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OS X Server. Essentials Using and Supporting OS X Server on Yosemite. Arek Dreyer and Ben Greisler. Apple Pro Training Series. Lesson and media. Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Support Essentials Kevin M. White and Gordon Essentials Using and Supporting OS X Server on Yosemite. To install a single update, .. Adobe PDF (see PDF (Portable. Document Format )). OS X Server Essentials OS X Yosemite Server Essentials is a three-day course that's designed to give technical coordinators and entry-level system.

Os X Server Essentials 10.10 Pdf

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instructions for configuring an OS X Server for exercise use are available in the . Format (PDF), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), Portable Network Graphics. Supporting and Troubleshooting macOS High Sierra Study the Apple Pro Training Series book macOS Support Essentials by Arek Dreyer and .. Resource passwords—Such as email, websites, file servers, apps, and encrypted disk images. e. .. documents from OS X Yosemite or earlier or iOS 8 or earlier. mac os x support essentials v10 - marcomc - what functionality does mac os x v mac os x server essentials version: demo ☆ instant download ☆ pdf essentials [pdf] a facet for the wildlifeprotection.info os x support essentials - apple pro.

Additionally, your server computer might be located in an inconvenient physical location. It is recommended that you do not simultaneously use the Server app on more than one Mac to administer a given server. However, sometimes you need direct control of your server computer; for example, to perform a series of file or folder copy operations using the Finder.

When you select the Enable screen sharing and remote management option, this allows access for any local accounts on the server computer that you configure as an administrator. If you want to allow access for other accounts, or specify a password for software that uses the VNC protocol, configure this in the Sharing preferences on the server computer. NOTE If you have the Sharing preferences open when you use the Server app to configure a user account as an administrator, you need to quit System Preferences and reopen the Sharing pane to see the updated list of accounts.

The Allow remote login using SSH checkbox in the Server app has the same effect as the Remote Login checkbox in the OS X Sharing preferences; selecting or deselecting either checkbox has the same effect on the checkbox in the other tool. When you run the Server app on a remote administrator computer, if the Allow remote login using SSH option is selected, an arrow appears next to it.

If you click this arrow, the 21 88 Exploring the Server App Server app opens Terminal and attempts to connect to your server using the SSH protocol, with the username of the administrator account that you provided to the Server app to connect to your remote server computer.

You must provide the password to successfully open an SSH connection.

Similarly, there is also a shortcut to open a Screen Sharing session with your server. This opens the Screen Sharing application, which allows remote observation and control of the remote server computer.

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Of course, the checkbox for Allow remote administration using Server is not available for you to configure unless you use the Server app directly at the server. The following figure illustrates the arrows that are shortcuts to open a connection to the server.

Once you are more familiar with the Server app, you can click the Next Steps button to close the Next Steps drawer. You can always click the Next Steps button to open the drawer again.

The five sections in the Next Steps drawer are pretty self-explanatory: 22 Using the Next Steps Drawer 89 Configure Network You should have already configured your network interfaces the way you want, but the Configure Network pane gives you a quick view of your current network configuration, as well as a shortcut to your server s Network pane in the Server app.

NOTE Changing your server s IP address can have significant unexpected consequences, depending on the services your server provides.

Add Users Lessons 8 and 10 delve into managing local users, as well managing local network users. The Add Users pane offers some advice and a shortcut to the Server app s Users pane.


One blue link opens Server Help, and the second is a shortcut to the Settings pane where you can configure SSL certificates. The Server app sidebar displays a green status indicator next to any service that s running.

Hardware The Hardware section displays your server, as well as an AirPort device if there is one on your subnet. This is convenient if an AirPort device sits between your internal network and your connection to the Internet. Once you select your server in the Server app sidebar, you see four tabs: Overview Settings Network Storage Overview The Overview pane is the first thing you see after your initial installation and configuration of OS X Server.

The arrow next to your Startup Disk is a shortcut to clicking the Storage tab and selecting the startup volume. This is also where you edit your server s SSL certificates; remember that the Next Steps Review Certificates pane contains a link to this Settings pane.

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The last option in the Settings pane allows you to configure your server to store data for various services on a volume other than the boot volume. Moving Service Data Location When you click Edit next to the Service Data field, you have the opportunity to change where your server stores some of its service data.

For example, configuration and temporary files like the Mail spool file remain on the startup volume, and some services, like FTP, NetInstall, and Websites, offer separate interfaces to choose where to store data for those services. Just as you should not change the name of your server s startup volume after you start offering services, you should not change the name of the service data storage volume after you designate it in the Server app. Storage This Storage pane displays an alphabetical list of the disks connected to your server computer; you can also drill down and edit file ownership, permissions, and access control lists ACLs.

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[PDF] Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Server Essentials 10.10: Using and Supporting OS X Server on

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If you want to allow access for other accounts, or specify a password for software that uses the VNC protocol, configure this in the Sharing preferences on the server computer.

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