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Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Who Helped Win the Space Race is a nonfiction book written by Margot. Hidden Figures book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The #1 New York Times Bestseller. Set amid the civil rights movem. Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that.

Hidden Figures Book

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Based on the New York Times bestselling book and the Academy Award– nominated movie, author Margot Lee Shetterly and Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor. Before a computer became an inanimate object and before Sputnik changed the course of history, before the Supreme Court case Brown v. MARGOT LEE SHETTERLY'S Hidden Figures is the story and . He's another hidden figure in the book, or more of a forgotten figure. He was.

Though the pressing needs of war were great, racial discrimination remained strong and few jobs existed for African-Americans, regardless of gender.

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That was until when A. Philip Randolph, pioneering civil rights activist, proposed a march on Washington, D. With the threat of , people swarming to the Capitol, President Franklin D.

Roosevelt issued Executive Order , preventing racial discrimination in hiring for federal and war-related work. Katherine Johnson at her desk at Langley with a "celestial training device.

As a child, Shetterly knew these brilliant mathematicians as her girl scout troop leaders, Sunday school teachers, next-door neighbors and as parents of schoolmates.

Her father worked at Langley as well, starting in as an engineering intern and becoming a well-respected climate scientist.

Unlike the male engineers, few of these women were acknowledged in academic publications or for their work on various projects. Even more problematic was that the careers of the West Computers were often more fleeting than those of the white men.

Social customs of the era dictated that as soon as marriage or children arrived, these women would retire to become full-time homemakers, Shetterly explains. Many only remained at Langley for a few years.

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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Hidden Figures: Among these were a coterie of bright, talented African-American women.

Hidden Figures : The Untold Story of the African American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race

Moving from World War II through NASA's golden age, touching on the civil rights era, the Space Race, the Cold War, and the women's rights movement, Hidden Figures interweaves a rich history of mankind's greatest adventure with the intimate stories of five courageous women whose work forever changed the world. Shetterly blends impressive research with an enormous amount of heart in telling these stories The breadth of her well-documented research is immense, and her narrative compels on every level.

She is one of the founders of Inside Mexico Magazine, an English-language magazine for Mexico's expat population, and in her former lives worked as an Internet executive and an investment banker. Rating details.He didn't.

Many came from parts of the country sympathetic to the nascent Civil Rights Movement, says Shetterly, and backed the progressive ideals of expanded freedoms for black citizens and women. During a time of Jim Crow segregation, during a time when women frequently weren't even allowed to have credit cards in their own names, here were these women — large numbers of women — doing very high-level mathematical work at one of the highest scientific institutions in the world at that time.

Paul Stafford. This was so dry at times, and there is little sense of chronology.

And that story — we know about the Wright brothers, but there were a lot of fascinating, larger-than-life personalities that helped build airplanes, the aeronautics industry, which we all take for granted today. These ladies are my heros! The Character only exists in the Movie. The men asked Katherine because she was competent and smart. Spaceship-flying computers might be the future, but it didn't mean John Glenn had to trust them.

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