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Here you can view, download and request every Häfele catalogue and every Häfele You can browse the most up to date version of all Häfele catalogues and. Every Häfele catalogue and brochure can be viewed, downloaded and requested here. Jeder Häfele Katalog und jede Häfele Broschüre können hier eingesehen, heruntergeladen und angefragt werden.

Hafele Katalog Pdf

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laid-out over 1, pages with detailed specifications, especially our colour coded index to facilitate ease of reference. Häfele Download catalogue (PDF). At Häfele, we understand how important your kitchen is to you. It really is the heart of your home, and should be designed for every aspect of life – from cooking. Products available within 24 hours: Häfele is a leading specialist for furniture fittings and architectural hardware, a valuable partner for cabinetmakers, .

By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Accept Decline Current Brochure - Avon ; Dec 1, SPF oil-free. Step into a world designed to. Lindapter Catalogue 09 UK - Pretec ; itemised parts list; all part of a free comprehensive service.

For situations To meet the needs of a fast changing world Lindapter's Research and. A communal catalogue reveals Earth's multiscale microbial diversity Our growing awareness of the microbial world's importance and diversity We therefore used a reference-free method, Deblur, to remove How do I combine catalogs or move photos from one catalog to another? How do I use my catalog What is a catalog?

Paramax - Sumitomo Drive Technologies ; and trouble-free speed reducers in the world. Maintenance Manual or contact the factory. RL, LR. RPM Foodservice Catalogue - Coveris ; Foodservice.

How do I combine catalogs or move photos from one catalog to another? How do I use my catalog What is a catalog? Paramax - Sumitomo Drive Technologies ; and trouble-free speed reducers in the world. Maintenance Manual or contact the factory. RL, LR. RPM Foodservice Catalogue - Coveris ; Foodservice.

As one of the world's leading packaging companies, Sugarcane is a tree-free readily renewable resource that provides a superior.

These cartridges may be used in semi-automatic firearms, however manual cycling of the Free catalogue request - American Girl ; Only adults may request a catalogue, so if you're a child please ask a parent to Adults may also order a catalogue by calling seven days a Our world is an amazing thing; at Vortex Optics we want you to see every beautiful Misplaced your product manual?

Eaton Walterscheid Rohrverschraubungskatalog ; world as a leader in fluid power components and Adapter for manual pre-assembly. Notch-free tube clamping. For hands-free activation of Clamping Modules to release workpieces.

Action leaf: Inactive leaf: For rebated or flush. By pushing the touchbar Opening of door from outside optional: By activating the lever handle. Action and inactive leaf: Touchbar with vertical locking rod B each Outside: Key locks or unlocks lever handles ANSI cipher bit function Product components for single doors Product components for double doors Inside: B Touchbar with vertical locking rod Cat.

D Lever handle on backplate and cylinder Cat. Striking plate E Lever handle with round rosette Cat. Active leaf with touchbar A. Lever handle with round rosette For passage doors Outside Inside Finish Cat. Striking plate. Stainless steel When the knob is locked. Locking and Security Knob Locksets Knob set for closet. Opening from outside with turn knob. Opening from inside with turn knob. No emergency key facility.

F82 Latch bolt retract by using knob either side. Except when turnbutton locks outside knob. Inside knob always free. Pushing in and turning button. Turn knob with pushbutton. Pushing turnbutton in. Outside knob rigid. Key outside retracts latch bolt.

Turning inside knob unlocks outside knob. Turning inside knob does not unlock outside knob until button in manually turned to unlocked position. Steel yellow chromatized The cylinder must protrude only max. Length A New products and systems: Brass polished thumbturn stainless steel Antique brass Finish AH 2. White Locking and Security Information Master key system Where two or more individual cylinders are not only locked by an individual key.

Each key opens its own door and the common lock. Differences are made between the following master key systems: Keyed systems. The common lock is usually the main entrance. Many customers asked for master key systems made in Germany but criticize the long delivery times which you have with made goods from 2 Germany. The service reaches from initial assistance in the planning phase to the creation of appropriate master key plans.

All locks opened by the same key.

To avoid confusion over the various terminologies for cylinder systems. The application of master key systems reaches i.

Locking and Security Information Variations may be possible on all the systems shown below. Differ key New products and systems: Please ask our sales office for details. Grand master key system Locks opened by their own key. A profile series rich in variation with a multitude of different possible key ways. For complex and large key systems in commercial projects.

For every additional order the security card and a signature of the owner has to be shown.

Cylinders within the WM 5 system have the following characteristics: For more details please contact your sales person.

Security Security Card Unauthorized ordering of replacement cylinders or key from the PSM-System is prevented by a security card and signature. The security card contains the project name. What Locking System is required? Decide for the quality and security of the master key system 2 2. System PSM-Key System SD-Key Master key system number overview. System EM-Key Locking and Security Information How to order Master key systems 1.

Select the catalogue numbers of the items from this catalogue 3. Catalogue No. Version AH 2.

The Complete Häfele

Black Up to proximity card. Version New products and systems: Biometric electronic rim lock Nickel colour matt Electronic deadbolt lock New products and systems: Electronic mortise lock Electronic mortise lock New products and systems: Biometric Electronic mortise lock Set will be delivered without electronic mortise lock. By ordering electronic mortise lock cover plate and striking plate are included.

At least Please order separately. Electronic mortise lock. Programming key card Key different Chrome coloured polished Cylinder cover opener simple Stainless steel matt DIN left Striking plate New products and systems: White key card Clearing key card CD rom drive Description Cat.

CD ROM. English Description AH 2. Description New products and systems: IP43 outside Cat. IP43 external unit. Note We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice. Stainless steel cover for screw fixing Plastic cover Stainless steel cover for clipping on Wall installation set Weather protection No Cat. Electromagnetic lock Power supply station 12 V Two transistor outputs 1A rating and two relay 1. Normally closed contact. Does not provide positive latching when it is de-energized.

Electronic drop bolt. Relay lock with delay function Door Hinges Contents Butt hinges Lift-off hinge Door Hinges Contents Continuous hinges Stainless steel continuous hinge Flush door Rebated door A mortise hinge is a hinge which winges are mortised into frame and panel.

Non-mortise hinge We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Mortise hinge AH 3. Door Hinges Information Hinge groups The hinges in this catalogue are divided into the following groups: A hinge which winges are screwed to the surface of frame and panel is a non-mortise hinge. A door which door panel has a rebate going over the frame is a rebated door. Figure 3 — Use for door height over 2.

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The door direction or side definition according to the german standard DIN We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Figure 4 — Use for door height over 2.

This alternative is recommended when door closing device is fixed on the door. Figure 2 — Use for higher weight doors. The recommendation shown below is only a guide and should be proved always against the door specifications.

Doors up to 1. This solution is for constructions with a high risk of door warping. The benefit of this solution is that door will be held straight and wont warped. Door Hinges Information Door direction Depending of the pivot direction of a door. Please beware that this standard is different as the ANSI definition for left hand and right hand. Figure 1 — Use for medium weight doors. This version is especially recommended when door closers are fitted on the door.

Each digit refers to a particular feature of the product measured against the standard's performance requirements. Building hardware. Test door mass identified as shown in the following table. Scope This European Standard specifies requirements for single-axis hinges for windows and doors opening only in one direction whose rotation axis 3 is no more than 30 mm from the face of the sash or door. Durability Three grades of durability for single-axis hinges are identified: Grade 7: Grade 4: It is intended that this classification system will apply to all building hardware product standards so that complementary items of hardware can be specified to.

In addition. Category of duty Four categories of duty are identified: Category 1: Light duty Category 3: Heavy duty Category 2: Medium duty Category 4: Severe duty Digit 2. Classification This european standard classifies single -axis hinges using an 8 digit coding system. It covers both fixed pin and lift-off hinges. Digit 7. Grade 2: Moderate resistance. Security Two grades of security are identified: No security Grade 1: Suitable for applications requiring a degree of security. High resistance.

Mild resistance. Annex C of this EN Standard details the hinge grade to use for the level of security.

Hinge grade We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Fourteen grades are identified in this standard and are detailed in the following table. Safety 3 Single-axis hinges are required to satisfy the essential requirements of safety in use.

Digit 6. Digit 8. Very high resistance. Corrosion resistance Five grade of corrosion resistance are identified in accordance with EN Grade 0: Door Hinges Information Digit 4. The full classification is shown in the standard. Door Hinges Information Example The following marking denotes a single-axis hinge for use in medium duty situations.

For a factor of 2 or greater. Hinge specification is also determined by the adjusted door weight based on the actual weight supplied by the manufacturer. Classification code: Their positions are determined by the weight of the door and its resistance to warping or whipping.

When the factor is less than 2. The factors by which the door mass has to be adjusted for excessive widths of door are calculated by dividing the door height by its width. Adjusted door weight calculation table Side loading calculations Door size Factor Door height Door width 2.

These percentages are shown in the side loading calculations table shown right. Large department store entrance 5.

Failure to assess the likely frequency of operation of a door could lead to thespecification of inadequate hinges and subsequent problems. Stainless steel matt coloured Stainless steel matt coloured. EN Receiver powder coated We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Housing steel nickel plated.

They ease the load on the fixing screws and stabilize the hinge flange recessed in the door. Housing steel nickel plated. The use of carrying pins is highly recommended with heavy duty doors public buildings.

Slacken security screw on the side of the 3 knuckle. Press down and simultaneously turn the hexagon socket screw in the knuckle anticlockwise. Turn the hexagon socket screw in the knuckle clockwise and set spring force of all hinges equally as required. Re-tighten security screw firmly. Repeat this action until the hinge is completely relaxed. Then install the hinges. Steel nickel plated Note Please order drilling jig separately See page 3.

Note Re-drill pin holes with 7. For screw-on pockets. Plastic Fawn coloured Lining frame thickness Dimension X must be between V V V V 5. Plastic Steel white galvanized Rebated door AH 3. For blind frames Plastic nickel colour matt RAL For rebated doors For rebated doors We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice For rebated doors For rebated doors For flush doors For rebated doors Rolled Width open B Cat.

Without groove Width open B Finish Cat. Rolled Width open B Finish Cat. Zinc alloy satin chrome B Housing: Zinc alloy brass plated C Housing: Zinc alloy antique brass D Housing: Zinc alloy antique copper Door thicknesses mm Dimensions mm 19—24 A 13 25—27 28—36 33—37 38—43 43—47 16 19 25 27 34 B C 45 4 60 5 70 0.

A door mm wide. Zinc alloy brass plated Links: Steel brass plated B Housing: Zinc alloy nickel plated 3 Links: Steel nickel plaed Version shows links with plastic slide plates C Housing: Stainless steel Links: Stainless steel Version Door thicknesses Without plastic slide plates 13—16 mm 19—24 mm With plastic slide plates 25—27 mm 28—34 mm 35—38 mm 41—45 mm 48—51 mm Dimensions mm A 9. Zinc alloy Different recess dimensions when using hinge pockets!

Door Closers Contents Door closers accessories Door selector Therefore the door closer Increase the speed of the door. The hydraulic latching action is reducing the speed of the door achive a softer closing of the door. Closing of the door leaf. Door closer functions in the door operating range 4 c Closing delay a Backcheck With backcheck. Damage to the door or wall are therefore minimised or eliminated.

Door Closers Contents Door closer The door closers in this catalogue are divided into the following groups: AH Fig 1 Standard application Fig 61 Transom application Fig 66 Parallel arm application Closer is fixed to the pull side of the Closer is fixed to the push side Closer is fixed to the push side door of the door overhead installation of the door using fixing bracket 4.

Where a door closer provides a range of power sizes both Grade 3: Controlled door closing devices EN Grade 4 classification assumes standard installation according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Door Closers Contents Standards relevant to the architectural hardware industry Standards There are two standards currently in existence for door closing devices: Where applicable we have shown the double action floor springs. Number of test cycles Only one test duration is identified for the door closing device manufactured to this standard: Grade 8: These standards are shown in summary below and in detail at the back Scope.

Category of use Digit 3. Mechanical closers EN Classification Digit 1. The standard covers all controlled surface mounted. For applications subject to extremes of abuse. Electronically controlled closers. Attention should be paid to Digit 3. Fire behaviour Digit 6. Moderate resistance subject to satisfactory assessment of the contribution of the Grade 3: High resistance emergency device to the fire resistance of specified Grade 4: Corrosion resistance Two grades of fire behaviour are identified for door closing Five grades are identified according to EN No defined corrosion resistance Grade 0: Low resistance Grade 1: Door Closers Contents Digit 4.

Note that as the 4 th digit is zero. The test shall have been on a We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice full size assembly in accordance with EN Therefore only Grade 1 is suitable for fire door use.

Whilst these devices may incorporate smoke or fire detection elements. For all stand alone electrically powered hold open and free-swing door closers and devices that contain operating arms.

Fire behaviour Only one grade of fire resistance is identified for the electrically powered hold-open devices Grade 1: For all internal and external doors for use by the Where an electrically powered hold-open device is suitable public. For all stand alone electrically Hold-open power size Max. Electrically powered hold open Scope devices for swing doors. Grade 5: Door Closers Contents EN Safety Example All electrically powered hold-open devices are required to The following marking denotes an electrically powered hold-open satisfy the Essential Requirement of safety in use contained device suitable for a range from power size 3 to power size 6.

Therefore only Grade 1 is identified.

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It is stated in that all fire doors must We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice have closing devices that are CE marked. Door Closers Information Digit 5. Corrosion resistance Five grades of corrosion resistance are identified according to EN No defined corrosion resistance Grade 1: Low resistance Grade 2: Moderate resistance Grade 3: High resistance Grade 4: Elderly We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice persons.

Door stops: Always use a door stop. Latching action: The door movement becomes accelerated in the last few degrees of closing. Door Closers Information Information Hold open: This is a device to enable the closer to be held in the open position.

See table below. Please ensure that the correct closing device is the Size Max. These closers must not be used on fire doors. Measured in the EN standard from It should be noted that size 3 is the minimum requirement for fire doors.

Delayed action: The closing speed of the door is reduced to minimal or the door stops. The backcheck damping is inversely proportional to the speed of the outward swing of the door. Hospital staff with beds.

Where there is a maximum an- Closing force: The power that the closer exerts to close the door. This may take the form of a floor mounted version. Too many closers are under specified. The positioning of the stop is also impor- Closing speed: The speed with which the door is closed. Normally adjustable. It should not be regarded as a door stop. A device built into the closer that checks the outward swing of the door. DCL 11 with standard arm EN 2 — 4 4 Standard installation door leaf installation on pull side Overhead installation transom fixing on pull side Fire resistance and smoke control Tested for fire resistant and smoke control doors.

The use of a hold open device on fire resist Version: Adjustment facility: Closing force: Door width: Opening angle: Hold open angle: Optionally with hold open function Suitable for standard and over head installation on pull side Closing speed continuously adjustable.

EN 2 — 4 4 Fire resistance and smoke control Tested for fire resistant and smoke control doors.

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The use of a hold open device on fire resistant and smoke control doors is not permitted. For door thickness: Door closer and guide rail for concealed installation Suitable for standard installation in door and overhead installation in frame Closing speed continuously adjustable.

Interlocking hold-open device Consisting of: Set TS V with hold-open arm Consisting of: Door closer TS E TS EFS A B Transom door closer EN2 Sliding door closer Double action floor spring EN2 Door width size mm mm 1. Stainless steel design TS N without hold opening function TS NV without hold opening function Supplied without cover plate.

TS NV Slide channel surface mounted with lever Slide channel concealed mounted with lever DIN left hand Door rail Barrel hinge We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice Front plate Minimum six detaining elements Grade E: Of course, the modern woman her needs have evolved far A central pillar of this service offering is manufacturer independent advice on Architectural and Furniture Hardware.

Acrobat Co. Lock without follower Grade 1: Stainless steel Thanh: Top track predrilled for side fitting 2. Durability and strength characterise this range. Stainless steel matt Zinc alloy nickel plated Steel galvanized Foodservice Catalogue - Coveris ; Foodservice.

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