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Codex Harlequins 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Them nasty clowns. let the galaxy burn v pdf. МБ wildlifeprotection.info .. Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space wildlifeprotection.info Millennia have passed since the ancient Eldar fell into shadow, yet still the memory of their glory burns bright. Like the stars in the sky they.

Codex Harlequins Pdf

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Codex: Harlequins, Gw, Games Workshop. Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,, the "Aquila' Double- headed Eagle logo, and all associated . >Harlequins Codex PDF wildlifeprotection.info#!cDp01YZa! PGz0Gpz6Y9Ywwsfd2pyUhl3lkRzN6srsXkbau7GdeBQ. Previous Thread: >> time we'll be producing a Harlequin Codex (though not for quite a while yet!) so this is a real opportunity to influence what goes in a published GW Codex.

While a Shadowseer will almost always hit with her hallucinogen grenade launcher, good for leadership bombing. Her melee weapon also does D3 damage. Not quite meh, but still pretty eh. Pretty cool. Helps with your Troupe Master or Shadowseers positioning for their aura. Not as useful as it first seems, as Harlequins have the mobility to get extremely close to their targets before charging. It helps against those low rolls, but not much else.

The last thing you want to do is be stuck four inches away staring down 20 IG you could've vaporized with a successful charge. With the re-rolls to the Troupe Master, this can generate a few more wounds, not great but not bad. Player of the Twilight: Once per game, the Warlord can re-roll a hit, would or save roll.

Harlequins 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Also, when you or your opponent use a Stratagem, roll a die. If the number rolled equals the cost of the stratagem used, gain that many CP e.

If you roll a 3, you get 3CP from them. In addition, your warlord adds 1 to hit rolls against Chaos units. Not very good, your warlord usually does not get kills and you don't even average one extra attack per round of combat.

A lot better against Chaos, however.

In addition, you can use the Webway Assault Stratagem twice. Putting a ton of Harlequins in deepstrike can result in a bad time for your opponent, even after alpha strike nerfs. Even better, you can fit two units in deepstrike for only 2CP. Doesn't stack with Webway Dance.

If there are any Necrons on the battlefield, then instead add 2 to these rolls. Makes the ability more consistent, with how good it already is this is pretty much a must pick, even better versus Necrons.

Holy heck, you've got a way to make your Meltas have a threat range of 50" 47" with rolling two damage.

WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar Harlequins.pdf

Put this on a Shadowseer that knows Twilight pathways, put it and a Fusion Pistol squad into a Starweaver, move the Transport 22" then disembark the Shadowseer, cast Twilight pathways and zoom! If you give the aforementioned Shadowseer the Faolchu's Talon relic, this threat range is buffed to an even more absurd 56" or 53" for two dice melta rolls. Advance a couple of squads of Skyweavers and a Starweaver with a 5-clown Troupe and the Troupe Master up to 22", disembark the Master, thus giving the nearby Skyweavers and the Starweaver both re-rolls of ones to hit and re-rolls to wound in melee, shoot the ranged weapons you can use Troupe's Fusion Pistols and Skyweavers' Haywire Cannons to destroy any transports or vehicles near your target , use the Starweaver to eat up Overwatch, let the Skyweavers slice and dice whatever needs to be sliced and diced, then Skystride the Troupe Master back to safety.

Disengage, rinse, repeat. Bonus points for using The Hundred Swords of Vaul to hide this strat until the game starts. Good way to disuade people attacking your warlord in combat, not great compared to the other options though. If you aren't locked in combat with any other unit, you can shoot that unit AFTER it finishes it's fall back move. Not great, because most of your Harlequins will be armed with fusion pistols which might be out of range depending on how far they fall back.

Helpful if your bikes make early contact and send your enemy scrambling.

Situationally useful, though you don't want to get charged in the first place. Per FAQ you can heroically intervene even if enemy hasnt charged, but is within distance at the end of his charge phase. Meaning for example, model with movement value 6 cant escape from Solitaire, he will have distance to heroically intervene and fight again in opponent turn.

It can move 7". Identical to the Asuryani and Drukhari variants. Very meh, as you cannot charge after the move. Could find use to secure objectives. As the stratagem doesn't specify that you have to move away from enemy units, it can be used to boost a Starweaver full of fusion pistols into pistol range, however. Shoot with the transport, then use the stratagem to move an extra seven inches towards your pistol target. Great Harlequin 2 CP : Used before the battle starts, and one use only.

The latter grants re-roll to hit rolls of 1 for all Harlequin units of the same Masque within 6" in addition to his innate granting re-rolls to wound. This 'not-Cegorach-I-swear' Master will be a priority for your opponent to wipe off the board, especially if you jack it up with Warlord Traits and artifacts.

Make sure you don't send it going in alone for character killing where it can die easily. Good for polishing off a near-dead thing or dropping a Damage Tier. If a Solitare, a Death Jester, and a Shadowseer are within 6" from each other, you can remove them from the battlefield and set up again anywhere 9" from the enemy unit. Shadowseers and Troupe Masters are easy to keep together but Solitaires often become isolated.

Only really useful as a first turn redeploy. Alternate take: a solitaire with the rose and a shadowseer with the player of light warlord trait popping up behind your opponents lines, blitzing, war dancing, and using an example made will fuck up absolutely anything with his 40 attacks, for a low price of 6 command points.

Good for ruses, not much else. Isha's Weeping 1 CP : At the end of any phase select your Harlequins unit that suffered any casualties. A very interesting way for your opponent to feel fucked up by himself if he managed to kill someone in your Charge phase. More useful to use on your opponents turn than your own use Prismatic Blur for your turn.

A Troupe that lost models to Smite can have a hefty save to the Shooting and Fight phases that turn. Alternative take - It is actually better to use it on your turn if possible, as it lasts until the end of the TURN, not the end of the ROUND, thus working longer if used on "whoever goes first round".

Lightning-Fast Reactions 2 CP : Copy from Drukhari and Craftworld Codexes, your opponent subtracts 1 from their hit rolls targeting Harlequins unit for a phase, in which this stratagem was used. That's all Harlequins.

Considering your FLY units have innate -1 to hit, and if Veil of Tears is cast, you're looking at a potential -3 to be hit, which can make your opponent cry bloody tears in attempting to actually hit you. If you really hate your enemy you can take a Solitaire with the suit of hidden knives, cast veil of tears on him, charge into a unit that got fog of dream'ed, and laugh while the enemy cries about his people killing themselves on fours or less.

Beware of potential 40k rulebooks flying into your face. Turns your normal clowns into Solitaires in terms of survivability, which is nothing to laugh at, as anything in your army can have one of the best saves this edition.

Well used on your transports to be a bit more survivable when getting your Infantry where you need them, though really you want to take a full Troupe of 12 models to get the most out of this.

Have a Shadowseer bring up the rear with a Shield from Harm, and your unit can survive just about anything that turn except Mortal Wounds and Morale tests ofc. Worth nothing, you can effectively 'not move' and use this stratagem by declaring an Advance, moving half away and then half back to the same position.

Good for helping hold objectives from ranged enemies. Pretty good for inflicting the rounds on multi-wound models. Combine with the luck of the laughing god for extra hilarity.

Pick a Harlequins character that has lost any Wounds this game Battle Round. Increase their Strength and Attacks by 2 for the rest of this Battle Round phase. Give your Solitare a Cegorach's Rose and Blitz him right into your opponent's face. If he hasn't killed everything within his grasp on his turn, then at your opponent's Fight phase he will become death incarnate with 12!

Or don't even wait for your opponent's Fight phase and just use War Dancers strat on him just for the sake of Overkill and Hilarity, which will burn your CP just like it will melt everything in the actual Fight with your Path of Damnation walker.

And for the laugh of gods, don't even start to think about how it will synergize with Ynnari Blitz ends at the end of your turn, which means it will end before you get a chance to fight with this stratagem as long as the solitare is unwounded before you blitz. This results in only 10 attacks for the following fight phase.

Most probably used for Smite as they can already Cast twice and only know 2 Phantasmancy powers, anyway. Good for weakening a unit before a charge. Just think about it a Frozen Stars elf troupe will yield attacks on the charge, pile in twice, advance and charge and they don't even need to be Ynnari, so a friendly Ynnari Shining Spears blob can fight twice, what not to love! Better than a charge reroll if you can get 6 inches closer.

You can deep strike 2 units from the webway following normal rules for Webway Gate 9" from enemy units and within 3" of the gate or you can deep strike only 1, but only more than a 1" from the enemy and within 3" of gate.

Finally, the fluff that Harlequins attack out of nowhere is on the tabletop.

Instead of worrying if your opponent first turns mulches your best clowns before you can react, or whilst making your way up the battlefield if you don't get into combat first turn though you really should , you can keep them safe. A Charge of 9" is more than you will be used to making.

With the new Beta rules for deploying deep strikes, weigh up whether it's worth using this stratagem or not when seeing your opponent deploy. Just don't leave them off the board too long, wasting their point cost somewhere in the Webway. And remember, this Strategem is restricted to "Once per battle" use if you aren't a riddle-maker from The Veiled Path Masque and have a Warlord with Webway Walker trait, which lets you to use it twice. Nice and poetic. Keep in mind that the Dreaming Shadow have access to Curtainfall, which combos hilariously well with this stratagem, since it turns your 3 shot shuricannon at S7 ap -2 into a 6 Shot Shuricannon with S7 AP2 that can target Characters.

Any character that lacks an invuln or has a low invuln is very potentially dead. Additionally this work on grenades.

Yes it works on plasma grenades carried by troupe masters. This means you get D6 S4 AP-1 shots where every hit is 2 hits and every hit of a 6 is 3. If there are some light infantry standing between you and something you want dead through this super 'nade at them and they won't be standing there for very long. Yes this does work in combination with 'Haywire Grenade' so yes this does mean you can deal a reliable 2D3 mortal words with potential 3D3.

You can consolidate up to 6" towards the closest SOARING SPITE Transport, and if all models would end their consolidation move within 3" of it, they can immediately embark on it as if it were your Movement phase even if they disembarked earlier that turn. Your opponent can't fire overwatch against it. Perfect with the Player of Light warlord trait to help your chances in not wasting 2 CP on a failed charge. Enemies cannot fire overwatch if a unit is within 1", so you only need it once, and any allies can charge in without fear of flamer death.

Psychic Powers[ edit ] Phantasmancy is the unique Harlequins discipline, and it's a grab bag of buffs, debuffs, and a few direct attacks. Phantasmancy[ edit ] Overall an okay discipline, but it requires a lot of careful thought to utilise properly.

Broadly speaking, the best powers to take on 2 Shadowseers are Webway Dance and Veil of Tears on the Shadowseer in the back and Twilight Pathways and Fog of Dreams on the one in the front; if you only have one, Twilight Pathways and Veil of Tears are probably the best combo intrinsically, letting you get 1 thing you want in position and hard to hurt, but your mileage may vary.

Prince Yriel

Twilight Pathways: Warp Charge 6. Pick a unit within 3" and it gets to move. This is potentially the most useful of the psychic powers, granting a huge mobility boost, especially considering the huge movement speed of Harlequins.

However, it is limited by its extremely short range- you will need to carefully position your Shadowseers if you want to get the most use out of this power. With proper placement it can be used to slingshot units across the board to vital locations objectives, crucial combats or to increase the threat range of melee units.

Tricky to properly utilise, but valuable. Fog of Dreams Warp Charge 6. Pick an enemy unit that is both within 18" and is visible to the Shadowseer, and it has to subtract 1 to hit for attacks made against Harlequin infantry unit note that this debuff only applies against Harlequins, so if you have Dark Eldar or Craftworlds in your force they will not benefit.

Useful to defang a powerful enemy unit in either shooting or assault, though it has a lower range than you might like. Best cast on a powerful close combat unit that you're about to charge or a threatening shooting unit like a Knight geared up to start shredding your clowns next turn.

Mirror of Minds Warp Charge 7.

Documents Similar To WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar Harlequins.pdf

Choose a unit within 24", and roll off. If you roll equal to or higher than them, they take a Mortal Wound. Repeat until they roll higher than you or the unit dies. This is a usable but unreliable character sniping tool remember that the restrictions on targeting Characters do not apply in the Psychic Phase.

They're not going to pat you on the head for anything but what you do with your wallet. Your one-stop website for batreps, articles, and assorted goodies about the men of Folera: Foleran First Imperial Archives. Read Dakka's favorite narrative battle report series The Hand of the King. Also, check out my commission work , and my terrain. Abstract Principles of 40k : Why game imbalance and list tailoring is good, and why tournaments are an absurd farce.

Read " The Geomides Affair ", now on sale! No bolter porn. Not another inquisitor story. A book written by a dakkanought for dakkanoughts! The upgrade effects are listed in the weapons and wargear section, in the small sub-table at the end. You have to hunt for them, but they're up there. Battle Focus allows you to move and to advance during the movement phase, and then shoot normally in the shooting phase- though it doesn't with Heavy weapons. Normally, you would take a -1 to hit with Assault weapons when you advance and you wouldn't get to shoot other weapons at all.

Ah okay so works the same as before just instead you have to move before shooting, will make Eldar able to get up in the enemies face very quickly. More or less, yeah. It's still a very good ability and makes infantry on foot quite fast.

The fact that it also benefits bikes now who I think have it? Does this mean i can't move and advance and then shoot a heavy weapon platform?

Or does this mean that i can still advance, except will suffer the -1 to hit with a heavy weapon platform? Also the Harlequin spell to make a unit move again, can they also advance again with that? Or just move? They way i read it is, Guardian squad cant advance and shoot the heavy weapon platform, but they can move as normal and shoot it at So kinda a nerf to guardians with the heavy weapon platform, but only pts for a unit of 10 with a Blance.

But the whole move like tau battlesuits move, shoot and move back was abit too much to be honest. Also for the harlequins, once again the way i read it is that they can move as if it was the movement phase, including advancing, as when you choose a unit to move, you declare the advance. I don't see any reason they shouldn't be able to advance as part of the movement; it would prevent them from charging that turn, but otherwise be entirely legal.

In the Psychic Phase, if successful, the Harlequin unit gets to move and advance like it is the Movement Phase. In the Charge Phase, the Harlequins can now declare a charge thanks to their "Rising Cresendo" special rule allowing them to charge after advancing.

Oh yes, certainly- turn 1 charges are very much a thing now. Hmmm I would of taken it as if the heavy weapon could still fire as the unit is counted as not moving except for the heavy weapon so it can still fire but at -1, hopefully and FAQ or the codex sorts this. That means all weapons except heavy weapons are allowed to ignore the unit's actions during the movement phase.

Since a "normal" unit cannot advance and fire heavy weapons, Eldar cannot either.

Yeah, I think it got missed in this one and some of the other photoscans as well. Summary version:. Ignore the -1BS penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons if you fire at the nearest target. Yeah I really can't be angry at any of the tank upgrades, cheap as they are. Star Engines doesn't grab me, but I didn't particularly like Enhanced Aethersails on DE vehicles, either, though some people swore by them.

Vyper also doesn't have the transport keyword.. A Vyper is no transport vehicle, it was never one…. A guardian will be 8pts but a reaper will cost 36 due to the base 5 cost and the 31 point cost of the reaper launcher, and you can use blade wind if you take three voters as a unit otherwise they use the base movement. So Vypers cannot get Vectored Engines….

Harlequin Codex WH40K 7thEd

That makes me sad, especially when the Harlequin and DE Vyper sized vehicles get it. If Vypers cannot purchase vehicle upgrades, I wish they would get Vectored Engines automatically as part of their base profile. Has anyone else noticed that Dire Avengers are 17 points per model? Yeah, I won't field them atm.

Hope their points are adjusted when the real codex comes out since they are cool looking dudes. Notify of. SO the Ynnari seem just better, right? SInce you can put most other eldar in that army anyway? Vote Up 0 Vote Down. June 1, 1: Battle focus is good, but Strength From Death is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid. Goddamnit, GW, this is the first thing I've seen that I don't like.

June 1, 7: June 1, 9:Versus Rhinos: the kiss leads with 1. Full of passion and verve, it is rumoured the webway itself flexes and known as the Maze of Whispers. Weeks pass and still the wake with potent airborne hallucinogens The Dance of the Great Falcon Harlequins strike down every Iron Warrior and unleash their fury on the reeling The Imperial agri world of Methuselax is that dares emerge, accepting painful losses Archons.

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For a start the average of 1d3 against two wound models is 1. They believe rot of Chaos, the arrogant might of the minor alien empires have all suffered the that there is a path to be trod through the Imperium and the reckless expansionism sudden attacks of this Grand Masque.

This is why the Ynnari are so damn good. If a Webway Gate is destroyed, remove both arch pieces from the battlefield.

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