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Banyak yang berpendapat bahwa materi-materi Kimia kelas XI pada Kurikulum Revisi ini adalah materi yang paling penting dalam memahami kimia. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader). MATERI POKOK HIDROLISIS GARAM DALAM BUKU KIMIA KELAS XI SMA/MA. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF.

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To help students learn the concepts, direct experiential learning with scientific process skill integrated can be implemented. This is in line with the command of ministry of education permendikbud that emphasizes science learning on the employment of scientific process skill [6].

Scientific process skill involves the advance of intellectual, social, physical skills derived from basic skills that already exist in students [7]. In addition to learning science concepts and principles through memorization and being familiar with formulas and terms through verbal exercises, students are asked to have direct experience through the processes of experiment. Experiment method gives chances to students to be involved in discovering the concepts and developing cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities.

Experiment activities that emphasize on discovery can be integrated in learning process experiment integrated. Learning can then be meaningful and thus is not easily forgotten by students.

To implement learning process that integrates experiment in classroom learning, an appropriate learning material is needed.

Based on the explanation above, learning material which is based on guided inquiry learning is needed to help teacher solve the problems in learning.

A learning material called module is one of the appropriate one for this situation. Module consists of series of complete and various materials that allows students to learn independently, self-evaluate their achievement, determine their phase of learning to achieve learning goals with minimum help from teacher [13]-[15].

Module is a complete learning material consisting of matters, exercises, and evaluation designed systematically in certain format for students to learn and understand the concepts. In this research, a learning material called module was developed. To discover the concept, students are guided with a series of critical thinking questions starting from simple question to complex ones designed with indicators of scientific process skill.

Students answer these questions after they observe and analyze model or do experiment on exploration stage. Researches on scientific process skill were done previously. Nworgu dan Otum concluded that guided inquiry has effect on the achievement of scientific process skill on students and give chances for students to use various source of information and ideas in understanding and solving various problems [19].

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Research related to experiment integrated activities was done by Andromeda et. Researches in developing valid and practical guided inquiry based worksheet for SMA learning were also done by Iryani et.

However, the worksheet did not integrate experiment in learning nor aimed to make students get scientific process skill. This research aims to developed guided inquiry based module that integrates experiment in learning process in order to increase scientific process skill of senior high school students.

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Research Method The aim of this research is to produce a valid and practical module that is based experiment integrated guided inquiry-based module on colloidal topic. The module is intended to improve scientific process skill of SMA students.

The model consists of 4 phases called Define, Design, Develop, dan Disseminate [25]. Research in the first year was limited to validity and practicality tests. The result became the basis for revising the product developed. Define is a phase to set and define learning prerequisites.

It begins with analysis of core competencies, basic competencies, and learning materials based on the content standard of curriculum This phase consists of five main steps named 1 front-end analysis, 2 students analysis, 3 task analysis, 4 concept analysis, and 5 learning goals formulation.

Design is a phase to define skills, formulate the goals, and determine the sequence of learning and small scale test that can be implemented. The focus of this phase is to design the module that is based on guided inquiry model and integrated with experiment activities.

The steps of this phase includes: a understanding basic competencies and specifying the indicators and learning goals that students must achieve after learning colloidal topic, b determining concepts on colloidal topic, c designing module with guided inquiry syntax developed by Hanson and experiment activities by The Collage Board and modifying it according to the needs of students, d choosing appropriate format as described by module design guideline [26].

Develop is a phaseto develop draft of the module. This phase consists of two stages named validity and practicality testings. The evaluation on validity testing were on the content, presentation, linguistics, and graphics aspects. The result was used as a basis for product revision.

Furthermore, limited trial to see the practicality of the module was done.

The result was used to revise the product for further effectiveness testing of the module developed. The quality assurance of the product must be done by standardizing it to the accepted criteria. The instruments used to collect data in this research were validity and practicality questionnaires and the module itself.

To determine validity and practicality levels, data were analysed with Kappa Cohenformula equation 1. The interpretation of Kappa moment can be seen in Table 1[27]. For the module, it was analyzed with percentage technique.

Result and discussion 3. Result Experiment integrated guided inquiry-based module to improve scientific process skill was developed using 4D instructional design model.

The result is as followSome text.

Define phase. In this phase, front-end, students, task, and concept analyses and learning goals formulation were done. In front-end analysis, problems faced by teachers and students in chemistry learning were studied.

Data obtained from interview and questionnaire given to 30 teachers in West Sumatra show that 1 Learning materials that integrate experiment activities in classroom learning were not available, 2 Learning materials used could not make students find the concepts by themselves and students were only asked to calculate and memorize, 3 Learning materials used did not aim to get students have scientific process skill, 4 Experiments were done after classroom learning and had role to confirm concepts, 5 Tools and materials were available, but the experiments were not done due to insufficient time.

These facts show that learning process has not fulfilled the demand of curriculum Based on the analysis, it was determined to design learning material that motivates students to learn, guides students to find concepts through direct experience using scientific process skill, and provides meaningful learning for students [6]. Students analysis was done through interview and questionnaire given to teachers and students.

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Participant students were grade XI students whose ages range from 15 to17years old. According to Piaget developmental theory, teenagers in this case age have formal operational thinking. In this stage, they can think logically, can interpret and draw conclusion. Task analysis was done by referring to current curriculum In this curriculum, colloidal topic is included in basic competency 3.

From these basic competencies, the derived indicators in this research were 1 classify solution, colloid and suspension, 2 categorize colloid based on dispersed phase and dispersing medium, 3 explain collidal properties optical, kinetics, adsorption, coagulation, and dialysis , 4 differentiate liofil and liofob colloids, 5 explain the syntesis of colloid in laboratorium, 6 analyze the application of colloid in daily lives and industry, 7 prepare colloid in daily lives.

Furthermore, concept analysis was done to determine the main concepts included in the topic.

They include solution, colloid, and suspension; types of colloid; colloidal properties; liofil and liofob colloids; colloid synthesis; and the application of colloid in daily lives. Learning goal analysis was done by specifying the indicators. XII Semester 1 Berilah tanda silang x pada huruf a, b, c, Kunci Jawaban Uji Kompetensi.

Buku ini berisi: Unit 1: Rangkuman materi, contoh soal dan pembahasan per kompetensi. Buku ini membahasa secara tuntas rumus - rumus kimia SMA yang dipelajari disekolah.. Berikut adalah link untuk download komik tsunami jilid 1 yang menceritakan cerita fiksi.

If you are searching for a book Soal Geografi Kelas 1 Sma in pdf format, then you come on to the correct site. Yrama Widya. Post: Jeu 28 Avr Blog tentang materi dan soal-soal pelajaran Kimia, Fisika dan Biologi. Pengertian Asam BasaAsam dan basa sudah dikenal sejak zaman dulu. Istilah asam acid berasal dari bahasa Latin acetum yang berarti Bab 2 - Termokimia dan Energitika.

Materi kimia kelas XI semester genap Materi kimia kelas XI semester genap: Asam basa 2. Titrasi 3. Larutan penyangga 4. Hidrolisis garam 5.

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Kelarutan dan Ksp 6. Sistem koloid. Arti Hidup: Asam dan Basa 2. Hidrolisis Garam 3. Larutan Penyangga. Semester 2.We will be pleased if you get back us again and again. Furthermore, concept analysis was done to determine the main concepts included in the topic. Titrasi 3. Ali Munir, and Yanti Oktavia, S. Maybe the captain is right, from sides of my hair as for holder between her fingers Eddi recognized Cruella DeVil.

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