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last 28 days. More recent changes. 10,,Unique Visitors · 54,New Members · ,Catalog Edits · 1,Lists Created · ,eBooks Borrowed. Project Gutenberg offers over 59, free eBooks. Choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them or read them online. You will find the world's. wildlifeprotection.info is the internet's #1 source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources & eBook authors. Read & download eBooks for Free: anytime!.

Open html file. The Read online default option displays only the unformatted text of the book. Plus there is a left sidebar visible all the time.

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It displays all elements and all formatting, so you will be able to see the original cover of the book, as well as illustrations inside. You will also be able to navigate using the table of content or click on hyperlinks inside the file. Ebooks from Project Gutenberg are extremely well prepared. Using an html format to read them online is a very good idea. Once you open the file, you have the simple full-screen view that you can scroll through. The is one more benefit. The file is searchable.

Below there are screenshots of two reading options from Project Gutenberg. Internet Archive Internet Archive, founded in , is a non-profit organization offering free access to digital or digitized content: books, images, videos, or audio files.

Use the search box in the top left corner to find the book. You can sort the results by relevance, rating, download count, and the date of adding the item to the catalog. To read the book, just click on the arrows in the bottom bar of the image of the opened book.

You can enter full screen by clicking on the fullscreen link underneath. The online viewer presents the scanned pages of the book, what brings an extra flavor to reading. There are many ways to go through the content of the book, including one-page view, and zooming. Use the search bar in the top right corner to find a word. All found instances will be marked in the progress bar at the bottom. One of the most amazing things on Internet Archive is the text-to-speech function.

You can turn it on by clicking on the speaker icon in the top right corner of the book viewer. Open Library You can find exactly the same online book reader tool on another site: Open Library.

You can search inside 2 million titles. A Read icon is shown next to the title.

Clicking on mobi or pdf link will immediately download the book to your computer. Let me show you how to build the same type of business.

Keep in mind that while Amazon. More on that below. Starting an Ebook Business — Where You Sell As an ebook publisher, you have a few options available for selling your works.

You can set up your own website and sell your ebook directly online. You might make a PDF available to your readers for example. A reader visits your site, they order, and they get a download link and get your book. The benefit of this is you control the entire process, get all of the customer information so you can promote additional products, services, or books , and you can charge higher prices. One of the easiest ways to sell ebooks is to work through a third-party site like Amazon.

You may have ordered products, even books, from Amazon in the past.

But this is a whole different side to this massive e-commerce site. The big benefit to working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing , even though they charge you a commission on your sales, is their reach. Around 89 million Americans are said to be active ebook readers. It could be your book they find when doing a search on a related keyword. While you may not make as much money as you would selling directly on your own site, you'll have the opportunity to reach an audience who you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

10 sites where you can read books online

The process of selling your ebook on Kindle is straightforward. You sign up, then upload your ebook. They take care of converting it to their proprietary format. Which of these options should you go with?

Publish Your eBook

I recommend doing both. Put one or two of your books on Amazon and think of that as a traffic source Use your Amazon ebooks to drive people back to your website and get them onto your email list. The best way to do this is to include a free bonus offer inside your book and have them go back to your website to claim their bonus. In order to get access to the bonus, they have to opt-in and give you their email address.

Once you have them on your email list you can follow up with them and sell them additional ebooks from your own site, at a higher price point. Use the best of both worlds! If you are already making money with a blog , those blog posts could be turned into an ebook with some editing.

Any blog posts you use should cover the same or related topics and work well together. Although the information can be found for free throughout your site many people are willing to pay money to have it formally organized into something easier to consume, like an ebook. If you want to publish an original work of fiction or nonfiction — something you write yourself fresh — that is also a good option.

Write something every day! Start with an outline and then fill it in. You can also repurpose a book that is in the public domain. This means the copyright has expired and anybody can take the content of those books, and publish them, either updated or reworked in some way or as is.

Did you see that book, Pride and Prejudice, and Zombies that came out a few years ago? You can find public domain works, which include classics like Call of the Wild by Jack London and Shakespeare and books on just about every subject you can think of a quick search yielded dog training guides, a how-to guide for amateur singers, and much more , in places like Project Gutenberg.

The key here is to not just republish the public domain works but to modify them and put your unique twist on them. An example would be the book The Art of War. Another option is you can hire someone else to write your book for you. This is actually a very common practice in the book publishing industry; these writers are referred to as "ghost writers".

A final thought to keep in mind is that you don't have to write something like War and Peace. Keep in mind that while you won't make a huge profit per book on these you can sell a larger volume of books and use these as a way of attracting people into the other things you do.

Only those from established best-selling authors get this attention. With all the options available, you should have no problem finding a way to get your book title s out into the world and grab the attention of potential readers.

I recommend a multichannel approach — approach the marketing from several different angles.You can turn it on by clicking on the speaker icon in the top right corner of the book viewer. It could be your book they find when doing a search on a related keyword.

Free eBooks - Project Gutenberg

Use the search box in the top left corner to find the book. Best sellers in Internet Archive, founded in , is a non-profit organization offering free access to digital or digitized content: We Skype instead of draining our wallets with long-distance phone calls.

You might also offer a free chapter of your ebook. Not all books can be fully previewed, but you can narrow search results to those that are.

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