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An excellent way to show your FlippingBook Publications as if they are a seamless part of your own website. Embedding your publication allows your customers to view the content of your publication without leaving your webpage. You can either embed a thumbnail preview or the whole interactive publication. Embedding publications requires you to have access to your website’s CMS and. Website embedding. Create a seamless experience with your digital books by embedding them right into your website. Table of contents & search. Your HTML5 .

Flipping Book From Website

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If you have no experience with uploading files to your server, then we really advise you to contact the administrator of your website or your IT-staff before trying!. We give you 2 ways to make a wonderful page flip catalog online. Share. Share on web pages, email, social media & download PDF or HTML5 flipbook. Having discovered the new thrilling way to handle your book content, and And that is where the question of how to upload flipping book into website arises.

Finally, re-publish your page to your server. Embedding an interactive publication This option allows you to embed a fully interactive publication. It will be displayed like this when embedded into your page: Discover India by if Only The Size setting, under Options, allows you to set the desired width and height of the embedded publication.

Changing this preference will change the embed code accordingly. Once you have embedded your publication into your website, make sure it works and that it can be easily read.

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Otherwise, you might need to increase the size of the embedded publication. Your Interactive publication will work fine if its width exceeds px and its height exceeds px. However, the publication will be displayed in the Click to Read mode, if its size is smaller than or equal to px in width or px in height.

You can set the publication to be opened in a pop-up window or a new tab when the cover thumbnail is clicked. Your publication will be displayed in the Cover mode if its size is less than px in width or px in height. What happens to my embedded publications if my subscription expires? So we advise you to consider the pros and cons of both solutions.

There are several ways to get a publication to your server, and only your administrator can tell you how exactly this is done in your organisation. Some examples:. When you copy files on your own computer, you can simply copy and paste them.

How to embed a publication into your own website?

If you want to copy files to another computer or a network drive on the server on your network, then you can often also simply copy and paste them too. But your webserver is never on the same network as your computer, which makes things much more complicated.

FTP sets up a connection between your computer and the webserver, so that you can start transferring files, one by one. FTP only has a very limited set of commands available. Every file has to be transferred individually, and for every transfer, your PC and the server start a dialog that looks something like this:. This makes FTP a rather slow solution to work with, if there are a lot of files to transfer.

You will have to delete all the old files first and then upload everything again yet again starting the whole process. This makes FTP a rather unforgiving solution if you made small mistakes.

Since you transfer data from your computer to a server outside your local network, your network administrator will probably also have to grant you special permission to do so, by configuring the firewall to make this possible. The difference is that if you use normal FTP, then the communication between your PC and the webserver will be not be encrypted.

When you communicate with the server, the data that you send and receive, may pass through several other servers completely unrelated to your company. All these servers can theoretically read all this data.

This means that the servers in the middle have no way to read the contents of your communication, making it more secure. Depending on how the files are transfered exactly in your organization see How to transfer publications to your server?

If you decide to upload to your own server, then the instructions below should be helpful. But please note that uploading the publication to the correct place on your server and finding out the URL to open it after it is uploaded require specific knowledge about your web server. Therefore, we recommend doing this only if you are comfortable working with FTP.

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Uploading to the wrong place may even overwrite other pages. In this example we will use FileZilla a popular and free solution to upload the generated files to our server, but you can use any FTP-program of your choice. After the upload, your publication is available on your server.

The URL which you can use to open it depends on the settings that you used, but in the case of this example it will be: In our example, finding out the URL to open the publication was really simple. We add the upload folder to the server name and everything works. In reality, it may NOT be that simple.


HTTP is what we use to actually open the publication in your browser. For example: It is the other way around: You should specify the link where the publication will be uploaded.

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Type the name that you want to use. It will appear in the URL. We recommend that you create a separate folder to avoid problems with overwriting existing files or not overwriting in the target folder, which can create caching problems later.About Us Privacy Terms of Service.

Full screen to view flipping eBook. But you can also embed it to your webpage, as in the example you see below: If you use our recommended embed code, then when your readers open your page: On a desktop computer, they will see the full publication On a mobile device, they will see a clickable image of the cover page.

How it Works

Links are much easier to text, email, post to social networks than PDFs. Help Center Select Category. When the reader taps the cover, it opens the publication in a new browser tab.

Generating the files for your publication to upload. Color, size, language, effects These are just a few of the many things you can edit. Free publishing with limitations The free version is good, but the premium is better!

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