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A single copy of this Handbook is distributed free to all students registered for a TOEFL ITP test. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in. TOEFL iBT. ®. Test Questions. Reading Section. Directions: The Reading section measures your ability to understand academic passages written in English. The best way to use this PDF is to first answer the questions, and then check those These practice questions came from the ​Magoosh TOEFL product​.

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You may not read until all of the text books had been collected. End of recording. wildlifeprotection.info Page 7. READ PAPER. Download pdf. ×Close. you take the actual TOEFL test, you will not be allowed to take notes or write in your test book. PART A. DIRECTIONS. In Part A, you will hear short conversations. ITP TOEFL PRACTICE QUESTIONS. The following practice questions and the directions for each section are similar to those you will find in the ITP. TOEFL and .

There are two basic kinds of air compressors.

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Agronomists work to improve the B. The human body has four jugular veins. To complete D. Completed B. When … impulses from many of the spans the channel at the entrance neurons in one part of the brain.

One purpose … to decide if there is Completing C. Scientists stress that the overall sufficient evidence to try a person warming trend of the last decade for a crime. Completes A. A slipped disk as a condition … the intervertebral disk protrudes and presses on nerves.

Alike bases which cause litmus to turn blue. Reading Lengkap Directions: The rest of the items in this section consist of sentences in which four words or phrases have been underlined. You must identify the one underlined expression — A. Latex rubber is made from a milky substantial in plants and trees of the A B C D sapodilla family. The first professional baseball game it took place in when the new York A B C nine defeated the new York Knickerbockers 23 to 1. More than different kinds of nails is manufactured in the United States.

The state of new Mexico is not densely population. The Wagner Act guarantees workers in the U. Lead poisoning can result if to much lead builds up in the body. Plant cuttings who are placed in water will develop roots and can then be A B C planted in soil. When T. According the kinetic theory. Many Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than in any other state.

The average salt content of seawater is more than 3 percents. A B and another kinds of weather take place. This is the end of Section 2. The differing curricula at the community colleges in Kent County reflect the A B fact that the student population at each sites is not consistent. The novels of Kurt Vonnegut present a desperately comic aware of human nature. Stop work on Section 2. The isotopes of one element can have different weighs.

Of the two Diomede islands. Some toxins are produced by alive bacteria. You are to choose one best answer. Then on your answer sheet. Each one is followed by a number of questions about it. Practice Test Section 3: Answer all questions about the information in a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. Throughout his political career he demonstrated his unswerving belief in freedom of speech. Serving the public C. Working on his private business According to the passage.

Example 2 Sample Answer in the third sentence. He dedicated his life to public service. This implies that the belief did not change. Now begin work on the questions.

Reading Lengkap Read the following passage. John Quincy Adams. American literature of the nineteenth century A. One of her most famous observations. Dorothy A. The next famous woman writer to be considered is Dorothy Parker.

Death and Taxes Practice Test Read the text to answer questions 1 to 9. Here Lies According to the passage. This volume of poetry was followed by Sunset Gun An introduction to literary B.

What topic does the paragraph C. A well-known female author other than Dorothy Parker 4. Sadness C. Flowing D. Related B. Repeated C. Sharp humor D. Hunger This kind of fog can occur when warm air moves over a cold surface of water. Fog differs from clouds in that fog touches the surface of the Earth. Of the two types of fog. This type of fast-moving fog. Radiation fog.

As the land becomes cooler. Advection fog can also occur when cooler air moves over the surface of warmer water.

This cooler air is unable to hold as much water vapor as it had when it was warmer. Practice Test Read the text to answer the questions 10 to Fog occurs when moisture from the surface of the Earth evaporates.

The way the fog is created C. The fact that cooler air is unable to hold as much water vapor B. Cloudlike moisture of fog are found D. Advection fog generally moves inland valleys quickly across vast areas of land. Advection fog occurs when the cooled atmosphere meets with C. Radiation fog often starts on 3 is closest in meaning to ….

Radiation fog is the type of fog B. A warmer condition when the fog is created D. Advection fog B. The way the cooler air becomes fog Radiation fog fog B. The main idea of this passage is that ….

Harvard University. The amount of the bequest may not have been large. Practice Test Read the text to answer questions 20 to Because of this support in the colony for an institution of higher learning.

When a young minister named John Harvard. Harvard University developed under the auspices of the General Court of Massachusetts Henry Dunster was appointed the first president of Harvard in This oldest of American universities was founded in Although the staff did expand somewhat.

John Harvard was key to the development of a great university D. The passage indicates that Harvard Oxford and Cambridge D. Which of the following is nOT D.

Henry Dunster spent much of A. What he died of How much he bequeathed to A. Henry Dunster was an ineffective president D. Where he came from that the Puritans who traveled to the Massachusetts colony were …. Flying refers to …. Winged A. Established Universities Where he was buried D.

The passage implies that …. Scientific interest in this theory has been intense in the last few decades. Where in the passage does it paragraph could best be replaced indicate how much money Minister by …. Paragraph 2 C. Although the existence of black holes has not been proven.

Black holes can only be potentially identified based on the interactions of objects around them. Although occasionally the individual stars that compose a binary star can be distinguished. A binary star is actually a pair of stars that are held together by the force of gravity. From the orbital pattern of a binary.

Paragraph 1 B. Harvard was really responsible for giving to the university? Scientists have discovered stars that seem to orbit around an empty space. The gravitational pull between the individual stars of a binary star causes one to orbit around the other. Paragraph 3 D. Paragraph 4 Read the text to answers questions 31 to A binary star can be composed One star circles the other.

Which of the following statements A. A black hole can have a star D. An empty space so far away A star whose gravitational force stars blocks the passage of light D.

The mass of the binary star hole is strong. A black hole is destroyed. The gravitational force decreases.

An empty space around which C. All empty space contains black holes. A binary star could best be C. The gravitational pull of a black B.

A star with close to zero D. Which of the following is implied C. Scientists are hoping to see a D. Member banks can also borrow money from the Fed. An increase in the discount rate would reduce the funds available to commercial banks and thus shrink the money supply. This passage would probably be B. At least some scientists find it B. The passage implies that a lowering percentage of deposits kept on hand of the discount rate would lead to ….

When the Fed controls the This passage is mainly about …. First sentence D. Practice Test C. Second sentence C. Where in the passage does the Reserve System author discuss the organization of C. Fourth sentence This is the end of Section 3. Third sentence D.

The paragraph following the available passage most likely discuss …. Stop work on Section 3. TOEFL begitu pentingnya sampai-sampai banyak buku diterbitkan untuk membahas masalah ini. Setiap soal bernilai 5 poin dengan alokasi waktu 20 menit dalam setiap sesinya. Structure and Written Expressions. Tidak usah terlalu berpanjang-lebar.

Peserta juga bisa memulai tes lagi dengan mengklik tombol Ulangi Tes yang akan muncul setelah satu sesi soal terselesaikan. Reading Lengkap download soal toefl dan pembahasannya pdf.

Ada soal yang tersedia dalam database dan akan diambil secara acak sehingga jika peserta mengulangi tes akan mendapatkan soal yang berbeda. Tidak hanya itu.

Bagaimana untuk kawan-kawan yang keuangannya terbatas? Salah satu solusinya ada di sini. Download contoh soal Toefl Pasca Sarjana terbaru Gratis listening comprehension grammar structure and written expression reading comprehension writing. Tentu saja penguasaan bahasa Inggris sangat diutamakan.

Setiap bagian memiliki alokasi waktu pengerjaan tersendiri. Semuanya tentu membutuhkan uang yang tidak sedikit. Soal ini sebenarnya Paman dapatkan dari internet sudah lama sekali. Tapi baru kali ini ada kesempatan untuk memperbaiki beberapa bagiannya. Apalagi kalau jurusan yang akan diambilnya adalah jurusan sastra Inggris atau semacamnya. Bahkan ada juga yang melayani secara online.

Latihan toefl listening structure reading. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. On the recording, you hear: Klik Detail. Apiph Putra. Aji Prasetyo Utomo. Stward Kadal. Rivan Maulana. Firman Adhi K. Andromeda Fye Kaminari.

Muhammad Ahkam Arifin. Uya Bochpazzi. Mint Abdallahi. Johanes Krauser II. Zona Zie. Bily Man. Hari Mudzah. More From Genius Edukasi. Genius Edukasi. Popular in Loans. Shirin Balan. Kelekar, Llanto Perspectives on Health Decentralization. Ankit Dekate. Hament Singh. K Etan S Harma.

Ovee Shah.

Mike Jin. Jimzon Kristian Jimenez. Priyanka Naidu. Khairunnisa Musari. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan. Adeshina Ridwan. Zaryab Nisar. A variation of collodion photography was the tintype, which captured images on a black or dark A B C brown metal plate instead from on glass.

In cases of minor injury to the brain, amnesia is likely to be a temporarily condition. The system of chemical symbols, first devised about gives a concise and instantly A B recognizable description of a element or compound.

The fact that white light is light composed of various wavelengths may be demonstrating by A B C dispersing a beam of such light through a prism. Over the course of history, much civilizations developed their own number systems. In the United States during the Second World War, each trade unions and employers avoided federal A B limits on wages by offering employees nontaxable medical benefits. Philosophy is the study of the nature of reality, knowledge, existent, and ethics by means of rational A B C D inquiry.

Poems vary in length from brief lyric poems to narrative or epic poems, which can be as broad in A B C scope than a novel. The population of California more than doubled during the period , creating problems in A B road-building and provide water for its arid southern section. Although based it on feudal models, the colony of Pennsylvania developed a reputation for a A B C progressive political and social outlook. Hard and resistant to corrosion, bronze is traditionally used in bell casting and is the material used A B widely most for metal sculpture.

The Appalachian Mountains formation a natural barrier between the eastern seaboard and the vast A B lowlands of the continental interior of North America. When used as food additives, antioxidants prevent fats and oils from become rancid when exposed A B C to air, and thus extend their shelf life. Copper was the first metallic used by humans and is second only to iron in its utility through A B C the ages. Despite the fact that lemurs are general nocturnal, the ring-tailed lemur travels by day in bands of A B C four to twelve individuals.

The Western world is beset with the range of problem that characterize mature, postindustrial A B C societies. Acrylic paints are either applied using a knife or diluted and spreading with a paintbrush.

Marshes, wetland areas characterized by plant grassy growth, are distinguished from swamps, A B C wetlands where trees grown. Wampum, beads used as a form of exchange by some Native Americans, was made of bits of A B C seashells cut, drill, and strung into belts.

Kangaroos use their long and powerful tails for balance themselves when sitting upright or A B C D jumping. Proper city planning provides for the distribution of public utilities, public buildings, parks, and A B recreation centers, and for adequate and the inexpensive housing. Most traditional dances are made up of a prearranged series of steps and movements, but modern A B dancers are generally free to move as they choice. The intent of this legislation was to provide protection to selected coastal habitats similar 5 To that existing for land areas designated as national parks.

The designation of an areas a marine sanctuary indicates that it is a protected area, just as a national park is. People are permitted to visit and observe there, but living organisms and their environments may not be harmed or removed. Two and a half decades later, only fifteen sanctuaries had been designated, with half of these established after Only in this way can a reasonable degree of marine species diversity be maintained in a setting that also maintains the natural interrelationships that exist among these species.

The National Estuarine Research Reserve System, managed by the United States government, includes 23 designated and protected estuaries. Outside the United States, marine protected-area programs exist as marine parks, reserves, and preserves.

Over designated areas exist around the periphery of the Carbbean Sea. Others range 5 from the well-known Australian Great Barrer Reef Marine Park to lesser-known parks in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, where tourism is placing growing pressures on fragile coral reef systems. As state, national, and international agencies come to recognize the importance of conserving marine biodiversity, marine projected areas. What does the passage mainly discuss? A Differences among marine parks, sanctuaries, and reserves B Various marine conservation programs C International agreements on coastal protection D Similarities between land and sea protected environments 2.

A repetition B approval C goal D revision 3. A managed B recognized C opposed D justified 4. A sites B candidates C decades D sanctuaries 5. The passage mentions the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary lines as an example of a sanctuary that ….

A is not well know B covers a large area C is smaller than the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary D was not originally proposed for sanctuary status 6. According to the passage, when was the National Marine Sanctuaries Program established?

A the discovery of several new marine organisms B the preservation of connections between individual marine species C the protection of coastal habitats D the establishment of areas where the public can observe marine life 8.

A depth B landmass C warm habitat D outer edge 9. The passage mentions which of the following as a threat to marine areas outside the United States? As the days grew shorter, shop hours kept pace, since few artisans could afford enough artificial light to continue work when the Sun went down. To the best of their ability, colonial artisans tried to keep their shops as efficient as possible and to regularize their schedules and methods of production for the best return on their investment in time, tools, and materials, While it is pleasant to imagine a woodworker, for example, 20 carefully matching lumber, joining a chest together without resort to nails or glue, and applying all thought and energy to carving beautiful designs on the finished piece, the time required was not justified unless the customer was willing to pay extra for the quality— and few in rural areas were, Artisans, therefore, often found it necessary to employ as many shortcuts and economics as possible while still producing satisfactory products.

What aspect of rural colonial North America does the passage mainly discuss? A investigation B location C beginning D records A constructing B altering C selecting D demonstrating It can be inferred from the from the passage that the use of artificial light in colonial times was ….

A especially helpful to woodworkers B popular in rural areas C continuous in winter D expensive A protecting with B moving toward C manufacturing D using A woodworkers B finished pieces C customers D chests It can inferred that the artisans referred to in the passage usually produced products that were ….

A simple B delicate C beautifully decorated D exceptionally long-lasting Questions Cities develop as a result of functions that they can perform. Some functions result directly from the ingenuity of the citizenry, but most functions result from the needs of the local area and of the surrounding hinterland the region that supplies goods to the city and to which the city furnishes services and other goods.

Geographers often make a distinction between the situation and the site of a city. Situation refers to the general position in relation to the surrounding region, whereas site involves physical characteristics of the specific location.

Situation is normally much more important to the continuing prosperity of a city. Chicago, for example, possesses an almost 10 unparalleled situation: it is located at the southern end of a huge lake that forces east-west transportation lines to be compressed into its vicinity, and at a meeting of significant land and water transport routes.

These factors ensured that Chicago would become a great city regardless of the disadvantageous characteristics of the available site, such as being prone to flooding 5 during thunderstorm activity. Among the many aspects of situation that help to explain why some cities grow and others do not, original location on a navigable waterway seems particularly applicable.

Of course, such characteristic as slope, drainage, power 25 resources, river crossings, coastal shapes, and other physical characteristics help to determine city location, but such factors are normally more significant in early stages of city development than later. A hinterland B situation C site D function A long-term growth and prosperity B ability to protect its citizenry C possession of favorable weather conditions D need to import food supplies A hinterland B nearness to a large lake C position in regard to transport routes D flat terrain A choices B attitudes C qualities D inhabitants The primary purpose of paragraph 1 is to ….

A summarize past research and introduce anew study B describe a historical period C emphasize the advantages of one theory over another D define a term and illustrate it with an example A size of population B age C site D availability of rail transportation A alternate B unknown C original D usable A account B primacy C connection D hinterland It is thought to be a gaseous and fluid planet without solid surfaces, Had it been somewhat more massive, Jupiter might have attained internal temperatures as high as the ignition point for nuclear reactions, and it would have flamed as a star in its own right.

Jupiter and the other giant planets are of a low-density type quite distinct from the terrestrial planets: they are composed predominantly of such substances as hydrogen, helium, ammonia, and methane, unlike terrestrial planets. Some scientists believe that the innermost core of Jupiter might be rocky, or metallic like the core of Earth. Jupiter rotates very fast, once every 9. As a result, its clouds, which are composed largely of frozen and liquid ammonia, have been whipped into alternating dark and bright 15 bands that circle the planet at different speeds in different latitudes.

Scientists speculate it might be a gigantic hurricane, which because of its large size the Earth could easily fit inside it , lasts for hundreds of years. Jupiter gives off twice as much heat as it receives from the Sun. Perhaps this is primeval 20 heat or beat generated by the continued gravitational contraction of the planet. Another starlike characteristic of Jupiter is its sixteen natural satellites, which, like a miniature model of the Solar System, decrease in density with distance—from rocky moons close to Jupiter to icy moons farther away.

If Jupiter were about 70 times more massive, it would have become a star, Jupiter is the best-preserved sample of the early solar nebula, and with its satellites, might contain the most important clues about the origin of the Solar System. A attempted B changed C lost D reached A burned B divided C fallen D grown A nuclear reactions B giant planets C terrestrial D substances According to the passage, hydrogen can become a metallic-like liquid when it is ….

A extremely hot B combined with helium C similar atmospheres D metallic cores According to the passage, some scientists believe Jupiter and Earth are similar in that they both have A solid surfaces B similar masses C similar atmospheres D metallic cores The clouds surrounding Jupiter are mostly composed of ….

It can be inferred from the passage that the appearance of alternating bands circling Jupiter is caused by …. Paragraph 3 supports which of the following conclusions? A Jupiter gives off twice as much heat as the Sun.

B Jupiter has a weaker gravitational force than the other planets. C Scientists believe that Jupiter was once a star. Why does the author mention primeval heat lines ? A To provide evidence that Jupiter is older than the Sun B To provide evidence that Jupiter is older than the other planets C To suggest a possible explanation for the number of satellites that Jupiter has D To suggest a possible source of the quantity of heat that Jupiter gives off A the least dense B the largest C warm on the surface D very rocky on the surface Which of the following statements is supported by the passage?

A If Jupiter had fewer satellites, it would be easier for scientists to study the planet itself. B If Jupiter had had more mass, it would have developed internal nuclear reactions. C If Jupiter had been smaller, it would have become a terrestrial planet. Many of these buildings were shaped in the ziggurat form, a design resembling an ancient Mesopotamian temple tower 10 that recedes in progressively smaller stages to the summit, creating a staircase-like effect.

This was amore conservative style, blending a simplified modernistic style with a more austere form of geometric and stylized relief sculpture and other ornament, including interior murals.


May buildings in this style 20 were erected nationwide through government programs during the Depression. Furthermore, like the artisans of the Arts and Crafts Movement in England and the United States, art deep practitioners considered it their mission to transform the domestic environment through well-designed furniture and household accessories.

What aspect of art deco does the passage mainly discuss? A separate B include C replace D enhance A grew in complexity B went through a process C changed its approach D became important According to the passage, which of the following statements most accurately describes the relationship between art deco and art nouveau? A They were art forms that competed with each other for government support during the Depression era.

B They were essentially the same art form. C Art nouveau preceded art deco and influenced it. D Art deco became important in the United States while art nouveau became popular in England. According to the passage, a building having an especially ornate appearance would most probably have been designed in the style of ….

According to the passage, which of the following design trends is known by more than one name? The passage is primarily developed as …. Man : Well you know, they only might invite you to four people. What does the man mean? Man : Do you know what time the train goes into the city? But, this is the weekend. What does the woman imply the man should do? Man : Could you do me a favor? So, I was wondering… Woman : Not a problem. Consider it done. What will the woman probably do?

Woman : There you are, finally. Man : Here things never start on time. Woman : I studied French in high school. But, I never really learned it until I spent a summer in Paris.

What does the man imply? Woman : I waited until midnight for you to call last night. You know, I really need those notes. I got caught up in a conversation with my roommate and completely forgot. But, you know what, I got them right here. What will the man probably do?

Man : Can you believe that Dr. Foster is actually giving us some extra week to hand in our papers? Woman : That kind I can certainly use. Believe me. What does the woman mean? Woman : My parents want to come visiting next week end.

And they all seem to be full. Man : Well, why not call the cliff side inn? What does the man suggest the woman do? Woman : Oh, could you? What does the woman want the man to do?

Man : I just got back from the campus bookstore. Every single text book I need this semester is sold out. What will the woman probably do next? Man : You know I was really hoping to get that journalism internship at that time.

There must be plenty of other places that would be happy to have you. Woman : Yes, I know what you mean. What does the woman say about Tim? Man : That might be true. Man : I hate to tell you this.

Remember, I practically grow up in the water. Now all I need is to find the right subject to observe. Man : The good thing I leave a spare with my neighbor. So, I can get in and get my books What will the man probably do next? Woman : A word of advice? What does the woman imply? Man : We hope you enjoy your stay here at the hotel. Woman : Thanks for reminding me. Go on to the next page! You were there last year.

How was it? Man : Did I read in the campus newspaper that your roommate was named the top student in history department? Woman : Umm.. Man : Talk about the last minute! What can be inferred about the man? Man : Maybe you just need a trial run.

What does the man imply the woman should do? Man : You know, I had to leave the basketball game half way through last night. So, I never found out who won. I was just a few minutes behind you.

Woman : This salad needs something to get up some more flavor. I need to get a few other items anyway. What does the man offer to do?

Man : Can I expect to see you at the party at the art gallery Friday night? Man : Are you crazy? How can you blurt it out in front of Doctor Smith? I guess he just caught me off guard. Are you start painting in oil? Man : I am. And another one is going to be shown in an exhibit next month. This is the end of part A. Listen to a conversation between a student employee and an administrator in a cafeteria!

Man : Hi, Robin. Mind if I have lunch with you? Woman : No, Mr. Evan, not at all. Man : Thanks. Man : More and more students have been deciding not to buy the meal planned here and we want to track them back.

So, I want to hear what the students would like. Your job would be to find out. So, they always complain to me about the food. Man : That makes you perfect for the job. Would you be interested? What sort of changes are you thinking up? For example, just look at what we had to choose from today.

Latihan toefl listening structure reading.pdf

They both contain too much fat. Man : Well, we can certainly keep them. But, we need to give the people who were health conscious some choices. For example, we could also prepare chicken without the fatty skin and sort of um… some rice with a light sauce. Do you think that would appeal the students?

Oh, sorry. Man : Okay, see you then. What are the speakers mainly discussing? What does the man want the woman to do? What does the man suggest the cafeteria do? Questions 36 through 39 Listen to a conversation between two students!

Man: Hi, Alice. Barbara Johnson! How did you get to meet her? Man: Well, you know how I met program and they handed out the printed words to the coral pieces the along with the translation?

I found all these mistakes in the Latin text. You know, typographic … Woman: Wait a minute. You were actually reading the words?

Wow, I was so caught up in the performance that I never even looked at the program. Anyway, while they were doing those Latin pieces, I noticed all these mistakes, mostly spelling errors. But it was really annoying. So, after the concert when all those people are crowding around backstage to see her and her soloist … Woman: Yeah, I remembered.

There were dozens of people waiting here for the autograph Man: well, I waited till the end. Woman: was she upset? Man: upset? She actually thanked me and said if I send her a copy of the corrected text, she will revise it the next time they sing those pieces.

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Woman: wow, your Latin must be pretty good to find all those errors. Man: Well, I should hope so. What can be inferred about the two students? What will the man probably send to Barbara Johnson? Questions 40 — Listen to a talk given by a history professor.Man : Here things never start on time.

I was just a few minutes behind you. I will use the iPod shuffle to listen to English language music when I go running, which I do fairly often. Another reason is that the lens can act partly like a prism. She did hear what he said.

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