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Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers. Networking hardware, also known as Computer networking devices or network equipment, are. Top Networking Interview Questions & Answers. 1) What is a Link? Network Topology refers to the layout of a computer network. It shows how devices. Basic hardware and networking interview questions and answers pdf. Free Download. RP 28 03 18 00 25 - Installed Java TM 6 Update 13 The PlanOn.

Computer Hardware And Networking Interview Questions With Answers Pdf

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Top Hardware & Networking Interview Questions & Answers. Posted on February 8, Also Read>> Cloud Computing: The good and the bad!!. This is a server that all computers on the local network have to go through before accessing information on the Internet. By using a proxy server, an organization. Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers 4 avg. rating (80% COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers pdf free.

What is Routers? Answer: A router is a device which is responsible for sending data from source to destination over the computer network. Let us move to the next Computer Network Interview Questions. What is the OSI model?

Explain the Different layers of the OSI model. Datalink Layer Data packet will be encoded and decoded into bits.

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Network Layer Transfer of datagrams from one to another. Transport Layer Responsible for Data transfer from one to another. Session Layer Manage and control signals between computers.

The portion of the IP address that identifies the network is called netid. The portion of the IP address that identifies the host or router on the network is called hostid. It is the method used to solve the channel allocation problem. It is used for: It is of two types: Pure aloha 2.

Slotted aloha. What is Firewalls? It is an electronic downbridge which is used to enhance the security of a network. What is Repeaters?

A receiver receives a signal before it becomes too weak or corrupted,regenerates the original bit pattern,and puts the refreshed copy back onto the link.

It operates on phycal layer of OSI model. What is Bridges? They divide large network into smaller components. They can relay frames between two originally separated LANs. They provide security through partitioning traffic.

They operate on physical and data link layer of OSI model. What is ICMP? It also handles both control and error messages. What is FDM? FDM is an analog technique that can be applied when the bandwidth of a link is greater than the combined bandwidths of the signals to be transmitted. What is WDM? WDM is conceptually the same as FDM, except that the multiplexing and demultiplexing involve light signals transmitted through fiber optics channel. What is TDM?

TDM is a digital process that can be applied when the data rate capacity of the transmission medium is greater than the data rate required by the sending and receiving devices. List the steps involved in creating the checksum. Divide the data into sections b. Add the sections together using 1's complement arithmetic c.

300+ TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers

Take the complement of the final sum, this is the checksum. Compare Error Detection and Error Correction: The correction of errors is more difficult than the detection. In error detection, checks only any error has occurred.

In error correction, the exact number of bits that are corrupted and location in the message are known. The number of the errors and the size of the message are important factors. What are the protocols in application layer?

Top Networking Interview Questions

What are the protocols in transport layer? What do you mean by client server model? In client server model ,the client runs a program to request a service and the server runs a program to provide the service. These two programs communicate with each other. One server program can provide services to many client programs.

TELNET is a client —server application that allows a user to log on to a remote machine,giving the user access to the remote system. It is the main protocol used to access data on the World Wide Web. It is so called because its efficiency allows its use in a hypertext environment where there are rapid jumps from one document to another.

What is World Wide Web? World Wide Web is a repository of information spread all over the world and linked together. It is a unique combination of flexibility,portability,and user-friendly features. The World Wide Web today is a distributed client-server service,in which a client using a browser can access a service using a server.

The service provided is distributed over many locations called web sites. What is Beaconing? The process that allows a network to self-repair networks problems.

The stations on the network notify the other stations on the ring when they are not receiving the transmissions. What is RAID? A method for providing fault tolerance by using multiple hard disk drives. A transport protocol designed by microsoft and IBM for the use on small subnets. The address resolution protocol ARP is used to associate the 32 bit IP address with the 48 bit physical address, used by a host or a router to find the physical address of another host on its network by sending a ARP query packet that includes the IP address of the receiver.

The reverse address resolution protocol RARP allows a host to discover its Internet address when it knows only its physical address. The header should have a minimum length of 20 bytes and can have a maximum length of 60 bytes. What are major types of networks and explain?

Server-based network: What are the important topologies for networks? BUS topology: In this each computer is directly connected to primary network cable in a single line. Inexpensive, easy to install, simple to understand, easy to extend.

STAR topology: In this all computers are connected using a central hub. Can be inexpensive, easy to install and reconfigure and easy to trouble shoot physical problems. RING topology: In this all computers are connected in loop. All computers have equal access to network media, installation can be simple, and signal does not degrade as much as in other topologies because each computer regenerates it.

Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers

What is mesh network? A network in which there are multiple network links between computers to provide multiple paths for data to travel. What is difference between baseband and broadband transmission? In a baseband transmission, the entire bandwidth of the cable is consumed by a single signal. In broadband transmission, signals are sent on multiple frequencies, allowing multiple signals to be sent simultaneously. What is packet filter? Packet filter is a standard router equipped with some extra functionality.

The extra functionality allows every incoming or outgoing packet to be inspected. Packets meeting some criterion are forwarded normally. Those that fail the test are dropped. What is traffic shaping? One of the main causes of congestion is that traffic is often busy. If hosts could be made to transmit at a uniform rate, congestion would be less common. Another open loop method to help manage congestion is forcing the packet to be transmitted at a more predictable rate.

This is called traffic shaping. Distances can span up to 10 kilometers. Management is easy because of the centralization of data resources. Overhead is low uses a thin protocol. Disadvantage of SANs is their cost. Intranet An intranet is basically a network that is local to a company. In other words, users from within this company can find all of their resources without having to go outside of the company. An intranet can include LANs, private WANs and MANs, Extranet An extranet is an extended intranet, where certain internal services are made available to known external users or external business partners at remote locations.

Internet An internet is used when unknown external users need to access internal resources in your network.

In other words, your company might have a web site that sells various products, and you want any external user to be able to access this service. A VPN is used to provide a secure connection across a public network, such as an internet. Extranets typically use a VPN to provide a secure connection between a company and its known external users or offices.

Authentication is provided to validate the identities of the two peers. Confidentiality provides encryption of the data to keep it private from prying eyes.

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Thanks a lot for posting this post, Your post has always been an informative source for me. Hardware and Networking Interview Questions with Answers.

Explain hidden shares. How we will configure ADS? How will you test LAN card? What are the difference between hub and switch? What is LILO? Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. Dishant 20 March at Biswajit Das 30 December at Unknown 2 October at Nittu Khatri 4 November at Subhash Lohani 11 November at Omprakash Singh 16 April at Mohit Kumar 5 December at RSJayesh 3 January at Prakash Jadhav 29 January at Veerasamy Cse 30 January at Prakash Jadhav 5 February at Dev Pandya 6 February at Zunair zain 10 February at Parameswary V 16 February at Anonymous 26 March at Abhi Bhattacharjee 28 March at Prakash Jadhav 4 April at Mark Simon 16 April at John Carter 16 April at Mohit Gaur 25 April at Pravin Jondhale 27 April at Vaishali Zindal 30 April at Anonymous 1 May at Guzzi sager 5 May at Guzzi sager 9 May at Amol 21 May at Dhanam kaashiv 5 June at John Carter 27 June at Dave Potts 2 July at Prakash Jadhav 2 July at Aditi gupta 27 October at Mohit Goyal 15 November at Punit Ramaji 15 December at Geek Squares 3 October at Unknown 15 October at Tauheed Alam 23 December at Unknown 25 December at Antwan li 5 January at Aptron delhi 23 February at Unknown 6 March at Geetha Devi 9 March at Prakash Jadhav 12 March at Tops int 29 September at Magnetic Media.

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