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Free Cambridge English: Flyers (YLE Flyers) test preparation including sample Book has many of the words children have to learn for the A2 Flyers test. These sample papers show you what the Cambridge English: Flyers test looks like. When children . Tell me everything and I'll write it in my book here. First. Word List Picture Book for Starters, Movers, Flyers To see free download [ Cambridge] TESTS for Flyers | Book + Key + Audio CD To see free download .

Flyers Test Book

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Young Learners English Flyers Teacher's Notes. Using the illustrations. The Flyers Practice Test Book contains numerous large pictures which. Official Exam Preparation material for A2 Flyers Young Learners. Word. And the Flyers Word List Picture Book here: Flyers Speaking Test. Watch Beltran doing his Flyers Speaking Test here.

You can also download examiner comments for each video. Read the examiner comments for Michaela's speaking test. Read the examiner comments for Jacopo's speaking test. Download A2 Flyers overview handout.

Download our booklet of tips for parents. Download A2 Flyers lesson plans. Download flash cards for A2 Flyers. Fun for Flyers fourth edition provides provides bright, full-colour and interactive preparation for the Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners.

Preparing Kids for Cambridge Flyers

Storyfun offers enjoyable and engaging practice for Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners. Now in six levels 2 books per level , each book contains eight fully-illustrated stories followed by fun activities, songs and exam-style questions.

Authentic Cambridge Assessment English examination papers. Each set contains three full-colour test papers which contain engaging activities and attractive illustrations to motivate young learners. Available for each level of Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners.

This seven-level course delights children and inspires teachers with its bright ideas for the classroom.


Perfect for general use, Kid's Box is now updated with new vocabulary and activities for the Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners. Power Up is a brand new 6-level course designed to create 'future ready' learners who embrace life with confidence.

Level 4 provides official preparation for A2 Flyers. Inside each edition are two full-colour practice tests.


View the full range of support materials for the Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners. You can also find a wealth of preparation tips and support materials for the revised tests on the World of Fun website.

Resources include:. Tip: Listen for names and remember to check spelling! Part 3: Here the student will see 2 pictures. On the left, there are some pictures of people and their names, places or objects.

Cambridge English resources for the 2018 Cambridge English: Flyers Test

On the right, there are more pictures with letters but no words. Children have to listen to a conversation between two people and match each of the pictures on the right to one of the named pictures on the left.

Part 4: Children listen to 5 conversations.

For each conversation there are 3 pictures — the student must choose the correct picture in accordance to the conversation they have heard. Tip: Listen to specific information — the pictures may be similar with small details changed.

Part 5: Here there is a big picture. Children listen to a conversation which describes objects from the picture — they must then color the objects the color that was stated in the conversation.

Part 1: Children must match definitions with the correct words. There are 15 words but only 10 definitions. Part 2: There is a picture and 7 sentences about the picture — children have to decide if they are true or false. Part 4: A text with gaps is given and children must choose the correct word out of 3 to fill the gap.


Part 5: This is a comprehension question. Children read a story and 7 sentences about the story which have gaps that should be filled.

Part 6: Gap filling exercise as before. Part 7: Children are given a text from a letter or diary with some gaps. They must fill in the gaps but are not given options this time. As can be seen, there is a lot of focus on gap filling exercises.

This can easily be practiced at home. Simply find a text from a magazine, book or online and block out some of the words. Tip: find a text about something your child finds interesting and the activity will be fun for them! Preparing Kids for the Speaking Section of Flyers This part of the exam takes between 7 and 9 minutes and there are 4 parts.

Part 1: The examiner gives the child a picture and keeps one for himself which has some slight differences. The examiner says a sentence about his picture and the student must say if there picture is the same or describe the differences.Download our booklet of tips for parents.

M Oh yes. You can draw another one — but put it in the sky. Fch And what about your other children? Mch All right. You will need a pen or pencil. Make a list of possible questions and think about the responses.

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