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Player's Handbook (HackMaster 5th Edition) (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From the Introduction: Well met, friend. You've made it this far. HackMaster “FOURTH EDITION”. In , armed Kenzer and Company released HackMaster 4th Edition . HackMaster 5e as some continue to refer to it ). White Palette, Ivory Horns is a free PDF adventure for the HackMaster Basic RPG ! It's an excellent first adventure for novice HackMaster players. . compatible) edition of HackMaster features simplified rules perfect for initial play to 5th level.

Hackmaster 5th Edition Pdf

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With respect to trademarks: HackMaster is a registered trademark of Kenzer and Company. Hacklopedia of . it more closely models real-life than any previous edition (old the re-roll of the hit points gained as a 5th level fighter is made. From publisher blurb: This is it, the definitive work by the esteemed sage Greytar. Within these pages he catalogues a collection of the most varied and. Anyone else interested in this? I downloaded the PDF after preordering the Player's Handbook. Also have the Hacklopedia on the way.

Hackmaster Advanced Players Handbook '5th Edition'. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Also have the Hacklopedia on the way. The one thing that sort of held me back on this was the setting. The maps were things of beauty though. The rulebook so far definitely evokes an 'old school' style game, and implies or sometimes just plain tells you that GMs for Hackmaster should have an adversarial relationship with the players. Obviously a GM could choose any style of game, and could follow the much more usual "we're all in this together " mentality of current gaming groups, but I do find it amusing Last edited by gambler; Monday, 21st May, at I have the HoB, so can tell you that you will be blown away with the production values.

Gorgeous, gorgeous book!


I ran HM basic for about 8 months, weekly, then played it for several more months, weekly. I had fun, but this game hasn't excited me like it has others, so I am not buying this book until I find it at a price I am willing to gamble on.

This is because everything I read on the forums convinced me I was more likely to continue to not get excited about this game.

Which I actually find hugely disappointing, because I love Aces and Eights to pieces. It does seem to be a solid game and I hope you end up being one of the people who fall's in love with it, just so far I am not one of them.

Originally Posted by Treebore. Originally Posted by Alzrius. Can you expound on this? However, after seeing the preview in a recent issue of Knights of the Dinner Table, I'm entertaining thoughts of picking up the newest HackMaster aka Advanced HackMaster , so I'm curious what you've heard that turned you off to it.

Originally Posted by frankthedm. The second by second combat actually flows pretty quickly. Just like anything different it takes time to figure it out and get into the rhythm, but once you do it is actually pretty cool. Its the part of the game I liked the most. Makes sense to me, since it is the same similar count up system that is in Aces and Eights, just the time increments are different.

What I do not like, is all the fiddly bits. The fatigue rules. How you need a little box to write up every weapon to have their speed, damage bonus, attack bonus, etc As far as such systems go, this one is pretty good, and even though the mage seems limited at first, as his spell points grow, so do his spell casting options, but I hated doing the math on top of it.

If you like keeping a running total on numbers ranging from 60 to , and can vary from there depending on what options you chose to add to the spell your casting, you may love it. Guess I am too much of a fan of fire and forget, because I would rather forget than track the math involved in these spell point numbers. Now if you don't mind tracking math, and if you like "fiddly bits" that give you lots of options and realism, you are much more likely to love this system.

Now I am told that they did something similar in this rules set that they did in Aces and Eights, where they have a very simple set of rules, and the more complex rules are optional add ons. My problem is, if that basic rules set is still HM Basic, I seriously doubt I am going to like it any more than I already do.

If it is actually able to be done even simpler, and maybe not track so many Spell Points, like maybe a fire and forget option, I may end up loving this final version.

But like I said, the price points currently available to me are too high for me to be willing to risk that kind of money on something I am already pretty sure I am not going to like. The Hacklopedia of Beasts is a bit different for me. The fluff info and the monsters themselves are easy for me to use in other systems I run.

Finally got Hackmaster 5th edition...

So I can get my money out of this purchase, plus it is a really gorgeous book. Which I am sure the other books are going to be as well.

I mean Jolly has already shown pictures of the players book, and it does look to be equally gorgeous to the HoB. HMA would definitely benefit from a character sheet app! The extras like fatigue are modular and easily left out. Most of the sub systems can be dropped very easily because they don't interact. However K. They do write good adventure material for their games! Re: Finally got Hackmaster 5th edition Sat Sep 21, am Finally read through this.

The rules seem to be fundamentally the same as Hackmaster Basic, with the obvious exception of adding Fatigue rules. Of course there is a LOT more material, more races, more classes, more spells, more Cleric types, cleric spell tables, etc The spells are all organized on nice tables for the clerics, the gear section is pretty darn extensive, skills are nicely laid out, explanations seemed clearly written, etc So a very good looking core rulebook for the players.

Still not interested in running or playing it again, just not my cup of tea. For those of you who like granularity and complexity, you may love it.

Mon Nov 11, am With the game, what type of cleric was in Basic in regards to the advanced version? Mon Nov 11, pm GreyLord wrote: With the game, what type of cleric was in Basic in regards to the advanced version? Well, as is pretty much spelled out in the basic version, your cleric will vary depending on which god you choose to serve, and there are a lot more options given in the full rules set. A LOT more. With nice new tables to help keep track of those options. Mon Nov 11, pm Oh, and I now have all the adventures they have released, and as usual, great content.

I do need to see if I can add Kalamar to my world. If I have to I could always make my world be a super sized Earth. Or just add the areas of Kalamar I am definitely going to use. Mon Nov 11, pm Thanks for the reply. I had gotten Basic previously, the new rulebooks they have out for the full game look extremely sweet I wasn't aware they had adventures out for Hackmaster yet? Mon Nov 11, pm GreyLord wrote: Thanks for the reply.

Player's Handbook (HackMaster 5th Edition) | BoardGameGeek

Yes, they have several. Its probably easiest to look them up on Kenzerco, plus they have two PDF freebies to start with. Fri Nov 15, pm Treebore wrote: I had played Basic for months and ran it for about 8 months as well.

The Players Handbook and Monster books are gorgeous Fri Nov 15, pm Yeah, its definitely for people who want granularity, and lots of it. Sun Nov 17, pm I've picked up a lot of the stuff as it's come out, and agree the PHB and Hacklopedia are beautiful.

Hackmaster Advanced Players Handbook ('5th Edition')

While more serious in nature, I wasn't into it. Don't know if I'd run it, but would play it if there was a game nearby, though I'd rather do HM4e.

Any idea when its out?And what is up with the price of the PDFs?

Any responses would be great. All included in their own sections, and the combat stats take up a neat little box that I think is pretty easy to reference and leagues ahead of the text blocks of some other games. How you need a little box to write up every weapon to have their speed, damage bonus, attack bonus, etc I couldn't do it without the very handy pdf encounter manager, which helps make combat flow fairly smoothly. Guess I am too much of a fan of fire and forget, because I would rather forget than track the math involved in these spell point numbers.

Any idea when its out? How is Hackmaster 5E holding up? All times are GMT

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