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Over the past few months, lower Manhattan was the home to an unusual social event: The Martha Stewart trial in U. S. Federal Court. All celebrity defendants. providing high-quality training in the art, technique, and business of photography. We offer a unique combination of online education and personal coaching. The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) just launched their flagship course, the Complete Course in Professional Photography, on their.

New York Institute Of Photography Pdf

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Licensed by The New York State Department of Education | Accredited by the Distance When you enroll in NYIP's Complete Course in Professional Photography, you .. Chuck DeLaney is the Director of the New York Institute of Photog-. For over years, NYIP has been providing high-quality training in the art, technique, and business of photography. We offer a unique combination of online . 5 Introduction NYIP Mission Statement The New York Institute of Photography seeks to provide the highest level of distance education training in the business.

In order to measure a students progress, skills, and talent, each student is assigned to one professional photographer mine was Pauline St. My experience prior to this course was 15 years as a hobbyist. I owned a Nikon 35mm F series camera since I did a lot of self study and research on how to use my camera. Along with a lot of ruined film through trial and error of learning settings and the interactions of what works I learned distance from lens and subject placements.

My passion sparked again to learn the craft in ernest. For 3 years I shot everything I could and had no clue what all those extra settings were on the dials. During my 8 year span without a decent camera I did some college study of art history and human form art sketch.

I was deployed in Afghanistan when I received my materials and did not start the program until 6 months into the 3 year program. I then did a move and job changes along with a 2. The assignments range from self reading with computer generated testing based of the reading to actual photo assignments. Photo assignments that you are required to go out and shoot then turn in for evaluation by your assigned professional photographer instructor.

I took personal drive to study more about the history of photography and to view photos of some of the greats that have been big influencers of photography. I looked at how they set up for a shot the equipment the angles lens types I dug deep into every detail of lighting and how the different effects were accomplished.

There are video studies included with the course cheesy in parts. For the most part the videos tie into the written course work and give good samples of how to accomplish the assignments. Once you turn in your projects the instructor will do a voice evaluation of your photos and send it back to you for download via web.

My instructor was excellent in her approach to details in improvements I could make in camera settings to even looking at different angles to make a better impact.

Her evaluations included a bit of personality and personal touches that truly made me feel that she cared about me the student and my learning of the materials. I was able to complete my work and final testing before the 3 year mark. I received my certification in January I felt very accomplished. With the certificate I can at least display and show clients that I have been trained and proven my time spent and evaluated that I know my way around a camera and can accomplish the assignments that were given to me.

Overall my experience with NYIP was very good. An official transcript is one sent by NYIP directly to an institution or employer. An official transcript will be sent only if the student account is paid in full. An unofficial transcript is one sent by NYIP directly to the student. An unofficial transcript will be sent only if the student account with NYIP is current and there are no past due amounts owed. Students can view their program of study, progress report and grades in the Online Learning Center.

Transferring Credits NYIP does not accept transfer credit of previous training from other intuitions.

A student may wish to transfer coursework from NYIP to another institution. Licensed private career schools offer curricula measured in clock hours, not credit hours.

Certificates of completion, i. Students should be sure to keep learning guides, textbooks, other study materials and printed copies of online study materials in case these materials are needed for transfer credits verification by the receiving institution.

Each course may have a different set of materials and assessments; see the syllabus for details for that course. All online courses reside on a custom Learning Management System. NYIP s online courses are designed to be engaging, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Students can perform the following tasks online via the Online Learning Center and learning management system.

View account balances and make tuition payments 3. Access online courses and course materials for current and completed courses 4. Submit projects and multiple-choice exams 5.

View project and exam grades 6. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the information within the student profile is accurate and current. All correspondence from NYIP will be sent to the address listed on the student profile. Also, where applicable, materials will be shipped to the address on the student profile. NYIP is not responsible for shipments or correspondence sent to the incorrect shipping address or e- mail address. Textbooks and Shipments The format of student learning content varies by program.

Programs may consist of printed materials, wholly online content or a blend of printed and online content. If hardcopy textbooks and printed learning guides are part of a student s program the required materials will shipped to students at the start of that course.

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When required, printed materials are shipped one Unit at a time to students enrolled in the program. Corresponding with when access to online Units is granted. For students who pay in full this access is granted once their balance is cleared. And the balance of physical Shipment Errors Students who receive an incorrect or incomplete shipment should call Student Services for assistance.

Students have 60 days to notify the school; after 60 days, students will be responsible for any replacement fees. Replacement Fees Students who need to replace any study materials should call Student Services for assistance.

There will be a replacement fee for each item. The fee can be added to student s account on student s next invoice with tuition payment or paid by check or credit card. The item will ship once payment is cleared and student s account is current.

The Community is comprised of different discussion forums that correspond to the various areas of study offered at NYIP. What makes the Community special is that members have the unique opportunity to connect with other students and academic advisors all while making new friends, sharing opinions and experiences.

The Community integrates excellent interactive and academic elements to create a fully supported social learning experience for our students.

Classes and Assignments Students are provided online access to their first Unit of lesson material immediately upon enrollment. When the course contains physical shipments, materials and printed course materials are shipped within a week of enrollment. Students can begin their courses immediately upon enrollment, but are free to set their own pace of study though students are encouraged to submit lessons regularly. Each course is composed of lessons.

Each lesson typically contains lecture notes, check your learning exercises, multiple-choice exams, and assignments.

Multiple-choice exams are auto-graded immediately upon submission and students can view their grades immediately. Assignments are graded within calendar days of student s submission, and students can view their grades along with grader feedback and comments. The End-of-Course Survey includes questions on student engagement, student readiness, teacher and academic advisors support, technology, curriculum, resources and other support. Student feedback through the End-of-Course Survey is an opportunity for students to have a voice in their program of study and is an essential part of our process of continual improvement.

Term of Enrollment You have up to 24 months to complete your course. Students who do not complete all of their exams and projects for each unit by the end of their initial completion period may request an extension period for a fee. Students who still not have not completed their studies after 2 extension periods must start the course over if they wish to continue.

While you have the full 24 months to complete the average time to completion is 18 months. We suggest that you set a study schedule that will allow you to complete one unit of study every four months.

Career Services NYIP has partnered with Career Team to provide career coaching, resume review and interview preparation services to our students.

Along with Career Team students and graduates can contact their Student Advisors for professional advice. NYIP does not offer job placement. Students are expected at all times to submit their own work for all assignments, to present their own work and ideas in all discussions, and to properly cite original authors and others when referring to sources used. Students must succeed in their classes and programs without violating the Academic Honesty Policy.

To preserve the integrity of NYIP s programs and maintain the high quality of education, the Faculty and Administration must address any charge of a violation of the academic honesty policy. At each penalty level the case is reviewed by the School Director. The due process procedures include a formal request for inquiry and research to prove or disprove the charge. A proven violation carries academic penalties.

Students who violate the Academic Honesty Policy will receive a warning on a first offense, will be placed on probation for a second offense, and will be cancelled from the institution on a third offense. Students may appeal the cancellation but may not appeal the warning or the probation. If an egregious violation occurs, students may be immediately academically dismissed from their program. The School Director reserves the right to issue any penalty subject to the severity of the violation.

Academic Honesty Violations The following violation types deserve close attention because they summarize various violations of academic honesty. This list below is not exhaustive but captures the predominant violations, which occur. Students must strive to honor the regulations to preserve the integrity of their grades and diplomas. Cheating - representing material, either written material or images, prepared by another, as my own work. Fabrication - intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any data, information, or citation in an academic exercise.

Plagiarism - intentionally representing the words, ideas, images, or sequence of ideas of another as my own in a unit project or assignment, and failing to attribute quotations, paraphrases, or borrowed information from other sources.

Facilitating academic dishonesty - intentionally or knowingly helping or attempting to help another student to commit an act of academic dishonesty. The result of the investigation may lead to the following disciplinary action that can include but is not limited to: Warning Documented counseling by staff Revision and resubmission of work with possible grade penalty Submission of alternative assignment Probation Documented counseling by staff Misrepresentation, Falsification of NYIP Records or Academic Work Students will not knowingly provide false information when completing NYIP forms or applications including admissions forms, enrollment agreements, use of false or counterfeit transcripts, etc.

Any abuse of these numbers shall be cause for permanent dismissal from NYIP. Abuse includes but is not limited to: Requests for appeal must be sent to the School Director within 10 days of receiving the academic dismissal. An appeal form will be sent to the student when they are advised of dismissal. Student s account must be current prior to any appeal review.

Submitting an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement. If the decision on the appeal is to deny reinstatement, then that decision is final and no further appeal is allowed. If it is decided that student will be reinstated, then student will remain on Academic Probation until the necessary improvements are made in student s academic performance. Failing to meet the NYIP standard may result in a second academic dismissal from the program. After a second dismissal as a result of academic performance, a student will forfeit his or her right to an appeal and will remain dismissed permanently.

The following point totals correspond to the following grades: Regardless of the actual passing grade earned on the retake, students will automatically receive the minimum passing score of 70 percent. The student must pass each exam and project with at least a 70 to successfully complete the course.

The Professional Photography Course

The student writes logically and clearly. He or she also integrates ideas throughout the course. Upon passing that retake exam, the student will be awarded the score of the retake. Students are allowed two 2 retakes three 3 total attempts to pass an exam. If after the third attempt a student still has not passed an exam they are required to have a conference with a Student Advisor who will recommend a plan of action with student and work to resolve any issues that the student is having with the lesson.

A copy of the detailed plan will be placed in the student file. If a suitable remediation plan cannot be established, the student or the school may request for the cancelation of the enrollment. Conduct and Communications Policy The NYIP Conduct and Communications Policy refers to the respectful conduct of NYIP staff, instructors and students in any school communications including student s course assignments, test responses and where applicable, threaded discussions.

NYIP provides students with different communication channels for communicating with its staff and instructors and responding to assignments and tests. Communication channels include , phone, mail, fax, chat rooms, and the Student Community. Other communications channels include the Online Learning Center, which is used for, submitting course assignments, test and threaded discussion responses and communications to instructors.

It is policy that NYIP staff, instructors and students maintain respectful, professional, and polite conduct in all communications at all times. All staff, instructors and students are expected to treat one another with respect. Any staff, instructor or student using irate, sarcastic, rude, harassing or offensive language in any types of communication channels to any staff, faculty or student of the will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from NYIP.

Student account information can be accessed through the Online Learning Center or students can contact Student Services with any changes to student s name, address, or phone number. NYIP official communications are sent by or mail. Most official forms require electronic communication by , unless forms or directions state otherwise. Students are held responsible for official NYIP communications sent to students.

Students should check their accounts regularly and respond, where needed, to any communications sent from NYIP. Reasons for academic dismissal include, but are not limited to, the following. Poor or unacceptable performance and grades in courses that demonstrates the student does not have the ability to benefit from the course in this case the student will be given a full refund Students who fail two or more lessons in the first lesson group Acts of plagiarism and academic dishonesty Unprofessional communications with NYIP instructors, staff and other students Students who have been academically dismissed from NYIP are not eligible for reinstatement or readmission unless an appeal is submitted by students to the School Director and accepted by the NYIP Academic Review Committee.

Administrative Cancellation Administrative cancellation refers to the cancellation of a student enrollment from a course and program of study per the student s request. Students whose accounts have been canceled but have not been academically dismissed are eligible for reinstatement or readmission. Students who choose to cancel their enrollment may be entitled to a refund or may owe the school additional tuition. The tuition amount due is based on the enrollment period, number of lessons completed, and the amount paid.

NYIP courses are all asynchronous meaning that you can study anywhere, anytime at your own pace. A student attends an asynchronous online course by engaging in academically related activities.

Examples of such activities include but are not limited to: Such academically related activities are tracked and documented through the school s learning management system, system, phone system and in some cases publisher websites.

While all students are allowed to proceed at their own pace, if the school detects that a student is falling behind the average pace of other students, the school will contact the student through a combination of , phone and text messaging encouraging the student to increase the pace of study or to contact the school for assistance.

Completion times depend on the number of units in your course see your enrollment agreement for specific completion times. Students who have not completed their studies after the term of their enrollment must contact the school and discuss their progress with the school.

The school and the student will discuss the student s options and if the student chooses to continue with the course the student may elect to reenroll. The school, at its sole discretion, may choose to waive a part of the then published tuition and fees for the reenrollment. Please note that the minimum computer and software requirements may evolve during a student's course of studies, in particular as third-party vendors discontinue support for older versions of a product.

Students must have Internet access and an active e- mail address. Please review the requirements for each course individually. Internet Connection and A reliable broadband Internet connection, either cable or DSL of at least Kbps for adequate audio-video quality An address that will accept all s, including attachments, from the domain name NYIP. Students are presumed to receive the messages sent to designated addresses. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that messages from NYIP are not blocked and that the mailbox is not too full to receive messages.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Students should confirm current tuition and fees on the NYIP Web site and their enrollment agreement. There is a fee for additional official transcripts requested. Unofficial transcripts are available free on Online Learning Center. Fee if request is made to mail unofficial transcript. A late fee may be charged for each monthly payment that is not paid within 10 days of its due date. Student Fee for processing admission into the school.

Students who do not complete their program of study within the prescribed time limit must request a reenrollment. Student s monthly payment not being made within 10 days of its due date. Graduate Studies Program Student Handbook Effective January This publication may not be duplicated in any way without the express written consent of the publisher. The information contained herein. Students should review the Student. Preamble DePaul University is a learning community that promotes the intellectual development of each individual within the community.

The University seeks to maintain and enhance the educational environment.

New York Institute of Photography

REACH Distance Learning Program Center Handbook Introduction Distance learning is an educational delivery method where students work on their own and communicate with faculty and other students through. Changing Lives.

Policy on Institutions Participating in Title IV Programs This policy sets forth the Accrediting Commission s procedures for the institutions to seek to establish eligibility to participate in, Federal. Syllabus ACCT , version 1. Orcun Temizkan Office: Room C, Friday Building Phone: Moodle https: UndergradUate Program Undergraduate admission traditional Programs Technology Requirements: General Information: Instructor Name: Office Location: Office Phone: Email Address: Office Hours: Virtual Hours: Class Location: Course Description: Required Text: Recommended Reading: FINA Business Standards Checklist Business Standards Checklist The following Business Standards Checklist gives you a quick way of checking your institution s compliance.

We cannot. EDUC Distance Education Policies and Procedures These policies and procedures are designed to ensure Clayton State University compliance with Federal Regulations concerning the definition of distance vs. The virtual. Don Geddes, Program Director The. Herbert H. Students who must miss classes, especially for Stetson-sanctioned. Mentor Handbook www. Welcome to Virtual Virginia! Blackboard Development Checklist for Online Courses Met Course Development Rubrics The following rubrics should be used as benchmarks to assist faculty with developing and maintaining their online courses.

An in-depth study of the attitudes and behaviors pertinent to early childhood and. Mathematics Course No. MA Title of Course: Introduction to Life Contingencies Date: Fall Please check: New Revision I. Credit Hours: Lake Ave. Master of Arts in Psychology Introduction This handbook describes the major milestones, program regulations and requirements that students will encounter as they complete the Master s program in Psychology.

CJ Digital Forensics II Syllabus - Term 2 For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term.

The NYIP Complete Course in Professional Photography Now Available Online

Page 1 Instructor: Brian Bourke. Methods of Research II. CJ Cyber Crime Syllabus Term 4 For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The instructor. Preamble This guide highlights major issues and questions that students may face during their graduate.

Lawton Swan Email: You may email me through the Sakai mail tool. Instructor Information Name: Shawna Watkins Office:. It is the responsibility of each student to.

Faculty members consist of APRN s,. General Provisions II. Proficiency with written English Instructor: Contact Info: David Guthrie, Ph. Kexin Zhao Office: Monday 5: Moodle 2 Section Information: Academic Honor Code 1 1.

It covers all student academic activities. Student Priority. Child Development Associate Training I: The course is based on the requirements. Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Graduate Programs Sarah Lawrence offers 11 distinctive master s degree programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences: The Art of Teaching Master of Science in.

Online Student Handbook June 17, ! Contents Rules An introduction to the. This course provides students with a basic understanding of the social, political, and historical aspects. Evening MBA Code of Conduct Members of the Indiana University community are governed by rules that support the university s mission of preserving, improving, increasing, transmitting, and applying knowledge.So glad I have started this program!!

Each course may have a different set of materials and assessments; see the syllabus for details for that course. This information does not include personal information and is not stored individually on your personal profile. My tutor Steven Failing to meet the NYIP standard may result in a second academic dismissal from the program.

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