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A collection of useful Excel formulas for sums and counts, dates and times, text manipularion, conditional Detailed formula examples for key functions, including VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, RANK, . Extract all matches with helper column Get over Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac in one handy PDF . Excel Formulas. Basic math. Function. Formula. Example. To add up the total. = SUM(cell range). =SUM(B2:B9). To add individual items. =Value1 + Value 2. CFI's Excel Book is free and available for anyone to download as a PDF. “This Excel book gave me all the shortcuts, formulas and functions I needed to.

Ms Excel All Formulas With Examples Pdf

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for videos and exercises to accompany this quick reference card. Formulae & Functions Basics. When building a formula: • All formulae and functions begin with. Theresa A Scott, MS. Biostatistician . In Excel,the calculation can be specified using either a formula or a function. ˆ Formulas In either case, all formulas and functions are entered in a cell and must begin with an equal sign '='. Entering . Advanced Excel. Formulas: Functions. Being able to work with Excel Formulas can take your experience with the program to a new level. Formulas are the basic .

Since this tutorial is purposed for beginners, I won't intimidate you by the definitions of array constants and complex multi-line formulas. I'll show just one very simple example of an Excel array formula that demonstrates what they are capable for.

Supposing you have 2 columns of numbers, column A and B. And you want to know how many times column B is greater than or equal to column A when a value in column B is greater than 0. To learn more about Excel array formulas, please see the following tutorials: Excel array formulas, functions and constants - explains the basics of array formulas and shows how to use array constants and array functions.

Excel array formula examples for beginners and power users - 7 fascinating examples of advanced array formulas in Excel. Excel user defined functions Although Microsoft Excel has hundreds of built in functions, you still may find yourself faced with a challenge for which no predefined Excel function exists.

In this case, you can create that function yourself As an example, you can review and download custom functions created by our team to count and sum cells by color. The relative row reference, without the dollar sign, changes depending on the row to which the formula is copied. The following image shows how different reference types work in practice.

Tips and time-saving shortcuts for Excel formulas Formulas in Excel are a powerful multi-faceted tool, and they can solve a great variety of tasks in your spreadsheets. Of course, learning various aspects of Microsoft Excel formulas and functions does take time, so you might feel there isn't enough time in the day to learn everything. Well, a good way to find more time is to save some time : To toggle between absolute, relative and mixed references in a formula, use the F4 key as demonstrated in Switching between reference types in Excel.

To edit a formula, press F2, or double click a cell, or click the formula bar. To debug formulas in Excel, select a formula part and press F9. This will let you see the actual values behind cell references. To copy a formula to all cells in a column, enter the formula in the first cell, select that cell, and hover the cursor over the small square in bottom right corner until it changes to a black cross which is called the fill handle.

Double click that cross, and you will get the formula copied through the entire column. For more information, see How to replace formulas with their values in Excel. Add workdays to date custom weekends. Add years to date. Assign points based on late time. Basic overtime calculation formula.

Basic timesheet formula with breaks. Calculate date overlap in days. Calculate days remaining. Calculate expiration date. Calculate number of hours between two times. IF MOD. Calculate retirement date. Calculate years between dates. Convert date string to date time. Convert date to Julian format. Convert date to month and year. Convert date to text. Convert decimal hours to Excel time. Convert decimal minutes to Excel time.

Convert decimal seconds to Excel time. Convert Excel time to decimal hours. Convert Excel time to decimal minutes. Convert Excel time to decimal seconds. Convert Excel time to Unix time. Convert text timestamp into time. Convert text to date. Convert time to time zone. Convert Unix time stamp to Excel date. Count birthdays by month. Count dates in current month.

500 Excel Formula Examples

Count day of week between dates. Count holidays between two dates. Count times in a specific range. Create date range from two dates. Custom weekday abbreviation. Date is same month. Date is same month and year. Date is workday. Days in month. Days until expiration date. Display the current date. Display the current date and time. Dynamic calendar grid. Dynamic date list.

Extract date from a date and time. Extract time from a date and time. Get age from birthday. Get date from day number. Get day from date. Get day name from date. Get days before a date. Get days between dates. Get days between dates ignoring years. Get days, hours, and minutes between dates. Get days, months, and years between dates.

Get first day of month. Get first day of previous month. Get first Monday before any date. Get fiscal quarter from date. Get fiscal year from date. Get last day of month.

Get last weekday in month. Get last working day in month.

Get month from date. Get month name from date. Get months between dates. Get most recent day of week. Get next day of week. Get next scheduled event. Get nth day of week in month. Get nth day of year. Get percent of year complete. Get project end date. Get project midpoint. Get project start date. Get quarter from date. Get same date next month. Get same date next year.

Get week number from date. Get work hours between dates. Get work hours between dates and times. Get work hours between dates custom schedule. Get workdays between dates. Get year from date. If Monday, roll back to Friday. Join date and text. Last updated date stamp. List holidays between two dates. Next anniversary date. Next biweekly payday from date.

Next business day 6 months in future. Next working day. Pad week numbers with zeros. Sum race time splits. Sum time by week and project. Sum time over 30 minutes.

Time difference in hours as decimal value. Total hours that fall between two times. Workdays per month. Working days left in month. Year is a leap year. Series of dates by day. Series of dates by month. Series of dates by weekends. Series of dates by workdays. Series of dates by year. Abbreviate names or words. Add a line break with a formula. Add line break based on OS.

Capitalize first letter. Cell contains all of many things. Cell contains number. Cell contains one of many things. Cell contains one of many with exclusions. Cell contains some words but not others. Cell contains specific text. Cell contains which things. Cell equals one of many things. Clean and reformat telephone numbers. Compare two strings. Conditional message with REPT function. Convert numbers to text. Convert string to array. Convert text to numbers. Count keywords cell contains.

Count line breaks in cell. Count specific characters in a cell. Count specific characters in a range.

Excel Formulas PDF With Example 2007

Count specific words in a cell. Count specific words in a range. Count total characters in a cell. Count total characters in a range. Count total words in a cell. Count total words in a range. Double quotes inside a formula. Extract last two words from cell. Extract multiple lines from a cell. Extract nth word from text string. Extract substring.

Extract text between parentheses. Extract word containing specific text. Extract word that begins with specific character. Find and replace multiple values. Find nth occurrence of character. Get first word. Get last line in cell.

Get last word. Join cells with comma. Most frequent text with criteria. Most frequently occurring text. Normalize text. Pad text to equal length. Position of 2nd 3rd etc instance of character. Remove characters from right. Remove file extension from filename. Remove first character. Remove leading and trailing spaces from text. Remove line breaks. Remove text by matching. Remove text by position. Remove text by variable position.

Remove unwanted characters. Replace one character with another. Reverse text string.

Split dimensions into three parts. Split dimensions into two parts. Split numbers from units of measure. Split text and numbers. Split text string at specific character. Split text with delimiter. Strip html from text or numbers. Strip non-numeric characters. Strip numeric characters from cell. Translate letters to numbers. Annual compound interest schedule. Annuity solve for interest rate. Bond valuation example. CAGR formula examples.

Calculate compound interest. Calculate cumulative loan interest. Calculate cumulative loan principal payments.

Calculate interest for given period.

Calculate interest rate for loan. Calculate loan interest in given year. Calculate original loan amount. Calculate payment for a loan. Calculate payment periods for loan. Calculate periods for annuity.

Calculate principal for given period. Calculate simple interest. Future value of annuity. FV PV. Future value vs. Present value. PV FV. NPV formula for net present value.

Payment for annuity. Present value of annuity. Dynamic workbook reference. Dynamic worksheet reference. Get full workbook name and path.

Get sheet name only. Get workbook name and path without sheet. Get workbook name only. Get workbook path only. Indirect named range different sheet. List sheet index numbers. List sheet names with formula.

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Worksheet name exists. Create email address from name. Create email address with name and domain. Get domain from email address. Get domain name from URL. Get name from email address. Get page from URL. Get top level domain TLD. Remove trailing slash from url.

Excel Function Cheatsheets

Strip protocol and trailing slash from URL. Get first name from name. Get first name from name with comma. Get last name from name. Get last name from name with comma.

Get middle name from full name. Join first and last name. Put names into proper case. Calculate percent variance. Decrease by percentage.

Get amount with percentage. Get original number from percent change. Get original price from percentage discount. Get percent change. Get percentage discount. Get percentage of total. Get profit margin percentage. Get total from percentage. Increase by percentage. Percent of goal. Percent of students absent. Percent sold. Project complete percentage. Random date between two dates. Random number between two numbers.

Random number from fixed set of options. Random number weighted probability. Random text values. Random times at specific intervals. Random value from list or table. Randomly assign data to groups. Randomly assign people to groups. Address of first cell in range.

Address of last cell in range. All cells in range are blank. All values in a range are at least. First column number in range. First match between two ranges. First row number in range.

Five ways to enter formulas

Get address of named range. Get relative column numbers in range. Get relative row numbers in range. Last column number in range. Last row in mixed data with blanks.

Last row in mixed data with no blanks. Last row in numeric data. Last row in text data. Last row number in range. Multiple cells are equal. Multiple cells have same value. Multiple cells have same value case sensitive. Range contains a value not in another range.

Range contains numbers. Sequential row numbers. Total cells in a range. Total columns in range. Total rows in range. Average last N values in a table. Basic inventory formula example. Count table columns. Count table rows. Dynamic reference Table name. Get column index in Excel Table. Get column name from index in table. Percentile IF in table. Running total in Table. Sum multiple tables.

How to fix a circular reference error. How to fix the hashtag error.

How to fix the NAME? How to fix the NULL! How to fix the NUM! How to fix the REF! Abbreviate state names. Basic array formula example. Basic attendance tracking formula. Basic error trapping example.

Basic in cell histogram. Basic numeric sort formula. Basic outline numbering. Basic text sort formula. Calculate a ratio from two numbers. Cap percentage at specific amount. Cash denomination calculator.

Change negative numbers to positive. Check register balance. Conditional median with criteria. Conditional mode with criteria. Convert column letter to number. Convert column number to letter. Convert feet and inches to inches. Convert inches to feet and inches. Copy value from every nth column. Copy value from every nth row. Count consecutive monthly orders. Count values out of tolerance. Count with repeating values. Course completion status summary. Course completion summary with criteria.

500 Excel Formula Examples

Create array of numbers. Cube root of number. Customer is new. Display sorted values with helper column. Extract unique items from a list. Filter values in array formula. Find and retrieve missing values. Fixed value every N columns.

Flag first duplicate in a list. Flip table rows to columns. Forecast vs actual variance. Formula with locked reference. Get date associated with last entry. Get first entry by month and year. Get last entry by month and year. Get pivot table grand total.

Get pivot table subtotal. Get pivot table subtotal grouped date. Get value of last non-empty cell. Hyperlink to first blank cell. Hyperlink to first match. Increment a number in a text string. Issue response time calculation.Get column name from index in table.

Count cells that do not contain many strings. Last updated date stamp. Last row in mixed data with blanks.

Extract substring. Data validation only dates between.

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