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Results 1 - 24 16 Feb Saves all available Preview pages from a Google Book as PNGs Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues. (With one step added for problems with alert().) ==UserScript== // @name Google Hello // @namespace John Galt // @description Basic. Greasemonkey user scripts wildlifeprotection.info files with the name convention many people consider are serious problems with the new site design. View or install the script wildlifeprotection.info from the code archive. .. I'll show you the basic script by making a few er adjustments to Latest HTML & CSS Books.

Greasemonkey Google Book Er Not Working

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If you are a Firefox user, first install Greasemonkey add-on on your browser. If you are a *Note: Above trick is not guaranteed to work against all documents though. [Update- . I can not download a complete book down from Scibd, just a partial. Any help wildlifeprotection.info Please note this currently will only run on "Google Mail (Google Apps)", If automatic installation did not work, please click "Greasemonkey > New User E- post som SpamExperts er usikker på om skal bli levert eller ikke blir satt i karantene. Defines the URL where the user can report issues and get personal support. . This tag is ignored because, it is not needed at Google Chrome/Chromium.

I have tried everything on this website, and nothing works. I really need this PDF, if anyone can email to me I would appreciate so much. Any other solutions?


As I am not a technical guy, I would also appreciate it if anyone could give simple instructions that could help me download something in future from Scribd. You are a genius. Have a great day! Any one would like to download it for me? Hi I have tried and tried but somehow was not able to download can you please me download this http: Regards Ankur Sinha. Hello, Please help me download http: Will be thankful for your help please help.

Hi All, I need this book, can anyone help getting it from scribd? Pls share me the guide link to be successfully pull the file as I saw there are many are not functioning anymore. Thanks a million. Hello, cannot get working any of the methods shown. Could somebody help me out getting this one: Actually, the method explained here has been replicated in the video. Hi Shunmugha, Really thankful for the file.

I really do not mind sharing, how do I share it out? Hi All, I only managed to follow the all steps until changing the User Agent. I was unable to save the file so that I can copy it. Thanks in advance. Hello there! I was doing great until it came to editing the code..

Can someone help me in downloading this file? I will try to download and post any requests made. I will keep the files available for 7 days and then they will be removed to make room for newer files.

So check back within a day to see if I fullfilled your request. That being said, I am able to download these files using nothing more that the directions above with the added part of:. Thanks a lot for taking your precious time to help out the readers! Appreciate your genuine effort. Hi Asystole, Thanks for pointing out the tip. You are most welcome! I need to read textbooks from here as I will not be with my books as I had anticipated!

Hi Monica, I searched Scribd and the book you required is not there. Are you sure you saw it in scribd? If yes, please provide the URL link. Hi Shunmugha could you please help me out downloading this document http: I tried everything but still I am not able to download it.: I have uploaded to dropbox, here is the link https: I think dropbox is good.

I think dropbox is suitable to upload. For apollo https: Is then anyway of downloading the doc, I really need the file to do my homework. I am using Firefox 14, Win 7. I tried everything but still I am not able to download it. I need to do its exercise for my computer lesson. Really need help. I own you a big time. Without it, I had to buy the book just to do its exercises. Thanks you so much for the book, sometime it make me think lecturer must have some benefit from some of the textbook publisher….

Will I be able to read this on my Kindle? I am iffy about putting my email on here, but desperation prevails!!! I am sorry to say that the above book you have mentioned is prevented by the author from being downloaded. Only option is to send a request to the author to send you a copy.

If someone manages to get a copy of the book please just reply to Monica comment it will be automatically informed to her. I need you help me please http: Hi Mike, It has been uploaded to https: Please help me to download this file http: I need to download this ebook: EMI Filter Design http: Hi I was wondering if someone could download this for me?

Hi please help me get this document: I have a document that I would like to read while travelling next week so I would be forever greatfull if somebody could help me. Hi, please help me get this document. Hey, i need this manual…. I cant get it to download without being prompted for money. Please help anybody!!! I have looked everywhere for these plans, and the website does not sell them anymore.

They are only uploaded to Scribd. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could download this. Thank you Sir! This makes my day! It is really awesome that you and the author have taken your personal time to help all of us.

But to be frank other contributors are not authors of this site but just another user like you but have taken their own time to help others.

I am really thankful to those awesome hearts!

Greasemonkey Google Book Er Not Working

Do spread the word if you liked this article. Been trying for a while to save this file for off-line reading. Any assistance would be deeply appreciated.

I like to download this file: I really need this book right now. I couldnt figure out how to download this. Just follow what Joken says: Follow steps as said by Shunmugha Sundaram a. Now directly hit the download button. Thanks a lot. Please can you tell me how to convert them because i need thousands of books from scribd.

For people having trouble with switching user to android 1. Risha, Read the above steps to get your mobile site available to enable you to download the article. Anyway someone could get the PDF of this one? I tried to do it manually for an hour but I failed. Could someone get this?

Thanks a lot for converting my books. Hi Tanny, Please read the above steps on how to configure your computer to download your article.

Hi, can you please download this: Could you please help me to download the following one, I followed all your steps ,finally i end with only blank page. Hi, can you please download: I must be doing something wrong because i have spent several hours on the tuturial but still receive after page 7 blank pages…. Help me download this file please.

I wanted to download some files from Scribd.

But I tried many ways such as you have written. While running Chrome, go here and install the Agent Switcher https: A few months ago, I was able to make the method work.

I get the following error:.

Something went wrong. Please visit our homepage for some recommended reading to take your mind off of it. Hope someone can download a pdf of this: Is there any way to download this article?? Instead the second works but needs just a little bug: And then change again useragent to iphone before clicking the button.

I am being directed back to the scribd. Have installed all the plug-ins. What am I doing wrong? I want to figure this out!! Thank you!!! Welcome Alexa. Hey man, really nice tut, but I really need the pdf of this: I cant figure out how to download this manual Hope someone can help http: Recently… since the modification of the environment Scribd…can not be downloaded documents over 50 mb…just finished downloading…anyone knows this problem?

Go to http: You can also search by title. I have also done a Google search from within Chrome and the link will take you directly to the Scribd download page. User agent switching and going to mobile site works great. I had issues only in finding the book using the ID. What I did was:. Switched agent to Android, and went to: Clicked on any of the search result in mobile search result view 4.

Noted the URL to be like: Replaced the xxxxx in 4 with ID of the document I wanted to download. Hello davidjerk and WMD!

Would you be so kind as to help me to download the following pdf: Thank you very much! It was really kind of you! Again, thank you very much!

Can someone help me on downloading this document? Hi,thanks for sharing the instructions. Could you please download it and send it to my email? I really appreciate your help.

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I have tried all the methods — none are working. Latest fix? I am looking for this doc Using Google Chrome and the Agent Switcher.

Thanks a lot!! I give up been trying for three days now could you please download this for me gospel keys transcript. FFox 9. Installed greasemonkey and the scrib DL-er.

Tried heaps of times. Cannot get http: Can you please actually tell me which is the first and last steps as written. There are so many parts it is hard to know. Just windows pc. As I have dozens of Android options to choose from In user agent I could spend forever trying your method.

But my time and internet allowance would go well beyond the join up fee. In other words your system as explained does not work. Sorry but that is what I have found. By the way if I did have to use Firebug,on my version of FFox,it is not compatible. So this may work for others,but not for me. If you are using the User Agent spoofer detailed in the instructions, there is only 1 Android option. I had no problem grabbing your file. I posted the link as a response to your post below. I have been using the chrome — user agent — android method with no success.

Trying to access Is anybody can hep me to get this PDF from scribd site. Please help me with this: This document must be purchased separately. The normal workaround will not work for files which must be paid for individually.

Please help me download this. Please help. Does NOT work. So I think I need to delete all the extra add ons I have wasted time installing.

Guides to solving common issues with F.B Purity

This article should actually explain which versions of browsers this supposed tweak will work with. Here are the detailed instructions. I thank you so much for teaching people how to download off Scribd. I have downloaded a few files successfully following your steps, then I encounter this file http: Could you please help me with this issue?

This document is only available to be read online. Could someone help me download this? I would really appreciate it! Excuse me. Can someone please help me download this file? Thanks you so much! Ultimate user agent switcher worked flawlessly on Chrome. Many Thanks!! I think I might be doing something wrong. I am trying to download..

Please refer the comment section.

Steps have been listed in a more understandable manner. Sure will update the article. But as of now please do as suggested in comment sections it will work for you.

You are most welcome. Happy that you found it useful! Please do share and like the post. Had a real tough time trying to download this article http: Thanks for anyone that can help or try. Please can you help me with this file: Can you please help me in downloading the below file. I set my user agent to Android 0. The last instructions tell me to change the method from post to get, but it is already set to get:.

Can you help me getting this book, it is urgent. It is for a university studies, so please send me the book quickly. It is advisable to open the book using Firefox, since other browsers does not render Arabic language correctly.

I tried following your post but got confused because of so many fix. Just to let ppl know this user agent switch trick only works on about one in 10 books, and will not work on books from the major publishers like Wiley Dummies books. I have tried all the methods, but really wanted this file: I need to download this document , can someone help.

Following worked for me I tried the tutorial step for step before, so greasemonkey-script was running…:. Screenshots http: Could someone help me download this link? It would be much appreciated. I am currently using chrome so had a bit of bother at first. Subscribe by: Connect with us on FB. Ankit Garg says: Shunmugha Sundaram says: Anandh says: Ram says: Maz says: WCK says: Dede says: Sabeel says: Bharat Sharma says: Giulio says: Jacko says: Michael Wong says: Eric says: Ann says: Doesnt work says: Shikhar says: Pradeep says: Shiney says: Larry says: Tony says: Freddy says: Gandhara says: Davo says: Alexander says: Debus says: Alan says: John says: Sahil says: Alex says: Fer says: Can says: Leo says: Guru says: Shree says: Mohamed says: Eidolon says: Frank says: L0minus says: Blind says: Andre says: Mohammad Irfan says: Ana von Bunners says: George says: Ancolie says: Amos says: Mihai Necreala says: Grateful says: Bacelina says: Awais Mahmood says: KaffeDen says: Las says: Alex Navarro says: Shayam says: Ualla says: Ranil says: Ravi says: Robin says: Derek H says: Daniela says: Jarred says: Jada says: Jesus says: Dan says: Igor Santos says: CodeKA says: Kof Yeb says: Loi says: Palanicool says: Kimmy says: Vostok says: James C.

Yulian says: Ivan G. Ekkaia says: Gaurav says: Jay says: Jz says: Matt says: Blizz says: Kniculua says: William C says: Georg says: Idan says: Sebastian says: Chris says: Dinesh says: Veena says: Bhatia says: Noel says: JXP says: James says: CC says: Abs Pangader says: DrewDude says: Roland says: Danny says: Ankur Sinha says: Shuchin says: Philip says: Angel says: Pandaz says: Carlos says: Allan says: Khaye says: Monica says: Edd says: Sid says: Mike says: Jodie says: Hess says: Zenith says: JQ says: Borrise says: However, we can at least prepare for it by making sure we test for the existence of something before we modify it.

The behaviours come from an onclick handler on the icon, which works with both mouse and keyboard navigation. The use of javascript: But user scripts can be made to run on every Website, and this is perhaps where the idea becomes remarkable: Effectively, you can customise your browser just by writing some simple JS.

As such, the scripts in this example are generally more forwards-compatible than previous examples. This script uses a single document onclick handler to change the link targets on-the-fly, rather than iterating through all links and changing them in advance.

With a more complex script you could go much further: URIs, even override the open method completely. But with such aggressive measures comes the risk of blocking out functionality you do want: The difficulty with removing ads is that not all of them are unwanted. The source of the ads may also be relevant: Any ad-blocking program will inevitably have limits to the degree of precision with which it can be customised, but with user scripting there are no such limitations: If you want to extend the list of ad servers, you can add as many as you like to the domains array at the top of the object constructor:.

The principle could be taken much further, to control to the nth degree whether an element is removed or not — you could differentiate by size, for example, images that are x 60 pixels.

This would filter out most advertising, while leaving compliant Websites alone! A study of commonly misspelled words , by Cornell Kimball, analysed Internet Usenet newsgroups to discover the most common misspellings. Using some of that data to construct regular expressions, this script makes text-replacements to correct common errors:.

You could extend the idea by adding profanity filters to the list: But do be careful with any words that might also be substrings of other words, such as "ham" is to "gingham". You could even construct links directly to an online dictionary or other reference source. A site that lacks a search facility can be frustrating to use, but Google allows you to search within individual sites simply by appending site: This script uses that syntax to create a site-specific search box on every page.

The scripting is solid, the idea sound, but it has quite a serious problem: This script compensates for that by creating tooltips that are triggered by focus events:. The scripting is quite straightforward; it creates a single element and writes in the title text if any exists.

The complications lie in the positioning of the tooltip: It works on links, iframes, objects and form elements — those that can receive the focus — and creates tooltips that are styled using CSS2 System Colors.

Most serial browsers screenreaders like JAWS, and text-only browsers like Lynx have a "headings mode" or something like it, where they list and link to all the headings on the page.


It provides a greater degree of random access on pages which use proper headings. This script emulates that functionality, creating a small "H" icon at the top-right of the page, from which a menu drops down containing links to every heading:.

The menu is built as a list, each item of which is a link populated with text or other HTML from the original heading. If the heading contains an image, it will be reproduced along with the rest, However, as this might not be ideal, an alternative approach could be to extract and use the ALT text, or perhaps remove extraneous markup altogether. The final example in this section begins with a well-meaning script, but opens a can of worms along the way….

Perhaps, in future, more browsers will implement this behaviour, but until then, we can write a user script to do it for us. This effectively adds domain-specific persistence to sites that use native stylesheet switching:. This brings us to the first significant point, and the lid of our can of worms: From a practical perspective, this means that if the site already uses cookies a lot, we run the risk of filling up the data limit 4K and thereby overriding data that the site needs.

You could also reduce the impact by having a list of specific include domains, where you know the feature is needed, rather than running it on every site that uses alternate stylesheets. But suddenly there are security implications here, as well:Veena says: Sahil says: Replaced the xxxxx in 4 with ID of the document I wanted to download. From what i have read so far, it does not appear that Mr. Shuchin says: Precision crafted in Denmark, all Plus-Plus sets are compatible with each other.

The file is in what format? In this article we will be seeing how to download PDF documents from Scribd without having an account, paying or uploading documents. I am stuck on that steps. The best way is to head over to Babelzilla to find out how.

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