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Draco Dormiens. Part One of the Draco Trilogy. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various. Draco Veritas Chapter One: Through Silver and Glass. ***. It was December, and it was freezing cold in the Potions dungeon, but. Snape didn´t care. Draco Sinister. Part Two of the Draco Trilogy. By Cassandra Claire. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK.

Draco Trilogy Pdf

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The Draco Trilogy is a Draco-centric epic written and posted in instalments by Cassandra Clare over a period of six years, consisting three novel-length stories: . The Draco Trilogy is a Draco-centric epic written and posted in .. The numbers refer to the illustrated PDF version of the stories that's available. Edit 23/05/** All three stories can be reached here, available as EPUB, AZW3, and PDF.

The trilogy is hailed by some as the fanfiction of all Harry Potter fanfiction, but like all things that are hailed, [2] others couldn't or didn't believe the hype. Draco Dormiens "When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other.

Romance, mistaken identities, Really Cunning Plans, evil bake sales, a love triangle, and snogs galore. Net in August It is the shortest novel in the series by far, totaling roughly 70, words. The story is an AU, diverging from canon after Goblet of Fire. It is set during Harry's sixth year, and begins when unforeseen consequences with Polyjuice Potion in Potions class cause Harry and Draco to become indefinitely body-swapped.

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The need to keep this a secret, the even greater need to find an antidote, and a love triangle where both Draco and Harry are interested in Hermione, power the plot of the novel. Draco Sinister "When Hermione is kidnapped, Harry and Draco must team up to rescue her from a thousand-year-old evil that threatens the entire wizarding world. Cursed demon swords, love potions, time travel, dementors, flying dragons, Draco wears leather, and everybody dies at least once.

Except when they don't. Yet anytime anyone mak I must admit that I am not a big fan of they way CC has written most of these characters. Yet anytime anyone makes a move on Draco, she gets pretty jealous.

This I could somewhat forgive, but she does this even when Ron flirts with other girls.

She is super self-centered and thinks everything is about her and is always yelling at her friends that "not everything is about them! Like I live for angsty love in fanfics, but I want it to be in-the-moment love, not we-are-predistined-to-be-together-let-me-mention-that-at-every-moment love.

Party because again, I dislike Hermione here, but partly because it is missing the quintessntial ingredient for any good Dramione story: initial mutual dislike. Additionally, Ginny just decides she likes Draco all of a sudden and starts pursuing him and is like "I know you. Her books are annoyingly repetitive and forgettable. In Latin.

Draco Trilogy

Yeah Clare, because foreign languages make you appear smart. My God, I hope she gets hit by a train and dies. Just like EL James. So she copied or used similar ideas from sections from her own fanfiction?

So what?

Draco Trilogy

For example the story about the boy and the falcon — that was not something that Draco said in Harry Potter. That was something that Clare made up, in her fanfiction trilogy, and decided to use again in her own books. Copying yourself or your own ideas is not plagiarism. And J.

I probably a minority here despised Draco and loved Jace. Jace is somewhat of a bad boy but his inner essence is so different from Draco, in my opinion. The other characters you mentioned in Mortal Instruments that have similarities to Harry Potter characters are something you would not have noticed, had Clare not written HP fanfiction.

Not her published books. The plot is completely different.

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Jace is not Draco, just because he has archetypal similarities. Im trying to clearly distinguish between Tom Felton, who is a good-looking young boy, and Draco, who, whatever he looks like, is not a nice man.

He, at his core, is a nice, good person. His relationship with Clary is healthy for the most part. I think you have what your fanfic!

Draco Dormiens

She must have done something right. I do not believe Jace bears any resemblance to the original character of J. I have never and will never accuse Cassandra Clare of copying J. She did, however, plagiarise OTHER writers in her original fanfiction ranging from the scriptwriters of Buffy to Red Dwarf to a book series of which I currently forget the name and still refuses to own up to it.

And the things she plagiarised were the things that made her work good, and without it, her work is vastly inferior to the fanfiction that made her popular and snagged the attention of Holly Black. Does that clarify my argument a bit more?I had been a creative writing major in college and I had written all through high school and college and then after I got out of college I took a journalism job and I didn't really have any time for creative writing.

Draco Dormiens "When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other. In the beginning there is a love triangle where both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are interested in Hermione Granger.

Several alternate universe outtakes penned by Claire include slash.

I'm not so sure anymore whether or not I want to continue with the TID trilogy either.

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