As written in warning box on Phoca PDF component site, not all HTML features can be transformed to PDF document. The same is valid for content plugins.

Phoca PDF. Get Phoca PDF v1. It enables you to set and create PDF documents in Joomla!.

The whole Phoca PDF framework contains: Write a review. Excellent PDF extension Functionality: Allows you to add the PDF icon to your Joomla articles. Ease of use.

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Because of a complicated Joomla template, I had to modify the code we are supposed to edit, which is not really straighforward. Well suited for a basic system Functionality: Gives you PDF generation for your articles. As long as you stick to basic formatting the PDF looks fine. Otherwise - surprise.

Mostly easy and intuitiv setup and usage for a basic system. Works out of the box.

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Well suited for basic usage. Unfortunately the exact limits of 'basis usage' are left undefined. Behind them you are out of luck. I used this to: I tried to use it to produce an on-the-fly PDF version of educational articles. Suitable for non interactive display: Unfortunately the layout relied on stylesheets and carefully placed images.

Could not make that looking good in the PDF. Owner's reply: Hi, see the red box here: Best PDF component, very configurable Functionality: Very rich in options: Tried with Joomla 2. It is in beta as of this writing and still has some teething troubles. Excellent Extension Functionality: After having bad experience with the Joomla PDF, this extention made my day.

Very customizable and easy to use. I also like the function to set patterns to exclude text from the pdf document. Thank you! FDF's are Back!

Josh Lewis Posted on 19 November Thanks Phoca team for brining back the PDF's. I see I have a little more control over the display of the PDF's which is very nice. In my case a template over write was necessary, but at no fault of phoca pdf.

It was pretty simple, and instructions on how to do this is on their website. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted joomla content to be pdf's automatically with a simple button on the frontend.

Excellent Extension Matt Harmer 1. Posted on 25 August I used this extension for the first time today. It is easy to Install, very configurable. I found no problems. Posted on 12 May I have installed and used it. But what I am really looking was, the ability to convert a page which is not an article into pdf.

I need to convert a custom HTML into pdf. But what this component does was no different with the inbuilt joomla pdf. What is the need for this component when pdf output is already there? Hi, in Joomla! See Phoca documentation site and forum site to get information about the difference between Phoca PDF and built in pdf solution in Joomla!

This is why Phoca PDF framework includes plugin system, so the framework can be extensible. PDF is not like HTML, it is very complicated system which is not easy to setup but if it has been setup correctly it can be really helpful. Thank you for understanding Jan. Bad Experience JoomlaBoy 1.

Posted on 18 March I believe the reviews that this is a great application. Installed it and went through all the configurations, completely impressed. Went to my live site to check the changes and a fatal error of some kind made the entire site blank.

Scariest thing I've ever seen from an extension. Deactivating the components made it work again. The forums report this problem, but I couldn't see an easy path out of it, so I uninstalled. Hi, if you get blank page on your site, you should enable php error reporting to get info from PHP which error caused it. On Joomla! But getting PHP error is the best way to solve the problem. PDF document needs to have clean header but if some other extension renders some error or warning, etc, the pdf document will be not rendered.

Posted on 17 March And it's very well explained and easy to install despite you have to hack some VM code ;- The only 'but' is that the email feature is not automatically included in the addon As Jan says: Email feauture is available for users who are regularly active in Phoca Forum, are regularly translating Phoca Extensions or have donated to Phoca Project Nice job!

Jonatan Samuelsson 3. Posted on 12 January Works great! Nice feature packed extension some greek 1. Posted on 30 June This is a nice feature packed extension, however I noticed a couple of issues that prevent me giving it 5 stars. The latter one is more of an issue for me, and I can't fathom why this extension would cause the search to fail for some phrases, but work fine for others. Hi, yes, before running the component and mostly the system plugin, the important notice of the component should be read.

Because in Joomla! And as there are numerous of SEF solutions and different link formats, it is very difficult to translate all the possible link formats. If you get blank page, mostly some error is stopping the script and this should be found in errorLog or while enabling php error reporting, see: No Title of Article, No Autor, etc.

Enrique Posted on 14 May No Title of Article, No author, No date, etc. Options - the count of options cannot be called "poor": To moderators - please remove this review so it will not confuse all other users. Thank you, Jan. Display 12 30 60 Phoca Download By Jan Pavelka.

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Phoca Download is a Joomla! It displays sections, categories and files which can be downloaded from the site.

Downloaded files are listed in Statistics View administration. Youtube videos in Phoca Download Demo http: Phoca Favicon By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Favicon is a Joomla! It is a simple component that generates favicon on your Joomla! You can change the favicon of your site whenever you like.

Phoca gallery facebook user manual

Documentation Frontend Demo Since version 2 Joomla! Phoca Maps By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Maps is a Joomla! It is a component which displays maps on your site. The idea of using this component is a fast creation of map on your site.

Finally create menu link to this map. If you need to set a marker or more markers, just go to Extension Phoca Open Graph Plugin is a Joomla! CMS Plugin. It allows adding of open graph information into site. Such information stored in meta tags can be then automatically displayed on e. Facebook while some visitior of the site commented e. Since version 3. Phoca News Phoca Cart By Jan Pavelka.

Phoca Cart is e-commerce extension - complex shopping cart for Joomla! Phoca Cart is directly written for Joomla! Phoca Cart extensions: Extensions Main Features: Responsive design Unlimited products Product attributes and options Product specifications Product discounts Related products Wish lists Comparison list Advanced stock manageme Phoca GAE is a Joomla!

Don't waste your time filling out a lot of forms. This way the Google Search code and Google Calendar code can be added too. Phoca Restaurant Menu is a Joomla! This component allows creating menu for restaurant, cafeteria, fast food, school canteen, buffet, bar, club, snack bar, wineroom, etc.

Such menu can be displayed on a website, printed on a sheet of paper or emailed to customers. Menu output types: Phoca Facebook Comments Module is a Joomla!

Users are able to comment the site on which this module is displayed. Phoca Email By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Email is a Joomla! It has different functions: Phoca Emails is newsletter component. Phoca Email is used for sending emails from other components like e. If Phoca Email is used for sending emails in Joomla! Phoca Gallery Tree Module is a Joomla! Module which shows a tree of galleries categories from Phoca Gallery component.

Phoca Documentation By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Documentation is a Joomla! If caught a version of Joomla 2. Joomla Folder, Phoca Gallery Component, PDF User Manual file and forum support provided. How to install a Joomla 2. Please be advised this may be a security risk to your website. You can view more information Phoca Gallery 2. New Site: Joomla 3. Phoca Gallery 4. Artisteer 4 User Manual - dytigawco. User Manual Rev Manual Tags Meta Joomla 3 - cosnsunpajor.

Picasa User Manual - WordPress. Manual Installation Facebook will use any open graph meta tags if present for Php 5. Phoca gallery can not view the photos.

Can you help me? Thank you in.

Phoca PDF System Plugin

Joomla 1 6 pdf extension - WordPress. Facebook like box, Facebook share for Discounts Tj custom fields inegration Store owner user creation and manual Backup Manual Joomla 2. This guide describes migration of Phoca components Phoca Gallery, Updates and JD 1. There are two well-known methods of sharing your website on Facebook.Thank you for understanding.

After having bad experience with the Joomla PDF, this extention made my day. Posted on 12 May I have installed and used it. Phoca Cart component needs to be installed to run this module. In Joomla! They add support for using downloadable fonts in your Joomla! Nicely displayed on Any Devices JUX Facebook Feed also is totally responsive, which allows visitors to conveniently browse from any screens of mobile and desktop.

The forums report this problem, but I couldn't see an easy path out of it, so I uninstalled. Easy to use Demo Control Users easily test features of JUX Facebook Feed with a simple demo control that mainly focusing you to primary features with specific customizations as sources, header.

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